„A czasu onego powstanie Michael, książę wielkie, który stoi za synmi ludu twego. I przydzie czas, jaki nie był dotąd, jako narody być poczęły, aż do onego czasu. A czasu onego będzie wybawion lud twój, każdy kto będzie nalezion w księgach napisany.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: Księga Daniela 12,1


King James Version
Księga Sędziów 6:1

Tytuł oryginalny
And the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 didH6213 evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORD:H3068 and the LORDH3068 deliveredH5414 them into the handH3027 of MidianH4080 sevenH7651 years.H8141
And the handH3027 of MidianH4080 prevailedH5810 against Israel:H3478 and becauseH6440 of the MidianitesH4080 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 madeH6213 them the densH4492 which are in the mountains,H2022 and caves,H4631 and strong holds.H4679
And so it was, when IsraelH3478 had sown,H2232 that the MidianitesH4080 came up,H5927 and the Amalekites,H6002 and the childrenH1121 of the east,H6924 even they came upH5927 against them;
And they encampedH2583 against them, and destroyedH7843 the increaseH2981 of the earth,H776 till thou comeH935 unto Gaza,H5804 and leftH7604 no sustenanceH4241 for Israel,H3478 neither sheep,H7716 nor ox,H7794 nor ass.H2543
For they came upH5927 with their cattleH4735 and their tents,H168 and they cameH935 asH1767 grasshoppersH697 for multitude;H7230 for both they and their camelsH1581 were without number:H4557 and they enteredH935 into the landH776 to destroyH7843 it.
And IsraelH3478 was greatlyH3966 impoverishedH1809 becauseH6440 of the Midianites;H4080 and the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 criedH2199 unto the LORD.H3068
And it came to pass, when the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 criedH2199 unto the LORDH3068 becauseH182 of the Midianites,H4080
That the LORDH3068 sentH7971 a prophetH5030 untoH376 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 which saidH559 unto them, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of Israel,H3478 I brought you upH5927 from Egypt,H4714 and brought you forthH3318 out of the houseH1004 of bondage;H5650
And I deliveredH5337 you out of the handH3027 of the Egyptians,H4714 and out of the handH3027 of all that oppressedH3905 you, and drave them outH1644 from beforeH6440 you, and gaveH5414 you their land;H776
And I saidH559 unto you, I am the LORDH3068 your God;H430 fearH3372 not the godsH430 of the Amorites,H567 in whose landH776 ye dwell:H3427 but ye have not obeyedH8085 my voice.H6963
And there cameH935 an angelH4397 of the LORD,H3068 and satH3427 under an oakH424 which was in Ophrah,H6084 that pertained unto JoashH3101 the Abiezrite:H33 and his sonH1121 GideonH1439 threshedH2251 wheatH2406 by the winepress,H1660 to hideH5127 it fromH6440 the Midianites.H4080
And the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 appearedH7200 unto him, and saidH559 unto him, The LORDH3068 is with thee, thou mightyH1368 man of valour.H2428
And GideonH1439 saidH559 unto him, OhH994 my Lord,H113 ifH3426 the LORDH3068 be with us, why then is all this befallenH4672 us? and where be all his miraclesH6381 which our fathersH1 toldH5608 us of, saying,H559 Did not the LORDH3068 bring us upH5927 from Egypt?H4714 but now the LORDH3068 hath forsakenH5203 us, and deliveredH5414 us into the handsH3709 of the Midianites.H4080
And the LORDH3068 lookedH6437 upon him, and said,H559 GoH3212 in this thy might,H3581 and thou shalt saveH3467 IsraelH3478 from the handH3709 of the Midianites:H4080 have not I sentH7971 thee?
And he saidH559 unto him, OhH994 my Lord,H136 wherewithH4100 shall I saveH3467 Israel?H3478 behold, my familyH504, H505 is poorH1800 in Manasseh,H4519 and I am the leastH6810 in my father'sH1 house.H1004
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, Surely I will be with thee, and thou shalt smiteH5221 the MidianitesH4080 as oneH259 man.H376
And he saidH559 unto him, If now I have foundH4672 graceH2580 in thy sight,H5869 then shewH6213 me a signH226 that thou talkestH1696 with me.
DepartH4185 not hence, I pray thee, until I comeH935 unto thee, and bring forthH3318 my present,H4503 and setH3240 it beforeH6440 thee. And he said,H559 I will tarryH3427 until thou come again.H7725
And GideonH1439 went in,H935 and made readyH6213 a kidH1423, H5795, and unleavened cakesH4682 of an ephahH374 of flour:H7058 the fleshH1320 he putH7760 in a basket,H5536 and he putH7760 the brothH4839 in a pot,H6517 and brought it outH3318 unto him under the oak,H424 and presentedH5066 it.
And the angelH4397 of GodH430 saidH559 unto him, TakeH3947 the fleshH1320 and the unleavened cakes,H4682 and layH3240 them upon thisH1975 rock,H5553 and pour outH8210 the broth.H4839 And he didH6213 so.
Then the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 put forthH7971 the endH7097 of the staffH4938 that was in his hand,H3027 and touchedH5060 the fleshH1320 and the unleavened cakes;H4682 and there rose upH5927 fireH784 out of the rock,H6697 and consumedH398 the fleshH1320 and the unleavened cakes.H4682 Then the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 departedH1980 out of his sight.H5869
And when GideonH1439 perceivedH7200 that he was an angelH4397 of the LORD,H3068 GideonH1439 said,H559 Alas,H162 O LordH136 GOD!H3069 for becauseH3651 I have seenH7200 an angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 faceH6440 to face.H6440
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, PeaceH7965 be unto thee; fearH3372 not: thou shalt not die.H4191
Then GideonH1439 builtH1129 an altarH4196 there unto the LORD,H3068 and calledH7121 it Jehovahshalom:H3073 unto this dayH3117 it is yet in OphrahH6084 of the Abiezrites.H33
And it came to pass the same night,H3915 that the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, TakeH3947 thy father'sH1 youngH6499 bullock,H7794 even the secondH8145 bullockH6499 of sevenH7651 years old,H8141 and throw downH2040 the altarH4196 of BaalH1168 that thy fatherH1 hath, and cut downH3772 the groveH842 that is by it:
And buildH1129 an altarH4196 unto the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 upon the topH7218 of this rock,H4581 in the ordered place,H4634 and takeH3947 the secondH8145 bullock,H6499 and offerH5927 a burnt sacrificeH5930 with the woodH6086 of the groveH842 which thou shalt cut down.H3772
Then GideonH1439 tookH3947 tenH6235 menH582 of his servants,H5650 and didH6213 as the LORDH3068 had saidH1696 unto him: and so it was, because he fearedH3372 his father'sH1 household,H1004 and the menH582 of the city,H5892 that he could not doH6213 it by day,H3119 that he didH6213 it by night.H3915
And when the menH582 of the cityH5892 arose earlyH7925 in the morning,H1242 behold, the altarH4196 of BaalH1168 was cast down,H5422 and the groveH842 was cut downH3772 that was by it, and the secondH8145 bullockH6499 was offeredH5927 upon the altarH4196 that was built.H1129
And they saidH559 oneH376 to another,H7453 Who hath doneH6213 this thing?H1697 And when they enquiredH1875 and asked,H1245 they said,H559 GideonH1439 the sonH1121 of JoashH3101 hath doneH6213 this thing.H1697
Then the menH582 of the cityH5892 saidH559 unto Joash,H3101 Bring outH3318 thy son,H1121 that he may die:H4191 because he hath cast downH5422 the altarH4196 of Baal,H1168 and because he hath cut downH3772 the groveH842 that was by it.
And JoashH3101 saidH559 unto all that stoodH5975 against him, Will ye pleadH7378 for Baal?H1168 will ye saveH3467 him? he that will pleadH7378 for him, let him be put to deathH4191 whilst it is yet morning:H1242 if he be a god,H430 let him pleadH7378 for himself, because one hath cast downH5422 his altar.H4196
Therefore on that dayH3117 he calledH7121 him Jerubbaal,H3378 saying,H559 Let BaalH1168 pleadH7378 against him, because he hath thrown downH5422 his altar.H4196
Then all the MidianitesH4080 and the AmalekitesH6002 and the childrenH1121 of the eastH6924 were gatheredH622 together,H3162 and went over,H5674 and pitchedH2583 in the valleyH6010 of Jezreel.H3157
But the SpiritH7307 of the LORDH3068 cameH3847 upon Gideon,H1439 and he blewH8628 a trumpet;H7782 and AbiezerH44 was gatheredH2199 afterH310 him.
And he sentH7971 messengersH4397 throughout all Manasseh;H4519 who also was gatheredH2199 afterH310 him: and he sentH7971 messengersH4397 unto Asher,H836 and unto Zebulun,H2074 and unto Naphtali;H5321 and they came upH5927 to meetH7125 them.
And GideonH1439 saidH559 unto God,H430 If thou wiltH3426 saveH3467 IsraelH3478 by mine hand,H3027 as thou hast said,H1696
Behold, I will putH3322 a fleeceH1492 of woolH6785 in the floor;H1637 and if the dewH2919 be on the fleeceH1492 only, and it be dryH2721 upon all the earthH776 beside, then shall I knowH3045 that thou wilt saveH3467 IsraelH3478 by mine hand,H3027 as thou hast said.H1696
And it was so: for he rose up earlyH7925 on the morrow,H4283 and thrustH2115 the fleeceH1492 together,H2115 and wringedH4680 the dewH2919 out of the fleece,H1492 a bowlH5602 fullH4393 of water.H4325
And GideonH1439 saidH559 unto God,H430 Let not thine angerH639 be hotH2734 against me, and I will speakH1696 but this once:H6471 let me prove,H5254 I pray thee, but this onceH6471 with the fleece;H1492 let it now be dryH2721 only upon the fleece,H1492 and upon all the groundH776 let there be dew.H2919
And GodH430 didH6213 so that night:H3915 for it was dryH2721 upon the fleeceH1492 only, and there was dewH2919 on all the ground.H776


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