„Bywajcie utrapieni i żałujcie i płaczcie; śmiech wasz niech się obraca w smutek, a wesele w żałość.”

Biblia Brzeska: List św. Jakuba 4,9


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Jana 4:34

Tytuł oryginalny
WhenG5613 thereforeG3767 the LordG2962 knewG1097 howG3754 the PhariseesG5330 had heardG191 thatG3754 JesusG2424 madeG4160 andG2532 baptizedG907 moreG4119 disciplesG3101 thanG2228 John,G2491
(Though JesusG2424 himselfG846 baptizedG907 not,G3756 butG235 hisG846 disciples,G3101)
He leftG863 Judaea,G2449 andG2532 departedG565 againG3825 intoG1519 Galilee.G1056
AndG1161 he must needsG1163 goG1330 throughG1223 Samaria.G4540
ThenG3767 cometh heG2064 toG1519 a cityG4172 of Samaria,G4540 which is calledG3004 Sychar,G4965 nearG4139 to the parcel of groundG5564 thatG3739 JacobG2384 gaveG1325 to hisG846 sonG5207 Joseph.G2501
NowG1161 Jacob'sG2384 wellG4077 wasG2258 there.G1563 JesusG2424 therefore,G3767 being weariedG2872 withG1537 his journey,G3597 satG2516 thusG3779 onG1909 the well:G4077 and it wasG2258 aboutG5616 the sixthG1623 hour.G5610
There comethG2064 a womanG1135 ofG1537 SamariaG4540 to drawG501 water:G5204 JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto her,G846 GiveG1325 meG3427 to drink.G4095
(For hisG846 disciplesG3101 were gone awayG565 untoG1519 the cityG4172 toG2443 buyG59 meat.G5160)
ThenG3767 saithG3004 the womanG1135 of SamariaG4542 unto him,G846 How is it thatG4459 thou,G4771 beingG5607 a Jew,G2453 askestG154 drinkG4095 ofG3844 me,G1700 which amG5607 a womanG1135 of Samaria?G4542 forG1063 the JewsG2453 haveG4798 noG3756 dealingsG4798 with the Samaritans.G4541
JesusG2424 answeredG611 andG2532 saidG2036 unto her,G846 IfG1487 thou knewestG1492 the giftG1431 of God,G2316 andG2532 whoG5101 it isG2076 that saithG3004 to thee,G4671 GiveG1325 meG3427 to drink;G4095 thouG4771 wouldestG302 have askedG154 of him,G846 andG2532 he wouldG302 have givenG1325 theeG4671 livingG2198 water.G5204
The womanG1135 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Sir,G2962 thou hastG2192 nothingG3777 to draw with,G502 andG2532 the wellG5421 isG2076 deep:G901 from whenceG4159 thenG3767 hast thouG2192 that livingG2198 water?G5204
ArtG1488 thouG4771 greaterG3187 than ourG2257 fatherG3962 Jacob,G2384 whichG3739 gaveG1325 usG2254 the well,G5421 andG2532 drankG4095 thereofG846, G1537 himself,G846 andG2532 hisG846 children,G5207 andG2532 hisG846 cattle?G2353
JesusG2424 answeredG611 andG2532 saidG2036 unto her,G846 WhosoeverG3956 drinkethG4095 ofG1537 thisG5127 waterG5204 shall thirstG1372 again:G3825
ButG1161 whosoeverG302, G3739 drinkethG4095 ofG1537 the waterG5204 thatG3739 IG1473 shall giveG1325 himG846 shallG1372 neverG3364, G1519, G165 thirst;G1372 butG235 the waterG5204 thatG3739 I shall giveG1325 himG846 shall beG1096 inG1722 himG846 a wellG4077 of waterG5204 springing upG242 intoG1519 everlastingG166 life.G2222
The womanG1135 saithG3004 untoG4314 him,G846 Sir,G2962 giveG1325 meG3427 thisG5124 water,G5204 thatG3363 I thirstG1372 not,G3363 neitherG3366 comeG2064 hitherG1759 to draw.G501
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto her,G846 Go,G5217 callG5455 thyG4675 husband,G435 andG2532 comeG2064 hither.G1759
The womanG1135 answeredG611 andG2532 said,G2036 I haveG2192 noG3756 husband.G435 JesusG2424 saidG3004 unto her,G846 Thou hastG2036 wellG2573 saidG2036, G3754, I haveG2192 noG3756 husband:G435
ForG1063 thou hast hadG2192 fiveG4002 husbands;G435 andG2532 he whomG3739 thouG2192 nowG3568 hastG2192 isG2076 notG3756 thyG4675 husband:G435 in thatG5124 saidst thouG2046 truly.G227
The womanG1135 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Sir,G2962 I perceiveG2334 thatG3754 thouG4771 artG1488 a prophet.G4396
OurG2257 fathersG3962 worshippedG4352 inG1722 thisG5129 mountain;G3735 andG2532 yeG5210 say,G3004 thatG3754 inG1722 JerusalemG2414 isG2076 the placeG5117 whereG3699 men oughtG1163 to worship.G4352
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto her,G846 Woman,G1135 believeG4100 me,G3427 the hourG5610 comethG2064, G3754, whenG3753 ye shallG4352 neitherG3777 inG1722 thisG5129 mountain,G3735 nor yetG3777 atG1722 Jerusalem,G2414 worshipG4352 the Father.G3962
YeG5210 worshipG4352 ye knowG1492 notG3756 what:G3739 we knowG1492 whatG3739 weG2249 worship:G4352 forG3754 salvationG4991 isG2076 ofG1537 the Jews.G2453
ButG235 the hourG5610 cometh,G2064 andG2532 nowG3568 is,G2076 whenG3753 the trueG228 worshippersG4353 shall worshipG4352 the FatherG3962 inG1722 spiritG4151 andG2532 in truth:G225 forG1063 theG2532 FatherG3962 seekethG2212 suchG5108 to worshipG4352 him.G846
GodG2316 is a Spirit:G4151 andG2532 they that worshipG4352 himG846 mustG1163 worshipG4352 him inG1722 spiritG4151 andG2532 in truth.G225
The womanG1135 saithG3004 unto him,G846 I knowG1492 thatG3754 MessiasG3323 cometh,G2064 whichG3588 is calledG3004 Christ:G5547 whenG3752 heG1565 is come,G2064 he will tellG312 usG2254 all things.G3956
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto her,G846 IG1473 that speakG2980 unto theeG4671 amG1510 he.
AndG2532 uponG1909 thisG5129 cameG2064 hisG846 disciples,G3101 andG2532 marvelledG2296 thatG3754 he talkedG2980 withG3326 the woman:G1135 yetG3305 no manG3762 said,G2036 WhatG5101 seekest thou?G2212 or,G2228 WhyG5101 talkest thouG2980 withG3326 her?G846
The womanG1135 thenG3767 leftG863 herG846 waterpot,G5201 andG2532 went her wayG565 intoG1519 the city,G4172 andG2532 saithG3004 to the men,G444
Come,G1205 seeG1492 a man,G444 whichG3739 toldG2036 meG3427 all thingsG3956 that everG3745 I did:G4160 isG2076 notG3385 thisG3778 the Christ?G5547
ThenG3767 they wentG1831 out ofG1537 the city,G4172 andG2532 cameG2064 untoG4314 him.G846
InG1722 the meanG3342 while his disciplesG3101 prayedG2065 him,G846 saying,G3004 Master,G4461 eat.G5315
ButG1161 he saidG2036 unto them,G846 IG1473 haveG2192 meatG1035 to eatG5315 thatG3739 yeG5210 knowG1492 notG3756 of.G1492
ThereforeG3767 saidG3004 the disciplesG3101 one to anotherG240, G4314, HathG5342 any manG3387 broughtG5342 himG846 ought to eat?G5315
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto them,G846 MyG1699 meatG1033 isG2076 toG2443 doG4160 the willG2307 of him that sentG3992 me,G3165 andG2532 to finishG5048 hisG846 work.G2041
SayG3004 notG3756 ye,G5210 ThereG3754 areG2076 yetG2089 four months,G5072 andG2532 then comethG2064 harvest?G2326 behold,G2400 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 Lift upG1869 yourG5216 eyes,G3788 andG2532 look onG2300 the fields;G5561 forG3754 they areG1526 whiteG3022 alreadyG2235 toG4314 harvest.G2326
AndG2532 he that reapethG2325 receivethG2983 wages,G3408 andG2532 gatherethG4863 fruitG2590 untoG1519 lifeG2222 eternal:G166 thatG2443 bothG2532 he that sowethG4687 andG2532 he that reapethG2325 may rejoiceG5463 together.G3674
AndG1063 hereinG5129, G1722 isG2076 that sayingG3056 trueG228, G3754, OneG243 sowethG2076, G4687, andG2532 anotherG243 reapeth.G2325
IG1473 sentG649 youG5209 to reapG2325 that whereonG3739 yeG5210 bestowedG2872 noG3756 labour:G2872 other menG243 laboured,G2872 andG2532 yeG5210 are enteredG1525 intoG1519 theirG846 labours.G2873
AndG1161 manyG4183 of the SamaritansG4541 ofG1537 thatG1565 cityG4172 believedG4100 onG1519 himG846 forG1223 the sayingG3056 of the woman,G1135 which testifiedG3140, G3754, He toldG2036 meG3427 allG3956 that everG3745 I did.G4160
SoG3767 whenG5613 the SamaritansG4541 were comeG2064 untoG4314 him,G846 they besoughtG2065 himG846 that he would tarryG3306 withG3844 them:G846 andG2532 he abodeG3306 thereG1563 twoG1417 days.G2250
AndG2532 manyG4183 moreG4119 believedG4100 becauseG1223 of his ownG846 word;G3056
AndG5037 saidG3004 unto the womanG1135, G3754, NowG3765 we believe,G4100 notG3754 becauseG1223 of thyG4674 saying:G2981 forG1063 we have heardG191 him ourselves,G846 andG2532 knowG1492 thatG3754 thisG3778 isG2076 indeedG230 the Christ,G5547 the SaviourG4990 of the world.G2889
NowG1161 afterG3326 twoG1417 daysG2250 he departedG565, G1831 thence,G1564 andG2532 went intoG1519 Galilee.G1056
ForG1063 JesusG2424 himselfG846 testified,G3140 thatG3754 a prophetG4396 hathG2192 noG3756 honourG5092 inG1722 his ownG2398 country.G3968
ThenG3767 whenG3753 he was comeG2064 intoG1519 Galilee,G1056 the GalilaeansG1057 receivedG1209 him,G846 having seenG3708 all the thingsG3956 thatG3739 he didG4160 atG1722 JerusalemG2414 atG1722 the feast:G1859 forG1063 theyG846 alsoG2532 wentG2064 untoG1519 the feast.G1859
SoG3767 JesusG2424 cameG2064 againG3825 intoG1519 CanaG2580 of Galilee,G1056 whereG3699 he madeG4160 the waterG5204 wine.G3631 AndG2532 there wasG2258 a certainG5100 nobleman,G937 whoseG3739 sonG5207 was sickG770 atG1722 Capernaum.G2584
When heG3778 heardG191 thatG3754 JesusG2424 was comeG2240 out ofG1537 JudaeaG2449 intoG1519 Galilee,G1056 he wentG565 untoG4314 him,G846 andG2532 besoughtG2065 himG846 thatG2443 he would come down,G2597 andG2532 healG2390 hisG846 son:G5207 forG1063 he was at the pointG3195 of death.G599
ThenG3767 saidG2036 JesusG2424 untoG4314 him,G846 ExceptG3362 ye seeG1492 signsG4592 andG2532 wonders,G5059 ye willG4100 notG3364 believe.G4100
The noblemanG937 saithG3004 untoG4314 him,G846 Sir,G2962 come downG2597 ereG4250 myG3450 childG3813 die.G599
JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Go thy way;G4198 thyG4675 sonG5207 liveth.G2198 AndG2532 the manG444 believedG4100 the wordG3056 thatG3739 JesusG2424 had spokenG2036 unto him,G846 andG2532 he went his way.G4198
AndG1161 as heG846 was nowG2235 going down,G2597 hisG846 servantsG1401 metG528 him,G846 andG2532 toldG518 him, sayingG3004, G3754, ThyG4675 sonG3816 liveth.G2198
ThenG3767 enquired heG4441 ofG3844 themG846 the hourG5610 whenG3739 heG1722 beganG2192 to amend.G2866 AndG2532 they saidG2036 unto himG846, G3754, YesterdayG5504 at the seventhG1442 hourG5610 the feverG4446 leftG863 him.G846
SoG3767 the fatherG3962 knewG1097 thatG3754 it was atG1722 the sameG1565 hour,G5610 inG1722 the whichG3739 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto himG846, G3754, ThyG4675 sonG5207 liveth:G2198 andG2532 himselfG846 believed,G4100 andG2532 hisG846 wholeG3650 house.G3614
ThisG5124 is againG3825 the secondG1208 miracleG4592 that JesusG2424 did,G4160 when he was come outG2064 ofG1537 JudaeaG2449 intoG1519 Galilee.G1056


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