„Nie odwróci się zapalczywość gniewu Pańskiego, póki nie uczyni tego, a póki nie wykona umysłu serca swego; w ostatnie dni zrozumiecie to.”

Biblia Gdańska (1632): Jeremijasz 30,24

King James Version
Księga Izajasza 59:18

Tytuł oryginalny
Behold,H2005 the LORD'SH3068 handH3027 is not shortened,H7114 that it cannot save;H3467 neither his earH241 heavy,H3513 that it cannot hear:H8085
But your iniquitiesH5771 have separatedH914 betweenH996 you and your God,H430 and your sinsH2403 have hidH5641 his faceH6440 from you, that he will not hear.H8085
For your handsH3709 are defiledH1351 with blood,H1818 and your fingersH676 with iniquity;H5771 your lipsH8193 have spokenH1696 lies,H8267 your tongueH3956 hath mutteredH1897 perverseness.H5766
None callethH7121 for justice,H6664 nor any pleadethH8199 for truth:H530 they trustH982 in vanity,H8414 and speakH1696 lies;H7723 they conceiveH2029 mischief,H5999 and bring forthH3205 iniquity.H205
They hatchH1234 cockatrice'H6848 eggs,H1000 and weaveH707 the spider'sH5908 web:H6980 he that eatethH398 of their eggsH1000 dieth,H4191 and that which is crushedH2116 breaketh outH1234 into a viper.H660
Their websH6980 shall not become garments,H899 neither shall they coverH3680 themselves with their works:H4639 their worksH4639 are worksH4639 of iniquity,H205 and the actH6467 of violenceH2555 is in their hands.H3709
Their feetH7272 runH7323 to evil,H7451 and they make hasteH4116 to shedH8210 innocentH5355 blood:H1818 their thoughtsH4284 are thoughtsH4284 of iniquity;H205 wastingH7701 and destructionH7667 are in their paths.H4546
The wayH1870 of peaceH7965 they knowH3045 not; and there is no judgmentH4941 in their goings:H4570 they have made them crookedH6140 paths:H5410 whosoever goethH1869 therein shall not knowH3045 peace.H7965
Therefore is judgmentH4941 farH7368 from us, neither doth justiceH6666 overtakeH5381 us: we waitH6960 for light,H216 but behold obscurity;H2822 for brightness,H5054 but we walkH1980 in darkness.H653
We gropeH1659 for the wallH7023 like the blind,H5787 and we gropeH1659 as if we had no eyes:H5869 we stumbleH3782 at noondayH6672 as in the night;H5399 we are in desolateH820 places as deadH4191 men.
We roarH1993 all like bears,H1677 and mournH1897 soreH1897 like doves:H3123 we lookH6960 for judgment,H4941 but there is none; for salvation,H3444 but it is far offH7368 from us.
For our transgressionsH6588 are multipliedH7231 before thee, and our sinsH2403 testifyH6030 against us: for our transgressionsH6588 are with us; and as for our iniquities,H5771 we knowH3045 them;
In transgressingH6586 and lyingH3584 against the LORD,H3068 and departing awayH5253 fromH310 our God,H430 speakingH1696 oppressionH6233 and revolt,H5627 conceivingH2029 and utteringH1897 from the heartH3820 wordsH1697 of falsehood.H8267
And judgmentH4941 is turned awayH5253 backward,H268 and justiceH6666 standethH5975 afar off:H7350 for truthH571 is fallenH3782 in the street,H7339 and equityH5229 cannotH3201 enter.H935
Yea, truthH571 faileth;H5737 and he that departethH5493 from evilH7451 maketh himself a prey:H7997 and the LORDH3068 sawH7200 it, and it displeasedH3415, H5869 him that there was no judgment.H4941
And he sawH7200 that there was no man,H376 and wonderedH8074 that there was no intercessor:H6293 therefore his armH2220 brought salvationH3467 unto him; and his righteousness,H6666 it sustainedH5564 him.
For he put onH3847 righteousnessH6666 as a breastplate,H8302 and an helmetH3553 of salvationH3444 upon his head;H7218 and he put onH3847 the garmentsH899 of vengeanceH5359 for clothing,H8516 and was cladH5844 with zealH7068 as a cloke.H4598
According toH5921 their deeds,H1578 accordingly he will repay,H7999 furyH2534 to his adversaries,H6862 recompenceH1576 to his enemies;H341 to the islandsH339 he will repayH7999 recompence.H1576
So shall they fearH3372 the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068 from the west,H4628 and his gloryH3519 from the risingH4217 of the sun.H8121 When the enemyH6862 shall come inH935 like a flood,H5104 the SpiritH7307 of the LORDH3068 shall lift up a standardH5127 against him.
And the RedeemerH1350 shall comeH935 to Zion,H6726 and unto them that turnH7725 from transgressionH6588 in Jacob,H3290 saithH5002 the LORD.H3068
As for me, this is my covenantH1285 with them, saithH559 the LORD;H3068 My spiritH7307 that is upon thee, and my wordsH1697 which I have putH7760 in thy mouth,H6310 shall not departH4185 out of thy mouth,H6310 nor out of the mouthH6310 of thy seed,H2233 nor out of the mouthH6310 of thy seed'sH2233 seed,H2233 saithH559 the LORD,H3068 from henceforth and forH5704 ever.H5769


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Pan da siłę ludowi swemu, Pan pobłogosławi lud swój pokojem!
Ps 29:11

W Chrystusie

To znaczy, że Bóg w Chrystusie świat z sobą pojednał, nie zaliczając im ich upadków, i powierzył nam słowo pojednania.
II Kor 5:19

Kim jesteś i co masz w Chrystusie.

Czy wiesz że?

Strusie w Biblii wymienione są tylko 2 razy: (Job 39:13-18, Treny 4,3). Opisane są tam jako okrutne i twarde wobec swoich młodych, nie mają mądrości i zrozumienia ale są szybsze od konia.

Fakty i ciekawostki Biblijne.

Obietnice Boże

A takie jest to świadectwo, że żywot wieczny dał nam Bóg, a żywot ten jest w Synu jego.
I Jan 5:11

"Uczyłem mój lud, że może mieć, to co mówi, lecz oni ciągle mówią, to co mają."

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