„A gdy Lewitowie uczynili milczenie między wszystkim ludem, mówiąc: Milczcież, bo dzień święty jest, a nie smućcie się:”

Biblia Gdańska: Nehemijaszowa 8,11

King James Version
Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 1:1

Tytuł oryginalny
These be the wordsH1697 which MosesH4872 spakeH1696 unto all IsraelH3478 on this sideH5676 JordanH3383 in the wilderness,H4057 in the plainH6160 over againstH4136 the RedH5489 sea, between Paran,H6290 and Tophel,H8603 and Laban,H3837 and Hazeroth,H2698 and Dizahab.H1774
(There are elevenH6240, H259 days'H3117 journey from HorebH2722 by the wayH1870 of mountH2022 SeirH8165 unto Kadeshbarnea.H6947)
And it came to pass in the fortiethH705 year,H8141 in the eleventhH6240, H6249 month,H2320 on the firstH259 day of the month,H2320 that MosesH4872 spakeH1696 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 according unto all that the LORDH3068 had given him in commandmentH6680 unto them;
AfterH310 he had slainH5221 SihonH5511 the kingH4428 of the Amorites,H567 which dweltH3427 in Heshbon,H2809 and OgH5747 the kingH4428 of Bashan,H1316 which dweltH3427 at AstarothH6252 in Edrei:H154
On this sideH5676 Jordan,H3383 in the landH776 of Moab,H4124 beganH2974 MosesH4872 to declareH874 this law,H8451 saying,H559
The LORDH3068 our GodH430 spakeH1696 unto us in Horeb,H2722 saying,H559 Ye have dweltH3427 long enoughH7227 in this mount:H2022
TurnH6437 you, and take your journey,H5265 and goH935 to the mountH2022 of the Amorites,H567 and unto all the places nighH7934 thereunto, in the plain,H6160 in the hills,H2022 and in the vale,H8219 and in the south,H5045 and by the seaH3220 side,H2348 to the landH776 of the Canaanites,H3669 and unto Lebanon,H3844 unto the greatH1419 river,H5104 the riverH5104 Euphrates.H6578
Behold,H7200 I have setH5414 the landH776 beforeH6440 you: goH935 in and possessH3423 the landH776 which the LORDH3068 swareH7650 unto your fathers,H1 Abraham,H85 Isaac,H3327 and Jacob,H3290 to giveH5414 unto them and to their seedH2233 afterH310 them.
And I spakeH559 unto you at that time,H6256 saying,H559 I am not ableH3201 to bearH5375 you myself alone:H905
The LORDH3068 your GodH430 hath multipliedH7235 you, and, behold, ye are this dayH3117 as the starsH3556 of heavenH8064 for multitude.H7230
(The LORDH3068 GodH430 of your fathersH1 make you a thousandH505 timesH6471 so many more asH3254 ye are, and blessH1288 you, as he hath promisedH1696 you!)
HowH349 can I myself alone bearH5375 your cumbrance,H2960 and your burden,H4853 and your strife?H7379
TakeH3051 you wiseH2450 men,H582 and understanding,H995 and knownH3045 among your tribes,H7626 and I will makeH7760 them rulersH7218 over you.
And ye answeredH6030 me, and said,H559 The thingH1697 which thou hast spokenH1696 is goodH2896 for us to do.H6213
So I tookH3947 the chiefH7218 of your tribes,H7626 wiseH2450 men,H582 and known,H3045 and madeH5414 them headsH7218 over you, captainsH8269 over thousands,H505 and captainsH8269 over hundreds,H3967 and captainsH8269 over fifties,H2572 and captainsH8269 over tens,H6235 and officersH7860 among your tribes.H7626
And I chargedH6680 your judgesH8199 at that time,H6256 saying,H559 HearH8085 the causes between your brethren,H251 and judgeH8199 righteouslyH6664 between every manH376 and his brother,H251 and the strangerH1616 that is with him.
Ye shall not respectH5234 personsH6440 in judgment;H4941 but ye shall hearH8085 the smallH6996 as well as the great;H1419 ye shall not be afraidH1481 of the faceH6440 of man;H376 for the judgmentH4941 is God's:H430 and the causeH1697 that is too hardH7185 for you, bringH7126 it unto me, and I will hearH8085 it.
And I commandedH6680 you at that timeH6256 all the thingsH1697 which ye should do.H6213
And when we departedH5265 from Horeb,H2722 we went throughH3212 all that greatH1419 and terribleH3372 wilderness,H4057 which ye sawH7200 by the wayH1870 of the mountainH2022 of the Amorites,H567 as the LORDH3068 our GodH430 commandedH6680 us; and we cameH935 to Kadeshbarnea.H6947
And I saidH559 unto you, Ye are comeH935 unto the mountainH2022 of the Amorites,H567 which the LORDH3068 our GodH430 doth giveH5414 unto us.
Behold,H7200 the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 hath setH5414 the landH776 beforeH6440 thee: go upH5927 and possessH3423 it, as the LORDH3068 GodH430 of thy fathersH1 hath saidH1696 unto thee; fearH3372 not, neither be discouraged.H2865
And ye came nearH7126 unto me every one of you, and said,H559 We will sendH7971 menH582 beforeH6440 us, and they shall search us outH2658 the land,H776 and bringH7725 us wordH1697 againH7725 by what wayH1870 we must go up,H5927 and into what citiesH5892 we shall come.H935
And the sayingH1697 pleased me wellH3190, H5869: and I tookH3947 twelveH6240, H8147 menH582 of you, oneH259 of a tribeH7626, H376:
And they turnedH6437 and went upH5927 into the mountain,H2022 and cameH935 unto the valleyH5158 of Eshcol,H812 and searched it out.H7270
And they tookH3947 of the fruitH6529 of the landH776 in their hands,H3027 and brought it downH3381 unto us, and broughtH7725 us wordH1697 again,H7725 and said,H559 It is a goodH2896 landH776 which the LORDH3068 our GodH430 doth giveH5414 us.
Notwithstanding ye wouldH14 not go up,H5927 but rebelledH4784 against the commandmentH6310 of the LORDH3068 your God:H430
And ye murmuredH7279 in your tents,H168 and said,H559 Because the LORDH3068 hatedH8135 us, he hath brought us forthH3318 out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 to deliverH5414 us into the handH3027 of the Amorites,H567 to destroyH8045 us.
Whither shall we go up?H5927 our brethrenH251 have discouragedH4549 our heart,H3824 saying,H559 The peopleH5971 is greaterH1419 and tallerH7311 than we; the citiesH5892 are greatH1419 and walled upH1219 to heaven;H8064 and moreover we have seenH7200 the sonsH1121 of the AnakimsH6062 there.
Then I saidH559 unto you, DreadH6206 not, neither be afraidH3372 of them.
The LORDH3068 your GodH430 which goethH1980 beforeH6440 you, he shall fightH3898 for you, according to all that he didH6213 for you in EgyptH4714 before your eyes;H5869
And in the wilderness,H4057 where thou hast seenH7200 how that the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 bareH5375 thee, as a manH376 doth bearH5375 his son,H1121 in all the wayH1870 that ye went,H1980 until ye cameH935 into this place.H4725
Yet in this thingH1697 ye did not believeH539 the LORDH3068 your God,H430
Who wentH1980 in the wayH1870 beforeH6440 you, to search you outH8446 a placeH4725 to pitch your tentsH2583 in, in fireH784 by night,H3915 to shewH7200 you by what wayH1870 ye should go,H3212 and in a cloudH6051 by day.H3119
And the LORDH3068 heardH8085 the voiceH6963 of your words,H1697 and was wroth,H7107 and sware,H7650 saying,H559
Surely there shall not oneH376 of these menH582 of this evilH7451 generationH1755 seeH7200 that goodH2896 land,H776 which I swareH7650 to giveH5414 unto your fathers,H1
SaveH2108 CalebH3612 the sonH1121 of Jephunneh;H3312 he shall seeH7200 it, and to him will I giveH5414 the landH776 thatH834 he hath trodden upon,H1869 and to his children,H1121 because he hath whollyH4390 followedH310 the LORD.H3068
Also the LORDH3068 was angryH599 with me for your sakes,H1558 saying,H559 Thou also shalt not goH935 in thither.H8033
But JoshuaH3091 the sonH1121 of Nun,H5126 which standethH5975 beforeH6440 thee, he shall go inH935 thither: encourageH2388 him: for he shall cause IsraelH3478 to inheritH5157 it.
Moreover your little ones,H2945 which ye saidH559 should be a prey,H957 and your children,H1121 which in that dayH3117 had no knowledgeH3045 between goodH2896 and evil,H7451 they shall go inH935 thither, and unto them will I giveH5414 it, and they shall possessH3423 it.
But as for you, turnH6437 you, and take your journeyH5265 into the wildernessH4057 by the wayH1870 of the RedH5488 sea.H3220
Then ye answeredH6030 and saidH559 unto me, We have sinnedH2398 against the LORD,H3068 we will go upH5927 and fight,H3898 according to all that the LORDH3068 our GodH430 commandedH6680 us. And when ye had girdedH2296 on every manH376 his weaponsH3627 of war,H4421 ye were readyH1951 to go upH5927 into the hill.H2022
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto me, SayH559 unto them, Go not up,H5927 neither fight;H3898 for I am not amongH7130 you; lest ye be smittenH5062 beforeH6440 your enemies.H341
So I spakeH1696 unto you; and ye would not hear,H8085 but rebelledH4784 against the commandmentH6310 of the LORD,H3068 and wentH5927 presumptuouslyH2102 upH5927 into the hill.H2022
And the Amorites,H567 which dweltH3427 in that mountain,H2022 came outH3318 againstH7125 you, and chasedH7291 you, as beesH1682 do,H6213 and destroyedH3807 you in Seir,H8165 even unto Hormah.H2767
And ye returnedH7725 and weptH1058 beforeH6440 the LORD;H3068 but the LORDH3068 would not hearkenH8085 to your voice,H6963 nor give earH238 unto you.
So ye abodeH3427 in KadeshH6946 manyH7227 days,H3117 according unto the daysH3117 that ye abodeH3427 there.


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