„Cóż więc począć? W każdym wypadku dowiedzą się, żeś przybył.”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: Dzieje Apostolskie 21,22


King James Version
Księga Nehemiasza 5:1

Tytuł oryginalny
1 And there was a greatH1419 cryH6818 of the peopleH5971 and of their wivesH802 against their brethrenH251 the Jews.H3064 2 For there wereH3426 that said,H559 We, our sons,H1121 and our daughters,H1323 are many:H7227 therefore we take upH3947 cornH1715 for them, that we may eat,H398 and live.H2421 3 Some also there wereH3426 that said,H559 We have mortgagedH6148 our lands,H7704 vineyards,H3754 and houses,H1004 that we might buyH3947 corn,H1715 because of the dearth.H7458 4 There wereH3426 also that said,H559 We have borrowedH3867 moneyH3701 for the king'sH4428 tribute,H4060 and that upon our landsH7704 and vineyards.H3754 5 Yet now our fleshH1320 is as the fleshH1320 of our brethren,H251 our childrenH1121 as their children:H1121 and, lo, we bring into bondageH3533 our sonsH1121 and our daughtersH1323 to be servants,H5650 and some of our daughtersH1323 areH3426 brought unto bondageH3533 already: neither is it in our powerH3027 toH410 redeem them; for other menH312 have our landsH7704 and vineyards.H3754 6 And I was veryH3966 angryH2734 when I heardH8085 their cryH2201 and these words.H1697 7 Then I consultedH4427 with myself,H3820 and I rebukedH7378 the nobles,H2715 and the rulers,H5461 and saidH559 unto them, Ye exactH5378, H5383, H5375 usury,H4855 every oneH376 of his brother.H251 And I setH5414 a greatH1419 assemblyH6952 against them. 8 And I saidH559 unto them, We after our abilityH1767 have redeemedH7069 our brethrenH251 the Jews,H3064 which were soldH4376 unto the heathen;H1471 and will ye even sellH4376 your brethren?H251 or shall they be soldH4376 unto us? Then held they their peace,H2790 and foundH4672 nothingH1697 to answer. 9 Also I said,H559 It is not goodH2896 thatH1697 ye do:H6213 ought ye not to walkH3212 in the fearH3374 of our GodH430 because of the reproachH2781 of the heathenH1471 our enemies?H341 10 I likewise, and my brethren,H251 and my servants,H5288 might exactH5383 of them moneyH3701 and corn:H1715 I pray you, let us leave offH5800 this usury.H4855 11 Restore,H7725 I pray you, to them, even this day,H3117 their lands,H7704 their vineyards,H3754 their oliveyards,H2132 and their houses,H1004 also the hundredthH3967 part of the money,H3701 and of the corn,H1715 the wine,H8492 and the oil,H3323 that ye exactH5383 of them. 12 Then saidH559 they, We will restoreH7725 them, and will requireH1245 nothing of them; so will we doH6213 as thou sayest.H559 Then I calledH7121 the priests,H3548 and took an oathH7650 of them, that they should doH6213 according to this promise.H1697 13 Also I shookH5287 my lap,H2684 and said,H559 So GodH430 shake outH5287 every manH376 from his house,H1004 and from his labour,H3018 that performethH6965 not this promise,H1697 even thus be he shaken out,H5287 and emptied.H7386 And all the congregationH6951 said,H559 Amen,H543 and praisedH1984 the LORD.H3068 And the peopleH5971 didH6213 according to this promise.H1697 14 Moreover from the timeH3117 that I was appointedH6680 to be their governorH6346 in the landH776 of Judah,H3063 from the twentiethH6242 yearH8141 even unto the twoH8147 and thirtiethH7970 yearH8141 of ArtaxerxesH783 the king,H4428 that is, twelveH6240, H8147 years,H8141 I and my brethrenH251 have not eatenH398 the breadH3899 of the governor.H6346 15 But the formerH7223 governorsH6346 that had been beforeH6440 me were chargeableH3513 unto the people,H5971 and had takenH3947 of them breadH3899 and wine,H3196 besideH310 fortyH705 shekelsH8255 of silver;H3701 yea, evenH1571 their servantsH5288 bare ruleH7980 over the people:H5971 but so didH6213 not I, becauseH6440 of the fearH3374 of God.H430 16 Yea, also I continuedH2388 in the workH4399 of this wall,H2346 neither boughtH7069 we any land:H7704 and all my servantsH5288 were gatheredH6908 thither unto the work.H4399 17 Moreover there were at my tableH7979 an hundredH3967 and fiftyH376 ofH2572 the JewsH3064 and rulers,H5461 beside those that cameH935 unto us from among the heathenH1471 that are about us.H5439 18 Now that which was preparedH6213 for me dailyH3117 was oneH259 oxH7794 and sixH8337 choiceH1305 sheep;H6629 also fowlsH6833 were preparedH6213 for me, and once in tenH6235 daysH3117 storeH7235 of all sorts of wine:H3196 yet for allH5973 this requiredH1245 not I the breadH3899 of the governor,H6346 because the bondageH5656 was heavyH3513 upon this people.H5971 19 ThinkH2142 upon me, my God,H430 for good,H2896 according to all that I have doneH6213 for this people.H5971


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