„Głowa twoja jako Karmel, a warkocze głowy twojej jako szarłat królewski zwiniony na cewki.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: Pieśń nad pieśniami 7,5


King James Version
Księga Estery 1:10

Tytuł oryginalny
Now it came to pass in the daysH3117 of Ahasuerus,H325 (this is AhasuerusH325 which reigned,H4427 from IndiaH1912 even unto Ethiopia,H3568 over an hundredH3967 and sevenH7651 and twentyH6242 provinces:H4082)
That in those days,H3117 when the kingH4428 AhasuerusH325 satH3427 on the throneH3678 of his kingdom,H4438 which was in ShushanH7800 the palace,H1002
In the thirdH7969 yearH8141 of his reign,H4427 he madeH6213 a feastH4960 unto all his princesH8269 and his servants;H5650 the powerH2428 of PersiaH6539 and Media,H4074 the noblesH6579 and princesH8269 of the provinces,H4082 being beforeH6440 him:
When he shewedH7200 the richesH6239 of his gloriousH3519 kingdomH4438 and the honourH3366 of his excellentH8597 majestyH1420 manyH7227 days,H3117 even an hundredH3967 and fourscoreH8084 days.H3117
And when these daysH3117 were expired,H4390 the kingH4428 madeH6213 a feastH4960 unto all the peopleH5971 that were presentH4672 in ShushanH7800 the palace,H1002 both unto greatH1419 and small,H6996 sevenH7651 days,H3117 in the courtH2691 of the gardenH1594 of the king'sH4428 palace;H1055
Where were white,H2353 green,H3768 and blue,H8504 hangings, fastenedH270 with cordsH2256 of fine linenH948 and purpleH713 to silverH3701 ringsH1550 and pillarsH5982 of marble:H8336 the bedsH4296 were of goldH2091 and silver,H3701 upon a pavementH7531 of red,H923 and blue,H8504 and white,H1858 and black,H5508 marble.H8336
And they gave them drinkH8248 in vesselsH3627 of gold,H2091 (the vesselsH3627 being diverseH8138 one from another,) , H3627 and royalH4438 wineH3196 in abundance,H7227 according to the stateH3027 of the king.H4428
And the drinkingH8360 was according to the law;H1881 none did compel:H597 for so the kingH4428 had appointedH3245 to all the officersH7227 of his house,H1004 that they should doH6213 according to every man'sH376 pleasure.H7522
Also VashtiH2060 the queenH4436 madeH6213 a feastH4960 for the womenH802 in the royalH4438 houseH1004 which belonged to kingH4428 Ahasuerus.H325
On the seventhH7637 day,H3117 when the heartH3820 of the kingH4428 was merryH2896 with wine,H3196 he commandedH559 Mehuman,H4104 Biztha,H968 Harbona,H2726 Bigtha,H903 and Abagtha,H5 Zethar,H2242 and Carcas,H3752 the sevenH7651 chamberlainsH5631 that servedH8334 in the presenceH6440 of AhasuerusH325 the king,H4428
To bringH935 VashtiH2060 the queenH4436 beforeH6440 the kingH4428 with the crownH3804 royal,H4438 to shewH7200 the peopleH5971 and the princesH8269 her beauty:H3308 for she was fairH2896 to look on.H4758
But the queenH4436 VashtiH2060 refusedH3985 to comeH935 at the king'sH4428 commandmentH1697 byH3027 his chamberlains:H5631 therefore was the kingH4428 veryH3966 wroth,H7107 and his angerH2534 burnedH1197 in him.
Then the kingH4428 saidH559 to the wise men,H2450 which knewH3045 the times,H6256 (for so was the king'sH4428 mannerH1697 towardH6440 all that knewH3045 lawH1881 and judgment:H1779
And the nextH7138 unto him was Carshena,H3771 Shethar,H8369 Admatha,H133 Tarshish,H8659 Meres,H4825 Marsena,H4826 and Memucan,H4462 the sevenH7651 princesH8269 of PersiaH6539 and Media,H4074 which sawH7200 the king'sH4428 face,H6440 and which satH3427 the firstH7223 in the kingdom;H4438)
What shall we doH6213 unto the queenH4436 VashtiH2060 according to law,H1881 because she hath not performedH6213 the commandmentH3982 of the kingH4428 AhasuerusH325 byH3027 the chamberlains?H5631
And MemucanH4462 answeredH559 beforeH6440 the kingH4428 and the princes,H8269 VashtiH2060 the queenH4436 hath not done wrongH5753 to the kingH4428 only, but also to all the princes,H8269 and to all the peopleH5971 that are in all the provincesH4082 of the kingH4428 Ahasuerus.H325
For this deedH1697 of the queenH4436 shall come abroadH3318 unto all women,H802 so that they shall despiseH959 their husbandsH1167 in their eyes,H5869 when it shall be reported,H559 The kingH4428 AhasuerusH325 commandedH559 VashtiH2060 the queenH4436 to be brought inH935 beforeH6440 him, but she cameH935 not.
Likewise shall the ladiesH8282 of PersiaH6539 and MediaH4074 sayH559 this dayH3117 unto all the king'sH4428 princes,H8269 which have heardH8085 of the deedH1697 of the queen.H4436 Thus shall there arise too muchH1767 contemptH963 and wrath.H7110
If it pleaseH2895 the king,H4428 let there goH3318 a royalH4438 commandmentH1697 from him,H6440 and let it be writtenH3789 among the lawsH1881 of the PersiansH6539 and the Medes,H4074 that it be not altered,H5674 That VashtiH2060 comeH935 no more beforeH6440 kingH4428 Ahasuerus;H325 and let the kingH4428 giveH5414 her royal estateH4438 unto anotherH7468 that is betterH2896 than she.
And when the king'sH4428 decreeH6599 which he shall makeH6213 shall be publishedH8085 throughout all his empire,H4438 (for it is great,H7227) all the wivesH802 shall giveH5414 to their husbandsH1167 honour,H3366 both to greatH1419 and small.H6996
And the sayingH1697 pleasedH3190, H5869 the kingH4428 and the princes;H8269 and the kingH4428 didH6213 according to the wordH1697 of Memucan:H4462
For he sentH7971 lettersH5612 into all the king'sH4428 provinces,H4082 into every provinceH4082 according to the writingH3791 thereof, and to every peopleH5971 after their language,H3956 that every manH376 should bear ruleH8323 in his own house,H1004 and that it should be publishedH1696 according to the languageH3956 of every people.H5971


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