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Nowa Biblia Gdańska: Księga Joela 4,14

King James Version
Księga Wyjścia 1:3

Tytuł oryginalny
Now these are the namesH8034 of the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 which cameH935 into Egypt;H4714 every manH376 and his householdH1004 cameH935 with Jacob.H3290
Reuben,H7205 Simeon,H8095 Levi,H3878 and Judah,H3063
Issachar,H3485 Zebulun,H2074 and Benjamin,H1144
Dan,H1835 and Naphtali,H5321 Gad,H1410 and Asher.H836
And all the soulsH5315 that came outH3318 of the loinsH3409 of JacobH3290 were seventyH7657 souls:H5315 for JosephH3130 was in EgyptH4714 already.
And JosephH3130 died,H4191 and all his brethren,H251 and all that generation.H1755
And the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 were fruitful,H6509 and increased abundantly,H8317 and multiplied,H7235 and waxed exceedingH3966, H3966 mighty;H6105 and the landH776 was filledH4390 with them.
Now there arose upH6965 a newH2319 kingH4428 over Egypt,H4714 which knewH3045 not Joseph.H3130
And he saidH559 unto his people,H5971 Behold, the peopleH5971 of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 are moreH7227 and mightierH6099 than we:
Come on,H3051 let us deal wiselyH2449 with them; lest they multiply,H7235 and it come to pass, that, when there falleth outH7122 any war,H4421 theyH1931 joinH3254 also unto our enemies,H8130 and fightH3898 against us, and so get them upH5927 out of the land.H776
Therefore they did setH7760 over them taskmastersH8269 toH4522 afflictH6031 them with their burdens.H5450 And they builtH1129 for PharaohH6547 treasureH4543 cities,H5892 PithomH6619 and Raamses.H7486
But the more they afflictedH6031 them, the moreH3651 they multipliedH7235 and grew.H6555 And they were grievedH6973 becauseH6440 of the childrenH1121 of Israel.H3478
And the EgyptiansH4714 madeH5647 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 to serveH5647 with rigour:H6531
And they madeH4843 their livesH2416 bitterH4843 with hardH7186 bondage,H5656 in morter,H2563 and in brick,H3843 and in all manner of serviceH5656 in the field:H7704 all their service,H5656 wherein they made them serve,H5647 was with rigour.H6531
And the kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 spakeH559 to the HebrewH5680 midwives,H3205 of which the nameH8034 of the oneH259 was Shiphrah,H8236 and the nameH8034 of the otherH8145 Puah:H6326
And he said,H559 When ye do the office of a midwifeH3205 to the Hebrew women,H5680 and seeH7200 them upon the stools;H70 if it be a son,H1121 then ye shall killH4191 him: but if it be a daughter,H1323 then she shall live.H2425
But the midwivesH3205 fearedH3372 God,H430 and didH6213 not as the kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 commandedH1696 them, but savedH2421 the men childrenH3206 alive.H2421
And the kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 calledH7121 for the midwives,H3205 and saidH559 unto them, WhyH4069 have ye doneH6213 this thing,H1697 and have savedH2421 the men childrenH3206 alive?H2421
And the midwivesH3205 saidH559 unto Pharaoh,H6547 Because the HebrewH5680 womenH802 are not as the Egyptian women;H4713 for they are lively,H2422 and are deliveredH3205 ereH2962 the midwivesH3205 come inH935 unto them.
Therefore GodH430 dealt wellH3190 with the midwives:H3205 and the peopleH5971 multiplied,H7235 and waxed veryH3966 mighty.H6105
And it came to pass, because the midwivesH3205 fearedH3372 God,H430 that he madeH6213 them houses.H1004
And PharaohH6547 chargedH6680 all his people,H5971 saying,H559 Every sonH1121 that is bornH3209 ye shall castH7993 into the river,H2975 and every daughterH1323 ye shall save alive.H2421


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