„Czujcie na straży świątnice i na służbie ołtarza, aby nie powstał gniew na syny Izraelowe.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: Księga Liczb 18,5


King James Version
Księga Koheleta 1:6

Tytuł oryginalny
The wordsH1697 of the Preacher,H6953 the sonH1121 of David,H1732 kingH4428 in Jerusalem.H3389
VanityH1892 of vanities,H1892 saithH559 the Preacher,H6953 vanityH1892 of vanities;H1892 all is vanity.H1892
What profitH3504 hath a manH120 of all his labourH5999 which he takethH5998 under the sun?H8121
One generationH1755 passeth away,H1980 and another generationH1755 cometh:H935 but the earthH776 abidethH5975 for ever.H5769
The sunH8121 also ariseth,H2224 and the sunH8121 goeth down,H935 and hastethH7602 to his placeH4725 where he arose.H2224
The windH7307 goethH1980 toward the south,H1864 and turneth aboutH5437 unto the north;H6828 it whirleth about continually,H1980 and the windH7307 returneth againH7725 according to his circuits.H5439
All the riversH5158 runH1980 into the sea;H3220 yet the seaH3220 is not full;H4392 unto the placeH4725 from whence the riversH5158 come,H1980 thither they returnH7725 again.H3212
All thingsH1697 are full of labour;H3023 manH376 cannotH3201 utterH1696 it: the eyeH5869 is not satisfiedH7646 with seeing,H7200 nor the earH241 filledH4390 with hearing.H8085
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is doneH6213 is that which shall be done:H6213 and there is no newH2319 thing under the sun.H8121
Is thereH3426 any thingH1697 whereof it may be said,H559 See,H7200 this is new?H2319 it hath been alreadyH3528 of old time,H5769 which was beforeH6440 us.
There is no remembranceH2146 of formerH7223 things; neither shall there be any remembranceH2146 of things that are to comeH314 with those that shall come after.H314
I the PreacherH6953 was kingH4428 over IsraelH3478 in Jerusalem.H3389
And I gaveH5414 my heartH3820 to seekH1875 and search outH8446 by wisdomH2451 concerning all things that are doneH6213 under heaven:H8064 this soreH7451 travailH6045 hath GodH430 givenH5414 to the sonsH1121 of manH120 to be exercisedH6031 therewith.
I have seenH7200 all the worksH4639 that are doneH6213 under the sun;H8121 and, behold, all is vanityH1892 and vexationH7469 of spirit.H7307
That which is crookedH5791 cannotH3201 be made straight:H8626 and that which is wantingH2642 cannotH3201 be numbered.H4487
I communedH1696 with mine own heart,H3820 saying,H559 Lo, I am come to great estate,H1431 and have gottenH3254 more wisdomH2451 than all they that have been beforeH6440 me in Jerusalem:H3389 yea, my heartH3820 had greatH7235 experienceH7200 of wisdomH2451 and knowledge.H1847
And I gaveH5414 my heartH3820 to knowH3045 wisdom,H2451 and to knowH3045 madnessH1947 and folly:H5531 I perceivedH3045 that thisH1571 also is vexationH7475 of spirit.H7307
For in muchH7230 wisdomH2451 is muchH7230 grief:H3708 and he that increasethH3254 knowledgeH1847 increasethH3254 sorrow.H4341


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Kiedy Samuel jako małe dziecko pracował w Przybytku, jego matka przynosiła mu co roku nowy mały płaszczyk (szatę) (I Sam 2:18-19).

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