„Którego wylał na nas obficie poprzez Jezusa Chrystusa, naszego Zbawiciela,”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: List do Tytusa 3,6

King James Version
Księga Liczb 21:22

Tytuł oryginalny
And when kingH4428 AradH6166 the Canaanite,H3669 which dweltH3427 in the south,H5045 heardH8085 tell that IsraelH3478 cameH935 by the wayH1870 of the spies;H871 then he foughtH3898 against Israel,H3478 and tookH7617 some of them prisoners.H7628
And IsraelH3478 vowedH5087 a vowH5088 unto the LORD,H3068 and said,H559 If thou wilt indeedH5414 deliverH5414 this peopleH5971 into my hand,H3027 then I will utterly destroyH2763 their cities.H5892
And the LORDH3068 hearkenedH8085 to the voiceH6963 of Israel,H3478 and delivered upH5414 the Canaanites;H3669 and they utterly destroyedH2763 them and their cities:H5892 and he calledH7121 the nameH8034 of the placeH4725 Hormah.H2767
And they journeyedH5265 from mountH2022 HorH2023 by the wayH1870 of the RedH5488 sea,H3220 to compassH5437 the landH776 of Edom:H123 and the soulH5315 of the peopleH5971 was much discouragedH7114 because of the way.H1870
And the peopleH5971 spakeH1696 against God,H430 and against Moses,H4872 Wherefore have ye brought us upH5927 out of EgyptH4714 to dieH4191 in the wilderness?H4057 for there is no bread,H3899 neither is there any water;H4325 and our soulH5315 loathethH6973 this lightH7052 bread.H3899
And the LORDH3068 sentH7971 fieryH8314 serpentsH5175 among the people,H5971 and they bitH5391 the people;H5971 and muchH7227 peopleH5971 of IsraelH3478 died.H4191
Therefore the peopleH5971 cameH935 to Moses,H4872 and said,H559 We have sinned,H2398 for we have spokenH1696 against the LORD,H3068 and against thee; prayH6419 unto the LORD,H3068 that he take awayH5493 the serpentsH5175 from us. And MosesH4872 prayedH6419 for the people.H5971
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 MakeH6213 thee a fiery serpent,H8314 and setH7760 it upon a pole:H5251 and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten,H5391 when he lookethH7200 upon it, shall live.H2425
And MosesH4872 madeH6213 a serpentH5175 of brass,H5178 and putH7760 it upon a pole,H5251 and it came to pass, that if a serpentH5175 had bittenH5391 any man,H376 when he beheldH5027 the serpentH5175 of brass,H5178 he lived.H2425
And the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 set forward,H5265 and pitchedH2583 in Oboth.H88
And they journeyedH5265 from Oboth,H88 and pitchedH2583 at Ijeabarim,H5863 in the wildernessH4057 which is beforeH6440 Moab,H4124 toward the sunrisingH8121, H4217.
From thence they removed,H5265 and pitchedH2583 in the valleyH5158 of Zared.H2218
From thence they removed,H5265 and pitchedH2583 on the other sideH5676 of Arnon,H769 which is in the wildernessH4057 that cometh outH3318 of the coastsH1366 of the Amorites:H567 for ArnonH769 is the borderH1366 of Moab,H4124 between MoabH4124 and the Amorites.H567
Wherefore it is saidH559 in the bookH5612 of the warsH4421 of the LORD,H3068 What he didH2052 in the Red sea,H5492 and in the brooksH5158 of Arnon,H769
And at the streamH793 of the brooksH5158 that goeth downH5186 to the dwellingH3427 of Ar,H6144 and liethH8172 upon the borderH1366 of Moab.H4124
And from thence they went to Beer:H876 that is the wellH875 whereof the LORDH3068 spakeH559 unto Moses,H4872 GatherH622 the peopleH5971 together,H622 and I will giveH5414 them water.H4325
Then IsraelH3478 sangH7891 this song,H7892 Spring up,H5927 O well;H875 singH6030 ye unto it:
The princesH8269 diggedH2658 the well,H875 the noblesH5081 of the peopleH5971 diggedH3738 it, by the direction of the lawgiver,H2710 with their staves.H4938 And from the wildernessH4057 they went to Mattanah:H4980
And from MattanahH4980 to Nahaliel:H5160 and from NahalielH5160 to Bamoth:H1120
And from BamothH1120 in the valley,H1516 that is in the countryH7704 of Moab,H4124 to the topH7218 of Pisgah,H6449 which lookethH8259 towardH6440 Jeshimon.H3452
And IsraelH3478 sentH7971 messengersH4397 unto SihonH5511 kingH4428 of the Amorites,H567 saying,H559
Let me passH5674 through thy land:H776 we will not turnH5186 into the fields,H7704 or into the vineyards;H3754 we will not drinkH8354 of the watersH4325 of the well:H875 but we will go alongH3212 by the king'sH4428 high way,H1870 until we be pastH5674 thy borders.H1366
And SihonH5511 would not sufferH5414 IsraelH3478 to passH5674 through his border:H1366 but SihonH5511 gatheredH622 all his peopleH5971 together,H622 and went outH3318 againstH7125 IsraelH3478 into the wilderness:H4057 and he cameH935 to Jahaz,H3096 and foughtH3898 against Israel.H3478
And IsraelH3478 smoteH5221 him with the edgeH6310 of the sword,H2719 and possessedH3423 his landH776 from ArnonH769 unto Jabbok,H2999 even unto the childrenH1121 of Ammon:H5983 for the borderH1366 of the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983 was strong.H5794
And IsraelH3478 tookH3947 all these cities:H5892 and IsraelH3478 dweltH3427 in all the citiesH5892 of the Amorites,H567 in Heshbon,H2809 and in all the villagesH1323 thereof.
For HeshbonH2809 was the cityH5892 of SihonH5511 the kingH4428 of the Amorites,H567 who had foughtH3898 against the formerH7223 kingH4428 of Moab,H4124 and takenH3947 all his landH776 out of his hand,H3027 even unto Arnon.H769
Wherefore they that speak in proverbsH4911 say,H559 ComeH935 into Heshbon,H2809 let the cityH5892 of SihonH5511 be builtH1129 and prepared:H3559
For there is a fireH784 gone outH3318 of Heshbon,H2809 a flameH3852 from the cityH7151 of Sihon:H5511 it hath consumedH398 ArH6144 of Moab,H4124 and the lords of the high placesH1181 of Arnon.H769
WoeH188 to thee, Moab!H4124 thou art undone,H6 O peopleH5971 of Chemosh:H3645 he hath givenH5414 his sonsH1121 that escaped,H6412 and his daughters,H1323 into captivityH7622 unto SihonH5511 kingH4428 of the Amorites.H567
We have shotH3384 at them; HeshbonH2809 is perishedH6 even unto Dibon,H1769 and we have laid them wasteH8074 even unto Nophah,H5302 which reacheth unto Medeba.H4311
Thus IsraelH3478 dweltH3427 in the landH776 of the Amorites.H567
And MosesH4872 sentH7971 to spy outH7270 Jaazer,H3270 and they tookH3920 the villagesH1323 thereof, and drove outH3423 the AmoritesH567 that were there.
And they turnedH6437 and went upH5927 by the wayH1870 of Bashan:H1316 and OgH5747 the kingH4428 of BashanH1316 went outH3318 againstH7125 them, he, and all his people,H5971 to the battleH4421 at Edrei.H154
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 FearH3372 him not: for I have deliveredH5414 him into thy hand,H3027 and all his people,H5971 and his land;H776 and thou shalt doH6213 to him as thou didstH6213 unto SihonH5511 kingH4428 of the Amorites,H567 which dweltH3427 at Heshbon.H2809
So they smoteH5221 him, and his sons,H1121 and all his people,H5971 until there was noneH1115 leftH7604 him alive:H8300 and they possessedH3423 his land.H776


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Tak Sara posłuszna była Abrahamowi, nazywając go panem. Jej dziećmi stałyście się wy, gdy czynicie dobrze i niczym nie dajecie się nastraszyć.
I Piotr 3:6

W Chrystusie

W którym mamy odkupienie, odpuszczenie grzechów.
Kol 1:14

Kim jesteś i co masz w Chrystusie.

Czy wiesz że?

Kiedy ciężarna Maria (matka Jezusa) wybrała się aby odwiedzić jej ciężarną kuzynkę Elżbietę (matkę Jana Chrzciciela) - Łuk 1:39-56 - musiała podróżować około 115 km po krętych i pagórkowatych drogach. Jej podróż trwała prawdopodobnie 3-4 dni!

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