„Pięknaś jest, przyjaciółko moja, wdzięczna i ozdobna jako Jeruzalem: ogromna jako wojska uszykowanie porządne.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: Pieśń nad pieśniami 6,3

King James Version
Księga Jeremiasza 31:25

Tytuł oryginalny
At the same time,H6256 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 will I be the GodH430 of all the familiesH4940 of Israel,H3478 and they shall be my people.H5971
Thus saithH559 the LORD,H3068 The peopleH5971 which were leftH8300 of the swordH2719 foundH4672 graceH2580 in the wilderness;H4057 even Israel,H3478 when I wentH1980 to cause him to rest.H7280
The LORDH3068 hath appearedH7200 of oldH7350 unto me, saying, Yea, I have lovedH157 thee with an everlastingH5769 love:H160 therefore with lovingkindnessH2617 have I drawnH4900 thee.
Again I will buildH1129 thee, and thou shalt be built,H1129 O virginH1330 of Israel:H3478 thou shalt again be adornedH5710 with thy tabrets,H8596 and shalt go forthH3318 in the dancesH4234 of them that make merry.H7832
Thou shalt yet plantH5193 vinesH3754 upon the mountainsH2022 of Samaria:H8111 the plantersH5193 shall plant,H5193 and shall eat them as common things.H2490
For there shall beH3426 a day,H3117 that the watchmenH5341 upon the mountH2022 EphraimH669 shall cry,H7121 AriseH6965 ye, and let us go upH5927 to ZionH6726 unto the LORDH3068 our God.H430
For thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 SingH7442 with gladnessH8057 for Jacob,H3290 and shoutH6670 among the chiefH7218 of the nations:H1471 publishH8085 ye, praiseH1984 ye, and say,H559 O LORD,H3068 saveH3467 thy people,H5971 the remnantH7611 of Israel.H3478
Behold, I will bringH935 them from the northH6828 country,H776 and gatherH6908 them from the coastsH3411 of the earth,H776 and with them the blindH5787 and the lame,H6455 the woman with childH2030 and her that travaileth with childH3205 together:H3162 a greatH1419 companyH6951 shall returnH7725 thither.
They shall comeH935 with weeping,H1065 and with supplicationsH8469 will I leadH2986 them: I will cause them to walkH3212 by the riversH5158 of watersH4325 in a straightH3477 way,H1870 wherein they shall not stumble:H3782 for I am a fatherH1 to Israel,H3478 and EphraimH669 is my firstborn.H1060
HearH8085 the wordH1697 of the LORD,H3068 O ye nations,H1471 and declareH5046 it in the islesH339 afar off,H4801 and say,H559 He that scatteredH2219 IsraelH3478 will gatherH6908 him, and keepH8104 him, as a shepherdH7462 doth his flock.H5739
For the LORDH3068 hath redeemedH6299 Jacob,H3290 and ransomedH1350 him from the handH3027 of him that was strongerH2389 than he.
Therefore they shall comeH935 and singH7442 in the heightH4791 of Zion,H6726 and shall flow togetherH5102 to the goodnessH2898 of the LORD,H3068 for wheat,H1715 and for wine,H8492 and for oil,H3323 and for the youngH1121 of the flockH6629 and of the herd:H1241 and their soulH5315 shall be as a wateredH7302 garden;H1588 and they shall not sorrowH1669 any moreH3254 at all.
Then shall the virginH1330 rejoiceH8055 in the dance,H4234 both young menH970 and oldH2205 together:H3162 for I will turnH2015 their mourningH60 into joy,H8342 and will comfortH5162 them, and make them rejoiceH8055 from their sorrow.H3015
And I will satiateH7301 the soulH5315 of the priestsH3548 with fatness,H1880 and my peopleH5971 shall be satisfiedH7646 with my goodness,H2898 saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 A voiceH6963 was heardH8085 in Ramah,H7414 lamentation,H5092 and bitterH8563 weeping;H1065 RahelH7354 weepingH1058 for her childrenH1121 refusedH3985 to be comfortedH5162 for her children,H1121 because they were not.
Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 RefrainH4513 thy voiceH6963 from weeping,H1065 and thine eyesH5869 from tears:H1832 for thy workH6468 shall beH3426 rewarded,H7939 saithH5002 the LORD;H3068 and they shall come againH7725 from the landH776 of the enemy.H341
And there isH3426 hopeH8615 in thine end,H319 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that thy childrenH1121 shall come againH7725 to their own border.H1366
I have surelyH8085 heardH8085 EphraimH669 bemoaningH5110 himself thus; Thou hast chastisedH3256 me, and I was chastised,H3256 as a bullockH5695 unaccustomedH3925, H3808 to the yoke: turnH7725 thou me, and I shall be turned;H7725 for thou art the LORDH3068 my God.H430
Surely afterH310 that I was turned,H7725 I repented;H5162 and afterH310 that I was instructed,H3045 I smoteH5606 upon my thigh:H3409 I was ashamed,H954 yea, even confounded,H3637 because I did bearH5375 the reproachH2781 of my youth.H5271
Is EphraimH669 my dearH3357 son?H1121 is he a pleasantH8191 child?H3206 for sinceH1767 I spakeH1696 against him, I do earnestlyH2142 rememberH2142 him still: therefore my bowelsH4578 are troubledH1993 for him; I will surelyH7355 have mercyH7355 upon him, saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
Set thee upH5324 waymarks,H6725 makeH7760 thee high heaps:H8564 setH7896 thine heartH3820 toward the highway,H4546 even the wayH1870 which thou wentest:H1980 turn again,H7725 O virginH1330 of Israel,H3478 turn againH7725 to these thy cities.H5892
How long wilt thou go about,H2559 O thou backslidingH7728 daughter?H1323 for the LORDH3068 hath createdH1254 a new thingH2319 in the earth,H776 A womanH5347 shall compassH5437 a man.H1397
Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 the GodH430 of Israel;H3478 As yet they shall useH559 this speechH1697 in the landH776 of JudahH3063 and in the citiesH5892 thereof, when I shall bring againH7725 their captivity;H7622 The LORDH3068 blessH1288 thee, O habitationH5116 of justice,H6664 and mountainH2022 of holiness.H6944
And there shall dwellH3427 in JudahH3063 itself, and in all the citiesH5892 thereof together,H3162 husbandmen,H406 and they that go forthH5265 with flocks.H5739
For I have satiatedH7301 the wearyH5889 soul,H5315 and I have replenishedH4390 every sorrowfulH1669 soul.H5315
Upon this I awaked,H6974 and beheld;H7200 and my sleepH8142 was sweetH6149 unto me.
Behold, the daysH3117 come,H935 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that I will sowH2232 the houseH1004 of IsraelH3478 and the houseH1004 of JudahH3063 with the seedH2233 of man,H120 and with the seedH2233 of beast.H929
And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched overH8245 them, to pluck up,H5428 and to break down,H5422 and to throw down,H2040 and to destroy,H6 and to afflict;H7489 so will I watch overH8245 them, to build,H1129 and to plant,H5193 saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
In those daysH3117 they shall sayH559 no more, The fathersH1 have eatenH398 a sour grape,H1155 and the children'sH1121 teethH8127 are set on edge.H6949
But every oneH376 shall dieH4191 for his own iniquity:H5771 every manH120 that eatethH398 the sour grape,H1155 his teethH8127 shall be set on edge.H6949
Behold, the daysH3117 come,H935 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that I will makeH3772 a newH2319 covenantH1285 with the houseH1004 of Israel,H3478 and with the houseH1004 of Judah:H3063
Not according to the covenantH1285 that I madeH3772 with their fathersH1 in the dayH3117 that I tookH2388 them by the handH3027 to bring them outH3318 of the landH776 of Egypt;H4714 which my covenantH1285 they brake,H6565 although I was an husbandH1166 unto them, saithH5002 the LORD:H3068
But this shall be the covenantH1285 that I will makeH3772 with the houseH1004 of Israel;H3478 AfterH310 those days,H3117 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 I will putH5414 my lawH8451 in their inward parts,H7130 and writeH3789 it in their hearts;H3820 and will be their God,H430 and they shall be my people.H5971
And they shall teachH3925 no more every manH376 his neighbour,H7453 and every manH376 his brother,H251 saying,H559 KnowH3045 the LORD:H3068 for they shall all knowH3045 me, from the leastH6996 of them unto the greatestH1419 of them, saithH5002 the LORD:H3068 for I will forgiveH5545 their iniquity,H5771 and I will rememberH2142 their sinH2403 no more.
Thus saithH559 the LORD,H3068 which givethH5414 the sunH8121 for a lightH216 by day,H3119 and the ordinancesH2708 of the moonH3394 and of the starsH3556 for a lightH216 by night,H3915 which dividethH7280 the seaH3220 when the wavesH1530 thereof roar;H1993 The LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 is his name:H8034
If those ordinancesH2706 departH4185 from beforeH6440 me, saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 then the seedH2233 of IsraelH3478 also shall ceaseH7673 from being a nationH1471 beforeH6440 me for ever.H3117
Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 If heavenH8064 aboveH4605 can be measured,H4058 and the foundationsH4146 of the earthH776 searched outH2713 beneath,H4295 I will also cast offH3988 all the seedH2233 of IsraelH3478 for all that they have done,H6213 saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
Behold, the daysH3117 come,H935 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that the cityH5892 shall be builtH1129 to the LORDH3068 from the towerH4026 of HananeelH2606 unto the gateH8179 of the corner.H6438
And the measuringH4060 lineH6957, H6961 shall yet go forthH3318 over against it upon the hillH1389 Gareb,H1619 and shall compass aboutH5437 to Goath.H1601
And the whole valleyH6010 of the dead bodies,H6297 and of the ashes,H1880 and all the fieldsH7709, H8309 unto the brookH5158 of Kidron,H6939 unto the cornerH6438 of the horseH5483 gateH8179 toward the east,H4217 shall be holyH6944 unto the LORD;H3068 it shall not be plucked up,H5428 nor thrown downH2040 any more for ever.H5769


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