„Ja zaś bardzo chętnie poniosę wydatki i nawet siebie samego wydam za dusze wasze. Czyż więc, coraz bardziej was miłując, mniej będę miłowany?”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: 2 List do Koryntian 12,15

King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Mateusza 13:1

Tytuł oryginalny
The sameG1565, G1722 dayG2250 wentG1831 JesusG2424 out ofG575 the house,G3614 and satG2521 byG3844 the sea side.G2281
AndG2532 greatG4183 multitudesG3793 were gathered togetherG4863 untoG4314 him,G846 so thatG5620 heG846 wentG1684 intoG1519 a ship,G4143 and sat;G2521 andG2532 the wholeG3956 multitudeG3793 stoodG2476 onG1909 the shore.G123
AndG2532 he spakeG2980 many thingsG4183 unto themG846 inG1722 parables,G3850 saying,G3004 Behold,G2400 a sowerG4687 went forthG1831 to sow;G4687
AndG2532 whenG1722 heG846 sowed,G4687 someG3303 seedsG3739 fellG4098 byG3844 the way side,G3598 andG2532 the fowlsG4071 cameG2064 andG2532 devouredG2719 themG846 up:G2719
SomeG243, G1161 fellG4098 uponG1909 stony places,G4075 whereG3699 they hadG2192 notG3756 muchG4183 earth:G1093 andG2532 forthwithG2112 they sprung up,G1816 becauseG1223 they hadG2192 noG3361 deepnessG899 of earth:G1093
AndG1161 when the sunG2246 was up,G393 they were scorched;G2739 andG2532 becauseG1223 they hadG2192 noG3361 root,G4491 they withered away.G3583
AndG1161 someG243 fellG4098 amongG1909 thorns;G173 andG2532 the thornsG173 sprung up,G305 andG2532 chokedG638 them:G846
ButG1161 otherG243 fellG4098 intoG1909 goodG2570 ground,G1093 andG2532 brought forthG1325 fruit,G2590 someG3303 anG3739 hundredfoldG1540, G1161, someG3739 sixtyfoldG1835, G1161, someG3739 thirtyfold.G5144
WhoG3588 hathG2192 earsG3775 to hear,G191 let him hear.G191
AndG2532 the disciplesG3101 came,G4334 and saidG2036 unto him,G846 WhyG1302 speakest thouG2980 unto themG846 inG1722 parables?G3850
He answeredG611 andG1161 saidG2036 unto them,G846 BecauseG3754 it is givenG1325 unto youG5213 to knowG1097 the mysteriesG3466 of the kingdomG932 of heaven,G3772 butG1161 to themG1565 it isG1325 notG3756 given.G1325
ForG1063 whosoeverG3748 hath,G2192 to himG846 shall be given,G1325 andG2532 he shall have more abundance:G4052 butG1161 whosoeverG3748 hathG2192 not,G3756 fromG575 himG846 shall be taken awayG142 evenG2532 thatG3739 he hath.G2192
ThereforeG5124 speakG1223 IG2980 to themG846 inG1722 parables:G3850 becauseG3754 they seeingG991 seeG991 not;G3756 andG2532 hearingG191 they hearG191 not,G3756 neitherG3761 do they understand.G4920
AndG2532 inG1909 themG846 is fulfilledG378 the prophecyG4394 of Esaias,G2268 whichG3588 saith,G3004 By hearingG189 ye shall hear,G191 andG2532 shallG4920 notG3364 understand;G4920 andG2532 seeingG991 ye shall see,G991 andG2532 shallG1492 notG3364 perceive:G1492
ForG1063 thisG5127 people'sG2992 heartG2588 is waxed gross,G3975 andG2532 their earsG3775 are dullG917 of hearing,G191 andG2532 theirG846 eyesG3788 they have closed;G2576 lest at any timeG3379 they should seeG1492 with their eyes,G3788 andG2532 hearG191 with their ears,G3775 andG2532 should understandG4920 with their heart,G2588 andG2532 should be converted,G1994 andG2532 I should healG2390 them.G846
ButG1161 blessedG3107 are yourG5216 eyes,G3788 forG3754 they see:G991 andG2532 yourG5216 ears,G3775 forG3754 they hear.G191
ForG1063 verilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ThatG3754 manyG4183 prophetsG4396 andG2532 righteousG1342 men have desiredG1937 to seeG1492 those things whichG3739 ye see,G991 andG2532 haveG1492 notG3756 seenG1492 them; andG2532 to hearG191 those things whichG3739 ye hear,G191 andG2532 haveG191 notG3756 heardG191 them.
HearG191 yeG5210 thereforeG3767 the parableG3850 of the sower.G4687
When anyG3956 one hearethG191 the wordG3056 of the kingdom,G932 andG2532 understandethG4920 it not,G3361 then comethG2064 the wickedG4190 one, andG2532 catcheth awayG726 that whichG3588 was sownG4687 inG1722 hisG846 heart.G2588 ThisG3778 isG2076 he which received seedG4687 byG3844 the way side.G3598
ButG1161 he that received the seedG4687 intoG1909 stony places,G4075 the sameG3778 isG2076 he that hearethG191 the word,G3056 andG2532 anonG2117 withG3326 joyG5479 receivethG2983 it;G846
YetG1161 hath heG2192 notG3756 rootG4491 inG1722 himself,G1438 butG235 durethG2076 for a while:G4340 forG1161 when tribulationG2347 orG2228 persecutionG1375 arisethG1096 becauseG1223 of the word,G3056 by and byG2117 he is offended.G4624
He alsoG1161 that received seedG4687 amongG1519 the thornsG173 isG2076 he thatG3778 hearethG191 the word;G3056 andG2532 the careG3308 of thisG5127 world,G165 andG2532 the deceitfulnessG539 of riches,G4149 chokeG4846 the word,G3056 andG2532 he becomethG1096 unfruitful.G175
ButG1161 he that received seedG4687 intoG1909 the goodG2570 groundG1093 isG2076 heG3778 that hearethG191 the word,G3056 andG2532 understandethG4920 it; whichG3739 alsoG1211 beareth fruit,G2592 andG2532 bringeth forth,G4160 someG3303 anG3739 hundredfoldG1540, G1161, someG3739 sixtyG1835, G1161, someG3739 thirty.G5144
AnotherG243 parableG3850 put he forthG3908 unto them,G846 saying,G3004 The kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 is likenedG3666 unto a manG444 which sowedG4687 goodG2570 seedG4690 inG1722 hisG846 field:G68
ButG1161 whileG1722 menG444 slept,G2518 hisG846 enemyG2190 cameG2064 andG2532 sowedG4687 taresG2215 amongG3319 theG303 wheat,G4621 andG2532 went his way.G565
ButG1161 whenG3753 the bladeG5528 was sprung up,G985 andG2532 brought forthG4160 fruit,G2590 thenG5119 appearedG5316 the taresG2215 also.G2532
SoG1161 the servantsG1401 of the householderG3617 cameG4334 and saidG2036 unto him,G846 Sir,G2962 didstG4687 notG3780 thou sowG4687 goodG2570 seedG4690 inG1722 thyG4674 field?G68 from whenceG4159 thenG3767 hath itG2192 tares?G2215
HeG1161 saidG5346 unto them,G846 An enemyG444 hathG2190 doneG4160 thisG5124, G1161. The servantsG1401 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Wilt thouG2309 thenG3767 that we goG565 and gatherG4816 themG846 up?G4816
ButG1161 he said,G5346 Nay;G3756 lestG3379 while ye gather upG4816 the tares,G2215 ye root upG1610 also the wheatG4621 withG260 them.G846
LetG863 bothG297 grow togetherG4885 untilG3360 the harvest:G2326 andG2532 inG1722 the timeG2540 of harvestG2326 I will sayG2046 to the reapers,G2327 Gather ye togetherG4816 firstG4412 the tares,G2215 andG2532 bindG1210 themG846 inG1519 bundlesG1197 toG4314 burnG2618 them:G846 butG1161 gatherG4863 the wheatG4621 intoG1519 myG3450 barn.G596
AnotherG243 parableG3850 put he forthG3908 unto them,G846 saying,G3004 The kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 to a grainG2848 of mustard seed,G4615 whichG3739 a manG444 took,G2983 and sowedG4687 inG1722 hisG846 field:G68
WhichG3739 indeedG3303 isG2076 the leastG3398 of allG3956 seeds:G4690 butG1161 whenG3752 it is grown,G837 it isG2076 the greatestG3187 among herbs,G3001 andG2532 becomethG1096 a tree,G1186 so thatG5620 the birdsG4071 of the airG3772 comeG2064 andG2532 lodgeG2681 inG1722 the branchesG2798 thereof.G846
AnotherG243 parableG3850 spake heG2980 unto them;G846 The kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 unto leaven,G2219 whichG3739 a womanG1135 took,G2983 and hidG1470 inG1519 threeG5140 measuresG4568 of meal,G224 tillG2193 the wholeG3650 wasG3739 leavened.G2220
AllG3956 these thingsG5023 spakeG2980 JesusG2424 unto the multitudeG3793 inG1722 parables;G3850 andG2532 withoutG5565 a parableG3850 spake heG2980 notG3756 unto them:G846
ThatG3704 it might be fulfilledG4137 whichG3588 was spokenG4483 byG1223 the prophet,G4396 saying,G3004 I will openG455 myG3450 mouthG4750 inG1722 parables;G3850 I will utterG2044 things which have been kept secretG2928 fromG575 the foundationG2602 of the world.G2889
ThenG5119 JesusG2424 sentG863 the multitudeG3793 away,G863 and wentG2064 intoG1519 the house:G3614 andG2532 hisG846 disciplesG3101 cameG4334 unto him,G846 saying,G3004 DeclareG5419 unto usG2254 the parableG3850 of the taresG2215 of the field.G68
He answeredG611 andG1161 saidG2036 unto them,G846 He that sowethG4687 the goodG2570 seedG4690 isG2076 the SonG5207 of man;G444
TheG1161 fieldG68 isG2076 the worldG2889, G1161; the goodG2570 seedG4690 areG1526, G3778 the childrenG5207 of the kingdom;G932 butG1161 the taresG2215 areG1526 the childrenG5207 of the wickedG4190 one;
TheG1161 enemyG2190 that sowedG4687 themG846 isG2076 the devilG1228, G1161; the harvestG2326 isG2076 the endG4930 of the world;G165 andG1161 the reapersG2327 areG1526 the angels.G32
AsG5618 thereforeG3767 the taresG2215 are gatheredG4816 andG2532 burnedG2618 in the fire;G4442 soG3779 shall it beG2071 inG1722 the endG4930 of thisG5127 world.G165
The SonG5207 of manG444 shall send forthG649 hisG846 angels,G32 andG2532 they shall gatherG4816 out ofG1537 hisG846 kingdomG932 all thingsG3956 that offend,G4625 andG2532 them which doG4160 iniquity;G458
AndG2532 shall castG906 themG846 intoG1519 a furnaceG2575 of fire:G4442 thereG1563 shall beG2071 wailingG2805 andG2532 gnashingG1030 of teeth.G3599
ThenG5119 shall the righteousG1342 shine forthG1584 asG5613 the sunG2246 inG1722 the kingdomG932 of theirG846 Father.G3962 WhoG3588 hathG2192 earsG3775 to hear,G191 let him hear.G191
Again,G3825 the kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 unto treasureG2344 hidG2928 inG1722 a field;G68 the whichG3739 when a manG444 hath found,G2147 he hideth,G2928 andG2532 forG575 joyG5479 thereofG846 goethG5217 andG2532 sellethG4453 allG3956 thatG3745 he hath,G2192 andG2532 buyethG59 thatG1565 field.G68
Again,G3825 the kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 unto a merchantG1713 man,G444 seekingG2212 goodlyG2570 pearls:G3135
Who,G3739 when he had foundG2147 oneG1520 pearlG3135 of great price,G4186 wentG565 and soldG4097 allG3956 thatG3745 he had,G2192 andG2532 boughtG59 it.G846
Again,G3825 the kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 unto a net,G4522 that was castG906 intoG1519 the sea,G2281 andG2532 gatheredG4863 ofG1537 everyG3956 kind:G1085
Which,G3739 whenG3753 it was full,G4137 they drewG307 toG1909 shore,G123 andG2532 sat down,G2523 and gatheredG4816 the goodG2570 intoG1519 vessels,G30 butG1161 castG906 the badG4550 away.G1854
SoG3779 shall it beG2071 atG1722 the endG4930 of the world:G165 the angelsG32 shall come forth,G1831 andG2532 severG873 the wickedG4190 fromG1537 amongG3319 the just,G1342
AndG2532 shall castG906 themG846 intoG1519 the furnaceG2575 of fire:G4442 thereG1563 shall beG2071 wailingG2805 andG2532 gnashingG1030 of teeth.G3599
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto them,G846 Have ye understoodG4920 allG3956 theseG5023 things?G3956 They sayG3004 unto him,G846 Yea,G3483 Lord.G2962
ThenG1161 saidG2036 he unto them,G846 ThereforeG5124, G1223 everyG3956 scribeG1122 which is instructedG3100 untoG1519 the kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 isG2076 likeG3664 unto a manG444 that is an householder,G3617 whichG3748 bringeth forthG1544 out ofG1537 hisG846 treasureG2344 things newG2537 andG2532 old.G3820
AndG2532 it came to pass,G1096 that whenG3753 JesusG2424 had finishedG5055 theseG5025 parables,G3850 he departedG3332 thence.G1564
AndG2532 when he was comeG2064 intoG1519 his ownG846 country,G3968 he taughtG1321 themG846 inG1722 theirG846 synagogue,G4864 insomuch thatG5620 theyG846 were astonished,G1605 andG2532 said,G3004 WhenceG4159 hath this manG5129 thisG3778 wisdom,G4678 andG2532 these mighty works?G1411
IsG2076 notG3756 thisG3778 the carpenter'sG5045 son?G5207 isG3004 notG3780 hisG846 motherG3384 calledG3004 Mary?G3137 andG2532 hisG846 brethren,G80 James,G2385 andG2532 Joses,G2500 andG2532 Simon,G4613 andG2532 Judas?G2455
AndG2532 hisG846 sisters,G79 are theyG1526 notG3780 allG3956 withG4314 us?G2248 WhenceG4159 thenG3767 hath this manG5129 allG3956 these things?G5023
AndG2532 they were offendedG4624 inG1722 him.G846 ButG1161 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto them,G846 A prophetG4396 isG2076 notG3756 without honour,G820 saveG1508 inG1722 his ownG846 country,G3968 andG2532 inG1722 his ownG846 house.G3614
AndG2532 he didG4160 notG3756 manyG4183 mighty worksG1411 thereG1563 becauseG1223 of theirG846 unbelief.G570


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