„Krztów nauki i rąk wkładania i wstania z martwych i sądu wiekuistego.”

Biblia Brzeska: List do Hebrajczyków 6,2


King James Version
Księga Daniela 2:1

Tytuł oryginalny
And in the secondH8147 yearH8141 of the reignH4438 of NebuchadnezzarH5019 NebuchadnezzarH5019 dreamedH2492 dreams,H2472 wherewith his spiritH7307 was troubled,H6470 and his sleepH8142 brakeH1961 from him.
Then the kingH4428 commandedH559 to callH7121 the magicians,H2748 and the astrologers,H825 and the sorcerers,H3784 and the Chaldeans,H3778 for to shewH5046 the kingH4428 his dreams.H2472 So they cameH935 and stoodH5975 beforeH6440 the king.H4428
And the kingH4428 saidH559 unto them, I have dreamedH2492 a dream,H2472 and my spiritH7307 was troubledH6470 to knowH3045 the dream.H2472
Then spakeH1696 the ChaldeansH3778 to the kingH4428 in Syriack,H762 O king,H4430 liveH2418 for ever:H5957 tellH560 thy servantsH5649 the dream,H2493 and we will shewH2324 the interpretation.H6591
The kingH4430 answeredH6032 and saidH560 to the Chaldeans,H3779 The thingH4406 is goneH230 from me:H4481 ifH2006 ye will notH3809 make knownH3046 unto me the dream,H2493 with the interpretationH6591 thereof, ye shall be cutH5648 in pieces,H1917 and your housesH1005 shall be madeH7761 a dunghill.H5122
But ifH2006 ye shewH2324 the dream,H2493 and the interpretationH6591 thereof, ye shall receiveH6902 ofH4481 meH6925 giftsH4978 and rewardsH5023 and greatH7690 honour:H3367 thereforeH3861 shewH2324 me the dream,H2493 and the interpretationH6591 thereof.
They answeredH6032 againH8579 and said,H560 Let the kingH4430 tellH560 his servantsH5649 the dream,H2493 and we will shewH2324 the interpretationH6591 of it.
The kingH4430 answeredH6032 and said,H560 IH576 knowH3046 ofH4481 certaintyH3330 that yeH608 would gainH2084 the time,H5732 becauseH3606 yeH6903 seeH2370 the thingH4406 is goneH230 fromH4481 me.
But ifH2006 ye will notH3809 make knownH3046 unto me the dream,H2493 there is but oneH2298, H1932 decreeH1882 for you: for ye have preparedH2164 lyingH3538 and corruptH7844 wordsH4406 to speakH560 beforeH6925 me, tillH5705 the timeH5732 be changed:H8133 thereforeH3861 tellH560 me the dream,H2493 and I shall knowH3046 thatH1768 ye can shewH2324 me the interpretationH6591 thereof.
The ChaldeansH3779 answeredH6032 beforeH6925 the king,H4430 and said,H560 There isH383 notH3809 a manH606 uponH5922 the earthH3007 that canH3202 shewH2324 the king'sH4430 matter:H4406 thereforeH1768 thereH6903 is noH3809 king,H4430 lord,H7229 nor ruler,H7990 that askedH7593 suchH1836 thingsH4406 at anyH3606 magician,H2749 or astrologer,H826 or Chaldean.H3779
And it is a rareH3358 thingH4406 that the kingH4430 requireth,H7593 and there isH383 noneH3809 otherH321 that can shewH2324 it beforeH6925 the king,H4430 exceptH3861 the gods,H426 whose dwellingH4070 isH383 notH3809 withH5974 flesh.H1321
ForH6903 thisH1836 causeH3606 the kingH4430 was angryH1149 and veryH7690 furious,H7108 and commandedH560 to destroyH7 allH3606 the wiseH2445 men of Babylon.H895
And the decreeH1882 went forthH5312 that the wiseH2445 men should be slain;H6992 and they soughtH1156 DanielH1841 and his fellowsH2269 to be slain.H6992
ThenH116 DanielH1841 answeredH8421 with counselH5843 and wisdomH2942 to AriochH746 the captainH7229 ofH1768 the king'sH4430 guard,H2877 which was gone forthH5312 to slayH6992 the wiseH2445 men of Babylon:H895
He answeredH6032 and saidH560 to AriochH746 the king'sH4430 captain,H7990 WhyH5922 isH4101 the decreeH1882 so hastyH2685 fromH6925 theH4481 king?H4430 ThenH116 AriochH746 made the thingH4406 knownH3046 to Daniel.H1841
Then DanielH1841 went in,H5954 and desiredH1156 ofH4481 the kingH4430 that he would giveH5415 him time,H2166 and that he would shewH2324 the kingH4430 the interpretation.H6591
ThenH116 DanielH1841 wentH236 to his house,H1005 and made the thingH4406 knownH3046 to Hananiah,H2608 Mishael,H4333 and Azariah,H5839 his companions:H2269
That they would desireH1156 merciesH7359 ofH6925 theH4481 GodH426 of heavenH8065 concerningH5922 thisH1836 secret;H7328 that DanielH1841 and his fellowsH2269 should notH3809 perishH7 withH5974 the restH7606 of the wiseH2445 men of Babylon.H895
ThenH116 was the secretH7328 revealedH1541 unto DanielH1841 in a nightH3916 vision.H2376 ThenH116 DanielH1841 blessedH1289 the GodH426 of heaven.H8065
DanielH1841 answeredH6032 and said,H560 BlessedH1289 beH1934 the nameH8036 of GodH426 forH4481 everH5957 and everH5957, H5705: for wisdomH2452 and mightH1370 areH1932 his:
And he changethH8133 the timesH5732 and the seasons:H2166 he removethH5709 kings,H4430 and setteth upH6966 kings:H4430 he givethH3052 wisdomH2452 unto the wise,H2445 and knowledgeH4486 to them that knowH3046 understanding:H999
He revealethH1541 the deepH5994 and secret things:H5642 he knowethH3046 whatH4101 is in the darkness,H2816 and the lightH5094 dwellethH8271 with him.H5974
IH576 thankH3029 thee, and praiseH7624 thee, O thou GodH426 of my fathers,H2 who hast givenH3052 me wisdomH2452 and might,H1370 and hast made knownH3046 unto me nowH3705 what we desiredH1156 of thee:H4481 for thou hast now made knownH3046 unto us the king'sH4430 matter.H4406
ThereforeH1836, H3606, H6903 DanielH1841 went inH5954 untoH5922 Arioch,H746 whom the kingH4430 had ordainedH4483 to destroyH7 the wiseH2445 men of Babylon:H895 he wentH236 and saidH560 thusH3652 unto him; DestroyH7 notH409 the wiseH2445 men of Babylon:H895 bring me inH5954 beforeH6925 the king,H4430 and I will shewH2324 unto the kingH4430 the interpretation.H6591
ThenH116 AriochH746 brought inH5954 DanielH1841 beforeH6925 the kingH4430 in haste,H927 and saidH560 thusH3652 unto him, I have foundH7912 a manH1400 of the captivesH1547, H1123 ofH4481 Judah,H3061 that will make knownH3046 unto the kingH4430 the interpretation.H6591
The kingH4430 answeredH6032 and saidH560 to Daniel,H1841 whose nameH8036 was Belteshazzar,H1096 ArtH383 thou ableH3546 to make knownH3046 unto me the dreamH2493 which I have seen,H2370 and the interpretationH6591 thereof?
DanielH1841 answeredH6032 in the presenceH6925 of the king,H4430 and said,H560 The secretH7328 which the kingH4430 hath demandedH7593 cannotH3202, H3809 the wiseH2445 men, the astrologers,H826 the magicians,H2749 the soothsayers,H1505 shewH2324 unto the king;H4430
ButH1297 there isH383 a GodH426 in heavenH8065 that revealethH1541 secrets,H7328 and maketh knownH3046 to the kingH4430 NebuchadnezzarH5020 whatH4101 shall beH1934 in the latterH320 days.H3118 Thy dream,H2493 and the visionsH2376 of thy headH7217 uponH5922 thy bed,H4903 are these;H1836
As for thee,H607 O king,H4430 thy thoughtsH7476 cameH5559 into thy mind uponH5922 thy bed,H4903 whatH4101 should come to passH1934 hereafterH1836, H311: and he that revealethH1541 secretsH7328 maketh knownH3046 to thee whatH4101 shall come to pass.H1934
But as for me,H576 thisH1836 secretH7328 is notH3809 revealedH1541 to me for any wisdomH2452 that I haveH383 more thanH4481 anyH3606 living,H2417 butH3861 for their sakesH1701 thatH5922 shall make knownH3046 the interpretationH6591 to the king,H4430 and that thou mightest knowH3046 the thoughtsH7476 of thy heart.H3825
Thou,H607 O king,H4430 sawestH1934, H2370, and beholdH431 a greatH7690, H2298 image.H6755 ThisH1797 greatH7229 image,H6755 whose brightnessH2122 was excellent,H3493 stoodH6966 beforeH6903 thee; and the formH7299 thereof was terrible.H1763
This image'sH6755 headH7217 was of fineH2869 gold,H1722 his breastH2306 and his armsH1872 of silver,H3702 his bellyH4577 and his thighsH3410 of brass,H5174
His legsH8243 of iron,H6523 his feetH7271 partH4481 of ironH6523 and partH4481 of clay.H2635
Thou sawestH2370, H1934 tillH5705 that a stoneH69 was cut outH1505 withoutH3809 hands,H3028 which smoteH4223 the imageH6755 uponH5922 his feetH7271 that were of ironH6523 and clay,H2635 and brakeH1855 themH1994 to pieces.H1855
ThenH116 was the iron,H6523 the clay,H2635 the brass,H5174 the silver,H3702 and the gold,H1722 broken to piecesH1855, H1751 together,H2298 and becameH1934 like the chaffH5784 ofH4481 the summerH7007 threshingfloors;H147 and the windH7308 carriedH5376 themH1994 away,H5376 thatH3606 noH3809 placeH870 was foundH7912 for them: and the stoneH69 that smoteH4223 the imageH6755 becameH1934 a greatH7229 mountain,H2906 and filledH4391 the wholeH3606 earth.H772
ThisH1836 is the dream;H2493 and we will tellH560 the interpretationH6591 thereof beforeH6925 the king.H4430
Thou,H607 O king,H4430 art a kingH4430 of kings:H4430 for the GodH426 of heavenH8065 hath givenH3052 thee a kingdom,H4437 power,H2632 and strength,H8632 and glory.H3367
And wheresoeverH3606 the childrenH1123 of menH606 dwell,H1753 the beastsH2423 of the fieldH1251 and the fowlsH5776 of the heavenH8065 hath he givenH3052 into thine hand,H3028 and hath made thee rulerH7981 over them all.H3606 ThouH607 art this headH7217 of gold.H1722
And afterH870 thee shall ariseH6966 anotherH317 kingdomH4437 inferiorH772 to thee,H4481 and anotherH317 thirdH8523 kingdomH4437 of brass,H5174 which shall bear ruleH7981 over allH3606 the earth.H772
And the fourthH7244 kingdomH4437 shall beH1934 strongH8624 as iron:H6523 forasmuch as ironH6523 breaketh in piecesH1855 and subduethH2827 allH3606 things: and asH6903 ironH6523 that breakethH7490 allH3606 these,H459 shall it break in piecesH1855 and bruise.H7490
And whereas thou sawestH2370 the feetH7271 and toes,H677 partH4481 of potters'H6353 clay,H2635 and partH4481 of iron,H6523 the kingdomH4437 shall beH1934 divided;H6386 butH4481 there shall beH1934 in it ofH4481 the strengthH5326 of the iron,H6523 forasmuch asH6903 thouH3606 sawestH2370 the ironH6523 mixedH6151 with miryH2917 clay.H2635
And as the toesH677 of the feetH7271 were partH4481 of iron,H6523 and partH4481 of clay,H2635 so the kingdomH4437 shall beH1934 partlyH7118, H4481 strong,H8624 and partlyH7118, H4481 broken.H8406
And whereasH1768 thou sawestH2370 ironH6523 mixedH6151 with miryH2917 clay,H2635 they shall mingle themselvesH1934, H6151 with the seedH2234 of men:H606 but they shallH1934 notH3809 cleaveH1693 oneH1836 toH5974 another,H1836 evenH1888 as ironH6523 is notH3809 mixedH6151 with clay.H2635
And in the daysH3118 of theseH581 kingsH4430 shall the GodH426 of heavenH8065 set upH6966 a kingdom,H4437 which shall neverH3809 beH5957 destroyed:H2255 and the kingdomH4437 shall notH3809 be leftH7662 to otherH321 people,H5972 but it shall break in piecesH1855 and consumeH5487 allH3606 theseH459 kingdoms,H4437 and itH1932 shall standH6966 for ever.H5957
Forasmuch asH6903 thouH3606 sawestH2370 that the stoneH69 was cut outH1505 of the mountainH2906 withoutH3809 hands,H3028 and that it brake in piecesH1855 the iron,H6523 the brass,H5174 the clay,H2635 the silver,H3702 and the gold;H1722 the greatH7229 GodH426 hath made knownH3046 to the kingH4430 whatH4101 shall come to passH1934 hereafterH1836, H311: and the dreamH2493 is certain,H3330 and the interpretationH6591 thereof sure.H540
ThenH116 the kingH4430 NebuchadnezzarH5020 fellH5308 uponH5922 his face,H600 and worshippedH5457 Daniel,H1841 and commandedH560 that they should offerH5260 an oblationH4504 and sweet odoursH5208 unto him.
The kingH4430 answeredH6032 unto Daniel,H1841 and said,H560 OfH4481 a truthH7187 it is, thatH1768 your GodH426 is a GodH426 of gods,H426 and a LordH4756 of kings,H4430 and a revealerH1541 of secrets,H7328 seeing thou couldestH3202 revealH1541 thisH1836 secret.H7328
ThenH116 the kingH4430 madeH7236 DanielH1841 a great man,H7236 and gaveH3052 him manyH7690 greatH7260 gifts,H4978 and made him rulerH7981 overH5922 the wholeH3606 provinceH4083 of Babylon,H895 and chiefH7229 of the governorsH5460 overH5922 allH3606 the wiseH2445 men of Babylon.H895
Then DanielH1841 requestedH1156 ofH4481 the king,H4430 and he setH4483 Shadrach,H7715 Meshach,H4336 and Abednego,H5665 overH5922 the affairsH5673 of the provinceH4083 of Babylon:H895 but DanielH1841 sat in the gateH8651 of the king.H4430


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