„Aby wśród tych utrapień nikt się nie zachwiał; ponieważ sami wiecie, że na to jesteśmy wystawieni.”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: Pierwszy list do Tesaloniczan 3,3

King James Version
Księga: Przypowieści 25:19

Tytuł oryginalny
These are also proverbsH4912 of Solomon,H8010 which the menH582 of HezekiahH2396 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 copied out.H6275
It is the gloryH3519 of GodH430 to concealH5641 a thing:H1697 but the honourH3519 of kingsH4428 is to search outH2713 a matter.H1697
The heavenH8064 for height,H7312 and the earthH776 for depth,H6011 and the heartH3820 of kingsH4428 is unsearchable.H2714
Take awayH1898 the drossH5509 from the silver,H3701 and there shall come forthH3318 a vesselH3627 for the finer.H6884
Take awayH1898 the wickedH7563 from beforeH6440 the king,H4428 and his throneH3678 shall be establishedH3559 in righteousness.H6664
Put not forthH1921 thyself in the presenceH6440 of the king,H4428 and standH5975 not in the placeH4725 of greatH1419 men:
For betterH2896 it is that it be saidH559 unto thee, Come upH5927 hither; than that thou shouldest be put lowerH8213 in the presenceH6440 of the princeH5081 whom thine eyesH5869 have seen.H7200
Go not forthH3318 hastilyH4118 to strive,H7378 lest thou know not what to doH6213 in the endH319 thereof, when thy neighbourH7453 hath put thee to shame.H3637
DebateH7378 thy causeH7379 with thy neighbourH7453 himself; and discoverH1540 not a secretH5475 to another:H312
Lest he that hearethH8085 it put thee to shame,H2616 and thine infamyH1681 turn not away.H7725
A wordH1697 fitlyH212, H655 spokenH1696 is like applesH8598 of goldH2091 in picturesH4906 of silver.H3701
As an earringH5141 of gold,H2091 and an ornamentH2481 of fine gold,H3800 so is a wiseH2450 reproverH3198 upon an obedientH8085 ear.H241
As the coldH6793 of snowH7950 in the timeH3117 of harvest,H7105 so is a faithfulH539 messengerH6735 to them that sendH7971 him: for he refreshethH7725 the soulH5315 of his masters.H113
WhosoH376 boastethH1984 himself of a falseH8267 giftH4991 is like cloudsH5387 and windH7307 without rain.H1653
By longH753 forbearingH639 is a princeH7101 persuaded,H6601 and a softH7390 tongueH3956 breakethH7665 the bone.H1634
Hast thou foundH4672 honey?H1706 eatH398 so much as is sufficientH1767 for thee, lest thou be filledH7646 therewith, and vomitH6958 it.
WithdrawH3365 thy footH7272 from thy neighbour'sH7453 house;H1004 lest he be wearyH7646 of thee, and so hateH8130 thee.
A manH376 that bearethH6030 falseH8267 witnessH5707 against his neighbourH7453 is a maul,H4650 and a sword,H2719 and a sharpH8150 arrow.H2671
ConfidenceH4009 in an unfaithful manH898 in timeH3117 of troubleH6869 is like a brokenH7465 tooth,H8127 and a footH7272 out of joint.H4154
As he that taketh awayH5710 a garmentH899 in coldH7135 weather,H3117 and as vinegarH2558 upon nitre,H5427 so is he that singethH7891 songsH7892 to an heavyH7451 heart.H3820
If thine enemyH8130 be hungry,H7457 give him breadH3899 to eat;H398 and if he be thirsty,H6771 give him waterH4325 to drink:H8248
For thou shalt heapH2846 coals of fireH1513 upon his head,H7218 and the LORDH3068 shall rewardH7999 thee.
The northH6828 windH7307 driveth awayH2342 rain:H1653 so doth an angryH2194 countenanceH6440 a backbitingH5643 tongue.H3956
It is betterH2896 to dwellH3427 in the cornerH6438 of the housetop,H1406 than with a brawlingH4079, H4066 womanH802 and in a wideH2267 house.H1004
As coldH7119 watersH4325 to a thirstyH5889 soul,H5315 so is goodH2896 newsH8052 from a farH4801 country.H776
A righteousH6662 man falling downH4131 beforeH6440 the wickedH7563 is as a troubledH7515 fountain,H4599 and a corruptH7843 spring.H4726
It is not goodH2896 to eatH398 muchH7235 honey:H1706 so for men to searchH2714 their own gloryH3519 is not glory.H3519
HeH376 that hath no ruleH4623 over his own spiritH7307 is like a cityH5892 that is broken down,H6555 and without walls.H2346


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