„Tedy rzekł do mnie, mówiąc: Izali nie wiesz, co to jest? Rzekłem: Nie wiem, Panie mój.”

Biblia Gdańska: Zacharyjasz 4,13

King James Version
Księga Izajasza 58:14

Tytuł oryginalny
CryH7121 aloud,H1627 spareH2820 not, liftH7311 up thy voiceH6963 like a trumpet,H7782 and shewH5046 my peopleH5971 their transgression,H6588 and the houseH1004 of JacobH3290 their sins.H2403
Yet they seekH1875 me dailyH3117, H3117, and delightH2654 to knowH1847 my ways,H1870 as a nationH1471 that didH6213 righteousness,H6666 and forsookH5800 not the ordinanceH4941 of their God:H430 they askH7592 of me the ordinancesH4941 of justice;H6664 they take delightH2654 in approachingH7132 to God.H430
Wherefore have we fasted,H6684 say they, and thou seestH7200 not? wherefore have we afflictedH6031 our soul,H5315 and thou takest no knowledge?H3045 Behold, in the dayH3117 of your fastH6685 ye findH4672 pleasure,H2656 and exactH5065 all your labours.H6092
Behold, ye fastH6684 for strifeH7379 and debate,H4683 and to smiteH5221 with the fistH106 of wickedness:H7562 ye shall not fastH6684 as ye do this day,H3117 to make your voiceH6963 to be heardH8085 on high.H4791
Is it such a fastH6685 that I have chosen?H977 a dayH3117 for a manH120 to afflictH6031 his soul?H5315 is it to bow downH3721 his headH7218 as a bulrush,H100 and to spreadH3331 sackclothH8242 and ashesH665 under him? wilt thou callH7121 thisH2088 a fast,H6685 and an acceptableH7522 dayH3117 to the LORD?H3068
Is not this the fastH6685 that I have chosen?H977 to looseH6605 the bandsH2784 of wickedness,H7562 to undoH5425 the heavyH4133 burdens,H92 and to let the oppressedH7533 goH7971 free,H2670 and that ye breakH5423 every yoke?H4133
Is it not to dealH6536 thy breadH3899 to the hungry,H7457 and that thou bringH935 the poorH6041 that are cast outH4788 to thy house?H1004 when thou seestH7200 the naked,H6174 that thou coverH3680 him; and that thou hideH5956 not thyself from thine own flesh?H1320
Then shall thy lightH216 break forthH1234 as the morning,H7837 and thine healthH724 shall spring forthH6779 speedily:H4120 and thy righteousnessH6664 shall goH1980 beforeH6440 thee; the gloryH3519 of the LORDH3068 shall be thy rereward.H622
Then shalt thou call,H7121 and the LORDH3068 shall answer;H6030 thou shalt cry,H7768 and he shall say,H559 Here I am. If thou take awayH5493 from the midstH8432 of thee the yoke,H4133 the putting forthH7971 of the finger,H676 and speakingH1696 vanity;H205
And if thou draw outH6329 thy soulH5315 to the hungry,H7457 and satisfyH7646 the afflictedH6031 soul;H5315 then shall thy lightH216 riseH2224 in obscurity,H2822 and thy darknessH653 be as the noonday:H6672
And the LORDH3068 shall guideH5148 thee continually,H8548 and satisfyH7646 thy soulH5315 in drought,H6710 and make fatH2502 thy bones:H6106 and thou shalt be like a wateredH7302 garden,H1588 and like a springH4161 of water,H4325 whose watersH4325 failH3576 not.
And they that shall be of thee shall buildH1129 the oldH5769 waste places:H2723 thou shalt raise upH6965 the foundationsH4146 of manyH1755 generations;H1755 and thou shalt be called,H7121 The repairerH1443 of the breach,H6556 The restorerH7725 of pathsH5410 to dwell in.H3427
If thou turn awayH7725 thy footH7272 from the sabbath,H7676 from doingH6213 thy pleasureH2656 on my holyH6944 day;H3117 and callH7121 the sabbathH7676 a delight,H6027 the holyH6918 of the LORD,H3068 honourable;H3513 and shalt honourH3513 him, not doingH6213 thine own ways,H1870 nor findingH4672 thine own pleasure,H2656 nor speakingH1696 thine own words:H1697
Then shalt thou delightH6026 thyself in the LORD;H3068 and I will cause thee to rideH7392 upon the high placesH1116 of the earth,H776 and feedH398 thee with the heritageH5159 of JacobH3290 thy father:H1 for the mouthH6310 of the LORDH3068 hath spokenH1696 it.


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