„Człowieka heretyka po pierwszem i wtórem napominaniu strzeż się,”

Biblia Gdańska: Tytusa 3,10


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Łukasza 6:28

Tytuł oryginalny
AndG1161 it came to passG1096 onG1722 the secondG1207 sabbathG4521 after the first,G1207 that heG846 wentG1279 throughG1223 the corn fields;G4702 andG2532 hisG846 disciplesG3101 pluckedG5089 the ears of corn,G4719 andG2532 did eat,G2068 rubbingG5597 them in their hands.G5495
AndG1161 certainG5100 of the PhariseesG5330 saidG2036 unto them,G846 WhyG5101 do yeG4160 that whichG3739 isG1832 notG3756 lawfulG1832 to doG4160 onG1722 the sabbath days?G4521
AndG2532 JesusG2424 answeringG611 themG846, G4314 said,G2036 Have yeG314 notG3761 readG314 so much asG3761 this,G5124 whatG3739 DavidG1138 did,G4160 whenG3698 himselfG846 was an hungred,G3983 andG2532 they whichG3588 wereG5607 withG3326 him;G846
HowG5613 he wentG1525 intoG1519 the houseG3624 of God,G2316 andG2532 did takeG2983 andG2532 eatG5315 the shewbreadG4286, G740, andG2532 gaveG1325 alsoG2532 to them that were withG3326 him;G846 whichG3739 it isG1832 notG3756 lawfulG1832 to eatG5315 but forG1508 the priestsG2409 alone?G3441
AndG2532 he saidG3004 unto them,G846 ThatG3754 the SonG5207 of manG444 isG2076 LordG2962 alsoG2532 of the sabbath.G4521
AndG1161 it came to passG1096 alsoG2532 onG1722 anotherG2087 sabbath,G4521 that heG846 enteredG1525 intoG1519 the synagogueG4864 andG2532 taught:G1321 andG2532 thereG1563 wasG2258 a manG444 whoseG846, G2532 rightG1188 handG5495 wasG2258 withered.G3584
AndG1161 the scribesG1122 andG2532 PhariseesG5330 watchedG3906 him,G846 whetherG1487 he would healG2323 onG1722 the sabbath day;G4521 thatG2443 they might findG2147 an accusationG2724 against him.G846
ButG1161 heG846 knewG1492 theirG846 thoughts,G1261 andG2532 saidG2036 to the manG444 whichG3588 hadG2192 the witheredG3584 hand,G5495 Rise up,G1453 andG2532 stand forthG2476 inG1519 the midst.G3319 AndG1161 he aroseG450 and stood forth.G2476
ThenG3767 saidG2036 JesusG2424 untoG4314 them,G846 I will askG1905 youG5209 one thing;G5101 Is it lawfulG1832 on the sabbath daysG4521 to do good,G15 orG2228 to do evil?G2554 to saveG4982 life,G5590 orG2228 to destroyG622 it?
AndG2532 looking round about uponG4017 themG846 all,G3956 he saidG2036 unto the man,G444 Stretch forthG1614 thyG4675 hand.G5495 AndG1161 he didG4160 so:G3779 andG2532 hisG846 handG5495 was restoredG600 wholeG5199 asG5613 the other.G243
AndG1161 theyG846 were filledG4130 with madness;G454 andG2532 communedG1255 one with anotherG240, G4314 whatG302 theyG5101 might doG4160 to Jesus.G2424
AndG1161 it came to passG1096 inG1722 thoseG5025 days,G2250 that he went outG1831 intoG1519 a mountainG3735 to pray,G4336 andG2532 continued all nightG1273, G2258 inG1722 prayerG4335 to God.G2316
AndG2532 whenG3753 it wasG1096 day,G2250 he calledG4377 unto him hisG846 disciples:G3101 andG2532 ofG575 themG846 he choseG1586 twelve,G1427 whomG3739 alsoG2532 he namedG3687 apostles;G652
Simon,G4613 , G3739 (whom he alsoG2532 namedG3687 Peter,G4074) andG2532 AndrewG406 hisG846 brother,G80 JamesG2385 andG2532 John,G2491 PhilipG5376 andG2532 Bartholomew,G918
MatthewG3156 andG2532 Thomas,G2381 JamesG2385 theG3588 son of Alphaeus,G256 andG2532 SimonG4613 calledG2564 Zelotes,G2208
And JudasG2455 the brother of James,G2385 andG2532 JudasG2455 Iscariot,G2469 whichG3739 alsoG2532 wasG1096 the traitor.G4273
AndG2532 he came downG2597 withG3326 them,G846 and stoodG2476 inG1909 the plainG5117, G3977, andG2532 the companyG3793 of hisG846 disciples,G3101 andG2532 a greatG4183 multitudeG4128 of peopleG2992 out ofG575 allG3956 JudaeaG2449 andG2532 Jerusalem,G2419 andG2532 from the sea coastG3882 of TyreG5184 andG2532 Sidon,G4605 whichG3739 cameG2064 to hearG191 him,G846 andG2532 to be healedG2390 ofG575 theirG846 diseases;G3554
AndG2532 they that were vexedG3791 withG5259 uncleanG169 spirits:G4151 andG2532 they were healed.G2323
AndG2532 the wholeG3956 multitudeG3793 soughtG2212 to touchG680 him:G846 forG3754 there wentG1831 virtueG1411 outG3844 of him,G846 andG2532 healedG2390 them all.G3956
AndG2532 heG846 lifted upG1869 hisG846 eyesG3788 onG1519 hisG846 disciples,G3101 and said,G3004 BlessedG3107 be ye poor:G4434 forG3754 yoursG5212 isG2076 the kingdomG932 of God.G2316
BlessedG3107 are ye that hungerG3983 now:G3568 forG3754 ye shall be filled.G5526 BlessedG3107 are ye that weepG2799 now:G3568 forG3754 ye shall laugh.G1070
BlessedG3107 are ye,G2075 whenG3752 menG444 shall hateG3404 you,G5209 andG2532 whenG3752 they shall separateG873 youG5209 from their company, andG2532 shall reproachG3679 you, andG2532 cast outG1544 yourG5216 nameG3686 asG5613 evil,G4190 for the SonG5207 of man'sG444 sake.G1752
Rejoice yeG5463 inG1722 thatG1565 day,G2250 andG2532 leap for joy:G4640 for,G1063 behold,G2400 yourG5216 rewardG3408 is greatG4183 inG1722 heaven:G3772 forG1063 inG2596 the like mannerG5024 didG4160 theirG846 fathersG3962 unto the prophets.G4396
ButG4133 woeG3759 unto youG5213 that are rich!G4145 forG3754 ye have receivedG568 yourG5216 consolation.G3874
WoeG3759 unto youG5213 that are full!G1705 forG3754 ye shall hunger.G3983 WoeG3759 unto youG5213 that laughG1070 now!G3568 forG3754 ye shall mournG3996 andG2532 weep.G2799
WoeG3759 unto you,G5213 whenG3752 allG3956 menG444 shall speakG2036 wellG2573 of you!G5209 forG1063 soG2596, G5024 didG4160 theirG846 fathersG3962 to the false prophets.G5578
ButG235 I sayG3004 unto youG5213 whichG3588 hear,G191 LoveG25 yourG5216 enemies,G2190 doG4160 goodG2573 to them whichG3588 hateG3404 you,G5209
BlessG2127 them that curseG2672 you,G5213 andG2532 prayG4336 forG5228 them which despitefully useG1908 you.G5209
And unto him that smitethG5180 theeG4571 onG1909 the one cheekG4600 offerG3930 alsoG2532 the other;G243 andG2532 himG575 that taketh awayG142 thyG4675 clokeG2440 forbidG2967 notG3361 to take thy coatG5509 also.G2532
GiveG1325 to every manG3956 that askethG154 of thee;G4571 andG2532 ofG575 him that taketh awayG142 thy goodsG4674 askG523 them notG3361 again.G523
AndG2532 asG2531 ye wouldG2309 thatG2443 menG444 should doG4160 to you,G5213 doG4160 yeG5210 alsoG2532 to themG846 likewise.G3668
ForG2532 ifG1487 ye loveG25 them which loveG25 you,G5209 whatG4169 thankG5485 haveG2076 ye?G5213 forG1063 sinnersG268 alsoG2532 loveG25 those that loveG25 them.G846
AndG2532 ifG1437 ye do goodG15 to them which do goodG15 to you,G5209 whatG4169 thankG5485 haveG2076 ye?G5213 forG1063 sinnersG268 also doG4160 evenG2532 the same.G846
AndG2532 ifG1437 ye lendG1155 to them ofG3844 whomG3739 ye hopeG1679 to receive,G618 whatG4169 thankG5485 haveG2076 ye?G5213 forG1063 sinnersG268 alsoG2532 lendG1155 to sinners,G268 toG2443 receiveG618 as muchG2470 again.G618
ButG4133 love yeG25 yourG5216 enemies,G2190 andG2532 do good,G15 andG2532 lend,G1155 hopingG560 for nothingG3367 again;G560 andG2532 yourG5216 rewardG3408 shall beG2071 great,G4183 andG2532 ye shall beG2071 the childrenG5207 of the Highest:G5310 forG3754 heG846 isG2076 kindG5543 untoG1909 the unthankfulG884 andG2532 to the evil.G4190
Be yeG1096 thereforeG3767 merciful,G3629 asG2531 yourG5216 FatherG3962 alsoG2532 isG2076 merciful.G3629
JudgeG2919 not,G3361 andG2532 ye shallG2919 notG3364 be judged:G2919 condemnG2613 not,G3361 andG2532 ye shallG2613 notG3364 be condemned:G2613 forgive,G630 andG2532 ye shall be forgiven:G630
Give,G1325 andG2532 it shall be givenG1325 unto you;G5213 goodG2570 measure,G3358 pressed down,G4085 andG2532 shaken together,G4531 andG2532 running over,G5240 shall men giveG1325 intoG1519 yourG5216 bosom.G2859 ForG1063 with the sameG846 measureG3358 thatG3739 ye mete withalG3354 it shall be measuredG488 to youG5213 again.G488
AndG1161 he spakeG2036 a parableG3850 unto themG846, G3385, CanG1410 the blindG5185 leadG3594 the blind?G5185 shall theyG297 notG3780 bothG297 fallG4098 intoG1519 the ditch?G999
The discipleG3101 isG2076 notG3756 aboveG5228 hisG846 master:G1320 butG1161 every oneG3956 that is perfectG2675 shall beG2071 asG5613 hisG846 master.G1320
AndG1161 whyG5101 beholdest thouG991 the moteG2595 that is inG1722 thyG4675 brother'sG80 eye,G3788 butG1161 perceivestG2657 notG3756 the beamG1385 that is inG1722 thine ownG2398 eye?G3788
EitherG2228 howG4459 canst thouG1410 sayG3004 to thyG4675 brother,G80 Brother,G80 let meG863 pull outG1544 the moteG2595 that is inG1722 thineG4675 eye,G3788 when thouG991 thyselfG846 beholdestG991 notG3756 the beamG1385 that is inG1722 thineG4675 own eye?G3788 Thou hypocrite,G5273 cast outG1544 firstG4412 the beamG1385 out ofG1537 thine ownG4675 eye,G3788 andG2532 thenG5119 shalt thou see clearlyG1227 to pull outG1544 the moteG2595 that is inG1722 thyG4675 brother'sG80 eye.G3788
ForG1063 a goodG2570 treeG1186 bringethG2076, G4160 notG3756 forthG4160 corruptG4550 fruit;G2590 neitherG3761 dothG4160 a corruptG4550 treeG1186 bring forthG4160 goodG2570 fruit.G2590
ForG1063 everyG1538 treeG1186 is knownG1097 byG1537 his ownG2398 fruit.G2590 ForG1063 ofG1537 thornsG173 men do notG3756 gatherG4816 figs,G4810 norG3761 ofG1537 a bramble bushG942 gather theyG5166 grapes.G4718
A goodG18 manG444 out ofG1537 the goodG18 treasureG2344 of hisG846 heartG2588 bringeth forthG4393 that which is good;G18 andG2532 an evilG4190 manG444 out ofG1537 the evilG4190 treasureG2344 of hisG846 heartG2588 bringeth forthG4393 that which is evil:G4190 forG1063 ofG1537 the abundanceG4051 of the heartG2588 hisG846 mouthG4750 speaketh.G2980
AndG1161 whyG5101 call yeG2564 me,G3165 Lord,G2962 Lord,G2962 andG2532 doG4160 notG3756 the things whichG3739 I say?G3004
WhosoeverG3956 comethG2064 toG4314 me,G3165 andG2532 hearethG191 myG3450 sayings,G3056 andG2532 doethG4160 them,G846 I will shewG5263 youG5213 to whomG5101 he isG2076 like:G3664
He isG2076 likeG3664 a manG444 whichG3739 builtG3618 an house,G3614 andG2532 diggedG4626 deep,G900 andG2532 laidG5087 the foundationG2310 onG1909 a rock:G4073 andG1161 when the floodG4132 arose,G1096 the streamG4215 beat vehementlyG4366 upon thatG1565 house,G3614 andG2532 couldG2480 notG3756 shakeG4531 it:G846 forG1063 it was foundedG2311 up onG1909 a rock.G4073
ButG1161 he that heareth,G191 andG2532 doethG4160 not,G3361 isG2076 likeG3664 a manG444 that withoutG5565 a foundationG2310 builtG3618 an houseG3614 uponG1909 the earth;G1093 againstG4366 whichG3739 the streamG4215 did beat vehemently,G4366 andG2532 immediatelyG2112 it fell;G4098 andG2532 the ruinG4485 of thatG1565 houseG3614 wasG1096 great.G3173


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