„Tak jak ciało bez ducha jest martwe, tak też jest martwa wiara bez uczynków.”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: List św. Jakuba 2,26


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Marka 1:16

Tytuł oryginalny
The beginningG746 of the gospelG2098 of JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 the SonG5207 of God;G2316
AsG5613 it is writtenG1125 inG1722 the prophets,G4396 Behold,G2400 IG1473 sendG649 myG3450 messengerG32 beforeG4253 thyG4675 face,G4383 whichG3739 shall prepareG2680 thyG4675 wayG3598 beforeG1715 thee.G4675
The voiceG5456 of one cryingG994 inG1722 the wilderness,G2048 Prepare yeG2090 the wayG3598 of the Lord,G2962 makeG4160 hisG846 pathsG5147 straight.G2117
JohnG2491 didG1096 baptizeG907 inG1722 the wilderness,G2048 andG2532 preachG2784 the baptismG908 of repentanceG3341 forG1519 the remissionG859 of sins.G266
AndG2532 there went outG1607 untoG4314 himG846 allG3956 the landG5561 of Judaea,G2449 andG2532 they of Jerusalem,G2415 andG2532 wereG907 allG3956 baptizedG907 ofG5259 himG846 inG1722 the riverG4215 of Jordan,G2446 confessingG1843 theirG846 sins.G266
AndG1161 JohnG2491 wasG2258 clothedG1746 with camel'sG2574 hair,G2359 andG2532 with a girdleG2223 of a skinG1193 aboutG4012 hisG846 loins;G3751 andG2532 he did eatG2068 locustsG200 andG2532 wildG66 honey;G3192
AndG2532 preached,G2784 saying,G3004 There comethG2064 one mightier thanG2478 IG3450 afterG3694 me,G3450 the latchetG2438 of whoseG3739 shoesG5266 IG846 amG1510 notG3756 worthyG2425 to stoop downG2955 and unloose.G3089
IG1473 indeedG3303 have baptizedG907 youG5209 withG1722 water:G5204 butG1161 heG846 shall baptizeG907 youG5209 withG1722 the HolyG40 Ghost.G4151
AndG2532 it came to passG1096 inG1722 thoseG1565 days,G2250 that JesusG2424 cameG2064 fromG575 NazarethG3478 of Galilee,G1056 andG2532 was baptizedG907 ofG5259 JohnG2491 inG1519 Jordan.G2446
AndG2532 straightwayG2112 coming upG305 out ofG575 the water,G5204 he sawG1492 the heavensG3772 opened,G4977 andG2532 the SpiritG4151 likeG5616 a doveG4058 descendingG2597 uponG1909 him:G846
AndG2532 there cameG1096 a voiceG5456 fromG1537 heaven,G3772 saying, ThouG4771 artG1488 myG3450 belovedG27 Son,G5207 inG1722 whomG3739 I am well pleased.G2106
AndG2532 immediatelyG2117 the SpiritG4151 drivethG1544 himG846 intoG1519 the wilderness.G2048
AndG2532 he wasG2258 thereG1563 inG1722 the wildernessG2048 fortyG5062 days,G2250 temptedG3985 ofG5259 Satan;G4567 andG2532 wasG2258 withG3326 the wild beasts;G2342 andG2532 the angelsG32 ministeredG1247 unto him.G846
NowG1161 afterG3326 that JohnG2491 was put in prison,G3860 JesusG2424 cameG2064 intoG1519 Galilee,G1056 preachingG2784 the gospelG2098 of the kingdomG932 of God,G2316
AndG2532 sayingG3004, G3754, The timeG2540 is fulfilled,G4137 andG2532 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 is at hand:G1448 repent ye,G3340 andG2532 believeG4100, G1722 the gospel.G2098
NowG1161 as he walkedG4043 byG3844 the seaG2281 of Galilee,G1056 he sawG1492 SimonG4613 andG2532 AndrewG406 hisG846 brotherG80 castingG906 a netG293 intoG1722 the sea:G2281 forG1063 they wereG2258 fishers.G231
AndG2532 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto them,G846 Come yeG1205 afterG3694 me,G3450 andG2532 I will makeG4160 youG5209 to becomeG1096 fishersG231 of men.G444
AndG2532 straightwayG2112 they forsookG863 theirG846 nets,G1350 and followedG190 him.G846
AndG2532 when he had goneG4260 a littleG3641 furtherG4260 thence,G1564 he sawG1492 JamesG2385 the sonG3588 of Zebedee,G2199 andG2532 JohnG2491 hisG846 brother,G80 whoG846 alsoG2532 were inG1722 the shipG4143 mendingG2675 their nets.G1350
AndG2532 straightwayG2112 he calledG2564 them:G846 andG2532 they leftG863 theirG846 fatherG3962 ZebedeeG2199 inG1722 the shipG4143 withG3326 the hired servants,G3411 and wentG565 afterG3694 him.G846
AndG2532 they wentG1531 intoG1519 Capernaum;G2584 andG2532 straightwayG2112 on the sabbath dayG4521 he enteredG1525 intoG1519 the synagogue,G4864 and taught.G1321
AndG2532 they were astonishedG1605 atG1909 hisG846 doctrine:G1322 forG1063 he taughtG1321, G2258 themG846 asG5613 one that hadG2192 authority,G1849 andG2532 notG3756 asG5613 the scribes.G1122
AndG2532 there wasG2258 inG1722 theirG846 synagogueG4864 a manG444 withG1722 an uncleanG169 spirit;G4151 andG2532 he cried out,G349
Saying,G3004 Let us alone;G1436 whatG5101 have weG2254 to doG2532 with thee,G4671 thou JesusG2424 of Nazareth?G3479 art thou comeG2064 to destroyG622 us?G2248 I knowG1492 theeG4571 whoG5101 thou art,G1488 the Holy OneG40 of God.G2316
AndG2532 JesusG2424 rebukedG2008 him,G846 saying,G3004 Hold thy peace,G5392 andG2532 comeG1831 out ofG1537 him.G846
AndG2532 when the uncleanG169 spiritG4151 had tornG4682 him,G846 andG2532 criedG2896 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 he cameG1831 out ofG1537 him.G846
AndG2532 they wereG2284 allG3956 amazed,G2284 insomuch thatG5620 they questionedG4802 amongG4314 themselves,G846 saying,G3004 What thingG5101 isG2076 this?G3778 whatG5101 newG2537 doctrineG1322 is this?G5124 forG3754 withG2596 authorityG1849 commandethG2004 he evenG2532 the uncleanG169 spirits,G4151 andG2532 they do obeyG5219 him.G846
AndG1161 immediatelyG2117 hisG846 fameG189 spread abroadG1831 throughoutG1519 allG3650 the region round aboutG4066 Galilee.G1056
AndG2532 forthwith,G2112 when they were comeG1831 out ofG1537 the synagogue,G4864 they enteredG2064 intoG1519 the houseG3614 of SimonG4613 andG2532 Andrew,G406 withG3326 JamesG2385 andG2532 John.G2491
ButG1161 Simon'sG4613 wife's motherG3994 layG2621 sick of a fever,G4445 andG2532 anonG2112 they tellG3004 himG846 ofG4012 her.G846
AndG2532 he cameG4334 and tookG2902 herG846 by the hand,G5495 and liftedG1453 herG846 up;G1453 andG2532 immediatelyG2112 the feverG4446 leftG863 her,G846 andG2532 she ministeredG1247 unto them.G846
AndG1161 atG1096 even,G3798 whenG3753 the sunG2246 did set,G1416 they broughtG5342 untoG4314 himG846 allG3956 that wereG2192 diseased,G2560 andG2532 them that were possessed with devils.G1139
AndG2532 allG3650 the cityG4172 wasG2258 gathered togetherG1996 atG4314 the door.G2374
AndG2532 he healedG2323 manyG4183 that wereG2192 sickG2560 of diversG4164 diseases,G3554 andG2532 cast outG1544 manyG4183 devils;G1140 andG2532 sufferedG863 notG3756 the devilsG1140 to speak,G2980 becauseG3754 they knewG1492 him.G846
AndG2532 in the morning,G4404 rising upG450 a great whileG3029 before day,G1773 he went out,G1831 andG2532 departedG565 intoG1519 a solitaryG2048 place,G5117 and thereG2546 prayed.G4336
AndG2532 SimonG4613 andG2532 they that were withG3326 himG846 followed afterG2614 him.G846
AndG2532 when they had foundG2147 him,G846 they saidG3004 unto himG846, G3754, AllG3956 men seekG2212 for thee.G4571
AndG2532 he saidG3004 unto them,G846 Let us goG71 intoG1519 the nextG2192 towns,G2969 thatG2443 I may preachG2784 there also:G2546 forG1063 thereforeG5124 cameG1519 I forth.G1831
AndG2532 he preachedG2784, G2258 inG1722 theirG846 synagoguesG4864 throughoutG1519 allG3650 Galilee,G1056 andG2532 cast outG1544 devils.G1140
AndG2532 there cameG2064 a leperG3015 toG4314 him,G846 beseechingG3870 him,G846 andG2532 kneeling downG1120 to him,G846 andG2532 sayingG3004 unto himG846, G3754, IfG1437 thou wilt,G2309 thou canstG1410 makeG2511 meG3165 clean.G2511
AndG1161 Jesus,G2424 moved with compassion,G4697 put forthG1614 his hand,G5495 and touchedG680 him,G846 andG2532 saithG3004 unto him,G846 I will;G2309 be thou clean.G2511
AndG2532 as soon as heG846 had spoken,G2036 immediatelyG2112 the leprosyG3014 departedG565 fromG575 him,G846 andG2532 he was cleansed.G2511
AndG2532 he straitly chargedG1690 him,G846 and forthwithG2112 sentG1544 himG846 away;G1544
AndG2532 saithG3004 unto him,G846 SeeG3708 thou sayG2036 nothingG3367 to any man:G3367 butG235 go thy way,G5217 shewG1166 thyselfG4572 to the priest,G2409 andG2532 offerG4374 forG4012 thyG4675 cleansingG2512 those thingsG3739 which MosesG3475 commanded,G4367 forG1519 a testimonyG3142 unto them.G846
ButG1161 he went out,G1831 and beganG756 to publishG2784 it much,G4183 andG2532 to blaze abroadG1310 the matter,G3056 insomuch thatG5620 JesusG846 couldG1410 no moreG3371 openlyG5320 enterG1525 intoG1519 the city,G4172 butG235 wasG2258 withoutG1854 inG1722 desertG2048 places:G5117 andG2532 they cameG2064 toG4314 himG846 from every quarter.G3836


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