„A ona rzekła: Znalazłam łaskę w oczach twoich, panie mój, gdyżeś mię pocieszył, a mówiłeś do serca służebnicy twojej, chociam ja nie jest, jako jedna z służebnic twoich.”

Biblia Gdańska (1632): Ruty 2,13


King James Version
Księga: Lamentacje 1:1

Tytuł oryginalny
How doth the cityH5892 sitH3427 solitary,H910 that was fullH7227 of people!H5971 how is she become as a widow!H490 she that was greatH7227 among the nations,H1471 and princessH8282 among the provinces,H4082 how is she become tributary!H4522
She weepethH1058 soreH1058 in the night,H3915 and her tearsH1832 are on her cheeks:H3895 among all her loversH157 she hath none to comfortH5162 her: all her friendsH7453 have dealt treacherouslyH898 with her, they are become her enemies.H341
JudahH3063 is gone into captivityH1540 because of affliction,H6040 and because of greatH7230 servitude:H5656 she dwellethH3427 among the heathen,H1471 she findethH4672 no rest:H4494 all her persecutorsH7291 overtookH5381 her between the straits.H4712
The waysH1870 of ZionH6726 do mourn,H57 because none comeH935 to the solemn feasts:H4150 all her gatesH8179 are desolate:H8074 her priestsH3548 sigh,H584 her virginsH1330 are afflicted,H3013 and she is in bitterness.H4843
Her adversariesH6862 are the chief,H7218 her enemiesH341 prosper;H7951 for the LORDH3068 hath afflictedH3013 her for the multitudeH7230 of her transgressions:H6588 her childrenH5768 are goneH1980 into captivityH7628 beforeH6440 the enemy.H6862
And from the daughterH1323 of ZionH6726 all her beautyH1926 is departed:H3318 her princesH8269 are become like hartsH354 that findH4672 no pasture,H4829 and they are goneH3212 without strengthH3581 beforeH6440 the pursuer.H7291
JerusalemH3389 rememberedH2142 in the daysH3117 of her afflictionH6040 and of her miseriesH4788 all her pleasant thingsH4262 that she had in the daysH3117 of old,H6924 when her peopleH5971 fellH5307 into the handH3027 of the enemy,H6862 and none did helpH5826 her: the adversariesH6862 sawH7200 her, and did mockH7832 at her sabbaths.H4868
JerusalemH3389 hath grievouslyH2399 sinned;H2398 therefore she is removed:H5206 all that honouredH3513 her despiseH2107 her, because they have seenH7200 her nakedness:H6172 yea, she sigheth,H584 and turnethH7725 backward.H268
Her filthinessH2932 is in her skirts;H7757 she rememberethH2142 not her last end;H319 therefore she came downH3381 wonderfully:H6382 she had no comforter.H5162 O LORD,H3068 beholdH7200 my affliction:H6040 for the enemyH341 hath magnifiedH1431 himself.
The adversaryH6862 hath spread outH6566 his handH3027 upon all her pleasant things:H4261 for she hath seenH7200 that the heathenH1471 enteredH935 into her sanctuary,H4720 whom thou didst commandH6680 that they should not enterH935 into thy congregation.H6951
All her peopleH5971 sigh,H584 they seekH1245 bread;H3899 they have givenH5414 their pleasant thingsH4261, H4262 for meatH400 to relieveH7725 the soul:H5315 see,H7200 O LORD,H3068 and consider;H5027 for I am become vile.H2151
Is it nothing to you, all ye that passH5674 by?H1870 behold,H5027 and seeH7200 if there beH3426 any sorrowH4341 like unto my sorrow,H4341 which is doneH5953 unto me, wherewith the LORDH3068 hath afflictedH3013 me in the dayH3117 of his fierceH2740 anger.H639
From aboveH4791 hath he sentH7971 fireH784 into my bones,H6106 and it prevailethH7287 against them: he hath spreadH6566 a netH7568 for my feet,H7272 he hath turnedH7725 me back:H268 he hath madeH5414 me desolateH8074 and faintH1739 all the day.H3117
The yokeH5923 of my transgressionsH6588 is boundH8244 by his hand:H3027 they are wreathed,H8276 and come upH5927 upon my neck:H6677 he hath made my strengthH3581 to fall,H3782 the LordH136 hath deliveredH5414 me into their hands,H3027 from whom I am not ableH3201 to rise up.H6965
The LordH136 hath trodden under footH5541 all my mightyH47 men in the midstH7130 of me: he hath calledH7121 an assemblyH4150 against me to crushH7665 my young men:H970 the LordH136 hath troddenH1869 the virgin,H1330 the daughterH1323 of Judah,H3063 as in a winepress.H1660
For these things I weep;H1058 mine eye,H5869 mine eyeH5869 runneth downH3381 with water,H4325 because the comforterH5162 that should relieveH7725 my soulH5315 is farH7368 from me: my childrenH1121 are desolate,H8074 because the enemyH341 prevailed.H1396
ZionH6726 spreadeth forthH6566 her hands,H3027 and there is none to comfortH5162 her: the LORDH3068 hath commandedH6680 concerning Jacob,H3290 that his adversariesH6862 should be round aboutH5439 him: JerusalemH3389 is as a menstruous womanH5079 among them.
The LORDH3068 is righteous;H6662 for I have rebelledH4784 against his commandment:H6310 hear,H8085 I pray you, all people,H5971 and beholdH7200 my sorrow:H4341 my virginsH1330 and my young menH970 are goneH1980 into captivity.H7628
I calledH7121 for my lovers,H157 but they deceivedH7411 me: my priestsH3548 and mine eldersH2205 gave up the ghostH1478 in the city,H5892 while they soughtH1245 their meatH400 to relieveH7725 their souls.H5315
Behold,H7200 O LORD;H3068 for I am in distress:H6887 my bowelsH4578 are troubled;H2560 mine heartH3820 is turnedH2015 withinH7130 me; for I have grievouslyH4784 rebelled:H4784 abroadH2351 the swordH2719 bereaveth,H7921 at homeH1004 there is as death.H4194
They have heardH8085 that I sigh:H584 there is none to comfortH5162 me: all mine enemiesH341 have heardH8085 of my trouble;H7451 they are gladH7797 that thou hast doneH6213 it: thou wilt bringH935 the dayH3117 that thou hast called,H7121 and they shall be likeH3644 unto me.
Let all their wickednessH7451 comeH935 beforeH6440 thee; and doH5953 unto them, as thou hast doneH5953 unto me for all my transgressions:H6588 for my sighsH585 are many,H7227 and my heartH3820 is faint.H1742


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