„Potężną twierdzą jest imię Pana, tam prawy się schroni.”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: Księga Przysłów 18,10


King James Version
Księga Sędziów 15:2

Tytuł oryginalny
But it came to pass within a while after,H3117 in the timeH3117 of wheatH2406 harvest,H7105 that SamsonH8123 visitedH6485 his wifeH802 with a kidH5795, H1423; and he said,H559 I will go inH935 to my wifeH802 into the chamber.H2315 But her fatherH1 would not sufferH5414 him to go in.H935
And her fatherH1 said,H559 I verilyH559 thoughtH559 that thou hadst utterlyH8130 hatedH8130 her; therefore I gaveH5414 her to thy companion:H4828 is not her youngerH6996 sisterH269 fairerH2896 than she? take her, I pray thee, instead of her.
And SamsonH8123 saidH559 concerning them, NowH6471 shall I be more blamelessH5352 than the Philistines,H6430 though I doH6213 them a displeasure.H7451
And SamsonH8123 wentH3212 and caughtH3920 threeH7969 hundredH3967 foxes,H7776 and tookH3947 firebrands,H3940 and turnedH6437 tailH2180 to tail,H2180 and putH7760 aH259 firebrandH3940 in the midstH8432 between twoH8147 tails.H2180
And when he had setH1197 the brandsH3940 on fire,H784 he let them goH7971 into the standing cornH7054 of the Philistines,H6430 and burnt upH1197 both the shocks,H1430 and also the standing corn,H7054 with the vineyardsH3754 and olives.H2132
Then the PhilistinesH6430 said,H559 Who hath doneH6213 this? And they answered,H559 Samson,H8123 the son in lawH2860 of the Timnite,H8554 because he had takenH3947 his wife,H802 and givenH5414 her to his companion.H4828 And the PhilistinesH6430 came up,H5927 and burntH8313 her and her fatherH1 with fire.H784
And SamsonH8123 saidH559 unto them, ThoughH518 ye have doneH6213 this,H2063 yet will I be avengedH5358 of you, and afterH310 that I will cease.H2308
And he smoteH5221 them hipH7785 andH5921 thighH3409 with a greatH1419 slaughter:H4347 and he went downH3381 and dweltH3427 in the topH5585 of the rockH5553 Etam.H5862
Then the PhilistinesH6430 went up,H5927 and pitchedH2583 in Judah,H3063 and spreadH5203 themselves in Lehi.H3896
And the menH376 of JudahH3063 said,H559 Why are ye come upH5927 against us? And they answered,H559 To bindH631 SamsonH8123 are we come up,H5927 to doH6213 to him as he hath doneH6213 to us.
Then threeH7969 thousandH505 menH376 of JudahH3063 wentH3381 to the topH5585 of the rockH5553 Etam,H5862 and saidH559 to Samson,H8123 KnowestH3045 thou not that the PhilistinesH6430 are rulersH4910 over us? what is this that thou hast doneH6213 unto us? And he saidH559 unto them, As they didH6213 unto me, so have I doneH6213 unto them.
And they saidH559 unto him, We are come downH3381 to bindH631 thee, that we may deliverH5414 thee into the handH3027 of the Philistines.H6430 And SamsonH8123 saidH559 unto them, SwearH7650 unto me, that ye will not fall uponH6293 me yourselves.
And they spakeH559 unto him, saying,H559 No; but we will bindH631 thee fast,H631 and deliverH5414 thee into their hand:H3027 but surelyH4191 we will not killH4191 thee. And they boundH631 him with twoH8147 newH2319 cords,H5688 and brought him upH5927 from the rock.H5553
And when he cameH935 unto Lehi,H3896 the PhilistinesH6430 shoutedH7321 againstH7125 him: and the SpiritH7307 of the LORDH3068 came mightilyH6743 upon him, and the cordsH5688 that were upon his armsH2220 became as flaxH6593 that was burntH1197 with fire,H784 and his bandsH612 loosedH4549 from off his hands.H3027
And he foundH4672 a newH2961 jawboneH3895 of an ass,H2543 and put forthH7971 his hand,H3027 and tookH3947 it, and slewH5221 a thousandH505 menH376 therewith.
And SamsonH8123 said,H559 With the jawboneH3895 of an ass,H2543 heapsH2565 upon heaps,H2565 with the jawH3895 of an assH2543 have I slainH5221 a thousandH505 men.H376
And it came to pass, when he had made an endH3615 of speaking,H1696 that he cast awayH7993 the jawboneH3895 out of his hand,H3027 and calledH7121 that placeH4725 Ramathlehi.H7437
And he was soreH3966 athirst,H6770 and calledH7121 on the LORD,H3068 and said,H559 Thou hast givenH5414 this greatH1419 deliveranceH8668 into the handH3027 of thy servant:H5650 and now shall I dieH4191 for thirst,H6772 and fallH5307 into the handH3027 of the uncircumcised?H6189
But GodH430 claveH1234 an hollow placeH4388 that was in the jaw,H3895 and there cameH3318 waterH4325 thereout; and when he had drunk,H8354 his spiritH7307 came again,H7725 and he revived:H2421 wherefore he calledH7121 the nameH8034 thereof Enhakkore,H5875 which is in LehiH3896 unto this day.H3117
And he judgedH8199 IsraelH3478 in the daysH3117 of the PhilistinesH6430 twentyH6242 years.H8141


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Kaleb miał młodszego brata o imieniu Kenaz. Kenaz miał syna o imieniu Otniel. Otniel był pierwszym sędzią w Izraelu (Sdz 1:12, Joz 15:17, Sdz 3:9-11, I Kron 4:13).

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