„Potem włosy na jego głowie zaczęły odrastać po ogoleniu.”

Uwspółcześniona Biblia Gdańska: Księga Sędziów 16,22

King James Version
Księga Rodzaju 26:3

Tytuł oryginalny
And there was a famineH7458 in the land,H776 besideH905 the firstH7223 famineH7458 that was in the daysH3117 of Abraham.H85 And IsaacH3327 wentH3212 unto AbimelechH40 kingH4428 of the PhilistinesH6430 unto Gerar.H1642
And the LORDH3068 appearedH7200 unto him, and said,H559 Go not downH3381 into Egypt;H4714 dwellH7931 in the landH776 which I shall tellH559 thee of:
SojournH1481 in this land,H776 and I will be with thee, and will blessH1288 thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed,H2233 I will giveH5414 all theseH411 countries,H776 and I will performH6965 the oathH7621 which I swareH7650 unto AbrahamH85 thy father;H1
And I will makeH7235 thy seedH2233 to multiplyH7235 as the starsH3556 of heaven,H8064 and will giveH5414 unto thy seedH2233 all theseH411 countries;H776 and in thy seedH2233 shall all the nationsH1471 of the earthH776 be blessed;H1288
BecauseH6118 that AbrahamH85 obeyedH8085 my voice,H6963 and keptH8104 my charge,H4931 my commandments,H4687 my statutes,H2708 and my laws.H8451
And IsaacH3327 dweltH3427 in Gerar:H1642
And the menH582 of the placeH4725 askedH7592 him of his wife;H802 and he said,H559 She is my sister:H269 for he fearedH3372 to say,H559 She is my wife;H802 lest, said he, the menH582 of the placeH4725 should killH2026 me for Rebekah;H7259 because she was fairH2896 to look upon.H4758
And it came to pass, when he had been there a longH748 time,H3117 that AbimelechH40 kingH4428 of the PhilistinesH6430 looked outH8259 atH1157 a window,H2474 and saw,H7200 and, behold, IsaacH3327 was sportingH6711 with RebekahH7259 his wife.H802
And AbimelechH40 calledH7121 Isaac,H3327 and said,H559 Behold, of a suretyH389 she is thy wife:H802 and how saidstH559 thou, She is my sister?H269 And IsaacH3327 saidH559 unto him, Because I said,H559 Lest I dieH4191 for her.
And AbimelechH40 said,H559 What is this thou hast doneH6213 unto us? oneH259 of the peopleH5971 might lightlyH4592 have lienH7901 with thy wife,H802 and thou shouldest have broughtH935 guiltinessH817 upon us.
And AbimelechH40 chargedH6680 all his people,H5971 saying,H559 He that touchethH5060 this manH376 or his wifeH802 shall surelyH4191 be put to death.H4191
Then IsaacH3327 sowedH2232 in that land,H776 and receivedH4672 in the same yearH8141 an hundredfoldH8180, H3967: and the LORDH3068 blessedH1288 him.
And the manH376 waxed great,H1431 and wentH3212 forward,H1980 and grewH1432 until he becameH1431 veryH3966 great:H1431
For he had possessionH4735 of flocks,H6629 and possessionH4735 of herds,H1241 and great storeH7227 of servants:H5657 and the PhilistinesH6430 enviedH7065 him.
For all the wellsH875 which his father'sH1 servantsH5650 had diggedH2658 in the daysH3117 of AbrahamH85 his father,H1 the PhilistinesH6430 had stoppedH5640 them, and filledH4390 them with earth.H6083
And AbimelechH40 saidH559 unto Isaac,H3327 GoH3212 from us; for thou art muchH3966 mightierH6105 than we.
And IsaacH3327 departedH3212 thence, and pitched his tentH2583 in the valleyH5158 of Gerar,H1642 and dweltH3427 there.H8033
And IsaacH3327 diggedH2658 againH7725 the wellsH875 of water,H4325 which they had diggedH2658 in the daysH3117 of AbrahamH85 his father;H1 for the PhilistinesH6430 had stoppedH5640 them afterH310 the deathH4194 of Abraham:H85 and he calledH7121 their namesH8034 after the namesH8034 by whichH834 his fatherH1 had calledH7121 them.
And Isaac'sH3327 servantsH5650 diggedH2658 in the valley,H5158 and foundH4672 there a wellH875 of springingH2416 water.H4325
And the herdmenH7462 of GerarH1642 did striveH7378 with Isaac'sH3327 herdmen,H7462 saying,H559 The waterH4325 is ours: and he calledH7121 the nameH8034 of the wellH875 Esek;H6230 because they stroveH6229 with him.
And they diggedH2658 anotherH312 well,H875 and stroveH7378 for that also: and he calledH7121 the name of itH8034 Sitnah.H7856
And he removedH6275 from thence, and diggedH2658 anotherH312 well;H875 and for that they stroveH7378 not: and he calledH7121 the name of itH8034 Rehoboth;H7344 and he said,H559 For nowH6258 the LORDH3068 hath made roomH7337 for us, and we shall be fruitfulH6509 in the land.H776
And he went upH5927 from thence to Beersheba.H884
And the LORDH3068 appearedH7200 unto him the same night,H3915 and said,H559 I am the GodH430 of AbrahamH85 thy father:H1 fearH3372 not, for I am withH854 thee, and will blessH1288 thee, and multiplyH7235 thy seedH2233 for my servantH5650 Abraham'sH85 sake.
And he buildedH1129 an altarH4196 there, and calledH7121 upon the nameH8034 of the LORD,H3068 and pitchedH5186 his tentH168 there: and there Isaac'sH3327 servantsH5650 diggedH3738 a well.H875
Then AbimelechH40 wentH1980 to him from Gerar,H1642 and AhuzzathH276 one of his friends,H4828 and PhicholH6369 the chief captainH8269 of his army.H6635
And IsaacH3327 saidH559 unto them, WhereforeH4069 comeH935 ye to me, seeing ye hateH8130 me, and have sent me awayH7971 from you?
And they said,H559 We sawH7200 certainlyH7200 that the LORDH3068 was with thee: and we said,H559 Let there be now an oathH423 betwixtH996 us, even betwixtH996 us and thee, and let us makeH3772 a covenantH1285 with thee;
That thou wilt doH6213 us no hurt,H7451 as we have not touchedH5060 thee, and as we have doneH6213 unto thee nothing butH7535 good,H2896 and have sent thee awayH7971 in peace:H7965 thou art nowH6258 the blessedH1288 of the LORD.H3068
And he madeH6213 them a feast,H4960 and they did eatH398 and drink.H8354
And they rose up betimesH7925 in the morning,H1242 and swareH7650 oneH376 to another:H251 and IsaacH3327 sent them away,H7971 and they departedH3212 from him in peace.H7965
And it came to pass the same day,H3117 that Isaac'sH3327 servantsH5650 came,H935 and toldH5046 him concerningH182 the wellH875 which they had digged,H2658 and saidH559 unto him, We have foundH4672 water.H4325
And he calledH7121 it Shebah:H7656 therefore the nameH8034 of the cityH5892 is BeershebaH884 unto this day.H3117
And EsauH6215 was fortyH705 yearsH8141 oldH1121 when he tookH3947 to wifeH802 JudithH3067 the daughterH1323 of BeeriH882 the Hittite,H2850 and BashemathH1315 the daughterH1323 of ElonH356 the Hittite:H2850
Which were a griefH4786 of mindH7307 unto IsaacH3327 and to Rebekah.H7259


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