„Gdyż sprawiedliwa to rzecz u Boga odpłacić uciskiem tym, którzy was uciskają,”

Biblia Warszawska: 2 List św. Pawła do Tesaloniczan 1,6

King James Version
Księga Izajasza 1:1

Tytuł oryginalny
The visionH2377 of IsaiahH3470 the sonH1121 of Amoz,H531 which he sawH2372 concerning JudahH3063 and JerusalemH3389 in the daysH3117 of Uzziah,H5818 Jotham,H3147 Ahaz,H271 and Hezekiah,H3169 kingsH4428 of Judah.H3063
Hear,H8085 O heavens,H8064 and give ear,H238 O earth:H776 for the LORDH3068 hath spoken,H1696 I have nourishedH1431 and brought upH7311 children,H1121 and they have rebelledH6586 against me.
The oxH7794 knowethH3045 his owner,H7069 and the assH2543 his master'sH1167 crib:H18 but IsraelH3478 doth not know,H3045 my peopleH5971 doth not consider.H995
AhH1945 sinfulH2398 nation,H1471 a peopleH5971 ladenH3515 with iniquity,H5771 a seedH2233 of evildoers,H7489 childrenH1121 that are corrupters:H7843 they have forsakenH5800, H853 the LORD,H3068 they have provokedH5006, H853 the Holy OneH6918 of IsraelH3478 unto anger,H5006 they are gone awayH2114 backward.H268
Why should ye be strickenH5221 any more? ye will revoltH5627 more and more:H3254 the whole headH7218 is sick,H2483 and the whole heartH3824 faint.H1742
From the soleH3709 of the footH7272 even unto the headH7218 there is no soundnessH4974 in it; but wounds,H6482 and bruises,H2250 and putrifyingH2961 sores:H4347 they have not been closed,H2115 neither bound up,H2280 neither mollifiedH7401 with ointment.H8081
Your countryH776 is desolate,H8077 your citiesH5892 are burnedH8313 with fire:H784 your land,H127 strangersH2114 devourH398 it in your presence, and it is desolate,H8077 as overthrownH4114 by strangers.H2114
And the daughterH1323 of ZionH6726 is leftH3498 as a cottageH5521 in a vineyard,H3754 as a lodgeH4412 in a garden of cucumbers,H4750 as a besiegedH5341 city.H5892
ExceptH3884 the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 had leftH3498 unto us a very smallH4592 remnant,H8300 we should have beenH1961 as Sodom,H5467 and we should have been likeH1819 unto Gomorrah.H6017
HearH8085 the wordH1697 of the LORD,H3068 ye rulersH7101 of Sodom;H5467 give earH238 unto the lawH8451 of our God,H430 ye peopleH5971 of Gomorrah.H6017
To whatH4100 purpose is the multitudeH7230 of your sacrificesH2077 unto me? saithH559 the LORD:H3068 I am fullH7646 of the burnt offeringsH5930 of rams,H352 and the fatH2459 of fed beasts;H4806 and I delightH2654 not in the bloodH1818 of bullocks,H6499 or of lambs,H3532 or of he goats.H6260
When ye comeH935 to appearH7200 beforeH6440 me, who hath requiredH1245 this at your hand,H3027 to treadH7429 my courts?H2691
BringH935 no moreH3254 vainH7723 oblations;H4503 incenseH7004 is an abominationH8441 unto me; the new moonsH2320 and sabbaths,H7676 the callingH7121 of assemblies,H4744 I cannot away with;H3201 it is iniquity,H205 even the solemn meeting.H6116
Your new moonsH2320 and your appointed feastsH4150 my soulH5315 hateth:H8130 they are a troubleH2960 unto me; I am wearyH3811 to bearH5375 them.
And when ye spread forthH6566 your hands,H3709 I will hideH5956 mine eyesH5869 from you: yea, when ye make manyH7235 prayers,H8605 I will not hear:H8085 your handsH3027 are fullH4390 of blood.H1818
WashH7364 you, make you clean;H2135 put awayH5493 the evilH7455 of your doingsH4611 from beforeH5048 mine eyes;H5869 ceaseH2308 to do evil;H7489
LearnH3925 to do well;H3190 seekH1875 judgment,H4941 relieveH833 the oppressed,H2541 judgeH8199 the fatherless,H3490 pleadH7378 for the widow.H490
Come now,H3212 and let us reason together,H3198 saithH559 the LORD:H3068 though your sinsH2399 be as scarlet,H8144 they shall be as whiteH3835 as snow;H7950 though they be redH119 like crimson,H8438 they shall be as wool.H6785
If ye be willingH14 and obedient,H8085 ye shall eatH398 the goodH2898 of the land:H776
But if ye refuseH3985 and rebel,H4784 ye shall be devouredH398 with the sword:H2719 for the mouthH6310 of the LORDH3068 hath spokenH1696 it.
How is the faithfulH539 cityH7151 become an harlot!H2181 it was fullH4392 of judgment;H4941 righteousnessH6664 lodgedH3885 in it; but now murderers.H7523
Thy silverH3701 is become dross,H5509 thy wineH5435 mixedH4107 with water:H4325
Thy princesH8269 are rebellious,H5637 and companionsH2270 of thieves:H1590 every one lovethH157 gifts,H7810 and followethH7291 after rewards:H8021 they judgeH8199 not the fatherless,H3490 neither doth the causeH7379 of the widowH490 comeH935 unto them.
Therefore saithH5002 the Lord,H113 the LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 the mighty OneH46 of Israel,H3478 Ah,H1945 I will easeH5162 me of mine adversaries,H6862 and avengeH5358 me of mine enemies:H341
And I will turnH7725 my handH3027 upon thee, and purelyH1253 purge awayH6884 thy dross,H5509 and take awayH5493 all thy tin:H913
And I will restoreH7725 thy judgesH8199 as at the first,H7223 and thy counsellorsH3289 as at the beginning:H8462 afterwardH310 thou shalt be called,H7121 The cityH5892 of righteousness,H6664 the faithfulH539 city.H7151
ZionH6726 shall be redeemedH6299 with judgment,H4941 and her convertsH7725 with righteousness.H6666
And the destructionH7667 of the transgressorsH6586 and of the sinnersH2400 shall be together,H3162 and they that forsakeH5800 the LORDH3068 shall be consumed.H3615
For they shall be ashamedH954 of the oaksH352 which ye have desired,H2530 and ye shall be confoundedH2659 for the gardensH1593 that ye have chosen.H977
For ye shall be as an oakH424 whose leafH5929 fadeth,H5034 and as a gardenH1593 that hath no water.H4325
And the strongH2634 shall be as tow,H5296 and the makerH6467 of it as a spark,H5213 and they shall bothH8147 burnH1197 together,H3162 and none shall quenchH3518 them.


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W nim było życie, a życie było światłością ludzi.
Jan 1:4

Kim jesteś i co masz w Chrystusie.

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Nehemiasz razem z innymi ludźmi wrócił po wygnaniu do Jerozolimy i odbudował jej mury w ciągu 52 dni! (Neh 6:15).

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A Bóg mój zaspokoi wszelką potrzebę waszą według bogactwa swego w chwale, w Chrystusie Jezusie.
Fil 4:19

"Uczyłem mój lud, że może mieć, to co mówi, lecz oni ciągle mówią, to co mają."

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