„Ale prorokował im także siódmy od Adama - Enoch, mówiąc: Oto idzie Pan, pośród dziesiątków tysięcy swoich świętych,”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: List spisany przez Judasa 1,14


King James Version
Księga Estery 2:1

Tytuł oryginalny
AfterH310 these things,H1697 when the wrathH2534 of kingH4428 AhasuerusH325 was appeased,H7918 he rememberedH2142 Vashti,H2060 and what she had done,H6213 and what was decreedH1504 against her.
Then saidH559 the king'sH4428 servantsH5288 that ministeredH8334 unto him, Let there be fairH4758, H2896 youngH5291 virginsH1330 soughtH1245 for the king:H4428
And let the kingH4428 appointH6485 officersH6496 in all the provincesH4082 of his kingdom,H4438 that they may gather togetherH6908 all the fairH4758, H2896 youngH5291 virginsH1330 unto ShushanH7800 the palace,H1002 to the houseH1004 of the women,H802 unto the custodyH3027 of HegeH1896 the king'sH4428 chamberlain,H5631 keeperH8104 of the women;H802 and let their things for purificationH8562 be givenH5414 them:
And let the maidenH5291 which pleasethH3190, H5869 the kingH4428 be queenH4427 instead of Vashti.H2060 And the thingH1697 pleasedH3190, H5869 the king;H4428 and he did so.H6213
Now in ShushanH7800 the palaceH1002 there was a certainH376 Jew,H3064 whose nameH8034 was Mordecai,H4782 the sonH1121 of Jair,H2971 the sonH1121 of Shimei,H8096 the sonH1121 of Kish,H7027 a Benjamite;H1145
Who had been carried awayH1540 from JerusalemH3389 with the captivityH1473 which had been carried awayH1540 with JeconiahH3204 kingH4428 of Judah,H3063 whom NebuchadnezzarH5019 the kingH4428 of BabylonH894 had carried away.H1540
And he brought upH539 Hadassah,H1919 that is, Esther,H635 his uncle'sH1730 daughter:H1323 for she had neither fatherH1 nor mother,H517 and the maidH5291 was fairH8389 andH3303 beautifulH4758, H2896; whom Mordecai,H4782 when her fatherH1 and motherH517 were dead,H4194 tookH3947 for his own daughter.H1323
So it came to pass, when the king'sH4428 commandmentH1697 and his decreeH1881 was heard,H8085 and when manyH7227 maidensH5291 were gathered togetherH6908 unto ShushanH7800 the palace,H1002 to the custodyH3027 of Hegai,H1896 that EstherH635 was broughtH3947 also unto the king'sH4428 house,H1004 to the custodyH3027 of Hegai,H1896 keeperH8104 of the women.H802
And the maidenH5291 pleasedH3190, H5869 him, and she obtainedH5375 kindnessH2617 of him;H6440 and he speedilyH926 gaveH5414 her her things for purification,H8562 with such things as belongedH4490 to her, and sevenH7651 maidens,H5291 which were meetH7200 to be givenH5414 her, out of the king'sH4428 house:H1004 and he preferredH8138 her and her maidsH5291 unto the bestH2896 place of the houseH1004 of the women.H802
EstherH635 had not shewedH5046 her peopleH5971 nor her kindred:H4138 for MordecaiH4782 had chargedH6680 her that she should not shewH5046 it.
And MordecaiH4782 walkedH1980 every dayH3117 beforeH6440 the courtH2691 of the women'sH802 house,H1004 to knowH3045 how EstherH635 did,H7965 and what should becomeH6213 of her.
Now when every maid'sH5291 turnH8447 was comeH5060 to go inH935 to kingH4428 Ahasuerus,H325 afterH7093 that she had been twelveH6240, H8147 months,H2320 according to the mannerH1881 of the women,H802 (for so were the daysH3117 of their purificationsH4795 accomplished,H4390 to wit, sixH8337 monthsH2320 with oilH8081 of myrrh,H4753 and sixH8337 monthsH2320 with sweet odours,H1314 and with other things for the purifyingH8562 of the women;H802)
Then thus cameH935 every maidenH5291 unto the king;H4428 whatsoever she desiredH559 was givenH5414 her to goH935 with her out of the houseH1004 of the womenH802 unto the king'sH4428 house.H1004
In the eveningH6153 she went,H935 and on the morrowH1242 she returnedH7725 into the secondH8145 houseH1004 of the women,H802 to the custodyH3027 of Shaashgaz,H8190 the king'sH4428 chamberlain,H5631 which keptH8104 the concubines:H6370 she came inH935 unto the kingH4428 no more, except the kingH4428 delightedH2654 in her, and that she were calledH7121 by name.H8034
Now when the turnH8447 of Esther,H635 the daughterH1323 of AbihailH32 the uncleH1730 of Mordecai,H4782 who had takenH3947 her for his daughter,H1323 was comeH5060 to go inH935 unto the king,H4428 she requiredH1245 nothingH1697 but what HegaiH1896 the king'sH4428 chamberlain,H5631 the keeperH8104 of the women,H802 appointed.H559 And EstherH635 obtainedH5375 favourH2580 in the sightH5869 of all them that lookedH7200 upon her.
So EstherH635 was takenH3947 unto kingH4428 AhasuerusH325 into his houseH1004 royalH4438 in the tenthH6224 month,H2320 which is the monthH2320 Tebeth,H2887 in the seventhH7651 yearH8141 of his reign.H4438
And the kingH4428 lovedH157 EstherH635 above all the women,H802 and she obtainedH5375 graceH2580 and favourH2617 in his sightH6440 more than all the virgins;H1330 so that he setH7760 the royalH4438 crownH3804 upon her head,H7218 and made her queenH4427 instead of Vashti.H2060
Then the kingH4428 madeH6213 a greatH1419 feastH4960 unto all his princesH8269 and his servants,H5650 even Esther'sH635 feast;H4960 and he madeH6213 a releaseH2010 to the provinces,H4082 and gaveH5414 gifts,H4864 according to the stateH3027 of the king.H4428
And when the virginsH1330 were gathered togetherH6908 the second time,H8145 then MordecaiH4782 satH3427 in the king'sH4428 gate.H8179
EstherH635 had not yet shewedH5046 her kindredH4138 nor her people;H5971 as MordecaiH4782 had chargedH6680 her: for EstherH635 didH6213 the commandmentH3982 of Mordecai,H4782 like as when she was brought upH545 with him.
In those days,H3117 while MordecaiH4782 satH3427 in the king'sH4428 gate,H8179 twoH8147 of the king'sH4428 chamberlains,H5631 BigthanH904 and Teresh,H8657 of those which keptH8104 the door,H5592 were wroth,H7107 and soughtH1245 to layH7971 handH3027 on the kingH4428 Ahasuerus.H325
And the thingH1697 was knownH3045 to Mordecai,H4782 who toldH5046 it unto EstherH635 the queen;H4436 and EstherH635 certifiedH559 the kingH4428 thereof in Mordecai'sH4782 name.H8034
And when inquisitionH1245 was made of the matter,H1697 it was found out;H4672 therefore they were bothH8147 hangedH8518 on a tree:H6086 and it was writtenH3789 in the bookH5612 of the chroniclesH3117, H1697 beforeH6440 the king.H4428


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