„I tak Paweł wyszedł spośród nich.”

Biblia Warszawska: Dzieje Apostolskie 17,33


King James Version
Księga Nehemiasza 4:2

Tytuł oryginalny
But it came to pass, that when SanballatH5571 heardH8085 that we buildedH1129 the wall,H2346 he was wroth,H2734 and took greatH7235 indignation,H3707 and mockedH3932 the Jews.H3064
And he spakeH559 beforeH6440 his brethrenH251 and the armyH2428 of Samaria,H8111 and said,H559 What doH6213 these feebleH537 Jews?H3064 will they fortifyH5800 themselves? will they sacrifice?H2076 will they make an endH3615 in a day?H3117 will they reviveH2421 the stonesH68 out of the heapsH6194 of the rubbishH6083 which are burned?H8313
Now TobiahH2900 the AmmoniteH5984 was by him,H681 and he said,H559 Even that which they build,H1129 if a foxH7776 go up,H5927 he shall even break downH6555 their stoneH68 wall.H2346
Hear,H8085 O our God;H430 for we are despised:H939 and turnH7725 their reproachH2781 upon their own head,H7218 and giveH5414 them for a preyH961 in the landH776 of captivity:H7633
And coverH3680 not their iniquity,H5771 and let not their sinH2403 be blotted outH4229 from beforeH6440 thee: for they have provoked thee to angerH3707 before the builders.H1129
So builtH1129 we the wall;H2346 and all the wallH2346 was joined togetherH7194 unto the halfH2677 thereof: for the peopleH5971 had a mindH3820 to work.H6213
But it came to pass, that when Sanballat,H5571 and Tobiah,H2900 and the Arabians,H6163 and the Ammonites,H5984 and the Ashdodites,H796 heardH8085 that the wallsH2346 of JerusalemH3389 were made upH5927, H724, and that the breachesH6555 beganH2490 to be stopped,H5640 then they were veryH3966 wroth,H2734
And conspiredH7194 all of them togetherH3162 to comeH935 and to fightH3898 against Jerusalem,H3389 and to hinderH6213, H8442 it.
Nevertheless we made our prayerH6419 unto our God,H430 and setH5975 a watchH4929 against them dayH3119 and night,H3915 becauseH6440 of them.
And JudahH3063 said,H559 The strengthH3581 of the bearers of burdensH5449 is decayed,H3782 and there is muchH7235 rubbish;H6083 so that we are not ableH3201 to buildH1129 the wall.H2346
And our adversariesH6862 said,H559 They shall not know,H3045 neither see,H7200 till we comeH935 in the midstH8432 amongH8432 them, and slayH2026 them, and cause the workH4399 to cease.H7673
And it came to pass, that when the JewsH3064 which dweltH3427 by themH681 came,H935 they saidH559 unto us tenH6235 times,H6471 From all placesH4725 whence ye shall returnH7725 unto us they will be upon you.
Therefore setH5975 I in the lowerH8482 placesH4725 behindH310 the wall,H2346 and on the higher placesH6706, H6708, I even setH5975 the peopleH5971 after their familiesH4940 with their swords,H2719 their spears,H7420 and their bows.H7198
And I looked,H7200 and rose up,H6965 and saidH559 unto the nobles,H2715 and to the rulers,H5461 and to the restH3499 of the people,H5971 Be not ye afraidH3372 of them:H6440 rememberH2142 the Lord,H136 which is greatH1419 and terrible,H3372 and fightH3898 for your brethren,H251 your sons,H1121 and your daughters,H1323 your wives,H802 and your houses.H1004
And it came to pass, when our enemiesH341 heardH8085 that it was knownH3045 unto us, and GodH430 had broughtH6565 their counselH6098 to nought,H6565 that we returnedH7725 all of us to the wall,H2346 every oneH376 unto his work.H4399
And it came to pass from that timeH3117 forth, that the halfH2677 of my servantsH5288 wroughtH6213 in the work,H4399 and the other halfH2677 of them heldH2388 both the spears,H7420 the shields,H4043 and the bows,H7198 and the habergeons;H8302 and the rulersH8269 were behindH310 all the houseH1004 of Judah.H3063
They which buildedH1129 on the wall,H2346 and they that bareH5375 burdens,H5447 with those that laded,H6006 every one with oneH259 of his handsH3027 wroughtH6213 in the work,H4399 and with the otherH259 hand heldH2388 a weapon.H7973
For the builders,H1129 every oneH376 had his swordH2719 girdedH631 by his side,H4975 and so builded.H1129 And he that soundedH8628 the trumpetH7782 was by me.H681
And I saidH559 unto the nobles,H2715 and to the rulers,H5461 and to the restH3499 of the people,H5971 The workH4399 is greatH7235 and large,H7342 and we are separatedH6504 upon the wall,H2346 oneH376 far fromH7350 another.H251
In what placeH4725 therefore ye hearH8085 the soundH6963 of the trumpet,H7782 resortH6908 ye thither unto us: our GodH430 shall fightH3898 for us.
So we labouredH6213 in the work:H4399 and halfH2677 of them heldH2388 the spearsH7420 from the risingH5927 of the morningH7837 till the starsH3556 appeared.H3318
Likewise at the same timeH6256 saidH559 I unto the people,H5971 Let every oneH376 with his servantH5288 lodgeH3885 withinH8432 Jerusalem,H3389 that in the nightH3915 they may be a guardH4929 to us, and labourH4399 on the day.H3117
So neither I, nor my brethren,H251 nor my servants,H5288 nor the menH582 of the guardH4929 which followedH310 me, none of usH587 put offH6584 our clothes,H899 saving that every oneH376 put them offH7973 for washing.H4325


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