„A w Maon był pewien mąż, mający swój dobytek w Karmelu. Był to człowiek bardzo zamożny; posiadał trzy tysiące owiec i tysiąc kóz, i właśnie był zajęty strzyżeniem swoich owiec w Karmelu.”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: 1 Księga Samuela 25,2


King James Version
Księga Jozuego 2:1

Tytuł oryginalny
And JoshuaH3091 the sonH1121 of NunH5126 sentH7971 out of ShittimH7851 twoH8147 menH582 to spyH7270 secretly,H2791 saying,H559 GoH3212 viewH7200 the land,H776 even Jericho.H3405 And they went,H3212 and cameH935 into an harlot'sH2181 houseH1004, H802, namedH8034 Rahab,H7343 and lodgedH7901 there.
And it was toldH559 the kingH4428 of Jericho,H3405 saying,H559 Behold, there cameH935 menH582 in hither to nightH3915 of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 to search outH2658 the country.H776
And the kingH4428 of JerichoH3405 sentH7971 unto Rahab,H7343 saying,H559 Bring forthH3318 the menH582 that are comeH935 to thee, which are enteredH935 into thine house:H1004 for they be comeH935 to search outH2658 all the country.H776
And the womanH802 tookH3947 the twoH8147 men,H582 and hidH6845 them, and saidH559 thus, There cameH935 menH582 unto me, but I wistH3045 not whenceH370 they were:
And it came to pass about the time of shuttingH5462 of the gate,H8179 when it was dark,H2822 that the menH582 went out:H3318 whither the menH582 wentH1980 I wotH3045 not: pursueH7291 afterH310 them quickly;H4118 for ye shall overtakeH5381 them.
But she had brought them upH5927 to the roofH1406 of the house, and hidH2934 them with the stalksH6086 of flax,H6593 which she had laid in orderH6186 upon the roof.H1406
And the menH582 pursuedH7291 afterH310 them the wayH1870 to JordanH3383 unto the fords:H4569 and as soon as they which pursuedH7291 afterH310 them were gone out,H3318 they shutH5462 the gate.H8179
And before they were laid down,H7901 she came upH5927 unto them upon the roof;H1406
And she saidH559 unto the men,H582 I knowH3045 that the LORDH3068 hath givenH5414 you the land,H776 and that your terrorH367 is fallenH5307 upon us, and that all the inhabitantsH3427 of the landH776 faintH4127 becauseH6440 of you.
For we have heardH8085 how the LORDH3068 dried upH3001 the waterH4325 of the RedH5488 seaH3220 for you,H6440 when ye came outH3318 of Egypt;H4714 and what ye didH6213 unto the twoH8147 kingsH4428 of the Amorites,H567 that were on the other sideH5676 Jordan,H3383 SihonH5511 and Og,H5747 whom ye utterly destroyed.H2763
And as soon as we had heardH8085 these things, our heartsH3824 did melt,H4549 neither did there remainH6965 any more courageH7307 in any man,H376 becauseH6440 of you: for the LORDH3068 your God,H430 he is GodH430 in heavenH8064 above,H4605 and in earthH776 beneath.
Now therefore, I pray you, swearH7650 unto me by the LORD,H3068 sinceH3588 I have shewedH6213 you kindness,H2617 that ye will also shewH6213 kindnessH2617 unto my father'sH1 house,H1004 and giveH5414 me a trueH571 token:H226
And that ye will save aliveH2421 my father,H1 and my mother,H517 and my brethren,H251 and my sisters,H269 and all that they have, and deliverH5337 our livesH5315 from death.H4194
And the menH582 answeredH559 her, Our lifeH5315 for yours,H4191 if ye utterH5046 not this our business.H1697 And it shall be, when the LORDH3068 hath givenH5414 us the land,H776 that we will dealH6213 kindlyH2617 and trulyH571 with thee.
Then she let them downH3381 by a cordH2256 throughH1157 the window:H2474 for her houseH1004 was upon the townH7023 wall,H2346 and she dweltH3427 upon the wall.H2346
And she saidH559 unto them, GetH3212 you to the mountain,H2022 lest the pursuersH7291 meetH6293 you; and hideH2247 yourselves there threeH7969 days,H3117 until the pursuersH7291 be returned:H7725 and afterwardH310 may ye goH3212 your way.H1870
And the menH582 saidH559 unto her, We will be blamelessH5355 of this thine oathH7621 which thou hast made us swear.H7650
Behold, when we comeH935 into the land,H776 thou shalt bindH7194 this lineH8615 of scarletH8144 threadH2339 in the windowH2474 which thou didst let us down by:H3381 and thou shalt bringH622 thy father,H1 and thy mother,H517 and thy brethren,H251 and all thy father'sH1 household,H1004 homeH1004 unto thee.
And it shall be, that whosoeverH834 shall go outH3318 of the doorsH1817 of thy houseH1004 into the street,H2351 his bloodH1818 shall be upon his head,H7218 and we will be guiltless:H5355 and whosoever shall be with thee in the house,H1004 his bloodH1818 shall be on our head,H7218 if any handH3027 be upon him.
And if thou utterH5046 this our business,H1697 then we will be quitH5355 of thine oathH7621 which thou hast made us to swear.H7650
And she said,H559 According unto your words,H1697 so be it. And she sent them away,H7971 and they departed:H3212 and she boundH7194 the scarletH8144 lineH8615 in the window.H2474
And they went,H3212 and cameH935 unto the mountain,H2022 and abodeH3427 there threeH7969 days,H3117 until the pursuersH7291 were returned:H7725 and the pursuersH7291 soughtH1245 them throughout all the way,H1870 but foundH4672 them not.
So the twoH8147 menH582 returned,H7725 and descendedH3381 from the mountain,H2022 and passed over,H5674 and cameH935 to JoshuaH3091 the sonH1121 of Nun,H5126 and toldH5608 him all things that befellH4672 them:
And they saidH559 unto Joshua,H3091 TrulyH3588 the LORDH3068 hath deliveredH5414 into our handsH3027 all the land;H776 for even all the inhabitantsH3427 of the countryH776 do faintH4127 becauseH6440 of us.


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