„Bo ci, których Duch Boży prowadzi, są dziećmi Bożymi.”

Biblia Warszawska: List św. Pawła do Rzymian 8,14


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Łukasza 12:1

Tytuł oryginalny
InG1722 the mean time,G3739 when there were gathered togetherG1996 an innumerable multitudeG3461 of people,G3793 insomuch thatG5620 they trodeG2662 one upon another,G240 he beganG756 to sayG3004 untoG4314 hisG846 disciplesG3101 first of all,G4412 BewareG4337 yeG1438 ofG575 the leavenG2219 of the Pharisees,G5330 whichG3748 isG2076 hypocrisy.G5272
ForG1161 there isG2076 nothingG3762 covered,G4780 thatG3739 shallG601 notG3756 be revealed;G601 neitherG2532 hid,G2927 thatG3739 shallG1097 notG3756 be known.G1097
ThereforeG3739, G473 whatsoeverG3745 ye have spokenG2036 inG1722 darknessG4653 shall be heardG191 inG1722 the light;G5457 andG2532 that whichG3739 ye have spokenG2980 inG4314 the earG3775 inG1722 closetsG5009 shall be proclaimedG2784 uponG1909 the housetops.G1430
AndG1161 I sayG3004 unto youG5213 myG3450 friends,G5384 BeG5399 notG3361 afraidG5399 of themG575 that killG615 the body,G4983 andG2532 afterG3326 thatG5023 haveG2192 noG5100, G3361 moreG4055 that they can do.G4160
ButG1161 I will forewarnG5263 youG5213 whomG5101 ye shall fear:G5399 FearG5399 him, which afterG3326 he hath killedG615 hathG2192 powerG1849 to castG1685 intoG1519 hell;G1067 yea,G3483 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 FearG5399 him.G5126
AreG4453 notG3780 fiveG4002 sparrowsG4765 soldG4453 for twoG1417 farthings,G787 andG2532 notG3756 oneG1520 ofG1537 themG846 isG2076 forgottenG1950 beforeG1799 God?G2316
ButG235 even the veryG2532 hairsG2359 of yourG5216 headG2776 areG705 allG3956 numbered.G705 FearG5399 notG3361 therefore:G3767 ye are of more valueG1308 than manyG4183 sparrows.G4765
AlsoG1161 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 WhosoeverG302, G3956 shallG3739 confessG3670, G1722 meG1698 beforeG1715 menG444, G1722, himG846 shallG3670 the SonG5207 of manG444 alsoG2532 confessG3670 beforeG1715 the angelsG32 of God:G2316
ButG1161 he that deniethG720 meG3165 beforeG1799 menG444 shall be deniedG533 beforeG1799 the angelsG32 of God.G2316
AndG2532 whosoeverG3739 shallG3956 speakG2046 a wordG3056 againstG1519 the SonG5207 of man,G444 it shall be forgivenG863 him:G846 butG1161 unto him that blasphemethG987 againstG1519 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 it shallG863 notG3756 be forgiven.G863
AndG1161 whenG3752 they bringG4374 youG5209 untoG1909 the synagogues,G4864 andG2532 unto magistrates,G746 andG2532 powers,G1849 takeG3309 ye noG3361 thoughtG3309 howG4459 orG2228 what thingG5101 ye shall answer,G626 orG2228 whatG5101 ye shall say:G2036
ForG1063 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 shall teachG1321 youG5209 inG1722 the sameG846 hourG5610 whatG3739 ye oughtG1163 to say.G2036
AndG1161 oneG5100 ofG1537 the companyG3793 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Master,G1320 speakG2036 to myG3450 brother,G80 that he divideG3307 the inheritanceG2817 withG3326 me.G1700
AndG1161 he saidG2036 unto him,G846 Man,G444 whoG5101 madeG2525 meG3165 a judgeG1348 orG2228 a dividerG3312 overG1909 you?G5209
AndG1161 he saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 Take heed,G3708 andG2532 bewareG5442 ofG575 covetousness:G4124 forG3754 a man'sG846, G5100 lifeG2222 consistethG2076 notG3756 inG1722 the abundanceG4052 ofG1537 the things which heG846 possesseth.G5224
AndG1161 he spakeG2036 a parableG3850 untoG4314 them,G846 saying,G3004 The groundG5561 of a certainG5100 richG4145 manG444 brought forth plentifully:G2164
AndG2532 he thoughtG1260 withinG1722 himself,G1438 saying,G3004 WhatG5101 shall I do,G4160 becauseG3754 I haveG2192 noG3756 room whereG4226 to bestowG4863 myG3450 fruits?G2590
AndG2532 he said,G2036 ThisG5124 will I do:G4160 I will pull downG2507 myG3450 barns,G596 andG2532 buildG3618 greater;G3187 andG2532 thereG1563 will I bestowG4863 allG3956 myG3450 fruitsG1081 andG2532 myG3450 goods.G18
AndG2532 I will sayG2046 to myG3450 soul,G5590 Soul,G5590 thou hastG2192 muchG4183 goodsG18 laid upG2749 forG1519 manyG4183 years;G2094 take thine ease,G373 eat,G5315 drink,G4095 and be merry.G2165
ButG1161 GodG2316 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Thou fool,G878 thisG5026 nightG3571 thyG4675 soulG5590 shall be requiredG523 ofG575 thee:G4675 thenG1161 whoseG5101 shall those things be,G2071 whichG3739 thou hast provided?G2090
SoG3779 is he that layeth up treasureG2343 for himself,G1438 andG2532 isG4147 notG3361 richG4147 towardG1519 God.G2316
AndG1161 he saidG2036 untoG4314 hisG846 disciples,G3101 ThereforeG5124 IG1223 sayG3004 unto you,G5213 TakeG3309 noG3361 thoughtG3309 for yourG5216 life,G5590 whatG5101 ye shall eat;G5315 neitherG3366 for the body,G4983 whatG5101 ye shall put on.G1746
The lifeG5590 isG2076 moreG4119 than meat,G5160 andG2532 the bodyG4983 is more than raiment.G1742
ConsiderG2657 the ravens:G2876 forG3754 they neitherG3756 sowG4687 norG3761 reap;G2325 whichG3739 neitherG3756 haveG2076 storehouseG5009 norG3761 barn;G596 andG2532 GodG2316 feedethG5142 them:G846 how muchG4214 moreG3123 areG1308 yeG5210 better thanG1308 the fowls?G4071
AndG1161 whichG5101 ofG1537 youG5216 with taking thoughtG3309 canG1410 addG4369 toG1909 hisG846 statureG2244 oneG1520 cubit?G4083
IfG1487 ye thenG3767 beG1410 notG3777 able to doG1410 that thing which is least,G1646 whyG5101 take ye thoughtG3309 forG4012 the rest?G3062
ConsiderG2657 the liliesG2918 howG4459 they grow:G837 they toilG2872 not,G3756 they spinG3514 not;G3761 and yetG1161 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 that SolomonG4672 inG1722 allG3956 hisG846 gloryG1391 wasG4016 notG3761 arrayedG4016 likeG5613 oneG1520 of these.G5130
IfG1487 thenG1161 GodG2316 soG3779 clotheG294 the grass,G5528 whichG5607 is to dayG4594 inG1722 the field,G68 andG2532 to morrowG839 is castG906 intoG1519 the oven;G2823 how muchG4214 moreG3123 will he clothe you,G5209 O ye of little faith?G3640
AndG2532 seekG2212 notG3361 yeG5210 whatG5101 ye shall eat,G5315 orG2228 whatG5101 ye shall drinkG4095, G2532, neitherG3361 be ye of doubtful mind.G3349
ForG1063 allG3956 these thingsG5023 doG1934 the nationsG1484 of the worldG2889 seek after:G1934 andG1161 yourG5216 FatherG3962 knowethG1492 thatG3754 ye have needG5535 of these things.G5130
But ratherG4133 seek yeG2212 the kingdomG932 of God;G2316 andG2532 allG3956 these thingsG5023 shall be addedG4369 unto you.G5213
FearG5399 not,G3361 littleG3398 flock;G4168 forG3754 it isG2106 yourG5216 Father'sG3962 good pleasureG2106 to giveG1325 youG5213 the kingdom.G932
SellG4453 that yeG5216 have,G5224 andG2532 giveG1325 alms;G1654 provideG4160 yourselvesG1438 bagsG905 which waxG3822 notG3361 old,G3822 a treasureG2344 inG1722 the heavensG3772 that faileth not,G413 whereG3699 noG3756 thiefG2812 approacheth,G1448 neitherG3761 mothG4597 corrupteth.G1311
ForG1063 whereG3699 yourG5216 treasureG2344 is,G2076 thereG1563 willG2071 yourG5216 heartG2588 beG2071 also.G2532
LetG2077 yourG5216 loinsG3751 beG2077 girded about,G4024 andG2532 your lightsG3088 burning;G2545
AndG2532 ye yourselvesG5210 likeG3664 unto menG444 that waitG4327 for theirG1438 lord,G2962 whenG4219 he will returnG360 fromG1537 the wedding;G1062 thatG2443 when he comethG2064 andG2532 knocketh,G2925 they may openG455 unto himG846 immediately.G2112
BlessedG3107 are thoseG1565 servants,G1401 whomG3739 the lordG2962 when he comethG2064 shall findG2147 watching:G1127 verilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 thatG3754 he shall gird himself,G4024 andG2532 makeG347 themG846 to sit down to meat,G347 andG2532 will come forthG3928 and serveG1247 them.G846
AndG2532 ifG1437 he shall comeG2064 inG1722 the secondG1208 watch,G5438 orG2532 comeG2064 inG1722 the thirdG5154 watch,G5438 andG2532 findG2147 them so,G3779 blessedG3107 areG1526 thoseG1565 servants.G1401
AndG1161 thisG5124 know,G1097 thatG3754 ifG1487 the goodman of the houseG3617 had knownG1492 whatG4169 hourG5610 the thiefG2812 would comeG2064, G302, he would have watched,G1127 andG302, G2532 notG3756 have sufferedG863 hisG846 houseG3624 to be broken through.G1358
BeG1096 yeG5210 thereforeG3767 readyG2092 also:G2532 forG3739 theG3754 SonG5207 of manG444 comethG2064 at an hourG5610 when ye thinkG1380 not.G3756
ThenG1161 PeterG4074 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Lord,G2962 speakest thouG3004 thisG5026 parableG3850 untoG4314 us,G2248 orG2228 evenG2532 toG4314 all?G3956
AndG1161 the LordG2962 said,G2036 WhoG5101 thenG686 isG2076 that faithfulG4103 andG2532 wiseG5429 steward,G3623 whomG3739 his lordG2962 shall make rulerG2525 overG1909 hisG846 household,G2322 to giveG1325 them their portion of meatG4620 inG1722 due season?G2540
BlessedG3107 is thatG1565 servant,G1401 whomG3739 hisG846 lordG2962 when he comethG2064 shall findG2147 soG3779 doing.G4160
Of a truthG230 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 thatG3754 he will make himG846 rulerG2525 overG1909 allG3956 that heG846 hath.G5224
But andG1161 ifG1437 thatG1565 servantG1401 sayG2036 inG1722 hisG846 heart,G2588 MyG3450 lordG2962 delayethG5549 his coming;G2064 andG2532 shall beginG756 to beatG5180 the menservantsG3816 andG2532 maidens,G3814 andG5037 to eatG2068 andG2532 drink,G4095 andG2532 to be drunken;G3182
The lordG2962 of thatG1565 servantG1401 will comeG2240 inG1722 a dayG2250 whenG3739 he lookethG4328 notG3756 forG4328 him, andG2532 atG1722 an hourG5610 whenG3739 he isG1097 notG3756 aware,G1097 andG2532 will cutG1371 himG846 in sunder,G1371 andG2532 will appointG5087 him hisG846 portionG3313 withG3326 the unbelievers.G571
AndG1161 thatG1565 servant,G1401 whichG3588 knewG1097 hisG1438 lord'sG2962 will,G2307 andG2532 preparedG2090 notG3361 himself, neitherG3366 didG4160 accordingG4314 to hisG846 will,G2307 shall be beatenG1194 with manyG4183 stripes.
ButG1161 he that knewG1097 not,G3361 andG1161 did commitG4160 things worthyG514 of stripes,G4127 shall be beatenG1194 with fewG3641 stripes. ForG1161 unto whomsoeverG3956, G3739 muchG4183 is given,G1325 ofG3844 himG846 shall be muchG4183 required:G2212 andG2532 to whom menG3739 have committedG3908 much,G4183 of himG846 they will askG154 the more.G4055
I am comeG2064 to sendG906 fireG4442 onG1519 the earth;G1093 andG2532 whatG5101 will I,G2309 ifG1487 it beG381 alreadyG2235 kindled?G381
ButG1161 I haveG2192 a baptismG908 to be baptized with;G907 andG2532 howG4459 am I straitenedG4912 tillG3757 itG2193 be accomplished!G5055
Suppose yeG1380 thatG3754 I am comeG3854 to giveG1325 peaceG1515 onG1722 earth?G1093 I tellG3004 you,G5213 Nay;G3780 butG235 ratherG2228 division:G1267
ForG1063 fromG575 henceforthG3568 there shall beG2071 fiveG4002 inG1722 oneG1520 houseG3624 divided,G1266 threeG5140 againstG1909 two,G1417 andG2532 twoG1417 againstG1909 three.G5140
The fatherG3962 shall be dividedG1266 againstG1909 the son,G5207 andG2532 the sonG5207 againstG1909 the father;G3962 the motherG3384 againstG1909 the daughter,G2364 andG2532 the daughterG2364 againstG1909 the mother;G3384 the mother in lawG3994 againstG1909 herG846 daughter in law,G3565 andG2532 the daughter in lawG3565 againstG1909 herG846 mother in law.G3994
AndG1161 he saidG3004 alsoG2532 to the people,G3793 WhenG3752 ye seeG1492 a cloudG3507 riseG393 out ofG575 the west,G1424 straightwayG2112 ye say,G3004 There comethG2064 a shower;G3655 andG2532 soG3779 it is.G1096
AndG2532 whenG3752 ye see the south windG3558 blow,G4154 ye sayG3004, G3754, There will beG2071 heat;G2742 andG2532 it cometh to pass.G1096
Ye hypocrites,G5273 ye canG1492 discernG1381 the faceG4383 of the skyG3772 andG2532 of the earth;G1093 butG1161 how is itG4459 that ye do notG3756 discernG1381 thisG5126 time?G2540
Yea,G1161 and whyG5101 evenG2532 ofG575 yourselvesG1438 judge yeG2919 notG3756 what is right?G1342
WhenG1063 thouG5613 goestG5217 withG3326 thineG4675 adversaryG476 toG1909 the magistrate,G758 as thou art inG1722 the way,G3598 giveG1325 diligenceG2039 that thou mayest be deliveredG525 fromG575 him;G846 lestG3379 he haleG2694 theeG4571 toG4314 the judge,G2923 andG2532 the judgeG2923 deliverG3860 theeG4571 to the officer,G4233 andG2532 the officerG4233 castG906 theeG4571 intoG1519 prison.G5438
I tellG3004 thee,G4671 thou shaltG1831 notG3364 departG1831 thenceG1564, G2532, tillG3739 thouG2193 hast paidG591 the very lastG2078 mite.G3016


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