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Nowa Biblia Gdańska: Księga Koheleta 8,2


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Łukasza 11:1

Tytuł oryginalny
AndG2532 it came to pass,G1096 that, asG1722 heG846 wasG1511 prayingG4336 inG1722 a certainG5100 place,G5117 whenG5613 he ceased,G3973 oneG5100 of hisG846 disciplesG3101 saidG2036 untoG4314 him,G846 Lord,G2962 teachG1321 usG2248 to pray,G4336 asG2531 JohnG2491 alsoG2532 taughtG1321 hisG846 disciples.G3101
AndG1161 he saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhenG3752 ye pray,G4336 say,G3004 OurG2257 FatherG3962 whichG3588 art inG1722 heaven,G3772 Hallowed beG37 thyG4675 name.G3686 ThyG4675 kingdomG932 come.G2064 ThyG4675 willG2307 be done,G1096 asG5613 inG1722 heaven,G3772 soG2532 inG1909 earth.G1093
GiveG1325 usG2254 dayG2596 by dayG2250 ourG2257 dailyG1967 bread.G740
AndG2532 forgiveG863 usG2254 ourG2257 sins;G266 forG1063 weG846 alsoG2532 forgiveG863 every oneG3956 that is indebtedG3784 to us.G2254 AndG2532 leadG1533 usG2248 notG3361 intoG1519 temptation;G3986 butG235 deliverG4506 usG2248 fromG575 evil.G4190
AndG2532 he saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 WhichG5101 ofG1537 youG5216 shall haveG2192 a friend,G5384 andG2532 shall goG4198 untoG4314 himG846 at midnight,G3317 andG2532 sayG2036 unto him,G846 Friend,G5384 lendG5531 meG3427 threeG5140 loaves;G740
ForG1894 a friendG5384 of mineG3450 inG1537 his journeyG3598 is comeG3854 toG4314 me,G3165 andG2532 I haveG2192 nothingG3739 toG3756 set beforeG3908 him?G846
And heG2548 from withinG2081 shall answerG611 and say,G2036 TroubleG3930, G2873 meG3427 not:G3361 the doorG2374 isG2808 nowG2235 shut,G2808 andG2532 myG3450 childrenG3813 areG1526 withG3326 meG1700 inG1519 bed;G2845 I cannotG1410, G3756 riseG450 and giveG1325 thee.G4671
I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ThoughG1499 he willG1453 notG3756 riseG1453 and giveG1325 him,G846 becauseG1223 he isG1511 hisG846 friend,G5384 yetG1065 becauseG1223 of hisG846 importunityG335 he will riseG450 and giveG1325 himG846 as many asG3745 he needeth.G5535
AndG2504 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 Ask,G154 andG2532 it shall be givenG1325 you;G5213 seek,G2212 andG2532 ye shall find;G2147 knock,G2925 andG2532 it shall be openedG455 unto you.G5213
ForG1063 every oneG3956 that askethG154 receiveth;G2983 andG2532 he that seekethG2212 findeth;G2147 andG2532 to him that knockethG2925 it shall be opened.G455
IfG1161 a sonG5207 shall askG154 breadG740 of any of youG5216 that is a fatherG5101, G3962, will he giveG1929, G3361 himG846 a stone?G3037 orG1499 if he ask a fish,G2486 will heG1929 forG473 a fishG2486 giveG1929, G3361 himG846 a serpent?G3789
OrG2532, G2228 ifG1437 he shall askG154 an egg,G5609 will he offerG1929, G3361 himG846 a scorpion?G4651
IfG1487 yeG5210 then,G3767 beingG5225 evil,G4190 knowG1492 how to giveG1325 goodG18 giftsG1390 unto yourG5216 children:G5043 how muchG4214 moreG3123 shallG1325 your heavenlyG3772 FatherG1537, G3962 giveG1325 the HolyG40 SpiritG4151 to them that askG154 him?G846
AndG2532 he wasG2258 casting outG1544 a devil,G1140 andG2532 itG846 wasG2258 dumb.G2974 AndG1161 it came to pass,G1096 when the devilG1140 was gone out,G1831 the dumbG2974 spake;G2980 andG2532 the peopleG3793 wondered.G2296
ButG1161 someG5100 ofG1537 themG846 said,G2036 He casteth outG1544 devilsG1140 throughG1722 BeelzebubG954 the chiefG758 of the devils.G1140
AndG1161 others,G2087 temptingG3985 him, soughtG2212 ofG3844 himG846 a signG4592 fromG1537 heaven.G3772
ButG1161 he,G846 knowingG1492 theirG846 thoughts,G1270 saidG2036 unto them,G846 EveryG3956 kingdomG932 dividedG1266 againstG1909 itselfG1438 is brought to desolation;G2049 andG2532 a houseG3624 divided againstG1909 a houseG3624 falleth.G4098
IfG1499, G1161 SatanG4567 alsoG1499 be dividedG1266 againstG1909 himself,G1438 howG4459 shallG2476 hisG846 kingdomG932 stand?G2476 becauseG3754 ye sayG3004 that IG3165 cast outG1544 devilsG1140 throughG1722 Beelzebub.G954
AndG1161 ifG1487 IG1473 byG1722 BeelzebubG954 cast outG1544 devils,G1140 byG1722 whomG5101 doG1544 yourG5216 sonsG5207 cast them out?G1544 thereforeG5124 shallG1223 theyG846 beG2071 yourG5216 judges.G2923
ButG1161 ifG1487 I withG1722 the fingerG1147 of GodG2316 cast outG1544 devils,G1140 no doubtG686 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 is comeG5348 uponG1909 you.G5209
WhenG3752 a strong manG2478 armedG2528 keepethG5442 hisG833 palace,G1438 hisG846 goodsG5224 areG2076 inG1722 peace:G1515
ButG1161 whenG1875 a strongerG2478 than heG846 shall come upon him,G1904 and overcomeG3528 him,G846 he takethG142 from himG846 all his armourG3833 whereinG3739 heG1909 trusted,G3982 andG2532 dividethG1239 hisG846 spoils.G4661
He that isG5607 notG3361 withG3326 meG1700 isG2076 againstG2596 me:G1700 andG2532 he that gatherethG4863 notG3361 withG3326 meG1700 scattereth.G4650
WhenG3752 the uncleanG169 spiritG4151 is goneG1831 out ofG575 a man,G444 he walkethG1330 throughG1223 dryG504 places,G5117 seekingG2212 rest;G372 andG2532 findingG2147 none,G3361 he saith,G3004 I will returnG5290 untoG1519 myG3450 houseG3624 whenceG3606 I came out.G1831
AndG2532 when he cometh,G2064 he findethG2147 it sweptG4563 andG2532 garnished.G2885
ThenG5119 goeth he,G4198 andG2532 takethG3880 to him sevenG2033 otherG2087 spiritsG4151 more wickedG4191 than himself;G1438 andG2532 they enter in,G1525 and dwellG2730 there:G1563 andG2532 the lastG2078 state of thatG1565 manG444 isG1096 worseG5501 than the first.G4413
AndG1161 it came to pass,G1096 asG1722 heG846 spakeG3004 these things,G5023 a certainG5100 womanG1135 ofG1537 the companyG3793 lifted upG1869 her voice,G5456 and saidG2036 unto him,G846 BlessedG3107 is the wombG2836 that bareG941 thee,G4571 andG2532 the papsG3149 whichG3739 thou hast sucked.G2337
ButG1161 heG846 said,G2036 Yea rather,G3304 blessedG3107 are they that hearG191 the wordG3056 of God,G2316 andG2532 keepG5442 it.G846
AndG1161 when the peopleG3793 were gathered thick together,G1865 he beganG756 to say,G3004 ThisG3778 isG2076 an evilG4190 generation:G1074 they seekG1934 a sign;G4592 andG2532 there shallG1325 noG3756 signG4592 be givenG1325 it,G846 butG1508 the signG4592 of JonasG2495 the prophet.G4396
ForG1063 asG2531 JonasG2495 wasG1096 a signG4592 unto the Ninevites,G3536 soG3779 shallG2071 alsoG2532 the SonG5207 of manG444 beG2071 to thisG5026 generation.G1074
The queenG938 of the southG3558 shall rise upG1453 inG1722 the judgmentG2920 withG3326 the menG435 of thisG5026 generation,G1074 andG2532 condemnG2632 them:G846 forG3754 she cameG2064 fromG1537 the utmost partsG4009 of the earthG1093 to hearG191 the wisdomG4678 of Solomon;G4672 and,G2532 behold,G2400 a greater thanG4119 SolomonG4672 is here.G5602
The menG435 of NineveG3535 shall rise upG450 inG1722 the judgmentG2920 withG3326 thisG5026 generation,G1074 andG2532 shall condemnG2632 it:G846 forG3754 they repentedG3340 atG1519 the preachingG2782 of Jonas;G2495 and,G2532 behold,G2400 a greater thanG4119 JonasG2495 is here.G5602
NoG1161 man,G3762 when he hath lightedG681 a candle,G3088 puttethG5087 it inG1519 a secret place,G2926 neitherG3761 underG5259 a bushel,G3426 butG235 onG1909 a candlestick,G3087 thatG2443 they whichG3588 come inG1531 may seeG991 the light.G5338
The lightG3088 of the bodyG4983 isG2076 the eye:G3788 thereforeG3767 whenG1875 thineG4675 eyeG3788 isG5600 single,G573 thyG4675 wholeG3650 bodyG4983 alsoG2532 isG2076 full of light;G5460 butG1161 whenG3752 thine eye isG5600 evil,G4190 thyG4675 bodyG4983 alsoG2532 is full of darkness.G4652
Take heedG4648 thereforeG3767 that the lightG5457 whichG3588 is inG1722 theeG4671 beG2076 notG3361 darkness.G4655
IfG1487 thyG4675 wholeG3650 bodyG4983 thereforeG3767 be full of light,G5460 havingG2192 noG5100, G3361 partG3313 dark,G4652 the wholeG3650 shall beG2071 full of light,G5460 asG5613 whenG3752 the bright shiningG796 of a candleG3088 doth giveG5461 theeG4571 light.G5461
AndG1161 asG1722 he spake,G2980 a certainG5100 PhariseeG5330 besoughtG2065 himG846 toG3704 dineG709 withG3844 him:G846 andG1161 he went in,G1525 and sat down to meat.G377
AndG1161 when the PhariseeG5330 sawG1492 it, he marvelledG2296 thatG3754 he hadG907 notG3756 firstG4412 washedG907 beforeG4253 dinner.G712
AndG1161 the LordG2962 saidG2036 untoG4314 him,G846 NowG3568 doG2511 yeG5210 PhariseesG5330 make cleanG2511 the outsideG1855 of the cupG4221 andG2532 the platter;G4094 butG1161 yourG5216 inward partG2081 is fullG1073 of raveningG724 andG2532 wickedness.G4189
Ye fools,G878 didG4160 notG3756 he that madeG4160 that whichG3588 is withoutG1855 makeG4160 that whichG3588 is withinG2081 also?G2532
But ratherG4133 giveG1325 almsG1654 of such things as ye have;G1751 and,G2532 behold,G2400 all thingsG3956 areG2076 cleanG2513 unto you.G5213
ButG235 woeG3759 unto you,G5213 Pharisees!G5330 forG3754 ye titheG586 mintG2238 andG2532 rueG4076 andG2532 all mannerG3956 of herbs,G3001 andG2532 pass overG3928 judgmentG2920 andG2532 the loveG26 of God:G2316 theseG5023 ought yeG1163 to have done,G4160 and notG3361 to leaveG863 the otherG2548 undone.G863
WoeG3759 unto you,G5213 Pharisees!G5330 forG3754 ye loveG25 the uppermost seatsG4410 inG1722 the synagogues,G4864 andG2532 greetingsG783 inG1722 the markets.G58
WoeG3759 unto you,G5213 scribesG1122 andG2532 Pharisees,G5330 hypocrites!G5273 forG3754 ye areG2075 asG5613 gravesG3419 whichG3588 appear not,G82 andG2532 the menG444 that walkG4043 overG1883 them areG1492 notG3756 aw areG1492 of them.
ThenG1161 answeredG611 oneG5100 of the lawyers,G3544 and saidG3004 unto him,G846 Master,G1320 thusG5023 sayingG3004 thou reproachestG5195 usG2248 also.G2532
AndG1161 he said,G2036 WoeG3759 unto youG5213 also,G2532 ye lawyers!G3544 forG3754 ye ladeG5412 menG444 with burdensG5413 grievous to be borne,G1419 andG2532 ye yourselvesG846 touchG4379 notG3756 the burdensG5413 with oneG1520 of yourG5216 fingers.G1147
WoeG3759 unto you!G5213 forG3754 ye buildG3618 the sepulchresG3419 of the prophets,G4396 andG1161 yourG5216 fathersG3962 killedG615 them.G846
TrulyG686 ye bear witnessG3140 thatG2532 ye allowG4909 the deedsG2041 of yourG5216 fathers:G3962 forG3754 theyG846 indeedG3303 killedG615 them,G846 andG1161 yeG5210 buildG3618 theirG846 sepulchres.G3419
ThereforeG5124, G1223 alsoG2532 saidG2036 the wisdomG4678 of God,G2316 I will sendG649, G1519 themG846 prophetsG4396 andG2532 apostles,G652 andG2532 some ofG1537 themG846 they shall slayG615 andG2532 persecute:G1559
ThatG2443 the bloodG129 of allG3956 the prophets,G4396 whichG3588 was shedG1632 fromG575 the foundationG2602 of the world,G2889 may be requiredG1567 ofG575 thisG5026 generation;G1074
FromG575 the bloodG129 of AbelG6 untoG2193 the bloodG129 of Zacharias,G2197 whichG3588 perishedG622 betweenG3342 the altarG2379 andG2532 the temple:G3624 verilyG3483 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 It shall be requiredG1567 ofG575 thisG5026 generation.G1074
WoeG3759 unto you,G5213 lawyers!G3544 forG3754 ye have taken awayG142 the keyG2807 of knowledge:G1108 ye enteredG1525 notG3756 inG1525 yourselves,G846 andG2532 them that were entering inG1525 ye hindered.G2967
AndG1161 as heG846 saidG3004 these thingsG5023 untoG4314 them,G846 the scribesG1122 andG2532 the PhariseesG5330 beganG756 to urgeG1758 him vehemently,G1171 andG2532 to provokeG653 himG846 to speakG653 ofG4012 many things:G4119
Laying wait forG1748 him,G846 andG2532 seekingG2212 to catchG2340 somethingG5100 out ofG1537 hisG846 mouth,G4750 thatG2443 they might accuseG2723 him.G846


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