„A kobieta była przyodziana w purpurę i w szkarłat, i przyozdobiona złotem, drogimi kamieniami i perłami; a miała w ręce swej złoty kielich pełen obrzydliwości i nieczystości jej nierządu.”

Biblia Warszawska: Objawienie św. Jana 17,4

King James Version
Księga Wyjścia 32:5

Tytuł oryginalny
And when the peopleH5971 sawH7200 that MosesH4872 delayedH954 to come downH3381 out of the mount,H2022 the peopleH5971 gathered themselves togetherH6950 unto Aaron,H175 and saidH559 unto him, Up,H6965 makeH6213 us gods,H430 which shall goH3212 beforeH6440 us; for as for this Moses,H4872 the manH376 that broughtH5927 us up out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 we wotH3045 not what is become of him.
And AaronH175 saidH559 unto them, Break offH6561 the goldenH2091 earrings,H5141 which are in the earsH241 of your wives,H802 of your sons,H1121 and of your daughters,H1323 and bringH935 them unto me.
And all the peopleH5971 brake offH6561 the goldenH2091 earringsH5141 which were in their ears,H241 and broughtH935 them unto Aaron.H175
And he receivedH3947 them at their hand,H3027 and fashionedH6696 it with a graving tool,H2747 after he had madeH6213 it a moltenH4541 calf:H5695 and they said,H559 These be thy gods,H430 O Israel,H3478 which broughtH5927 thee up out of the landH776 of Egypt.H4714
And when AaronH175 sawH7200 it, he builtH1129 an altarH4196 beforeH6440 it; and AaronH175 made proclamation,H7121 and said,H559 To morrowH4279 is a feastH2282 to the LORD.H3068
And they rose up earlyH7925 on the morrow,H4283 and offeredH5927 burnt offerings,H5930 and broughtH5066 peace offerings;H8002 and the peopleH5971 satH3427 down to eatH398 and to drink,H8354 and rose upH6965 to play.H6711
And the LORDH3068 saidH1696 unto Moses,H4872 Go,H3212 get thee down;H3381 for thy people,H5971 which thou broughtestH5927 out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 have corruptedH7843 themselves:
They have turnedH5493 aside quicklyH4118 out of the wayH1870 which I commandedH6680 them: they have madeH6213 them a moltenH4541 calf,H5695 and have worshippedH7812 it, and have sacrificedH2076 thereunto, and said,H559 These be thy gods,H430 O Israel,H3478 which have brought thee upH5927 out of the landH776 of Egypt.H4714
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 I have seenH7200 this people,H5971 and, behold, it is a stiffneckedH6203, H7186 people:H5971
Now therefore let me alone,H3240 that my wrathH639 may wax hotH2734 against them, and that I may consumeH3615 them: and I will makeH6213 of thee a greatH1419 nation.H1471
And MosesH4872 besoughtH2470, H6440 the LORDH3068 his God,H430 and said,H559 LORD,H3068 why doth thy wrathH639 wax hotH2734 against thy people,H5971 which thou hast brought forthH3318 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714 with greatH1419 power,H3581 and with a mightyH2389 hand?H3027
Wherefore should the EgyptiansH4714 speak,H559 and say,H559 For mischiefH7451 did he bringH3318 them out, to slayH2026 them in the mountains,H2022 and to consumeH3615 them from the faceH6440 of the earth?H127 TurnH7725 from thy fierceH2740 wrath,H639 and repentH5162 of this evilH7451 against thy people.H5971
RememberH2142 Abraham,H85 Isaac,H3327 and Israel,H3478 thy servants,H5650 to whom thou swarestH7650 by thine own self, and saidstH1696 unto them, I will multiplyH7235 your seedH2233 as the starsH3556 of heaven,H8064 and all this landH776 that I have spokenH559 of will I giveH5414 unto your seed,H2233 and they shall inheritH5157 it for ever.H5769
And the LORDH3068 repentedH5162 of the evilH7451 which he thoughtH1696 to doH6213 unto his people.H5971
And MosesH4872 turned,H6437 and went downH3381 from the mount,H2022 and the twoH8147 tablesH3871 of the testimonyH5715 were in his hand:H3027 the tablesH3871 were writtenH3789 on bothH8147 their sides;H5676 on the one side and on the other were they written.H3789
And the tablesH3871 were the workH4639 of God,H430 and the writingH4385 was the writingH4385 of God,H430 gravenH2801 upon the tables.H3871
And when JoshuaH3091 heardH8085 the noiseH6963 of the peopleH5971 as they shouted,H7452 he saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 There is a noiseH6963 of warH4421 in the camp.H4264
And he said,H559 It is not the voiceH6963 of them that shoutH6030 for mastery,H1369 neither is it the voiceH6963 of them that cryH6030 for being overcome:H2476 but the noiseH6963 of them that singH6031 do I hear.H8085
And it came to pass, as soon as he came nighH7126 unto the camp,H4264 that he sawH7200 the calf,H5695 and the dancing:H4246 and Moses'H4872 angerH639 waxed hot,H2734 and he castH7993 the tablesH3871 out of his hands,H3027 and brakeH7665 them beneathH8478 the mount.H2022
And he tookH3947 the calfH5695 which they had made,H6213 and burntH8313 it in the fire,H784 and groundH2912 it to powder,H1854 and strawedH2219 it uponH6440 the water,H4325 and made the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 drinkH8248 of it.
And MosesH4872 saidH559 unto Aaron,H175 What didH6213 this peopleH5971 unto thee, that thou hast broughtH935 so greatH1419 a sinH2401 upon them?
And AaronH175 said,H559 Let not the angerH639 of my lordH113 wax hot:H2734 thou knowestH3045 the people,H5971 that they are set on mischief.H7451
For they saidH559 unto me, MakeH6213 us gods,H430 which shall goH3212 beforeH6440 us: for as for this Moses,H4872 the manH376 that brought us upH5927 out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 we wotH3045 not what is become of him.
And I saidH559 unto them, Whosoever hath any gold,H2091 let them breakH6561 it off. So they gaveH5414 it me: then I castH7993 it into the fire,H784 and there came outH3318 this calf.H5695
And when MosesH4872 sawH7200 that the peopleH5971 were naked;H6544 (for AaronH175 had made them nakedH6544 unto their shameH8103 among their enemies:H6965)
Then MosesH4872 stoodH5975 in the gateH8179 of the camp,H4264 and said,H559 Who is on the LORD'SH3068 side? let him come unto me. And all the sonsH1121 of LeviH3878 gatheredH622 themselves together unto him.
And he saidH559 unto them, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of Israel,H3478 PutH7760 every manH376 his swordH2719 by his side,H3409 and goH5674 in and outH7725 from gateH8179 to gateH8179 throughout the camp,H4264 and slayH2026 every manH376 his brother,H251 and every manH376 his companion,H7453 and every manH376 his neighbour.H7138
And the childrenH1121 of LeviH3878 didH6213 according to the wordH1697 of Moses:H4872 and there fellH5307 of the peopleH5971 that dayH3117 about threeH7969 thousandH505 men.H376
For MosesH4872 had said,H559 Consecrate yourselvesH4390, H3027 to dayH3117 to the LORD,H3068 evenH3588 every manH376 upon his son,H1121 and upon his brother;H251 that he may bestowH5414 upon you a blessingH1293 this day.H3117
And it came to pass on the morrow,H4283 that MosesH4872 saidH559 unto the people,H5971 Ye have sinnedH2398 a greatH1419 sin:H2401 and now I will go upH5927 unto the LORD;H3068 peradventureH194 I shall make an atonementH3722 forH1157 your sin.H2403
And MosesH4872 returnedH7725 unto the LORD,H3068 and said,H559 Oh,H577 this peopleH5971 have sinnedH2398 a greatH1419 sin,H2401 and have madeH6213 them godsH430 of gold.H2091
Yet now, if thou wilt forgiveH5375 their sin-H2403; and if not, blotH4229 me, I pray thee, out of thy bookH5612 which thou hast written.H3789
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 WhosoeverH834 hath sinnedH2398 against me, him will I blot outH4229 of my book.H5612
Therefore now go,H3212 leadH5148 the peopleH5971 unto the place of which I have spokenH1696 unto thee: behold, mine AngelH4397 shall goH3212 beforeH6440 thee: nevertheless in the dayH3117 when I visitH6485 I will visitH6485 their sinH2403 upon them.
And the LORDH3068 plaguedH5062 the people,H5971 becauseH834 they madeH6213 the calf,H5695 whichH834 AaronH175 made.H6213


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