„Te słowa, spośród ognia na górze, obłoku oraz mgły, wypowiedział WIEKUISTY do całego waszego zgromadzenia; głosem doniosłym, nieprzerwanym; spisał je na dwóch kamiennych tablicach i mi je oddał.”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: V Księga Mojżesza 5,19

King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Mateusza 12:1

Tytuł oryginalny
AtG1722 thatG1565 timeG2540 JesusG2424 wentG4198 on the sabbath dayG4521 throughG1223 the corn;G4702 andG1161 hisG846 disciplesG3101 were an hungred,G3983 andG2532 beganG756 to pluckG5089 the ears of corn,G4719 andG2532 to eat.G2068
ButG1161 when the PhariseesG5330 sawG1492 it, they saidG2036 unto him,G846 Behold,G2400 thyG4675 disciplesG3101 doG4160 that whichG3739 isG1832 notG3756 lawfulG1832 to doG4160 uponG1722 the sabbath day.G4521
ButG1161 he saidG2036 unto them,G846 Have yeG314 notG3756 readG314 whatG5101 DavidG1138 did,G4160 whenG3753 heG846 was an hungred,G3983 andG2532 theyG3326 that were with him;G846
HowG4459 he entered intoG1525, G1519 the houseG3624 of God,G2316 andG2532 did eatG5315 the shewbreadG4286, G740, whichG3739 wasG2258 notG3756 lawfulG1832 for himG846 to eat,G5315 neither forG3761 them whichG3326 were with him,G846 butG1508 onlyG3441 for the priests?G2409
OrG2228 have yeG314 notG3756 readG314 inG1722 the law,G3551 how thatG3754 on the sabbath daysG4521 the priestsG2409 inG1722 the templeG2411 profaneG953 the sabbath,G4521 andG2532 areG1526 blameless?G338
ButG1161 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ThatG3754 in this placeG5602 is oneG2076 greater thanG3187 the temple.G2411
ButG1161 ifG1487 ye had knownG1097 whatG5101 this meaneth,G2076 I will haveG2309 mercy,G1656 andG2532 notG3756 sacrifice,G2378 ye wouldG302 notG3756 have condemnedG2613 the guiltless.G338
ForG1063 the SonG5207 of manG444 isG2076 LordG2962 evenG2532 of the sabbath day.G4521
AndG2532 when he was departedG3327 thence,G1564 he wentG2064 intoG1519 theirG846 synagogue:G4864
And,G2532 behold,G2400 there wasG2258 a manG444 which hadG2192 his handG5495 withered.G3584 AndG2532 they askedG1905 him,G846 saying,G3004 Is it lawfulG1832, G1487 to healG2323 on the sabbath days?G4521 thatG2443 they might accuseG2723 him.G846
AndG1161 he saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhatG5101 manG444 shall there beG2071 amongG1537 you,G5216 thatG3739 shall haveG2192 oneG1520 sheep,G4263 andG2532 ifG1437 itG5124 fallG1706 intoG1519 a pitG999 on the sabbath day,G4521 will heG2902 notG3780 lay holdG2902 on it,G846 andG2532 lift it out?G1453
How muchG4214 thenG3767 is a manG444 better thanG1308 a sheep?G4263 WhereforeG5620 it is lawfulG1832 to doG4160 wellG2573 on the sabbath days.G4521
ThenG5119 saithG3004 he to the man,G444 Stretch forthG1614 thineG4675 hand.G5495 AndG2532 he stretched it forth;G1614 andG2532 it was restoredG600 whole,G5199 like asG5613 the other.G243
ThenG1161 the PhariseesG5330 went out,G1831 and heldG2983 a councilG4824 againstG2596 him,G846 howG3704 they might destroyG622 him.G846
ButG1161 when JesusG2424 knewG1097 it, he withdrew himselfG402 from thence:G1564 andG2532 greatG4183 multitudesG3793 followedG190 him,G846 andG2532 he healedG2323 themG846 all;G3956
AndG2532 chargedG2008 themG846 thatG3363 they shouldG4160 notG3363 makeG4160 himG846 known:G5318
ThatG3704 it might be fulfilledG4137 whichG3588 was spokenG4483 byG1223 EsaiasG2268 the prophet,G4396 saying,G3004
BeholdG2400 myG3450 servant,G3816 whomG3739 I have chosen;G140 myG3450 beloved,G27 inG1519 whomG3739 myG3450 soulG5590 is well pleased:G2106 I will putG5087 myG3450 spiritG4151 uponG1909 him,G846 andG2532 he shall shewG518 judgmentG2920 to the Gentiles.G1484
He shallG2051 notG3756 strive,G2051 norG3761 cry;G2905 neitherG3761 shall any manG5100 hearG191 hisG846 voiceG5456 inG1722 the streets.G4113
A bruisedG4937 reedG2563 shall heG2608 notG3756 break,G2608 andG2532 smokingG5188 flaxG3043 shall heG4570 notG3756 quench,G4570 tillG302 heG2193 send forthG1544 judgmentG2920 untoG1519 victory.G3534
AndG2532 inG1722 hisG846 nameG3686 shallG1679 the GentilesG1484 trust.G1679
ThenG5119 was broughtG4374 unto himG846 one possessed with a devil,G1139 blind,G5185 andG2532 dumb:G2974 andG2532 he healedG2323 him,G846 insomuch thatG5620 the blindG5185 andG2532 dumbG2974 bothG2532 spakeG2980 andG2532 saw.G991
AndG2532 allG3956 the peopleG3793 were amazed,G1839 andG2532 said,G3004 IsG2076 notG3385 thisG3778 the sonG5207 of David?G1138
ButG1161 when the PhariseesG5330 heardG191 it, they said,G2036 ThisG3778 fellow dothG1544 notG3756 cast outG1544 devils,G1140 butG1508 byG1722 BeelzebubG954 the princeG758 of the devils.G1140
AndG1161 JesusG2424 knewG1492 theirG846 thoughts,G1761 and saidG2036 unto them,G846 EveryG3956 kingdomG932 dividedG3307 againstG2596 itselfG1438 is brought to desolation;G2049 andG2532 everyG3956 cityG4172 orG2228 houseG3614 dividedG3307 againstG2596 itselfG1438 shallG2476 notG3756 stand:G2476
AndG2532 ifG1487 SatanG4567 cast outG1544 Satan,G4567 he is dividedG3307 againstG1909 himself;G1438 howG4459 shallG2476 thenG3767 hisG846 kingdomG932 stand?G2476
AndG2532 ifG1487 IG1473 byG1722 BeelzebubG954 cast outG1544 devils,G1140 byG1722 whomG5101 do yourG5216 childrenG5207 cast them out?G1544 thereforeG1223, G5124 theyG846 shall beG2071 yourG5216 judges.G2923
ButG1161 ifG1487 IG1473 cast outG1544 devilsG1140 byG1722 the SpiritG4151 of God,G2316 thenG686 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 is comeG5348 untoG1909 you.G5209
OrG2228 else howG4459 canG1410 oneG5100 enterG1525 intoG1519 a strong man'sG2478 house,G3614 andG2532 spoilG1283 hisG846 goods,G4632 exceptG3362 he firstG4412 bindG1210 the strong man?G2478 andG2532 thenG5119 he will spoilG1283 hisG846 house.G3614
He that isG5607 notG3361 withG3326 meG1700 isG2076 againstG2596 me;G1700 andG2532 he that gatherethG4863 notG3361 withG3326 meG1700 scattereth abroad.G4650
WhereforeG5124 IG1223 sayG3004 unto you,G5213 All manner ofG3956 sinG266 andG2532 blasphemyG988 shall be forgivenG863 unto men:G444 butG1161 the blasphemyG988 against the Holy GhostG4151 shallG863 notG3756 be forgivenG863 unto men.G444
AndG2532 whosoeverG302, G3739 speakethG2036 a wordG3056 againstG2596 the SonG5207 of man,G444 it shall be forgivenG863 him:G846 butG3739 whosoeverG302, G1161 speakethG2036 againstG2596 the HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 it shallG863 notG3756 be forgivenG863 him,G846 neitherG3777 inG1722 thisG5129 world,G165 neitherG3777 inG1722 the world to come.G3195
EitherG2228 makeG4160 the treeG1186 good,G2570 andG2532 hisG846 fruitG2590 good;G2570 or elseG2228 makeG4160 the treeG1186 corrupt,G4550 andG2532 hisG846 fruitG2590 corrupt:G4550 forG1063 the treeG1186 is knownG1097 byG1537 his fruit.G2590
O generationG1081 of vipers,G2191 howG4459 can ye,G1410 beingG5607 evil,G4190 speakG2980 good things?G18 forG1063 out ofG1537 the abundanceG4051 of the heartG2588 the mouthG4750 speaketh.G2980
A goodG18 manG444 out ofG1537 the goodG18 treasureG2344 of the heartG2588 bringeth forthG1544 good things:G18 andG2532 an evilG4190 manG444 out ofG1537 the evilG4190 treasureG2344 bringeth forthG1544 evil things.G4190
ButG1161 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ThatG3754 everyG3956 idleG692 wordG4487 thatG1437, G3739 menG444 shall speak,G2980 they shall giveG591 accountG3056 thereofG846, G4012 inG1722 the dayG2250 of judgment.G2920
ForG1063 byG1537 thyG4675 wordsG3056 thou shalt be justified,G1344 andG2532 byG1537 thyG4675 wordsG3056 thou shalt be condemned.G2613
ThenG5119 certainG5100 of the scribesG1122 andG2532 of the PhariseesG5330 answered,G611 saying,G3004 Master,G1320 we wouldG2309 seeG1492 a signG4592 fromG575 thee.G4675
ButG1161 he answeredG611 and saidG2036 unto them,G846 An evilG4190 andG2532 adulterousG3428 generationG1074 seeketh afterG1934 a sign;G4592 andG2532 there shall noG3756 signG4592 be givenG1325 to it,G846 butG1508 the signG4592 of the prophetG4396 Jonas:G2495
ForG1063 asG5618 JonasG2495 wasG2258 threeG5140 daysG2250 andG2532 threeG5140 nightsG3571 inG1722 the whale'sG2785 belly;G2836 soG3779 shall the SonG5207 of manG444 beG2071 threeG5140 daysG2250 andG2532 threeG5140 nightsG3571 inG1722 the heartG2588 of the earth.G1093
The menG435 of NinevehG3536 shall riseG450 inG1722 judgmentG2920 withG3326 thisG5026 generation,G1074 andG2532 shall condemnG2632 it:G846 becauseG3754 they repentedG3340 atG1519 the preachingG2782 of Jonas;G2495 and,G2532 behold,G2400 a greater thanG4119 JonasG2495 is here.G5602
The queenG938 of the southG3558 shall rise upG1453 inG1722 the judgmentG2920 withG3326 thisG5026 generation,G1074 andG2532 shall condemnG2632 it:G846 forG3754 she cameG2064 fromG1537 the uttermost partsG4009 of the earthG1093 to hearG191 the wisdomG4678 of Solomon;G4672 and,G2532 behold,G2400 a greater thanG4119 SolomonG4672 is here.G5602
WhenG3752 the uncleanG169 spiritG4151 is goneG1831 out ofG575 a man,G444 he walkethG1330 throughG1223 dryG504 places,G5117 seekingG2212 rest,G372 andG2532 findethG2147 none.G3756
ThenG5119 he saith,G3004 I will returnG1994 intoG1519 myG3450 houseG3624 from whenceG3606 I came out;G1831 andG2532 when he is come,G2064 he findethG2147 it empty,G4980 swept,G4563 andG2532 garnished.G2885
ThenG5119 goeth he,G4198 andG2532 takethG3880 withG3326 himselfG1438 sevenG2033 otherG2087 spiritsG4151 more wickedG4191 than himself,G1438 andG2532 they enter inG1525 and dwellG2730 there:G1563 andG2532 the lastG2078 state of thatG1565 manG444 isG1096 worse thanG5501 the first.G4413 Even soG3779 shall it beG2071 alsoG2532 unto thisG5026 wickedG4190 generation.G1074
WhileG2089 heG846 yetG1161 talkedG2980 to the people,G3793 behold,G2400 his motherG3384 andG2532 hisG846 brethrenG80 stoodG2476 without,G1854 desiringG2212 to speakG2980 with him.G846
ThenG1161 oneG5100 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Behold,G2400 thyG4675 motherG3384 andG2532 thyG4675 brethrenG80 standG2476 without,G1854 desiringG2212 to speakG2980 with thee.G4671
ButG1161 he answeredG611 and saidG2036 unto him that toldG2036 him,G846 WhoG5101 isG2076 myG3450 mother?G3384 andG2532 whoG5101 areG1526 myG3450 brethren?G80
AndG2532 he stretched forthG1614 hisG846 handG5495 towardG1909 hisG846 disciples,G3101 and said,G2036 BeholdG2400 myG3450 motherG3384 andG2532 myG3450 brethren!G80
ForG1063 whosoeverG302 shallG3748 doG4160 the willG2307 of myG3450 FatherG3962 whichG3588 is inG1722 heaven,G3772 the sameG846 isG2076 myG3450 brother,G80 andG2532 sister,G79 andG2532 mother.G3384


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