„Wobec tego, moi umiłowani bracia, niech każdy człowiek będzie skory do usłuchania, powolny do powiedzenia, leniwy do zapalczywości.”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: List spisany przez Jakóba 1,19

King James Version
Księga Wyjścia 2:24

Tytuł oryginalny
And there wentH3212 a manH376 of the houseH1004 of Levi,H3878 and tookH3947 to wife a daughterH1323 of Levi.H3878
And the womanH802 conceived,H2029 and bareH3205 a son:H1121 and when she sawH7200 him that he was a goodlyH2896 child, she hidH6845 him threeH7969 months.H3391
And when she couldH3201 not longerH5750 hideH6845 him, she tookH3947 for him an arkH8392 of bulrushes,H1573 and daubedH2560 it with slimeH2564 and with pitch,H2203 and putH7760 the childH3206 therein; and she laidH7760 it in the flagsH5488 by the river'sH2975 brink.H8193
And his sisterH269 stoodH3320 afar off,H7350 to witH3045 what would be doneH6213 to him.
And the daughterH1323 of PharaohH6547 came downH3381 to washH7364 herself at the river;H2975 and her maidensH5291 walkedH1980 along by the river'sH2975 side;H3027 and when she sawH7200 the arkH8392 amongH8432 the flags,H5488 she sentH7971 her maidH519 to fetchH3947 it.
And when she had openedH6605 it, she sawH7200 the child:H3206 and, behold, the babeH5288 wept.H1058 And she had compassionH2550 on him, and said,H559 This is one of the Hebrews'H5680 children.H3206
Then saidH559 his sisterH269 to Pharaoh'sH6547 daughter,H1323 Shall I goH3212 and callH7121 to thee a nurseH3243 of the HebrewH5680 women,H802 that she may nurseH3243 the childH3206 for thee?
And Pharaoh'sH6547 daughterH1323 saidH559 to her, Go.H3212 And the maidH5959 wentH3212 and calledH7121 the child'sH3206 mother.H517
And Pharaoh'sH6547 daughterH1323 saidH559 unto her, TakeH3212 this childH3206 away,H3212 and nurseH3243 it for me, and I will giveH5414 thee thy wages.H7939 And the womanH802 tookH3947 the child,H3206 and nursedH5134 it.
And the childH3206 grew,H1431 and she broughtH935 him unto Pharaoh'sH6547 daughter,H1323 and he became her son.H1121 And she calledH7121 his nameH8034 Moses:H4872 and she said,H559 Because I drewH4871 him out of the water.H4325
And it came to pass in those days,H3117 when MosesH4872 was grown,H1431 that he went outH3318 unto his brethren,H251 and lookedH7200 on their burdens:H5450 and he spiedH7200 an EgyptianH376, H4713 smitingH5221 an Hebrew,H5680 one of his brethren.H251
And he lookedH6437 this wayH3541 and that way,H3541 and when he sawH7200 that there was no man,H376 he slewH5221 the Egyptian,H4713 and hidH2934 him in the sand.H2344
And when he went outH3318 the secondH8145 day,H3117 behold, twoH8147 menH582 of the HebrewsH5680 stroveH5327 together: and he saidH559 to him that did the wrong,H7563 Wherefore smitestH5221 thou thy fellow?H7453
And he said,H559 Who madeH7760 theeH376 a princeH8269 and a judgeH8199 over us? intendestH559 thou to killH2026 me, as thou killedstH2026 the Egyptian?H4713 And MosesH4872 feared,H3372 and said,H559 SurelyH403 this thingH1697 is known.H3045
Now when PharaohH6547 heardH8085 this thing,H1697 he soughtH1245 to slayH2026 Moses.H4872 But MosesH4872 fledH1272 from the faceH6440 of Pharaoh,H6547 and dweltH3427 in the landH776 of Midian:H4080 and he sat downH3427 by a well.H875
Now the priestH3548 of MidianH4080 had sevenH7651 daughters:H1323 and they cameH935 and drewH1802 water, and filledH4390 the troughsH7298 to waterH8248 their father'sH1 flock.H6629
And the shepherdsH7462 cameH935 and drove them away:H1644 but MosesH4872 stood upH6965 and helpedH3467 them, and wateredH8248 their flock.H6629
And when they cameH935 to ReuelH7467 their father,H1 he said,H559 HowH4069 is it that ye are comeH935 so soonH4116 to day?H3117
And they said,H559 An EgyptianH376, H4713 deliveredH5337 us out of the handH3027 of the shepherds,H7462 and also drewH1802 water enoughH1802 for us, and wateredH8248 the flock.H6629
And he saidH559 unto his daughters,H1323 And where is he? why is it that ye have leftH5800 the man?H376 callH7121 him, that he may eatH398 bread.H3899
And MosesH4872 was contentH2974 to dwellH3427 with the man:H376 and he gaveH5414 MosesH4872 ZipporahH6855 his daughter.H1323
And she bareH3205 him a son,H1121 and he calledH7121 his nameH8034 Gershom:H1647 for he said,H559 I have been a strangerH1616 in a strangeH5237 land.H776
And it came to pass in processH7227 ofH1992 time,H3117 that the kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 died:H4191 and the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 sighedH584 by reason ofH4480 the bondage,H5656 and they cried,H2199 and their cryH7775 came upH5927 unto GodH430 by reason of the bondage.H5656
And GodH430 heardH8085 their groaning,H5009 and GodH430 rememberedH2142 his covenantH1285 with Abraham,H85 with Isaac,H3327 and with Jacob.H3290
And GodH430 lookedH7200 upon the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 and GodH430 had respectH3045 unto them.


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