„Aby uczynił sąd wszystkim i karał wszystkich niezbożników między nimi ze wszystkich niepobożności ich, które niezbożnie płodzili i ze wszystkich przykrości, które mówili przeciwko niemu niezbożni grzesznicy.”

Biblia Gdańska: Judasa 1,15

King James Version
Księga Ezechiela 23:20

Tytuł oryginalny
The wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came again unto me, saying,H559
SonH1121 of man,H120 there were twoH8147 women,H802 the daughtersH1323 of oneH259 mother:H517
And they committed whoredomsH2181 in Egypt;H4714 they committed whoredomsH2181 in their youth:H5271 there were their breastsH7699 pressed,H4600 and there they bruisedH6213 the teatsH1717 of their virginity.H1331
And the namesH8034 of them were AholahH170 the elder,H1419 and AholibahH172 her sister:H269 and they were mine, and they bareH3205 sonsH1121 and daughters.H1323 Thus were their names;H8034 SamariaH8111 is Aholah,H170 and JerusalemH3389 Aholibah.H17
And AholahH170 played the harlotH2181 when she was mine;H8478 and she dotedH5689 on her lovers,H157 on the AssyriansH804 her neighbours,H7138
Which were clothedH3847 with blue,H8504 captainsH6346 and rulers,H5461 all of them desirableH2531 young men,H970 horsemenH6571 ridingH7392 upon horses.H5483
Thus she committedH5414 her whoredomsH8457 with them, with all them that were the chosenH4005 menH1121 of Assyria,H804 and with all on whom she doted:H5689 with all their idolsH1544 she defiledH2930 herself.
Neither leftH5800 she her whoredomsH8457 brought from Egypt:H4714 for in her youthH5271 they layH7901 with her, and they bruisedH6213 the breastsH1717 of her virginity,H1331 and pouredH8210 their whoredomH8457 upon her.
Wherefore I have deliveredH5414 her into the handH3027 of her lovers,H157 into the handH3027 of the AssyriansH804, H1121, upon whom she doted.H5689
These discoveredH1540 her nakedness:H6172 they tookH3947 her sonsH1121 and her daughters,H1323 and slewH2026 her with the sword:H2719 and she became famousH8034 among women;H802 for they had executedH6213 judgmentH8196 upon her.
And when her sisterH269 AholibahH172 sawH7200 this, she was more corruptH7843 in her inordinate loveH5691 than she, and in her whoredomsH8457 more than her sisterH269 in her whoredoms.H2183
She dotedH5689 upon the AssyriansH804 herH1121 neighbours,H7138 captainsH6346 and rulersH5461 clothedH3847 most gorgeously,H4358 horsemenH6571 ridingH7392 upon horses,H5483 all of them desirableH2531 young men.H970
Then I sawH7200 that she was defiled,H2930 that they took bothH8147 oneH259 way,H1870
And that she increasedH3254 her whoredoms:H8457 for when she sawH7200 menH582 pourtrayedH2707 upon the wall,H7023 the imagesH6754 of the ChaldeansH3778 pourtrayedH2710 with vermilion,H835
GirdedH2289 with girdlesH232 upon their loins,H4975 exceedingH5628 in dyed attireH2871 upon their heads,H7218 all of them princesH7991 to look to,H4758 after the mannerH1823 of the BabyloniansH894 ofH1121 Chaldea,H3778 the landH776 of their nativity:H4138
And as soon as she sawH4758 them with her eyes,H5869 she dotedH5689 upon them, and sentH7971 messengersH4397 unto them into Chaldea.H3778
And the BabyloniansH894, H1121 cameH935 to her into the bedH4904 of love,H1730 and they defiledH2930 her with their whoredom,H8457 and she was pollutedH2930 with them, and her mindH5315 was alienatedH3363 from them.
So she discoveredH1540 her whoredoms,H8457 and discoveredH1540 her nakedness:H6172 then my mindH5315 was alienatedH3363 from her, like as my mindH5315 was alienatedH5361 from her sister.H269
Yet she multipliedH7235 her whoredoms,H8457 in calling to remembranceH2142 the daysH3117 of her youth,H5271 wherein she had played the harlotH2181 in the landH776 of Egypt.H471
For she dotedH5689 upon their paramours,H6370 whose fleshH1320 is as the fleshH1320 of asses,H2543 and whose issueH2231 is like the issueH2231 of horses.H5483
Thus thou calledst to remembranceH6485 the lewdnessH2154 of thy youth,H5271 in bruisingH6213 thy teatsH1717 by the EgyptiansH4714 for the papsH7699 of thy youth.H527
Therefore, O Aholibah,H172 thus saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Behold, I will raise upH5782 thy loversH157 against thee, from whom thy mindH5315 is alienated,H5361 and I will bringH935 them against thee on every side;H5439
The BabyloniansH894, H1121, and all the Chaldeans,H3778 Pekod,H6489 and Shoa,H7772 and Koa,H6970 and all the AssyriansH804 withH1121 them: all of them desirableH2531 young men,H970 captainsH6346 and rulers,H5461 great lordsH7991 and renowned,H7121 all of them ridingH7392 upon horses.H5483
And they shall comeH935 against thee with chariots,H2021 wagons,H7393 and wheels,H1534 and with an assemblyH6951 of people,H5971 which shall setH7760 against thee bucklerH6793 and shieldH4043 and helmetH6959 round about:H5439 and I will setH5414 judgmentH4941 beforeH6440 them, and they shall judgeH8199 thee according to their judgments.H4941
And I will setH5414 my jealousyH7068 against thee, and they shall dealH6213 furiouslyH2534 with thee: they shall take awayH5493 thy noseH639 and thine ears;H241 and thy remnantH319 shall fallH5307 by the sword:H2719 they shall takeH3947 thy sonsH1121 and thy daughters;H1323 and thy residueH319 shall be devouredH398 by the fire.H784
They shall also stripH6584 thee out of thy clothes,H899 and take awayH3947 thy fairH8597 jewels.H3627
Thus will I make thy lewdnessH2154 to ceaseH7673 from thee, and thy whoredomH2184 brought from the landH776 of Egypt:H4714 so that thou shalt not lift upH5375 thine eyesH5869 unto them, nor rememberH2142 EgyptH4714 any more.
For thus saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Behold, I will deliverH5414 thee into the handH3027 of them whom thou hatest,H8130 into the handH3027 of them from whom thy mindH5315 is alienated:H5361
And they shall dealH6213 with thee hatefully,H8135 and shall take awayH3947 all thy labour,H3018 and shall leaveH5800 thee nakedH5903 and bare:H6181 and the nakednessH6172 of thy whoredomsH2183 shall be discovered,H1540 both thy lewdnessH2154 and thy whoredoms.H8457
I will doH6213 these things unto thee, because thou hast gone a whoringH2181 afterH310 the heathen,H1471 and because thou art pollutedH2930 with their idols.H1544
Thou hast walkedH1980 in the wayH1870 of thy sister;H269 therefore will I giveH5414 her cupH3563 into thine hand.H3027
Thus saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Thou shalt drinkH8354 of thy sister'sH269 cupH3563 deepH6013 and large:H7342 thou shalt be laughed to scornH6712 and had in derision;H3933 it containethH3557 much.H4767
Thou shalt be filledH4390 with drunkennessH7943 and sorrow,H3015 with the cupH3563 of astonishmentH8047 and desolation,H8077 with the cupH3563 of thy sisterH269 Samaria.H8111
Thou shalt even drinkH8354 it and suck it out,H4680 and thou shalt breakH1633 the sherdsH2789 thereof, and pluck offH5423 thine own breasts:H7699 for I have spokenH1696 it, saithH5002 the LordH136 GOD.H3069
Therefore thus saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Because thou hast forgottenH7911 me, and castH7993 me behindH310 thy back,H1458 therefore bearH5375 thou also thy lewdnessH2154 and thy whoredoms.H8457
The LORDH3068 saidH559 moreover unto me; SonH1121 of man,H120 wilt thou judgeH8199 AholahH170 and Aholibah?H172 yea, declareH5046 unto them their abominations;H844
That they have committed adultery,H5003 and bloodH1818 is in their hands,H3027 and with their idolsH1544 have they committed adultery,H5003 and have also caused their sons,H1121 whom they bareH3205 unto me, to pass for them throughH5674 the fire, to devourH402 them.
Moreover this they have doneH6213 unto me: they have defiledH2930 my sanctuaryH4720 in the same day,H3117 and have profanedH2490 my sabbaths.H767
For when they had slainH7819 their childrenH1121 to their idols,H1544 then they cameH935 the same dayH3117 into my sanctuaryH4720 to profaneH2490 it; and, lo, thus have they doneH6213 in the midstH8432 of mine house.H1004
And furthermore,H637 that ye have sentH7971 for menH582 to comeH935 from far,H4801 unto whom a messengerH4397 was sent;H7971 and, lo, they came:H935 for whom thou didst washH7364 thyself, paintedstH3583 thy eyes,H5869 and deckedstH5710 thyself with ornaments,H5716
And satestH3427 upon a statelyH3520 bed,H4296 and a tableH7979 preparedH6186 beforeH6440 it, whereupon thou hast setH7760 mine incenseH7004 and mine oil.H8081
And a voiceH6963 of a multitudeH1995 being at easeH7961 was with her: and with the menH582 of the common sortH120 wereH7230 broughtH935 SabeansH5436, H5433 from the wilderness,H4057 which putH5414 braceletsH6781 upon their hands,H3027 and beautifulH8597 crownsH5850 upon their heads.H7218
Then saidH559 I unto her that was oldH1087 in adulteries,H5004 Will they now commitH2181 whoredomsH8457 with her, and she with them?
Yet they went inH935 unto her, as they go inH935 unto a womanH802 that playeth the harlot:H2181 so went they inH935 unto AholahH170 and unto Aholibah,H172 the lewdH2154 women.H802
And the righteousH6662 men,H582 they shall judgeH8199 them after the mannerH4941 of adulteresses,H5003 and after the mannerH4941 of women that shedH8210 blood;H1818 because they are adulteresses,H5003 and bloodH1818 is in their hands.H3027
For thus saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 I will bring upH5927 a companyH6951 upon them, and will giveH5414 them to be removedH2189 and spoiled.H957
And the companyH6951 shall stoneH7275 them with stones,H68 and dispatchH1254 them with their swords;H2719 they shall slayH2026 their sonsH1121 and their daughters,H1323 and burn upH8313 their housesH1004 with fire.H784
Thus will I cause lewdnessH2154 to ceaseH7673 out of the land,H776 that all womenH802 may be taughtH3256 not to doH6213 after your lewdness.H2154
And they shall recompenseH5414 your lewdnessH2154 upon you, and ye shall bearH5375 the sinsH2399 of your idols:H1544 and ye shall knowH3045 that I am the LordH136 GOD.H3069


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