„Tak mówi Pan: Z powodu trzech zbrodni Damaszku i z powodu czterech nie cofnę tego, ponieważ żelaznymi bronami stratowali Gilead.”

Biblia Warszawska: Księga Amosa 1,3


King James Version
Księga Koheleta 10:9

Tytuł oryginalny
DeadH4194 fliesH2070 cause the ointmentH8081 of the apothecaryH7543 to send forthH5042 a stinking savour:H887 so doth a littleH4592 follyH5531 him that is in reputationH3368 for wisdomH2451 and honour.H3519
A wise man'sH2450 heartH3820 is at his right hand;H3225 but a fool'sH3684 heartH3820 at his left.H8040
Yea also, when he that is a foolH5530 walkethH1980 by the way,H1870 his wisdomH3820 failethH2638 him, and he saithH559 to every one that he is a fool.H5530
If the spiritH7307 of the rulerH4910 rise upH5927 against thee, leaveH3240 not thy place;H4725 for yieldingH4832 pacifiethH3240 greatH1419 offences.H2399
There isH3426 an evilH7451 which I have seenH7200 under the sun,H8121 as an errorH7684 which proceedethH3318 fromH6440 the ruler:H7989
FollyH5529 is setH5414 in greatH7227 dignity,H4791 and the richH6223 sitH3427 in low place.H8216
I have seenH7200 servantsH5650 upon horses,H5483 and princesH8269 walkingH1980 as servantsH5650 upon the earth.H776
He that diggethH2658 a pitH1475 shall fallH5307 into it; and whoso breakethH6555 an hedge,H1447 a serpentH5175 shall biteH5391 him.
Whoso removethH5265 stonesH68 shall be hurtH6087 therewith; and he that cleavethH1234 woodH6086 shall be endangeredH5533 thereby.
If the ironH1270 be blunt,H6949 and he do not whetH7043 the edge,H6440 then must he putH1396 to more strength:H2428 but wisdomH2451 is profitableH3504 to direct.H3787
Surely the serpentH5175 will biteH5391 without enchantment;H3908 and a babblerH1167 isH3956 no better.H3504
The wordsH1697 of a wise man'sH2450 mouthH6310 are gracious;H2580 but the lipsH8193 of a foolH3684 will swallow upH1104 himself.
The beginningH8462 of the wordsH1697 of his mouthH6310 is foolishness:H5531 and the endH319 of his talkH6310 is mischievousH7451 madness.H1948
A foolH5530 also is fullH7235 of words:H1697 a manH120 cannot tellH3045 what shall be; and what shall be afterH310 him, who can tellH5046 him?
The labourH5999 of the foolishH3684 weariethH3021 every one of them, because he knowethH3045 not how to goH3212 to the city.H5892
WoeH337 to thee, O land,H776 when thy kingH4428 is a child,H5288 and thy princesH8269 eatH398 in the morning!H1242
BlessedH835 art thou, O land,H776 when thy kingH4428 is the sonH1121 of nobles,H2715 and thy princesH8269 eatH398 in due season,H6256 for strength,H1369 and not for drunkenness!H8358
By much slothfulnessH6103 the buildingH4746 decayeth;H4355 and through idlenessH8220 of the handsH3027 the houseH1004 droppeth through.H1811
A feastH3899 is madeH6213 for laughter,H7814 and wineH3196 maketh merryH8055, H2416: but moneyH3701 answerethH6030 all things.
CurseH7043 not the king,H4428 no not in thy thought;H4093 and curseH7043 not the richH6223 in thy bedchamberH4904, H2315: for a birdH5775 of the airH8064 shall carryH3212 the voice,H6963 and that which hathH1167 wingsH3671 shall tellH5046 the matter.H1697


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Nie bój się, bo już nie doznasz zawstydzenia, i nie zrażaj się, bo już nie zostaniesz zhańbiona, gdyż zapomnisz o hańbie swojej młodości i nie będziesz pamiętać opłakanego stanu twojego wdowieństwa.
Iz 54:4

W Chrystusie

A łaska Pana naszego stała się bardzo obfita wraz z wiarą i miłością, która jest w Chrystusie Jezusie.
I Tym 1:14

Kim jesteś i co masz w Chrystusie.

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List do Hebrajczyków (Hebr 11:12) mówi nam że ciało Abrahama było nieomal obumarłe w tym wieku gdy Bóg uczynił go ojcem.

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