King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Łukasza 13:7

Tytuł oryginalny
There were presentG3918 atG1722 that seasonG2540, G846 someG5100 that toldG518 himG846 ofG4012 the Galilaeans,G1057 whoseG3739 bloodG129 PilateG4091 had mingledG3396 withG3326 theirG846 sacrifices.G2378
AndG2532 JesusG2424 answeringG611 saidG2036 unto them,G846 Suppose yeG1380 thatG3754 theseG3778 GalilaeansG1057 wereG1096 sinnersG268 aboveG3844 allG3956 the Galilaeans,G1057 becauseG3754 they sufferedG3958 such things?G5108
I tellG3004 you,G5213 Nay:G3780 but,G235 exceptG3362 ye repent,G3340 ye shallG622 allG3956 likewiseG5615 perish.G622
OrG2228 thoseG1565 eighteenG3638, G1176, G2532, uponG1909 whomG3739 the towerG4444 inG1722 SiloamG4611 fell,G4098 andG2532 slewG615 them,G846 think yeG1380 thatG3754 theyG3778 wereG1096 sinnersG3781 aboveG3844 allG3956 menG444 that dweltG2730 inG1722 Jerusalem?G2419
I tellG3004 you,G5213 Nay:G3780 but,G235 exceptG3362 ye repent,G3340 ye shallG622 allG3956 likewiseG3668 perish.G622
He spakeG3004 alsoG1161 thisG5026 parable;G3850 A certainG5100 man hadG2192 a fig treeG4808 plantedG5452 inG1722 hisG846 vineyard;G290 andG2532 he cameG2064 and soughtG2212 fruitG2590 thereonG846, G1722, andG2532 foundG2147 none.G3756
ThenG1161 said heG2036 untoG4314 the dresser of his vineyard,G289 Behold,G2400 these threeG5140 yearsG2094 I comeG2064 seekingG2212 fruitG2590 onG1722 thisG5026 fig tree,G4808 andG2532 findG2147 none:G3756 cutG1581 itG846 down;G1581 whyG2532, G2444 cumberethG2673 itG846 the ground?G1093
AndG1161 he answeringG611 saidG3004 unto him,G846 Lord,G2962 letG863 itG846 aloneG863 thisG5124 yearG2094 also,G2532 tillG3755 IG2193 shall digG4626 aboutG4012 it,G846 andG2532 dungG906, G2874 it:
And ifG3303 itG2579 bearG4160 fruit,G2590 well: and if not,G1490 then after thatG3195, G1519 thou shalt cutG1581 itG846 down.G1581
AndG1161 he wasG2258 teachingG1321 inG1722 oneG3391 of the synagoguesG4864 onG1722 the sabbath.G4521
And,G2532 behold,G2400 there wasG2258 a womanG1135 which hadG2192 a spiritG4151 of infirmityG769 eighteenG3638, G1176, G2532 years,G2094 andG2532 wasG2258 bowed together,G4794 andG2532 couldG1410 inG1519 noG3361 wiseG3838 lift upG352 herself.
AndG1161 when JesusG2424 sawG1492 her,G846 he calledG4377 her to him, andG2532 saidG2036 unto her,G846 Woman,G1135 thou art loosedG630 from thineG4675 infirmity.G769
AndG2532 he laidG2007 his handsG5495 onG2007 her:G846 andG2532 immediatelyG3916 she was made straight,G461 andG2532 glorifiedG1392 God.G2316
AndG1161 the ruler of the synagogueG752 answeredG611 with indignation,G23 becauseG3754 that JesusG2424 had healedG2323 on the sabbathG4521 day, and saidG3004 unto the people,G3793 There areG1526 sixG1803 daysG2250 inG1722 whichG3739 men oughtG1163 to work:G2038 inG1722 themG5025 thereforeG3767 comeG2064 and be healed,G2323 andG2532 notG3361 on the sabbathG4521 day.G2250
The LordG2962 thenG3767 answeredG611 him,G846 andG2532 said,G2036 Thou hypocrite,G5273 dothG3089 notG3756 each oneG1538 of youG5216 on the sabbathG4521 looseG3089 hisG846 oxG1016 orG2228 his assG3688 fromG575 the stall,G5336 andG2532 lead him awayG520 to watering?G4222
AndG1161 oughtG1163 notG3756 this woman,G5026 beingG5607 a daughterG2364 of Abraham,G11 whomG3739 SatanG4567 hath bound,G1210 lo,G2400 these eighteenG3638, G1176, G2532 years,G2094 be loosedG3089 fromG575 thisG5127 bondG1199 on the sabbathG4521 day?G2250
AndG2532 when heG846 had saidG3004 these things,G5023 allG3956 hisG846 adversariesG480 were ashamed:G2617 andG2532 allG3956 the peopleG3793 rejoicedG5463 forG1909 allG3956 the glorious thingsG1741 that were doneG1096 byG5259 him.G846
ThenG1161 said he,G3004 Unto whatG5101 isG2076 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 like?G3664 andG2532 whereuntoG5101 shall I resembleG3666 it?G846
It isG2076 likeG3664 a grainG2848 of mustard seed,G4615 whichG3739 a manG444 took,G2983 and castG906 intoG1519 hisG1438 garden;G2779 andG2532 it grew,G837 andG2532 waxedG1096, G1519 a greatG3173 tree;G1186 andG2532 the fowlsG4071 of the airG3772 lodgedG2681 inG1722 the branchesG2798 of it.G846
AndG2532 againG3825 he said,G2036 WhereuntoG5101 shall I likenG3666 the kingdomG932 of God?G2316
It isG2076 likeG3664 leaven,G2219 whichG3739 a womanG1135 tookG2983 and hidG1470 inG1519 threeG5140 measuresG4568 of meal,G224 tillG3757 theG2193 wholeG3650 was leavened.G2220
AndG2532 he wentG1279 throughG2596 the citiesG4172 andG2532 villages,G2968 teaching,G1321 andG2532 journeyingG4160, G4197 towardG1519 Jerusalem.G2419
ThenG1161 saidG2036 oneG5100 untoG4314 him,G846 Lord,G2962 are there fewG3641 thatG1487 be saved?G4982 AndG1161 he saidG2036 unto them,G846
StriveG75 to enter inG1525 atG1223 the straitG4728 gate:G4439 forG3754 many,G4183 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 will seekG2212 to enter in,G1525 andG2532 shallG2480 notG3756 be able.G2480
When onceG302, G575 theG3739 master of the houseG3617 is risen up,G1453 andG2532 hath shutG608 to the door,G2374 andG2532 ye beginG756 to standG2476 without,G1854 andG2532 to knockG2925 at the door,G2374 saying,G3004 Lord,G2962 Lord,G2962 openG455 unto us;G2254 andG2532 he shall answerG611 and sayG2046 unto you,G5213 I knowG1492 youG5209 notG3756 whenceG4159 ye are:G2075
ThenG5119 shall ye beginG756 to say,G3004 We have eatenG5315 andG2532 drunkG4095 in thyG4675 presence,G1799 andG2532 thou hast taughtG1321 inG1722 ourG2257 streets.G4113
ButG2532 he shall say,G2046 I tellG3004 you,G5213 I knowG1492 youG5209 notG3756 whenceG4159 ye are;G2075 departG868 fromG575 me,G1700 allG3956 ye workersG2040 of iniquity.G93
ThereG1563 shall beG2071 weepingG2805 andG2532 gnashingG1030 of teeth,G3599 whenG3752 ye shall seeG3700 Abraham,G11 andG2532 Isaac,G2464 andG2532 Jacob,G2384 andG2532 allG3956 the prophets,G4396 inG1722 the kingdomG932 of God,G2316 andG1161 youG5209 yourselves thrustG1544 out.G1854
AndG2532 they shall comeG2240 fromG575 the east,G395 andG2532 from the west,G1424 andG2532 fromG575 the north,G1005 andG2532 from the south,G3558 andG2532 shall sit downG347 inG1722 the kingdomG932 of God.G2316
And,G2532 behold,G2400 there areG1526 lastG2078 whichG3739 shall beG2071 first,G4413 andG2532 there areG1526 firstG4413 whichG3739 shall beG2071 last.G2078
The sameG846, G1722 dayG2250 there cameG4334 certainG5100 of the Pharisees,G5330 sayingG3004 unto him,G846 Get thee out,G1831 andG2532 departG4198 hence:G1782 forG3754 HerodG2264 willG2309 killG615 thee.G4571
AndG2532 he saidG2036 unto them,G846 Go ye,G4198 and tellG2036 thatG5026 fox,G258 Behold,G2400 I cast outG1544 devils,G1140 andG2532 I doG2005 curesG2392 to dayG4594 andG2532 to morrow,G839 andG2532 the thirdG5154 day I shall be perfected.G5048
NeverthelessG4133 IG3165 mustG1163 walkG4198 to day,G4594 andG2532 to morrow,G839 andG2532 the day following:G2192 forG3754 it cannot beG1735, G3756 that a prophetG4396 perishG622 out ofG1854 Jerusalem.G2419
O Jerusalem,G2419 Jerusalem,G2419 whichG3588 killestG615 the prophets,G4396 andG2532 stonestG3036 them that are sentG649 untoG4314 thee;G846 how oftenG4212 wouldG2309 I have gatheredG1996 thyG4675 childrenG5043 together,G1996 asG5158 aG3739 henG3733 doth gather herG1438 broodG3555 underG5259 her wings,G4420 andG2532 ye wouldG2309 not!G3756
Behold,G2400 yourG5216 houseG3624 is leftG863 unto youG5213 desolate:G2048 andG1161 verilyG281 I sayG3004 unto youG5213, G3754, Ye shallG1492 notG3364 seeG1492 me,G3165 untilG302 theG2193 time comeG2240 whenG3753 ye shall say,G2036 BlessedG2127 is he that comethG2064 inG1722 the nameG3686 of the Lord.G2962


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