„I przez wszystkie przejawy mocy, i wszystkie wspaniałe i wielkie czyny, jakich Mojżesz dokonał na oczach całego Izraela.”

Biblia Warszawska: V Księga Mojżeszowa 34,12

King James Version
Księga: 2 Księga Królewska 6:1

Tytuł oryginalny
2 Kings
And the sonsH1121 of the prophetsH5030 saidH559 untoH6440 Elisha,H477 Behold now, the placeH4725 where we dwellH3427 with thee is too straitH6862 for us.
Let us go,H3212 we pray thee, unto Jordan,H3383 and takeH3947 thence every manH376 aH259 beam,H6982 and let us makeH6213 us a placeH4725 there, where we may dwell.H3427 And he answered,H559 GoH3212 ye.
And oneH259 said,H559 Be content,H2974 I pray thee, and goH3212 with thy servants.H5650 And he answered,H559 I will go.H3212
So he wentH3212 with them. And when they cameH935 to Jordan,H3383 they cut downH1504 wood.H6086
But as oneH259 was fellingH5307 a beam,H6982 the axe headH1270 fellH5307 into the water:H4325 and he cried,H6817 and said,H559 Alas,H162 master!H113 for it was borrowed.H7592
And the manH376 of GodH430 said,H559 WhereH575 fellH5307 it? And he shewedH7200 him the place.H4725 And he cut downH7094 a stick,H6086 and castH7993 it in thither; and the ironH1270 did swim.H6687
Therefore saidH559 he, Take it upH7311 to thee. And he put outH7971 his hand,H3027 and tookH3947 it.
Then the kingH4428 of SyriaH758 warredH3898 against Israel,H3478 and took counselH3289 with his servants,H5650 saying,H559 In suchH6423 and suchH492 a placeH4725 shall be my camp.H8466
And the manH376 of GodH430 sentH7971 unto the kingH4428 of Israel,H3478 saying,H559 BewareH8104 that thou passH5674 not suchH2088 a place;H4725 for thither the SyriansH758 are come down.H5185
And the kingH4428 of IsraelH3478 sentH7971 to the placeH4725 which the manH376 of GodH430 toldH559 him and warnedH2094 him of, and savedH8104 himself there, not onceH259 nor twice.H8147
Therefore the heartH3820 of the kingH4428 of SyriaH758 was sore troubledH5590 for this thing;H1697 and he calledH7121 his servants,H5650 and saidH559 unto them, Will ye not shewH5046 me which of us is for the kingH4428 of Israel?H3478
And oneH259 of his servantsH5650 said,H559 None, my lord,H113 O king:H4428 but Elisha,H477 the prophetH5030 that is in Israel,H3478 tellethH5046 the kingH4428 of IsraelH3478 the wordsH1697 that thou speakestH1696 in thy bedchamberH4904, H2315.
And he said,H559 GoH3212 and spyH7200 whereH351 he is, that I may sendH7971 and fetchH3947 him. And it was toldH5046 him, saying,H559 Behold, he is in Dothan.H1886
Therefore sentH7971 he thither horses,H5483 and chariots,H7393 and a greatH3515 host:H2428 and they cameH935 by night,H3915 and compassedH5362 the cityH5892 about.H5362
And when the servantH8334 of the manH376 of GodH430 was risenH6965 early,H7925 and gone forth,H3318 behold, an hostH2428 compassedH5437 the cityH5892 both with horsesH5483 and chariots.H7393 And his servantH5288 saidH559 unto him, Alas,H162 my master!H113 how shall we do?H6213
And he answered,H559 FearH3372 not: for they that be with us are moreH7227 than they that be with them.
And ElishaH477 prayed,H6419 and said,H559 LORD,H3068 I pray thee, openH6491 his eyes,H5869 that he may see.H7200 And the LORDH3068 openedH6491 the eyesH5869 of the young man;H5288 and he saw:H7200 and, behold, the mountainH2022 was fullH4390 of horsesH5483 and chariotsH7393 of fireH784 round aboutH5439 Elisha.H477
And when they came downH3381 to him, ElishaH477 prayedH6419 unto the LORD,H3068 and said,H559 SmiteH5221 this people,H1471 I pray thee, with blindness.H5575 And he smoteH5221 them with blindnessH5575 according to the wordH1697 of Elisha.H477
And ElishaH477 saidH559 unto them, This is not the way,H1870 neither is thisH2090 the city:H5892 followH3212, H310 me, and I will bringH3212 you to the manH376 whom ye seek.H1245 But he ledH3212 them to Samaria.H8111
And it came to pass, when they were comeH935 into Samaria,H8111 that ElishaH477 said,H559 LORD,H3068 openH6491 the eyesH5869 of these men, that they may see.H7200 And the LORDH3068 openedH6491 their eyes,H5869 and they saw;H7200 and, behold, they were in the midstH8432 of Samaria.H8111
And the kingH4428 of IsraelH3478 saidH559 unto Elisha,H477 when he sawH7200 them, My father,H1 shall I smiteH5221 them? shall I smiteH5221 them?
And he answered,H559 Thou shalt not smiteH5221 them: wouldest thou smiteH5221 those whom thou hast taken captiveH7617 with thy swordH2719 and with thy bow?H7198 setH7760 breadH3899 and waterH4325 beforeH6440 them, that they may eatH398 and drink,H8354 and goH3212 to their master.H113
And he preparedH3739 greatH1419 provisionH3740 for them: and when they had eatenH398 and drunk,H8354 he sent them away,H7971 and they wentH3212 to their master.H113 So the bandsH1416 of SyriaH758 cameH935 no moreH3254 into the landH776 of Israel.H3478
And it came to pass after this,H310 that BenhadadH1130 kingH4428 of SyriaH758 gatheredH6908 all his host,H4264 and went up,H5927 and besiegedH6696 Samaria.H8111
And there was a greatH1419 famineH7458 in Samaria:H8111 and, behold, they besiegedH6696 it, until an ass'sH2543 headH7218 was sold for fourscoreH8084 pieces of silver,H3701 and the fourth partH7255 of a cabH6894 of dove's dungH1686, H2755 forH3123 fiveH2568 pieces of silver.H3701
And as the kingH4428 of IsraelH3478 was passing byH5674 upon the wall,H2346 there criedH6817 a womanH802 unto him, saying,H559 Help,H3467 my lord,H113 O king.H4428
And he said,H559 If the LORDH3068 do not helpH3467 thee, whenceH370 shall I helpH3467 thee? out of the barnfloor,H1637 or out of the winepress?H3342
And the kingH4428 saidH559 unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered,H559 This womanH802 saidH559 unto me, GiveH5414 thy son,H1121 that we may eatH398 him to day,H3117 and we will eatH398 my sonH1121 to morrow.H4279
So we boiledH1310 my son,H1121 and did eatH398 him: and I saidH559 unto her on the nextH312 day,H3117 GiveH5414 thy son,H1121 that we may eatH398 him: and she hath hidH2244 her son.H1121
And it came to pass, when the kingH4428 heardH8085 the wordsH1697 of the woman,H802 that he rentH7167 his clothes;H899 and he passed byH5674 upon the wall,H2346 and the peopleH5971 looked,H7200 and, behold, he had sackclothH8242 withinH1004 upon his flesh.H1320
Then he said,H559 GodH430 doH6213 so and moreH3254 also to me, if the headH7218 of ElishaH477 the sonH1121 of ShaphatH8202 shall standH5975 on him this day.H3117
But ElishaH477 satH3427 in his house,H1004 and the eldersH2205 satH3427 with him; and the king sentH7971 a manH376 from beforeH6440 him: but ere the messengerH4397 cameH935 to him, he saidH559 to the elders,H2205 SeeH7200 ye how this sonH1121 of a murdererH7523 hath sentH7971 to take awayH5493 mine head?H7218 look,H7200 when the messengerH4397 cometh,H935 shutH5462 the door,H1817 and hold him fastH3905 at the door:H1817 is not the soundH6963 of his master'sH113 feetH7272 behindH310 him?
And while he yet talkedH1696 with them, behold, the messengerH4397 came downH3381 unto him: and he said,H559 Behold, this evilH7451 is of the LORD;H3068 what should I waitH3176 for the LORDH3068 any longer?


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