„Przybywszy tam weszli do sali na górze i przebywali w niej: Piotr i Jan, Jakub i Andrzej, Filip i Tomasz, Bartłomiej i Mateusz, Jakub, syn Alfeusza, i Szymon Gorliwy, i Juda, [brat] Jakuba.”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: Dzieje Apostolskie 1,13

King James Version
Księga Jeremiasza 2:1

Tytuł oryginalny
Moreover the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to me, saying,H559
GoH1980 and cryH7121 in the earsH241 of Jerusalem,H3389 saying,H559 Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 I rememberH2142 thee, the kindnessH2617 of thy youth,H5271 the loveH160 of thine espousals,H3623 when thou wentestH3212 afterH310 me in the wilderness,H4057 in a landH776 that was not sown.H2232
IsraelH3478 was holinessH6944 unto the LORD,H3068 and the firstfruitsH7225 of his increase:H8393 all that devourH398 him shall offend;H816 evilH7451 shall comeH935 upon them, saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
HearH8085 ye the wordH1697 of the LORD,H3068 O houseH1004 of Jacob,H3290 and all the familiesH4940 of the houseH1004 of Israel:H3478
Thus saithH559 the LORD,H3068 What iniquityH5766 have your fathersH1 foundH4672 in me, that they are gone farH7368 from me, and have walkedH3212 afterH310 vanity,H1892 and are become vain?H1891
Neither saidH559 they, Where is the LORDH3068 that brought us upH5927 out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 that ledH3212 us through the wilderness,H4057 through a landH776 of desertsH6160 and of pits,H7745 through a landH776 of drought,H6723 and of the shadow of death,H6757 through a landH776 that no manH376 passed through,H5674 and where no manH120 dwelt?H3427
And I broughtH935 you into a plentifulH3759 country,H776 to eatH398 the fruitH6529 thereof and the goodnessH2898 thereof; but when ye entered,H935 ye defiledH2930 my land,H776 and madeH7760 mine heritageH5159 an abomination.H8441
The priestsH3548 saidH559 not, Where is the LORD?H3068 and they that handleH8610 the lawH8451 knewH3045 me not: the pastorsH7462 also transgressedH6586 against me, and the prophetsH5030 prophesiedH5012 by Baal,H1168 and walkedH1980 afterH310 things that do not profit.H3276
Wherefore I will yet pleadH7378 with you, saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 and with your children'sH1121 childrenH1121 will I plead.H7378
For pass overH5674 the islesH339 of Chittim,H3794 and see;H7200 and sendH7971 unto Kedar,H6938 and considerH995 diligently,H3966 and seeH7200 if there be such a thing.
Hath a nationH1471 changedH3235 their gods,H430 which are yet no gods?H430 but my peopleH5971 have changedH4171 their gloryH3519 for that which doth not profit.H3276
Be astonished,H8074 O ye heavens,H8064 at this, and be horribly afraid,H8175 be ye veryH3966 desolate,H2717 saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
For my peopleH5971 have committedH6213 twoH8147 evils;H7451 they have forsakenH5800 me the fountainH4726 of livingH2416 waters,H4325 and hewed them outH2672 cisterns,H877 brokenH7665 cisterns,H877 that can holdH3557 no water.H4325
Is IsraelH3478 a servant?H5650 is he a homebornH3211 slave?H1004 whyH4069 is he spoiled?H957
The young lionsH3715 roaredH7580 upon him, and yelledH5414, H6963, and they madeH7896 his landH776 waste:H8047 his citiesH5892 are burnedH3341 without inhabitant.H3427
Also the childrenH1121 of NophH5297 and TahapanesH8471 have brokenH7462 the crown of thy head.H6936
Hast thou not procuredH6213 this unto thyself, in that thou hast forsakenH5800 the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 whenH6256 he ledH3212 thee by the way?H1870
And now what hast thou to do in the wayH1870 of Egypt,H4714 to drinkH8354 the watersH4325 of Sihor?H7883 or what hast thou to do in the wayH1870 of Assyria,H804 to drinkH8354 the watersH4325 of the river?H5104
Thine own wickednessH7451 shall correctH3256 thee, and thy backslidingsH4878 shall reproveH3198 thee: knowH3045 therefore and seeH7200 that it is an evilH7451 thing and bitter,H4751 that thou hast forsakenH5800 the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 and that my fearH6345 is not in thee, saithH5002 the LordH136 GODH3069 of hosts.H6635
For of old timeH5769 I have brokenH7665 thy yoke,H5923 and burstH5423 thy bands;H4147 and thou saidst,H559 I will not transgressH5674, H5647; when upon every highH1364 hillH1389 and under every greenH7488 treeH6086 thou wanderest,H6808 playing the harlot.H2181
Yet I had plantedH5193 thee a noble vine,H8321 wholly a rightH571 seed:H2233 how then art thou turnedH2015 into the degenerate plantH5494 of a strangeH5237 vineH1612 unto me?
For though thou washH3526 thee with nitre,H5427 and take thee muchH7235 soap,H1287 yet thine iniquityH5771 is markedH3799 beforeH6440 me, saithH5002 the LordH136 GOD.H3069
How canst thou say,H559 I am not polluted,H2930 I have not goneH1980 afterH310 Baalim?H1168 seeH7200 thy wayH1870 in the valley,H1516 knowH3045 what thou hast done:H6213 thou art a swiftH7031 dromedaryH1072 traversingH8308 her ways;H1870
A wild assH6501 usedH3928 to the wilderness,H4057 that snuffeth upH7602 the windH7307 at her pleasureH5315, H185; in her occasionH8385 who can turn her away?H7725 all they that seekH1245 her will not wearyH3286 themselves; in her monthH2320 they shall findH4672 her.
WithholdH4513 thy footH7272 from being unshod,H3182 and thy throatH1627 from thirst:H6773 but thou saidst,H559 There is no hope:H2976 no; for I have lovedH157 strangers,H2114 and afterH310 them will I go.H3212
As the thiefH1590 is ashamedH1322 when he is found,H4672 so is the houseH1004 of IsraelH3478 ashamed;H3001 they, their kings,H4428 their princes,H8269 and their priests,H3548 and their prophets,H5030
SayingH559 to a stock,H6086 Thou art my father;H1 and to a stone,H68 Thou hast brought me forth:H3205 for they have turnedH6437 their backH6203 unto me, and not their face:H6440 but in the timeH6256 of their troubleH7451 they will say,H559 Arise,H6965 and saveH3467 us.
But where are thy godsH430 that thou hast madeH6213 thee? let them arise,H6965 if they can saveH3467 thee in the timeH6256 of thy trouble:H7451 for according to the numberH4557 of thy citiesH5892 are thy gods,H430 O Judah.H3063
Wherefore will ye pleadH7378 with me? ye all have transgressedH6586 against me, saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
In vainH7723 have I smittenH5221 your children;H1121 they receivedH3947 no correction:H4148 your own swordH2719 hath devouredH398 your prophets,H5030 like a destroyingH7843 lion.H738
O generation,H1755 seeH7200 ye the wordH1697 of the LORD.H3068 Have I been a wildernessH4057 unto Israel?H3478 a landH776 of darkness?H3991 wherefore sayH559 my people,H5971 We are lords;H7300 we will comeH935 no more unto thee?
Can a maidH1330 forgetH7911 her ornaments,H5716 or a brideH3618 her attire?H7196 yet my peopleH5971 have forgottenH7911 me daysH3117 without number.H4557
Why trimmestH3190 thou thy wayH1870 to seekH1245 love?H160 therefore hast thou also taughtH3925 the wicked onesH7451 thy ways.H1870
Also in thy skirtsH3671 is foundH4672 the bloodH1818 of the soulsH5315 of the poorH34 innocents:H5355 I have not foundH4672 it by secret search,H4290 but upon all these.
Yet thou sayest,H559 Because I am innocent,H5352 surely his angerH639 shall turnH7725 from me. Behold, I will pleadH8199 with thee, because thou sayest,H559 I have not sinned.H2398
Why gaddest thou aboutH235 so muchH3966 to changeH8138 thy way?H1870 thou also shalt be ashamedH954 of Egypt,H4714 as thou wast ashamedH954 of Assyria.H804
Yea, thou shalt go forthH3318 from him, and thine handsH3027 upon thine head:H7218 for the LORDH3068 hath rejectedH3988 thy confidences,H4009 and thou shalt not prosperH6743 in them.


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