„Ale Dawid ze cztermi sty mężów gonił ich, abowiem dwieście mężów spracowanych zostali, a nie szli za potok Besor.”

Biblia Brzeska: 1 Księga Samuela 30,10


King James Version
Księga Sędziów 5:15

Tytuł oryginalny
Then sangH7891 DeborahH1683 and BarakH1301 the sonH1121 of AbinoamH42 on that day,H3117 saying,H559
PraiseH1288 ye the LORDH3068 for the avengingH6544, H6546 of Israel,H3478 when the peopleH5971 willingly offeredH5068 themselves.
Hear,H8085 O ye kings;H4428 give ear,H238 O ye princes;H7336 I, even I, will singH7891 unto the LORD;H3068 I will singH2167 praise to the LORDH3068 GodH430 of Israel.H3478
LORD,H3068 when thou wentest outH3318 of Seir,H8165 when thou marchedst outH6805 of the fieldH7704 of Edom,H123 the earthH776 trembled,H7493 and the heavensH8064 dropped,H5197 the cloudsH5645 also droppedH5197 water.H4325
The mountainsH2022 meltedH5140 from beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 even that SinaiH5514 from beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of Israel.H3478
In the daysH3117 of ShamgarH8044 the sonH1121 of Anath,H6067 in the daysH3117 of Jael,H3278 the highwaysH734 were unoccupied,H2308 and the travellersH1980 walkedH3212 through bywaysH5410, H6128.
The inhabitants of the villagesH6520 ceased,H2308 they ceasedH2308 in Israel,H3478 until that I DeborahH1683 arose,H6965 that I aroseH6965 a motherH517 in Israel.H3478
They choseH977 newH2319 gods;H430 then was warH3901 in the gates:H8179 was there a shieldH4043 or spearH7420 seenH7200 among fortyH705 thousandH505 in Israel?H3478
My heartH3820 is toward the governorsH2710 of Israel,H3478 that offered themselves willinglyH5068 among the people.H5971 BlessH1288 ye the LORD.H3068
Speak,H7878 ye that rideH7392 on whiteH6715 asses,H860 ye that sitH3427 in judgment,H4055 and walkH1980 by the way.H1870
They that are delivered from the noiseH6963 of archersH2686 in the places of drawing water,H4857 there shall they rehearseH8567 the righteous actsH6666 of the LORD,H3068 even the righteous actsH6666 toward the inhabitants of his villagesH6520 in Israel:H3478 then shall the peopleH5971 of the LORDH3068 go downH3381 to the gates.H8179
Awake,H5782 awake,H5782 Deborah:H1683 awake,H5782 awake,H5782 utterH1696 a song:H7892 arise,H6965 Barak,H1301 and lead thy captivityH7628 captive,H7617 thou sonH1121 of Abinoam.H42
Then he made him that remainethH8300 have dominionH7287 over the noblesH117 among the people:H5971 the LORDH3068 made me have dominionH7287 over the mighty.H1368
Out of EphraimH669 was there a rootH8328 of them against Amalek;H6002 afterH310 thee, Benjamin,H1144 among thy people;H5971 out of MachirH4353 came downH3381 governors,H2710 and out of ZebulunH2074 they that handleH4900 the penH7626 of the writer.H5608
And the princesH8269 of IssacharH3485 were with Deborah;H1683 even Issachar,H3485 and also Barak:H1301 he was sentH7971 on footH7272 into the valley.H6010 For the divisionsH6390 of ReubenH7205 there were greatH1419 thoughtsH2711 of heart.H3820
Why abodestH3427 thou amongH996 the sheepfolds,H4942 to hearH8085 the bleatingsH8292 of the flocks?H5739 For the divisionsH6390 of ReubenH7205 there were greatH1419 searchingsH2714 of heart.H3820
GileadH1568 abodeH7931 beyondH5676 Jordan:H3383 and why did DanH1835 remainH1481 in ships?H591 AsherH836 continuedH3427 on the seaH3220 shore,H2348 and abodeH7931 in his breaches.H4664
ZebulunH2074 and NaphtaliH5321 were a peopleH5971 that jeopardedH2778 their livesH5315 unto the deathH4191 in the high placesH4791 of the field.H7704
The kingsH4428 cameH935 and fought,H3898 then foughtH3898 the kingsH4428 of CanaanH3667 in TaanachH8590 by the watersH4325 of Megiddo;H4023 they tookH3947 no gainH1215 of money.H3701
They foughtH3898 from heaven;H8064 the starsH3556 in their coursesH4546 foughtH3898 against Sisera.H5516
The riverH5158 of KishonH7028 swept them away,H1640 that ancientH6917 river,H5158 the riverH5158 Kishon.H7028 O my soul,H5315 thou hast trodden downH1869 strength.H5797
Then were the horsehoofsH5483, H6119 brokenH1986 by the means of the pransings,H1726 the pransingsH1726 of their mighty ones.H47
CurseH779 ye Meroz,H4789 saidH559 the angelH4397 of the LORD,H3068 curseH779 ye bitterlyH779 the inhabitantsH3427 thereof; because they cameH935 not to the helpH5833 of the LORD,H3068 to the helpH5833 of the LORDH3068 against the mighty.H1368
BlessedH1288 above womenH802 shall JaelH3278 the wifeH802 of HeberH2268 the KeniteH7017 be, blessedH1288 shall she be above womenH802 in the tent.H168
He askedH7592 water,H4325 and she gaveH5414 him milk;H2461 she brought forthH7126 butterH2529 in a lordlyH117 dish.H5602
She putH7971 her handH3027 to the nail,H3489 and her right handH3225 to the workmen'sH6001 hammer;H1989 and with the hammer she smoteH1986 Sisera,H5516 she smote offH4277 his head,H7218 when she had piercedH4272 and stricken throughH2498 his temples.H7541
At her feetH7272 he bowed,H3766 he fell,H5307 he lay down:H7901 at her feetH7272 he bowed,H3766 he fell:H5307 whereH834 he bowed,H3766 there he fell downH5307 dead.H7703
The motherH517 of SiseraH5516 lookedH8259 out at a window,H2474 and criedH2980 through the lattice,H822 Why is his chariotH7393 so longH954 in coming?H935 why tarryH309 the wheelsH6471 of his chariots?H4818
Her wiseH2450 ladiesH8282 answeredH6030 her, yea, she returnedH7725 answerH561 to herself,
Have they not sped?H4672 have they not dividedH2505 the prey;H7998 to everyH7218 manH1397 a damselH7356 or two;H7361 to SiseraH5516 a preyH7998 of divers colours,H6648 a preyH7998 of divers coloursH6648 of needlework,H7553 of divers coloursH6648 of needlework on both sides,H7553 meet for the necksH6677 of them that take the spoil?H7998
So let all thine enemiesH341 perish,H6 O LORD:H3068 but let them that loveH157 him be as the sunH8121 when he goeth forthH3318 in his might.H1369 And the landH776 had restH8252 fortyH705 years.H8141


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Pan da siłę ludowi swemu, Pan pobłogosławi lud swój pokojem!
Ps 29:11

W Chrystusie

Nie wy mnie wybraliście, ale Ja was wybrałem i przeznaczyłem was, abyście szli i owoc wydawali i aby owoc wasz był trwały, by to, o cokolwiek byście prosili Ojca w imieniu moim, dał wam.
Jan 15:16

Kim jesteś i co masz w Chrystusie.

Czy wiesz że?

Król Nebokadnezar uczynił złoty posąg (niektórzy uważają że przedstawiał on jego samego) który był wysoki na 60 łokci i szeroki na 6 łokci (Dan 3:1).

Fakty i ciekawostki Biblijne.

Obietnice Boże

To powiedziałem wam, abyście we mnie pokój mieli. Na świecie ucisk mieć będziecie, ale ufajcie, Ja zwyciężyłem świat.
Jan 16:33

"Uczyłem mój lud, że może mieć, to co mówi, lecz oni ciągle mówią, to co mają."

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