„jeden Bóg i Ociec wszytkich, który jest nade wszytkie i po wszytkim i we wszytkich nas.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: List do Efezjan 4,6

King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Mateusza 27:26

Tytuł oryginalny
WhenG1161 the morningG4405 was come,G1096 allG3956 the chief priestsG749 andG2532 eldersG4245 of the peopleG2992 tookG2983 counselG4824 againstG2596 JesusG2424 toG5620 putG2289 himG846 to death:G2289
AndG2532 when they had boundG1210 him,G846 they led him away,G520 andG2532 deliveredG3860 himG846 to PontiusG4194 PilateG4091 the governor.G2232
ThenG5119 Judas,G2455 whichG3588 had betrayedG3860 him,G846 when he sawG1492 thatG3754 he was condemned,G2632 repented himself,G3338 and brought againG654 the thirtyG5144 pieces of silverG694 to the chief priestsG749 andG2532 elders,G4245
Saying,G3004 I have sinnedG264 in that I have betrayedG3860 the innocentG121 blood.G129 AndG1161 they said,G2036 WhatG5101 is that toG4314 us?G2248 seeG3700 thouG4771 to that.
AndG2532 he cast downG4496 the pieces of silverG694 inG1722 the temple,G3485 and departed,G402 andG2532 wentG565 and hanged himself.G519
AndG1161 the chief priestsG749 tookG2983 the silver pieces,G694 and said,G2036 It isG1832 notG3756 lawfulG1832 for to putG906 themG846 intoG1519 the treasury,G2878 becauseG1893 it isG2076 the priceG5092 of blood.G129
AndG1161 they tookG2983 counsel,G4824 and boughtG59 withG1537 themG846 the potter'sG2763 field,G68 toG1519 buryG5027 strangersG3581 in.G5027
WhereforeG1352 thatG1565 fieldG68 was called,G2564 The fieldG68 of blood,G129 untoG2193 this day.G4594
ThenG5119 was fulfilledG4137 that whichG3588 was spokenG4483 byG1223 JeremyG2408 the prophet,G4396 saying,G3004 AndG2532 they tookG2983 the thirtyG5144 pieces of silver,G694 the priceG5092 of him that was valued,G5091 whomG3739 they ofG575 the childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 did value;G5091
AndG2532 gaveG1325 themG846 forG1519 the potter'sG2763 field,G68 asG2505 the LordG2962 appointedG4929 me.G3427
AndG1161 JesusG2424 stoodG2476 beforeG1715 the governor:G2232 andG2532 the governorG2232 askedG1905 him,G846 saying,G3004 ArtG1488 thouG4771 the KingG935 of the Jews?G2453 AndG1161 JesusG2424 saidG5346 unto him,G846 ThouG4771 sayest.G3004
AndG2532 whenG1722 heG846 was accusedG2723 ofG5259 the chief priestsG749 andG2532 elders,G4245 he answeredG611 nothing.G3762
ThenG5119 saidG3004 PilateG4091 unto him,G846 Hearest thouG191 notG3756 how many thingsG4214 they witness againstG2649 thee?G4675
AndG2532 he answeredG611, G3756 himG846 toG4314 neverG3761 aG1520 word;G4487 insomuchG5620 that the governorG2232 marvelledG2296 greatly.G3029
NowG1161 atG2596 that feastG1859 the governorG2232 was wontG1486 to releaseG630 unto the peopleG3793 aG1520 prisoner,G1198 whomG3739 they would.G2309
AndG1161 they hadG2192 thenG5119 a notableG1978 prisoner,G1198 calledG3004 Barabbas.G912
ThereforeG3767 when theyG846 were gathered together,G4863 PilateG4091 saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhomG5101 will yeG2309 that I releaseG630 unto you?G5213 Barabbas,G912 orG2228 JesusG2424 whichG3588 is calledG3004 Christ?G5547
ForG1063 he knewG1492 thatG3754 forG1223 envyG5355 they had deliveredG3860 him.G846
WhenG1161 heG846 was set downG2521 onG1909 the judgment seat,G968 hisG846 wifeG1135 sentG649 untoG4314 him,G846 sayingG3004, G2532, Have thouG4671 nothingG3367 to do with thatG1565 just man:G1342 forG1063 I have sufferedG3958 many thingsG4183 this dayG4594 inG2596 a dreamG3677 becauseG1223 of him.G846
ButG1161 the chief priestsG749 andG2532 eldersG4245 persuadedG3982 the multitudeG3793 thatG2443 they should askG154 Barabbas,G912 andG1161 destroyG622 Jesus.G2424
The governorG2232 answeredG611 andG1161 saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhetherG5101 ofG575 the twainG1417 will yeG2309 that I releaseG630 unto youG5213, G1161? They said,G2036 Barabbas.G912
PilateG4091 saithG3004 unto them,G846 WhatG5101 shall I doG4160 thenG3767 with JesusG2424 whichG3588 is calledG3004 Christ?G5547 They allG3956 sayG3004 unto him,G846 Let him be crucified.G4717
AndG1161 the governorG2232 said,G5346 Why,G1063 whatG5101 evilG2556 hath he done?G4160 ButG1161 they cried outG2896 the more,G4057 saying,G3004 Let him be crucified.G4717
WhenG1161 PilateG4091 sawG1492 thatG3754 he could prevailG5623 nothing,G3762 butG235 that ratherG3123 a tumultG2351 was made,G1096 he tookG2983 water,G5204 and washedG633 his handsG5495 beforeG561 the multitude,G3793 saying,G3004 I amG1510 innocentG121 ofG575 the bloodG129 of thisG5127 just person:G1342 seeG3700 yeG5210 to it.
ThenG2532 answeredG611 allG3956 the people,G2992 and said,G2036 HisG846 bloodG129 be onG1909 us,G2248 andG2532 onG1909 ourG2257 children.G5043
ThenG5119 released heG630 BarabbasG912 unto them:G846 andG1161 when he had scourgedG5417 Jesus,G2424 he deliveredG3860 him toG2443 be crucified.G4717
ThenG5119 the soldiersG4757 of the governorG2232 tookG3880 JesusG2424 intoG1519 the common hall,G4232 and gatheredG4863 untoG1909 himG846 the wholeG3650 bandG4686 of soldiers.
AndG2532 they strippedG1562 him,G846 and put onG4060 himG846 a scarletG2847 robe.G5511
AndG2532 when they had plattedG4120 a crownG4735 ofG1537 thorns,G173 they putG2007 it uponG1909 hisG846 head,G2776 andG2532 a reedG2563 inG1909 hisG846 right hand:G1188 andG2532 they bowed the kneeG1120 beforeG1715 him,G846 and mockedG1702 him,G846 saying,G3004 Hail,G5463 KingG935 of the Jews!G2453
AndG2532 they spitG1716 uponG1519 him,G846 and tookG2983 the reed,G2563 andG2532 smoteG5180 himG846 onG1519 the head.G2776
AndG2532 afterG3753 that they had mockedG1702 him,G846 they tookG1562 the robeG5511 offG1562 from him,G846 andG2532 putG1746 his ownG846 raimentG2440 onG1746 him,G846 andG2532 ledG520 himG846 awayG520 toG1519 crucifyG4717 him.
AndG1161 as they came out,G1831 they foundG2147 a manG444 of Cyrene,G2956 SimonG4613 by name:G3686 himG5126 they compelledG29 toG2443 bearG142 hisG846 cross.G4716
AndG2532 when they were comeG2064 untoG1519 a placeG5117 calledG3004 Golgotha,G1115 thatG3739 isG2076 to say,G3004 a placeG5117 of a skull,G2898
They gaveG1325 himG846 vinegarG3690 to drinkG4095 mingledG3396 withG3326 gall:G5521 andG2532 when he had tastedG1089 thereof, he wouldG2309 notG3756 drink.G4095
AndG1161 they crucifiedG4717 him,G846 and partedG1266 hisG846 garments,G2440 castingG906 lots:G2819 thatG2443 it might be fulfilledG4137 whichG3588 was spokenG4483 byG5259 the prophet,G4396 They partedG1266 myG3450 garmentsG2440 among them,G1438 andG2532 uponG1909 myG3450 vestureG2441 did they castG906 lots.G2819
AndG2532 sitting downG2521 they watchedG5083 himG846 there;G1563
AndG2532 set upG2007 overG1883 hisG846 headG2776 hisG846 accusationG156 written,G1125 THISG3778 ISG2076 JESUSG2424 THE KINGG935 OF THE JEWS.G2453
ThenG5119 were there twoG1417 thievesG3027 crucifiedG4717 withG4862 him,G846 oneG1520 onG1537 the right hand,G1188 andG2532 anotherG1520 onG1537 the left.G2176
AndG1161 they that passed byG3899 reviledG987 him,G846 waggingG2795 theirG846 heads,G2776
AndG2532 saying,G3004 Thou that destroyestG2647 the temple,G3485 andG2532 buildestG3618 it inG1722 threeG5140 days,G2250 saveG4982 thyself.G4572 IfG1487 thou beG1488 the SonG5207 of God,G2316 come downG2597 fromG575 the cross.G4716
LikewiseG3668 alsoG2532 the chief priestsG749 mockingG1702 him, withG3326 the scribesG1122 andG2532 elders,G4245 said,G3004
He savedG4982 others;G243 himselfG1438 he cannotG1410, G3756 save.G4982 IfG1487 he beG2076 the KingG935 of Israel,G2474 let himG2597 nowG3568 come downG2597 fromG575 the cross,G4716 andG2532 we will believeG4100 him.G846
He trustedG3982 inG1909 God;G2316 let him deliverG4506 himG846 now,G3568 ifG1487 he will haveG2309 him:G846 forG1063 he saidG2036, G3754, I amG1510 the SonG5207 of God.G2316
TheG1161 thievesG3027 also,G2532 whichG3588 were crucifiedG4957 with him,G846 castG3679 the sameG846 in hisG846 teeth.G3679
NowG1161 fromG575 the sixthG1623 hourG5610 there wasG1096 darknessG4655 overG1909 allG3956 the landG1093 untoG2193 the ninthG1766 hour.G5610
AndG1161 aboutG4012 the ninthG1766 hourG5610 JesusG2424 criedG310 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 saying,G3004 Eli,G2241 Eli,G2241 lamaG2982 sabachthani?G4518 thatG5123 is to say, MyG3450 God,G2316 myG3450 God,G2316 whyG2444 hast thou forsakenG1459 me?G3165
SomeG1161 of themG5100 that stoodG2476 there,G1563 when they heardG191 that, saidG3004, G3754, ThisG3778 man calleth forG5455 Elias.G2243
AndG2532 straightwayG2112 oneG1520 ofG1537 themG846 ran,G5143 andG2532 tookG2983 a spunge,G4699 andG5037 filledG4130 it with vinegar,G3690 andG2532 put it onG4060 a reed,G2563 and gaveG4222 himG846 to drink.G4222
TheG1161 restG3062 said,G3004 Let be,G863 let us seeG1492 whetherG1487 EliasG2243 will comeG2064 to saveG4982 him.G846
Jesus,G2424 when he had criedG2896 againG3825 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 yielded upG863 the ghost.G4151
And,G2532 behold,G2400 the veilG2665 of the templeG3485 was rentG4977 inG1519 twainG1417 fromG575 the topG509 toG2193 the bottom;G2736 andG2532 the earthG1093 did quake,G4579 andG2532 the rocksG4073 rent;G4977
AndG2532 the gravesG3419 were opened;G455 andG2532 manyG4183 bodiesG4983 of the saintsG40 whichG3588 sleptG2837 arose,G1453
AndG2532 cameG1831 out ofG1537 the gravesG3419 afterG3326 hisG846 resurrection,G1454 and wentG1525 intoG1519 the holyG40 city,G4172 andG2532 appearedG1718 unto many.G4183
NowG1161 when the centurion,G1543 andG2532 they that were withG3326 him,G846 watchingG5083 Jesus,G2424 sawG1492 the earthquake,G4578 andG2532 those things that were done,G1096 they fearedG5399 greatly,G4970 saying,G3004 TrulyG230 thisG3778 wasG2258 the SonG5207 of God.G2316
AndG1161 manyG4183 womenG1135 wereG2258 thereG1563 beholdingG2334 afar offG3113, G575, whichG3748 followedG190 JesusG2424 fromG575 Galilee,G1056 ministeringG1247 unto him:G846
AmongG1722 whichG3739 wasG2258 MaryG3137 Magdalene,G3094 andG2532 MaryG3137 the motherG3384 of JamesG2385 andG2532 Joses,G2500 andG2532 the motherG3384 of Zebedee'sG2199 children.G5207
WhenG1161 the evenG3798 was come,G1096 there cameG2064 a richG4145 manG444 ofG575 Arimathaea,G707 namedG5122 Joseph,G2501 whoG3739 alsoG2532 himselfG846 wasG3100 Jesus'G2424 disciple:G3100
HeG3778 wentG4334 to Pilate,G4091 and beggedG154 the bodyG4983 of Jesus.G2424 ThenG5119 PilateG4091 commandedG2753 the bodyG4983 to be delivered.G591
AndG2532 when JosephG2501 had takenG2983 the body,G4983 he wrappedG1794 itG846 in a cleanG2513 linen cloth,G4616
AndG2532 laidG5087 itG846 inG1722 his ownG846 newG2537 tomb,G3419 whichG3739 he had hewn outG2998 inG1722 the rock:G4073 andG2532 he rolledG4351 a greatG3173 stoneG3037 to the doorG2374 of the sepulchre,G3419 and departed.G565
AndG1161 thereG1563 wasG2258 MaryG3137 Magdalene,G3094 andG2532 the otherG243 Mary,G3137 sittingG2521 over againstG561 the sepulchre.G5028
NowG1161 the next day,G1887 thatG3748 followedG2076, G3326 the day of the preparation,G3904 the chief priestsG749 andG2532 PhariseesG5330 came togetherG4863 untoG4314 Pilate,G4091
Saying,G3004 Sir,G2962 we rememberG3415 thatG3754 thatG1565 deceiverG4108 said,G2036 while he was yetG2089 alive,G2198 AfterG3326 threeG5140 daysG2250 I will rise again.G1453
CommandG2753 thereforeG3767 that the sepulchreG5028 be made sureG805 untilG2193 the thirdG5154 day,G2250 lestG3379 hisG846 disciplesG3101 comeG2064 by night,G3571 and stealG2813 himG846 away,G2813 andG2532 sayG2036 unto the people,G2992 He is risenG1453 fromG575 the dead:G3498 soG2532 the lastG2078 errorG4106 shall beG2071 worse thanG5501 the first.G4413
PilateG4091 saidG5346 unto them,G846 Ye haveG2192 a watch:G2892 go your way,G5217 make it as sureG805 asG5613 ye can.G1492
SoG1161 they went,G4198 and madeG805 the sepulchreG5028 sure,G805 sealingG4972 the stone,G3037 and settingG3326 a watch.G2892


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