„Oto na górach nogi opowiadającego dobre wieści, zwiastującego pokój. Obchodź, Judo, swoje uroczyste święta, wypełniaj swoje śluby. Nikczemnik bowiem już nie przejdzie przez ciebie, został doszczętnie zgładzony.”

Uwspółcześniona Biblia Gdańska: Księga Nahuma 1,15


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Łukasza 2:18

Tytuł oryginalny
AndG1161 it came to passG1096 inG1722 thoseG1565 days,G2250 that there went outG1831 a decreeG1378 fromG3844 CaesarG2541 Augustus,G828 that allG3956 the worldG3625 should be taxed.G583
(And thisG3778 taxingG582 wasG1096 firstG4413 madeG1096 when CyreniusG2958 was governorG2230 of Syria.G4947)
AndG2532 allG3956 wentG4198 to be taxed,G583 every oneG1538 intoG1519 his ownG2398 city.G4172
AndG1161 JosephG2501 alsoG2532 went upG305 fromG575 Galilee,G1056 out ofG1537 the cityG4172 of Nazareth,G3478 intoG1519 Judaea,G2449 untoG1519 the cityG4172 of David,G1138 whichG3748 is calledG2564 Bethlehem;G965 , G1223 (because heG846 wasG1511 ofG1537 the houseG3624 andG2532 lineageG3965 of David:G1138)
To be taxedG583 withG4862 MaryG3137 hisG846 espousedG3423 wife,G1135 beingG5607 great with child.G1471
AndG1161 so it was,G1096 that, whileG1722 theyG846 wereG1511 there,G1563 the daysG2250 were accomplishedG4130 that sheG846 should be delivered.G5088
AndG2532 she brought forthG5088 herG846 firstbornG4416 son,G5207 andG2532 wrappedG4683 himG846 in swaddling clothes,G4683 andG2532 laidG347 himG846 inG1722 a manger;G5336 becauseG1360 there wasG2258 noG3756 roomG5117 for themG846 inG1722 the inn.G2646
AndG2532 there wereG2258 inG1722 the sameG846 countryG5561 shepherdsG4166 abiding in the fieldG63, G2532, keepingG5442 watchG5438 overG1909 theirG846 flockG4167 by night.G3571
And,G2532 lo,G2400 the angelG32 of the LordG2962 came uponG2186 them,G846 andG2532 the gloryG1391 of the LordG2962 shone round aboutG4034 them:G846 andG2532 they were soreG3173 afraidG5399, G5401.
AndG2532 the angelG32 saidG2036 unto them,G846 FearG5399 not:G3361 for,G1063 behold,G2400 I bringG2097 youG5213 good tidingsG2097 of greatG3173 joy,G5479 whichG3748 shall beG2071 to allG3956 people.G2992
ForG3754 unto youG5213 is bornG5088 this dayG4594 inG1722 the cityG4172 of DavidG1138 a Saviour,G4990 whichG3739 isG2076 ChristG5547 the Lord.G2962
AndG2532 thisG5124 shall be a signG4592 unto you;G5213 Ye shall findG2147 the babeG1025 wrapped in swaddling clothes,G4683 lyingG2749 inG1722 a manger.G5336
AndG2532 suddenlyG1810 there wasG1096 withG4862 the angelG32 a multitudeG4128 of the heavenlyG3770 hostG4756 praisingG134 God,G2316 andG2532 saying,G3004
GloryG1391 to GodG2316 inG1722 the highest,G5310 andG2532 onG1909 earthG1093 peace,G1515 good willG2107 towardG1722 men.G444
AndG2532 it came to pass,G1096 asG5613 the angelsG32 were gone awayG565 fromG575 themG846 intoG1519 heavenG3772, G2532, the shepherdsG4166, G444 saidG2036 oneG240 toG4314 another,G240 Let usG1330 nowG1211 goG1330 even untoG2193 Bethlehem,G965 andG2532 seeG1492 thisG5124 thingG4487 which is come to pass,G1096 whichG3588 theG3739 LordG2962 hath made knownG1107 unto us.G2254
AndG2532 they cameG2064 with haste,G4692 andG5037, G2532 foundG429 Mary,G3137 andG2532 Joseph,G2501 andG2532 the babeG1025 lyingG2749 inG1722 a manger.G5336
AndG1161 when they had seenG1492 it, they made known abroadG1232 the sayingG4487, G4012 whichG3588 was toldG2980 themG846 concerningG4012 thisG5127 child.G3813
AndG2532 allG3956 they that heardG191 it wonderedG2296 atG4012 those things whichG3588 were toldG2980 themG846, G4314 byG5259 the shepherds.G4166
ButG1161 MaryG3137 keptG4933 allG3956 these thingsG5023, G4487, and ponderedG4820 them inG1722 herG846 heart.G2588
AndG2532 the shepherdsG4166 returned,G1994 glorifyingG1392 andG2532 praisingG134 GodG2316 forG1909 all the thingsG3956 thatG3739 they had heardG191 andG2532 seen,G1492 asG2531 it was toldG2980 untoG4314 them.G846
AndG2532 whenG3753 eightG3638 daysG2250 were accomplishedG4130 for the circumcisingG4059 of the childG3813, G2532, hisG846 nameG3686 was calledG2564 JESUS,G2424 whichG3588 was so namedG2564 ofG5259 the angelG32 beforeG4253 heG846 was conceivedG4815 inG1722 the womb.G2836
AndG2532 whenG3753 the daysG2250 of herG846 purificationG2512 accordingG2596 to the lawG3551 of MosesG3475 were accomplished,G4130 they broughtG321 himG846 toG1519 Jerusalem,G2414 to presentG3936 him to the Lord;G2962
(As it is writtenG1125 inG1722 the lawG3551 of the LordG2962, G3754, EveryG3956 maleG730 that openethG1272 the wombG3388 shall be calledG2564 holyG40 to the Lord;G2962)
AndG2532 to offerG1325 a sacrificeG2378 accordingG2596 to that which is saidG2046 inG1722 the lawG3551 of the Lord,G2962 A pairG2201 of turtledoves,G5167 orG2228 twoG1417 youngG3502 pigeons.G4058
And,G2532 behold,G2400 there wasG2258 a manG444 inG1722 Jerusalem,G2419 whoseG3739 nameG3686 was Simeon;G4826 andG2532 the sameG3778 manG444 was justG1342 andG2532 devout,G2126 waitingG4327 for the consolationG3874 of Israel:G2474 andG2532 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 wasG2258 uponG1909 him.G846
AndG2532 it wasG2258 revealedG5537 unto himG846 byG5259 the HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 that he shouldG1492 notG3361 seeG1492 death,G2288 beforeG2228 heG4250 had seenG1492 the Lord'sG2962 Christ.G5547
AndG2532 he cameG2064 byG1722 the SpiritG4151 intoG1519 the temple:G2411 andG2532 when the parentsG1118 broughtG1521 inG1722 the childG3813 Jesus,G2424 to doG4160, G846 forG4012 himG846 afterG2596 the customG1480 of the law,G3551
ThenG2532 tookG1209 heG846 himG846 upG1209 inG1519 hisG846 arms,G43 andG2532 blessedG2127 God,G2316 andG2532 said,G2036
Lord,G1203 nowG3568 lettest thouG630 thyG4675 servantG1401 departG630 inG1722 peace,G1515 accordingG2596 to thyG4675 word:G4487
ForG3754 mineG3450 eyesG3788 have seenG1492 thyG4675 salvation,G4992
WhichG3739 thou hast preparedG2090 beforeG2596 the faceG4383 of allG3956 people;G2992
A lightG5457 toG1519 lightenG602 the Gentiles,G1484 andG2532 the gloryG1391 of thyG4675 peopleG2992 Israel.G2474
AndG2532 JosephG2501 andG2532 hisG846 motherG3384 marvelledG2258, G2296 atG1909 those things which were spokenG2980 ofG4012 him.G846
AndG2532 SimeonG4826 blessedG2127 them,G846 andG2532 saidG2036 untoG4314 MaryG3137 hisG846 mother,G3384 Behold,G2400 thisG3778 child is setG2749 forG1519 the fallG4431 andG2532 rising againG386 of manyG4183 inG1722 Israel;G2474 andG2532 forG1519 a signG4592 which shall be spoken against;G483
(Yea, a swordG4501 shall pierce throughG1330 thyG4675 ownG846 soulG5590 also,G2532) thatG3704 the thoughtsG1261 ofG1537 manyG4183 heartsG302 mayG2588 be revealed.G601
AndG2532 there wasG2258 one Anna,G451 a prophetess,G4398 the daughterG2364 of Phanuel,G5323 ofG1537 the tribeG5443 of Aser:G768 sheG3778, G846 was of a greatG1722, G4183 ageG4260, G2250, and had livedG2198 withG3326 an husbandG435 sevenG2033 yearsG2094 fromG575 herG846 virginity;G3932
AndG2532 sheG3778 was a widowG5503 of aboutG5613 fourscoreG3589 and fourG5064 years,G2094 whichG3739 departedG868 notG3756 fromG575 the temple,G2411 but servedG3000 God with fastingsG3521 andG2532 prayersG1162 nightG3571 andG2532 day.G2250
AndG2532 sheG3778, G846 coming inG2186 thatG846 instantG5610 gave thanks likewiseG437 unto the Lord,G2962 andG2532 spakeG2980 ofG4012 himG846 to allG3956 them that lookedG4327 for redemptionG3085 inG1722 Jerusalem.G2419
AndG2532 whenG5613 they had performedG5055 all thingsG537 accordingG2596 to the lawG3551 of the Lord,G2962 they returnedG5290 intoG1519 Galilee,G1056 toG1519 their ownG846 cityG4172 Nazareth.G3478
AndG1161 the childG3813 grew,G837 andG2532 waxed strongG2901 in spirit,G4151 filledG4137 with wisdom:G4678 andG2532 the graceG5485 of GodG2316 wasG2258 uponG1909 him.G846
NowG2532 hisG846 parentsG1118 wentG4198 toG1519 JerusalemG2419 everyG2596 yearG2094 at the feastG1859 of the passover.G3957
AndG2532 whenG3753 he wasG1096 twelveG1427 years old,G2094 theyG846 went upG305 toG1519 JerusalemG2414 afterG2596 the customG1485 of the feast.G1859
AndG2532 when they had fulfilledG5048 the days,G2250 asG1722 theyG846 returned,G5290 the childG3816 JesusG2424 tarried behindG5278 inG1722 Jerusalem;G2419 andG2532 JosephG2501 andG2532 hisG846 motherG3384 knewG1097 notG3756 of it.
ButG1161 they, supposingG3543 himG846 to have beenG1511 inG1722 the company,G4923 wentG2064 a day'sG2250 journey;G3598 andG2532 they soughtG327 himG846 amongG1722 their kinsfolkG4773 andG1722, G2532 acquaintance.G1110
AndG2532 when they foundG2147 himG846 not,G3361 they turned back againG5290 toG1519 Jerusalem,G2419 seekingG2212 him.G846
AndG2532 it came to pass,G1096 that afterG3326 threeG5140 daysG2250 they foundG2147 himG846 inG1722 the temple,G2411 sittingG2516 inG1722 the midstG3319 of the doctors,G1320 bothG2532 hearingG191 them,G846 andG2532 askingG1905 themG846 questions.G1905
AndG1161 allG3956 that heardG191 himG846 were astonishedG1839 atG1909 hisG846 understandingG4907 andG2532 answers.G612
AndG2532 when they sawG1492 him,G846 they were amazed:G1605 andG2532 hisG846 motherG3384 saidG2036 untoG4314 him,G846 Son,G5043 whyG5101 hast thouG4160 thusG3779 dealtG4160 with us?G2254 behold,G2400 thyG4675 fatherG3962 and IG2504 have soughtG2212 theeG4571 sorrowing.G3600
AndG2532 he saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 HowG5101 is it thatG3754 ye soughtG2212 me?G3165 wist yeG1492 notG3756 thatG3754 IG3165 mustG1163 beG1511 aboutG1722 myG3450 Father's business?G3962
AndG2532 theyG846 understoodG4920 notG3756 the sayingG4487 whichG3739 he spakeG2980 unto them.G846
AndG2532 he went downG2597 withG3326 them,G846 andG2532 cameG2064 toG1519 Nazareth,G3478 andG2532 wasG2258 subjectG5293 unto them:G846 butG2532 hisG846 motherG3384 keptG1301 allG3956 theseG5023 sayingsG4487 inG1722 herG846 heart.G2588
AndG2532 JesusG2424 increasedG4298 in wisdomG4678 andG2532 stature,G2244 andG2532 in favourG5485 withG3844 GodG2316 andG2532 man.G444


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