„I stało się, że Jezus w sabat szedł przez zboża; i zaczęli Jego uczniowie po drodze rwać kłosy.”

Biblia Przekład Toruński: Ewangelia Marka 2,23


King James Version
Księga Jozuego 1:1

Tytuł oryginalny
Now afterH310 the deathH4194 of MosesH4872 the servantH5650 of the LORDH3068 it came to pass, that the LORDH3068 spakeH559 unto JoshuaH3091 the sonH1121 of Nun,H5126 Moses'H4872 minister,H8334 saying,H559
MosesH4872 my servantH5650 is dead;H4191 now therefore arise,H6965 go overH5674 this Jordan,H3383 thou, and all this people,H5971 unto the landH776 which I do giveH5414 to them, even to the childrenH1121 of Israel.H3478
Every placeH4725 that the soleH3709 of your footH7272 shall tread upon,H1869 that have I givenH5414 unto you, as I saidH1696 unto Moses.H4872
From the wildernessH4057 and this LebanonH3844 even unto the greatH1419 river,H5104 the riverH5104 Euphrates,H6578 all the landH776 of the Hittites,H2850 and unto the greatH1419 seaH3220 toward the going downH3996 of the sun,H8121 shall be your coast.H1366
There shall not any manH376 be able to standH3320 beforeH6440 thee all the daysH3117 of thy life:H2416 as I was with Moses,H4872 so I will be with thee: I will not failH7503 thee, nor forsakeH5800 thee.
Be strongH2388 and of a good courage:H553 for unto this peopleH5971 shalt thou divide for an inheritanceH5157 the land,H776 which I swareH7650 unto their fathersH1 to giveH5414 them.
Only be thou strongH2388 and veryH3966 courageous,H553 that thou mayest observeH8104 to doH6213 according to all the law,H8451 which MosesH4872 my servantH5650 commandedH6680 thee: turnH5493 not from it to the right handH3225 or to the left,H8040 that thou mayest prosperH7919 whithersoever thou goest.H3212
This bookH5612 of the lawH8451 shall not departH4185 out of thy mouth;H6310 but thou shalt meditateH1897 therein dayH3119 and night,H3915 that thou mayest observeH8104 to doH6213 according to all that is writtenH3789 therein: for then thou shalt makeH6743 thy wayH1870 prosperous,H6743 and then thou shalt have good success.H7919
Have not I commandedH6680 thee? Be strongH2388 and of a good courage;H553 be not afraid,H6206 neither be thou dismayed:H2865 for the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 is with thee whithersoever thou goest.H3212
Then JoshuaH3091 commandedH6680 the officersH7860 of the people,H5971 saying,H559
PassH5674 throughH7130 the host,H4264 and commandH6680 the people,H5971 saying,H559 PrepareH3559 you victuals;H6720 for within threeH7969 daysH3117 ye shall pass overH5674 this Jordan,H3383 to go inH935 to possessH3423 the land,H776 which the LORDH3068 your GodH430 givethH5414 you to possessH3423 it.
And to the Reubenites,H7206 and to the Gadites,H1425 and to halfH2677 the tribeH7626 of Manasseh,H4519 spakeH559 Joshua,H3091 saying,H559
RememberH2142 the wordH1697 which MosesH4872 the servantH5650 of the LORDH3068 commandedH6680 you, saying,H559 The LORDH3068 your GodH430 hath given you rest,H5117 and hath givenH5414 you this land.H776
Your wives,H802 your little ones,H2945 and your cattle,H4735 shall remainH3427 in the landH776 which MosesH4872 gaveH5414 you on this sideH5676 Jordan;H3383 but ye shall passH5674 beforeH6440 your brethrenH251 armed,H2571 all the mightyH1368 men of valour,H2428 and helpH5826 them;
Until the LORDH3068 have givenH5117 your brethrenH251 rest,H5117 as he hath given you, and they also have possessedH3423 the landH776 which the LORDH3068 your GodH430 givethH5414 them: then ye shall returnH7725 unto the landH776 of your possession,H3425 and enjoyH3423 it, which MosesH4872 the LORD'SH3068 servantH5650 gaveH5414 you on this sideH5676 JordanH3383 toward the sunrisingH8121, H4217.
And they answeredH6030 Joshua,H3091 saying,H559 All that thou commandestH6680 us we will do,H6213 and whithersoeverH834 thou sendestH7971 us, we will go.H3212
According as we hearkenedH8085 unto MosesH4872 in all things, so will we hearkenH8085 unto thee: only the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 be with thee, as he was with Moses.H4872
WhosoeverH376 he be that doth rebelH4784 against thy commandment,H6310 and will not hearkenH8085 unto thy wordsH1697 in all that thou commandestH6680 him, he shall be put to death:H4191 only be strongH2388 and of a good courage.H553


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