„Z cichością ucząc ty, którzy się sprzeciwiają, ażeby im kiedy Bóg dał upamiętanie ku poznaniu prawdy.”

Biblia Brzeska: 2 List św. Pawła do Tymoteusza 2,25


King James Version
Księga: Ewangelia Jana 12:8

Tytuł oryginalny
ThenG3767 JesusG2424 sixG1803 daysG2250 beforeG4253 the passoverG3957 cameG2064 toG1519 Bethany,G963 whereG3699 LazarusG2976 wasG2258 whichG3588 had been dead,G2348 whomG3739 he raisedG1453 fromG1537 the dead.G3498
ThereG3767 theyG1563 madeG4160 himG846 a supper;G1173 andG2532 MarthaG3136 served:G1247 butG1161 LazarusG2976 wasG2258 oneG1520 of them that sat at the tableG4873 with him.G846
ThenG3767 tookG2983 MaryG3137 a poundG3046 of ointmentG3464 of spikenardG4101, G3487, very costly,G4186 and anointedG218 the feetG4228 of Jesus,G2424 andG2532 wipedG1591 hisG846 feetG4228 with herG846 hair:G2359 andG1161 the houseG3614 was filledG4137 withG1537 the odourG3744 of the ointment.G3464
ThenG3767 saithG3004 oneG1520 ofG1537 hisG846 disciples,G3101 JudasG2455 Iscariot,G2469 Simon'sG4613 son, whichG3588 shouldG3195 betrayG3860 him,G846
WhyG1302 wasG4097 notG3756 thisG5124 ointmentG3464 soldG4097 for three hundredG5145 pence,G1220 andG2532 givenG1325 to the poor?G4434
ThisG5124 he said,G2036 notG3756 thatG3754 heG846 caredG3199 forG4012 the poor;G4434 butG235 becauseG3754 he wasG2258 a thief,G2812 andG2532 hadG2192 the bag,G1101 andG2532 bareG941 what was put therein.G906
ThenG3767 saidG2036 Jesus,G2424 LetG863 herG846 alone:G863 againstG1519 the dayG2250 of myG3450 buryingG1780 hath she keptG5083 this.G846
ForG1063 the poorG4434 alwaysG3842 ye haveG2192 withG3326 you;G1438 butG1161 meG1691 ye haveG2192 notG3756 always.G3842
MuchG4183 peopleG3793 ofG1537 the JewsG2453 thereforeG3767 knewG1097 thatG3754 he wasG2076 there:G1563 andG2532 they cameG2064 notG3756 forG1223 Jesus'G2424 sake only,G3440 butG235 thatG2443 they might seeG1492 LazarusG2976 also,G2532 whomG3739 he had raisedG1453 fromG1537 the dead.G3498
ButG1161 the chief priestsG749 consultedG1011 thatG2443 they might putG615 LazarusG2976 alsoG2532 to death;G615
BecauseG3754 that by reasonG1223 of himG846 manyG4183 of the JewsG2453 went away,G5217 andG2532 believedG4100 onG1519 Jesus.G2424
On the next dayG1887 muchG4183 peopleG3793 that were comeG2064 toG1519 the feast,G1859 when they heardG191 thatG3754 JesusG2424 was comingG2064 toG1519 Jerusalem,G2414
TookG2983 branchesG902 of palm trees,G5404 andG2532 went forthG1831 toG1519 meetG5222 him,G846 andG2532 cried,G2896 Hosanna:G5614 BlessedG2127 is the KingG935 of IsraelG2474 that comethG2064 inG1722 the nameG3686 of the Lord.G2962
AndG1161 Jesus,G2424 when he had foundG2147 a young ass,G3678 satG2523 thereonG846, G1909; asG2531 it isG2076 written,G1125
FearG5399 not,G3361 daughterG2364 of Sion:G4622 behold,G2400 thyG4675 KingG935 cometh,G2064 sittingG2521 onG1909 an ass'sG3688 colt.G4454
TheseG1161 thingsG5023 understoodG1097 notG3756 hisG846 disciplesG3101 at the first:G4412 butG235 whenG3753 JesusG2424 was glorified,G1392 thenG5119 remembered theyG3415 thatG3754 these thingsG5023 wereG2258 writtenG1125 ofG1909 him,G846 andG2532 that they had doneG4160 these thingsG5023 unto him.G846
The peopleG3793 thereforeG3767 that wasG5607 withG3326 himG846 whenG3753 he calledG5455 LazarusG2976 out ofG1537 his grave,G3419 andG2532 raisedG1453 himG846 fromG1537 the dead,G3498 bare record.G3140
For thisG5124 causeG1223 the peopleG3793 alsoG2532 metG5221 him,G846 for thatG3754 they heardG191 thatG846 he had doneG4160 thisG5124 miracle.G4592
The PhariseesG5330 thereforeG3767 saidG2036 amongG4314 themselves,G1438 Perceive yeG2334 howG3754 ye prevailG5623 nothingG3762, G3756? behold,G2396 the worldG2889 is goneG565 afterG3694 him.G846
AndG1161 there wereG2258 certainG5100 GreeksG1672 amongG1537 them that came upG305 toG2443 worshipG4352 atG1722 the feast:G1859
The sameG3778 cameG4334 thereforeG3767 to Philip,G5376 which was ofG575 BethsaidaG966 of Galilee,G1056 andG2532 desiredG2065 him,G846 saying,G3004 Sir,G2962 we wouldG2309 seeG1492 Jesus.G2424
PhilipG5376 comethG2064 andG2532 tellethG3004 Andrew:G406 andG2532 againG3825 AndrewG406 andG2532 PhilipG5376 tellG3004 Jesus.G2424
AndG1161 JesusG2424 answeredG611 them,G846 saying,G3004 The hourG5610 is come,G2064 thatG2443 the SonG5207 of manG444 should be glorified.G1392
Verily,G281 verily,G281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ExceptG3362 a cornG2848 of wheatG4621 fallG4098 intoG1519 the groundG1093 and die,G599 itG846 abidethG3306 alone:G3441 butG1161 ifG1437 it die,G599 it bringeth forthG5342 muchG4183 fruit.G2590
He that lovethG5368 hisG846 lifeG5590 shall loseG622 it;G846 andG2532 he that hatethG3404 hisG846 lifeG5590 inG1722 thisG5129 worldG2889 shall keepG5442 itG846 untoG1519 lifeG2222 eternal.G166
IfG1437 any manG5100 serveG1247 me,G1698 let him followG190 me;G1698 andG2532 whereG3699 IG1473 am,G1510 thereG1563 shallG2071 alsoG2532 myG1699 servantG1249 beG2071, G2532: ifG1437 any manG5100 serveG1247 me,G1698 himG846 willG5091 my FatherG3962 honour.G5091
NowG3568 isG5015 myG3450 soulG5590 troubled;G5015 andG2532 whatG5101 shall I say?G2036 Father,G3962 saveG4982 meG3165 fromG1537 thisG5026 hour:G5610 butG235 for thisG5124 causeG1223 came IG2064 untoG1519 thisG5026 hour.G5610
Father,G3962 glorifyG1392 thyG4675 name.G3686 ThenG3767 came thereG2064 a voiceG5456 fromG1537 heaven,G3772 saying, I haveG1392 bothG2532 glorifiedG1392 it, andG2532 will glorifyG1392 it again.G3825
The peopleG3793 therefore,G3767 that stood by,G2476 andG2532 heardG191 it, saidG3004 that it thunderedG1096, G1027: othersG243 said,G3004 An angelG32 spakeG2980 to him.G846
JesusG2424 answeredG611 andG2532 said,G2036 ThisG3778 voiceG5456 cameG1096 notG3756 because ofG1223 me,G1691 butG235 forG1223 your sakesG1223, G5209.
NowG3568 isG2076 the judgmentG2920 of thisG5127 world:G2889 nowG3568 shallG1544 the princeG758 of thisG5127 worldG2889 be castG1544 out.G1854
And I,G2504 ifG1437 I be lifted upG5312 fromG1537 the earth,G1093 will drawG1670 allG3956 men untoG4314 me.G1683
ThisG5124 he said,G3004 signifyingG4591 whatG4169 deathG2288 he shouldG3195 die.G599
The peopleG3793 answeredG611 him,G846 WeG2249 have heardG191 out ofG1537 the lawG3551 thatG3754 ChristG5547 abidethG3306 forG1519 ever:G165 andG2532 howG4459 sayestG3004 thouG4771, G3754, The SonG5207 of manG444 mustG1163 be lifted up?G5312 whoG5101 isG2076 thisG3778 SonG5207 of man?G444
ThenG3767 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto them,G846 YetG2089 a littleG3398 whileG5550 isG2076 the lightG5457 withG3326 you.G5216 WalkG4043 whileG2193 ye haveG2192 the light,G5457 lestG3363 darknessG4653 come uponG2638 you:G5209 forG2532 he that walkethG4043 inG1722 darknessG4653 knowethG1492 notG3756 whitherG4226 he goeth.G5217
WhileG2193 ye haveG2192 light,G5457 believeG4100 inG1519 the light,G5457 thatG2443 ye may beG1096 the childrenG5207 of light.G5457 These thingsG5023 spakeG2980 Jesus,G2424 and departed,G565 andG2532 did hide himselfG2928 fromG575 them.G846
ButG1161 though heG846 had doneG4160 so manyG5118 miraclesG4592 beforeG1715 them,G846 yet they believedG4100 notG3756 onG1519 him:G846
ThatG2443 the sayingG3056 of EsaiasG2268 the prophetG4396 might be fulfilled,G4137 whichG3739 he spake,G2036 Lord,G2962 whoG5101 hath believedG4100 ourG2257 report?G189 andG2532 to whomG5101 hath the armG1023 of the LordG2962 been revealed?G601
ThereforeG1223 theyG5124 couldG1410 notG3756 believe,G4100 becauseG3754 that EsaiasG2268 saidG2036 again,G3825
He hath blindedG5186 theirG846 eyes,G3788 andG2532 hardenedG4456 theirG846 heart;G2588 thatG3363 they shouldG1492 notG3363 seeG1492 with their eyes,G3788 norG2532 understandG3539 with their heart,G2588 andG2532 be converted,G1994 andG2532 I should healG2390 them.G846
These thingsG5023 saidG2036 Esaias,G2268 whenG3753 he sawG1492 hisG846 glory,G1391 andG2532 spakeG2980 ofG4012 him.G846
NeverthelessG3305, G3676 amongG1537 the chief rulersG758 alsoG2532 manyG4183 believedG4100 onG1519 him;G846 butG235 becauseG1223 of the PhariseesG5330 they didG3670 notG3756 confessG3670 him, lestG3363 they should beG1096 put out of the synagogue:G656
ForG1063 they lovedG25 the praiseG1391 of menG444 moreG3123 thanG2260 the praiseG1391 of God.G2316
JesusG2424 criedG2896 andG2532 said,G2036 He that believethG4100 onG1519 me,G1691 believethG4100 notG3756 onG1519 me,G1691 butG235 onG1519 him that sentG3992 me.G3165
AndG2532 he that seethG2334 meG1691 seethG2334 him that sentG3992 me.G3165
IG1473 am comeG2064 a lightG5457 intoG1519 the world,G2889 thatG3363 whosoeverG3956 believethG4100 onG1519 meG1691 shouldG3306 notG3363 abideG3306 inG1722 darkness.G4653
AndG2532 ifG3362 any manG5100 hearG191 myG3450 words,G4487 andG2532 believeG4100 not,G3362 IG1473 judgeG2919 himG846 not:G3756 forG1063 I cameG2064 notG3756 toG2443 judgeG2919 the world,G2889 butG235 toG2443 saveG4982 the world.G2889
He that rejectethG114 me,G1691 andG2532 receivethG2983 notG3361 myG3450 words,G4487 hathG2192 one that judgethG2919 him:G846 the wordG3056 thatG3739 I have spoken,G2980 the sameG1565 shall judgeG2919 himG846 inG1722 the lastG2078 day.G2250
ForG3754 IG1473 haveG2980 notG3756 spokenG2980 ofG1537 myself;G1683 butG235 the FatherG3962 which sentG3992 me,G3165 heG846 gaveG1325 meG3427 a commandment,G1785 whatG5101 I should say,G2036 andG2532 whatG5101 I should speak.G2980
AndG2532 I knowG1492 thatG3754 hisG846 commandmentG1785 isG2076 lifeG2222 everlasting:G166 whatsoeverG3739 IG1473 speakG2980 therefore,G3767 even asG2531 the FatherG3962 saidG2046 unto me,G3427 soG3779 I speak.G2980


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