„Potem udałem się w okolice Syrii i Cylicji.”

Biblia Warszawska: List św. Pawła do Galacjan 1,21

King James Version
Księga Rodzaju 4:6

Tytuł oryginalny
And AdamH120 knewH3045, H853 EveH2332 his wife;H802 and she conceived,H2029 and bareH3205, H853 Cain,H7014 and said,H559 I have gottenH7069 a manH376 fromH854 the LORD.H3068
And she againH3254 bareH3205 his brotherH251 Abel.H1893 And AbelH1893 was a keeperH7462 of sheep,H6629 but CainH7014 was a tillerH5647 of the ground.H127
And in processH7093 of timeH3117 it came to pass, that CainH7014 broughtH935 of the fruitH6529 of the groundH127 an offeringH4503 unto the LORD.H3068
And Abel,H1893 heH1931 also broughtH935 of the firstlingsH1062 of his flockH6629 and of the fatH2459 thereof. And the LORDH3068 had respectH8159 unto AbelH1893 and to his offering:H4503
But unto CainH7014 and to his offeringH4503 he had not respect.H8159 And CainH7014 was veryH3966 wroth,H2734 and his countenanceH6440 fell.H5307
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Cain,H7014 Why art thou wroth?H2734 and why is thy countenanceH6440 fallen?H5307
IfH518 thou doest well,H3190 shalt thou not be accepted?H7613 and if thou doest not well,H3190 sinH2403 liethH7257 at the door.H6607 And unto thee shall be his desire,H8669 and thou shalt ruleH4910 over him.
And CainH7014 talkedH559 withH413 AbelH1893 his brother:H251 and it came to pass, when they were in the field,H7704 that CainH7014 rose upH6965 againstH413 AbelH1893 his brother,H251 and slew him.H2026
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Cain,H7014 WhereH335 is AbelH1893 thy brother?H251 And he said,H559 I knowH3045 not: Am I my brother'sH251 keeper?H8104
And he said,H559 WhatH4100 hast thou done?H6213 the voiceH6963 of thy brother'sH251 bloodH1818 criethH6817 unto me from the ground.H127
And now art thou cursedH779 from the earth,H127 which hath openedH6475 her mouthH6310 to receiveH3947 thy brother'sH251 bloodH1818 from thy hand;H3027
WhenH3588 thou tillestH5647 the ground,H127 it shall not henceforthH3254 yieldH5414 unto thee her strength;H3581 a fugitiveH5128 and a vagabondH5110 shalt thou be in the earth.H776
And CainH7014 saidH559 unto the LORD,H3068 My punishmentH5771 is greaterH1419 than I can bear.H5375
Behold, thou hast driven me outH1644 this dayH3117 from the faceH6440 of the earth;H127 and fromH5921 thy faceH6440 shall I be hid;H5641 and I shall be a fugitiveH5128 and a vagabondH5110 in the earth;H776 and it shall come to pass,H1961 that every one that findeth meH4672 shall slay me.H2026
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, ThereforeH3651 whosoever slayethH2026 Cain,H7014 vengeance shall be takenH5358 on him sevenfold.H7659 And the LORDH3068 setH7760 a markH226 upon Cain,H7014 lestH1115 any findingH4672 him should killH5221 him.
And CainH7014 went outH3318 from the presenceH6440 of the LORD,H3068 and dweltH3427 in the landH776 of Nod,H5113 on the eastH6926 of Eden.H5731
And CainH7014 knewH3045 his wife;H802 and she conceived,H2029 and bareH3205 Enoch:H2585 and he buildedH1129 a city,H5892 and calledH7121 the nameH8034 of the city,H5892 after the nameH8034 of his son,H1121 Enoch.H2585
And unto EnochH2585 was bornH3205 Irad:H5897 and IradH5897 begatH3205 Mehujael:H4232 and MehujaelH4232 begatH3205 Methusael:H4967 and MethusaelH4967 begatH3205 Lamech.H3929
And LamechH3929 tookH3947 unto him twoH8147 wives:H802 the nameH8034 of the oneH259 was Adah,H5711 and the nameH8034 of the otherH8145 Zillah.H6741
And AdahH5711 bareH3205 Jabal:H2989 he was the fatherH1 of such as dwellH3427 in tents,H168 and of such as have cattle.H4735
And his brother'sH251 nameH8034 was Jubal:H3106 he was the fatherH1 of all such as handleH8610 the harpH3658 and organ.H5748
And Zillah,H6741 she also bareH3205 Tubalcain,H8423 an instructerH3913 of every artificerH2794 in brassH5178 and iron:H1270 and the sisterH269 of TubalcainH8423 was Naamah.H5279
And LamechH3929 saidH559 unto his wives,H802 AdahH5711 and Zillah,H6741 HearH8085 my voice;H6963 ye wivesH802 of Lamech,H3929 hearkenH238 unto my speech:H565 for I have slainH2026 a manH376 to my wounding,H6482 and a young manH3206 to my hurt.H2250
IfH3588 CainH7014 shall be avengedH5358 sevenfold,H7659 truly LamechH3929 seventyH7657 and sevenfold.H7651
And AdamH120 knewH3045 his wifeH802 again;H5750 and she bareH3205 a son,H1121 and calledH7121 his nameH8034 Seth:H8352 For God,H430 said she, hath appointedH7896 me anotherH312 seedH2233 insteadH8478 of Abel,H1893 whomH3588 CainH7014 slew.H2026
And to Seth,H8352 to himH1931 also there was bornH3205 a son;H1121 and he calledH7121 his nameH8034 Enos:H583 then began menH2490 to callH7121 upon the nameH8034 of the LORD.H3068


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