„Dla zimna leniwy nie orze; przetoż żebrać będzie we żniwa, ale nic nie otrzyma.”

Biblia Gdańska (1881): Przypowieści Salomonowych 20,4

King James Version
Księga: Dzieje Apostolskie 2:32

Tytuł oryginalny
AndG2532 whenG1722 the dayG2250 of PentecostG4005 was fully come,G4845 they wereG2258 allG537 with one accordG3661 inG1909 one place.G846
AndG2532 suddenlyG869 there cameG1096 a soundG2279 fromG1537 heavenG3772 asG5618 of a rushingG5342 mightyG972 wind,G4157 andG2532 it filledG4137 allG3650 the houseG3624 whereG3757 they wereG2258 sitting.G2521
AndG2532 there appearedG3700 unto themG846 clovenG1266 tonguesG1100 like asG5616 of fire,G4442 andG5037 it satG2523 uponG1909 eachG1520 ofG1538 them.G846
AndG2532 they wereG4130 allG537 filledG4130 with the HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 andG2532 beganG756 to speak withG2980 otherG2087 tongues,G1100 asG2531 the SpiritG4151 gaveG1325 themG846 utterance.G669
AndG1161 there wereG2258 dwellingG2730 atG1722 JerusalemG2419 Jews,G2453 devoutG2126 men,G435 out ofG575 everyG3956 nationG1484 underG5259 heaven.G3772
NowG1161 when thisG5026 wasG1096 noised abroad,G5456 the multitudeG4128 came together,G4905 andG2532 were confounded,G4797 becauseG3754 that everyG1538 manG1520 heardG191 themG846 speakG2980 in his ownG2398 language.G1258
AndG1161 they wereG1839 allG3956 amazedG1839 andG2532 marvelled,G2296 sayingG3004 one to anotherG240, G4314, Behold,G2400 areG1526 notG3756 allG3956 theseG3778 whichG3588 speakG2980 Galilaeans?G1057
AndG2532 howG4459 hearG191 weG2249 everyG1538 man in ourG2257 ownG2398 tongue,G1258 whereinG3739 weG1722 were born?G1080
Parthians,G3934 andG2532 Medes,G3370 andG2532 Elamites,G1639 andG2532 the dwellersG2730 in Mesopotamia,G3318 andG5037 in Judaea,G2449 andG2532 Cappadocia,G2587 in Pontus,G4195 andG2532 Asia,G773
Phrygia,G5435 andG2532, G5037 Pamphylia,G3828 in Egypt,G125 andG2532 in the partsG3313 of LibyaG3033 aboutG2596 Cyrene,G2957 andG2532 strangersG1927 of RomeG4514, G5037, JewsG2453 andG2532, G5037 proselytes,G4339
CretesG2912 andG2532 Arabians,G690 we do hearG191 themG846 speakG2980 in ourG2251 tonguesG1100 the wonderful worksG3167 of God.G2316
AndG1161 they wereG1839 allG3956 amazed,G1839 andG2532 were in doubt,G1280 sayingG3004 oneG243 toG4314 another,G243 WhatG5101 meanethG2309, G302, G1511 this?G5124
OthersG2087 mockingG5512 saidG3004, G3754, These men areG1526 fullG3325 of new wine.G1098
ButG1161 Peter,G4074 standing upG2476 withG4862 the eleven,G1733 lifted upG1869 hisG846 voice,G5456 andG2532 saidG669 unto them,G846 Ye menG435 of Judaea,G2453 andG2532 allG537 ye that dwellG2730 at Jerusalem,G2419 beG2077 thisG5124 knownG1110 unto you,G5213 andG2532 hearkenG1801 to myG3450 words:G4487
ForG1063 theseG3778 areG3184 notG3756 drunken,G3184 asG5613 yeG5210 suppose,G5274 seeingG1063 it isG2076 but the thirdG5154 hourG5610 of the day.G2250
ButG235 thisG5124 isG2076 that which was spokenG2046 byG1223 the prophetG4396 Joel;G2493
AndG2532 it shall come to passG2071 inG1722 the lastG2078 days,G2250 saithG3004 God,G2316 I will pour outG1632 ofG575 myG3450 SpiritG4151 uponG1909 allG3956 flesh:G4561 andG2532 yourG5216 sonsG5207 andG2532 yourG5216 daughtersG2364 shall prophesy,G4395 andG2532 yourG5216 young menG3495 shall seeG3700 visions,G3706 andG2532 yourG5216 old menG4245 shall dreamG1798 dreams:G1797
AndG1065, G2532 onG1909 myG3450 servantsG1401 andG2532 onG1909 myG3450 handmaidensG1399 I will pour outG1632 inG1722 thoseG1565 daysG2250 ofG575 myG3450 Spirit;G4151 andG2532 they shall prophesy:G4395
AndG2532 I will shewG1325 wondersG5059 inG1722 heavenG3772 above,G507 andG2532 signsG4592 inG1909 the earthG1093 beneath;G2736 blood,G129 andG2532 fire,G4442 andG2532 vapourG822 of smoke:G2586
The sunG2246 shall be turnedG3344 intoG1519 darkness,G4655 andG2532 the moonG4582 intoG1519 blood,G129 beforeG4250 thatG2228 greatG3173 andG2532 notableG2016 dayG2250 of the LordG2962 come:G2064
AndG2532 it shall come to pass,G2071 that whosoeverG302, G3739 shallG3956 call onG1941 the nameG3686 of the LordG2962 shall be saved.G4982
Ye menG435 of Israel,G2475 hearG191 theseG5128 words;G3056 JesusG2424 of Nazareth,G3480 a manG435 approvedG584 ofG575 GodG2316 amongG1519 youG5209 by miraclesG1411 andG2532 wondersG5059 andG2532 signs,G4592 whichG3739 GodG2316 didG4160 byG1223 himG846 inG1722 the midstG3319 of you,G5216 asG2531 ye yourselvesG846 alsoG2532 know:G1492
Him,G5126 being deliveredG1560 by the determinateG3724 counselG1012 andG2532 foreknowledgeG4268 of God,G2316 ye have taken,G2983 and byG1223 wickedG459 handsG5495 have crucifiedG4362 and slain:G337
WhomG3739 GodG2316 hath raised up,G450 having loosedG3089 the painsG5604 of death:G2288 becauseG2530 it wasG2258 notG3756 possibleG1415 that heG846 should be holdenG2902 ofG5259 it.G846
ForG1063 DavidG1138 speakethG3004 concerningG1519 him,G846 I foresawG4308 the LordG2962 alwaysG3956, G1223 beforeG1799 myG3450 face, forG3754 he isG2076 onG1537 myG3450 right hand,G1188 thatG3363 I shouldG4531 notG3363 be moved:G4531
ThereforeG5124, G1223 didG2165 myG3450 heartG2588 rejoice,G2165 andG2532 myG3450 tongueG1100 was glad;G21 moreoverG2089, G1161 alsoG2532 myG3450 fleshG4561 shall restG2681 inG1909 hope:G1680
BecauseG3754 thou wiltG1459 notG3756 leaveG1459 myG3450 soulG5590 inG1519 hell,G86 neitherG3761 wilt thou sufferG1325 thineG4675 Holy OneG3741 to seeG1492 corruption.G1312
Thou hast made knownG1107 to meG3427 the waysG3598 of life;G2222 thou shalt makeG4137 meG3165 fullG4137 of joyG2167 withG3326 thyG4675 countenance.G4383
MenG435 and brethren,G80 letG2036 meG1832 freelyG3954, G3326 speakG2036 untoG4314 youG5209 ofG4012 the patriarchG3966 David,G1138 thatG3754 he isG5053 bothG2532 deadG5053 andG2532 buried,G2290 andG2532 hisG846 sepulchreG3418 isG2076 withG1722 usG2254 untoG891 thisG5026 day.G2250
ThereforeG3767 beingG5225 a prophet,G4396 andG2532 knowingG1492 thatG3754 GodG2316 had swornG3660 with an oathG3727 to him,G846 that ofG1537 the fruitG2590 of hisG846 loins,G3751 according toG2596 the flesh,G4561 he would raise upG450 ChristG5547 to sitG2523 onG1909 hisG846 throne;G2362
He seeing this beforeG4275 spakeG2980 ofG4012 the resurrectionG386 of Christ,G5547 thatG3754 hisG846 soulG5590 wasG2641 notG3756 leftG2641 inG1519 hell,G86 neitherG3761 hisG846 fleshG4561 did seeG1492 corruption.G1312
ThisG5126 JesusG2424 hathG450 GodG2316 raised up,G450 whereofG3739 weG2249 allG3956 areG2070 witnesses.G3144
ThereforeG3767 beingG5312 by the right handG1188 of GodG2316 exalted,G5312 andG5037 having receivedG2983 ofG3844 the FatherG3962 the promiseG1860 of the HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 he hath shed forthG1632 this,G5124 whichG3739 yeG5210 nowG3568 seeG991 andG2532 hear.G191
ForG1063 DavidG1138 is notG3756 ascendedG305 intoG1519 the heavens:G3772 butG1161 he saithG3004 himself,G846 The LORDG2962 saidG2036 unto myG3450 Lord,G2962 Sit thouG2521 onG1537 myG3450 right hand,G1188
UntilG2193 I makeG5087, G302 thyG4675 foesG2190 thyG4675 footstoolG5286, G4228.
ThereforeG3767 letG1097 allG3956 the houseG3624 of IsraelG2474 knowG1097 assuredly,G806 thatG3754 GodG2316 hath madeG4160 that sameG5126 Jesus,G2424 whomG3739 yeG5210 have crucified,G4717 bothG2532 LordG2962 andG2532 Christ.G5547
NowG1161 when they heardG191 this, they were prickedG2660 in their heart,G2588 andG5037 saidG2036 untoG4314 PeterG4074 andG2532 to the restG3062 of the apostles,G652 MenG435 and brethren,G80 whatG5101 shall we do?G4160
ThenG1161 PeterG4074 saidG5346 untoG4314 them,G846 Repent,G3340 andG2532 be baptizedG907 every oneG1538 of youG5216 inG1909 the nameG3686 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547 forG1519 the remissionG859 of sins,G266 andG2532 ye shall receiveG2983 the giftG1431 of the HolyG40 Ghost.G4151
ForG1063 the promiseG1860 isG2076 unto you,G5213 andG2532 to yourG5216 children,G5043 andG2532 to allG3956 that are afar offG3112, G1519, even as many asG3745 the LordG2962 ourG2257 GodG2316 shall callG4341, G302.
AndG5037 with manyG4119 otherG2087 wordsG3056 did he testifyG1263 andG2532 exhort,G3870 saying,G3004 Save yourselvesG4982 fromG575 thisG5026 untowardG4646 generation.G1074
ThenG3767 theyG3303 that gladlyG780 receivedG588 hisG846 wordG3056 were baptized:G907 andG2532 the sameG1565 dayG2250 there were addedG4369 unto them aboutG5616 three thousandG5153 souls.G5590
AndG1161 they continuedG2258 stedfastlyG4342 in the apostles'G652 doctrineG1322 andG2532 fellowship,G2842 andG2532 in breakingG2800 of bread,G740 andG2532 in prayers.G4335
AndG1161 fearG5401 came uponG1096 everyG3956 soul:G5590 andG5037 manyG4183 wondersG5059 andG2532 signsG4592 were doneG1096 byG1223 the apostles.G652
AndG1161 allG3956 that believedG4100 wereG2258 togetherG846, G1909, andG2532 hadG2192 all thingsG537 common;G2839
AndG2532 soldG4097 their possessionsG2933 andG2532 goods,G5223 andG2532 partedG1266 themG846 to allG3956 men, asG2530 every manG5100 hadG2192, G302 need.G5532
AndG5037 they, continuingG4342 dailyG2250 withG2596 one accordG3661 inG1722 the temple,G2411 andG5037 breakingG2806 breadG740 fromG2596 house to house,G3624 did eatG3335 their meatG5160 withG1722 gladnessG20 andG2532 singlenessG858 of heart,G2588
PraisingG134 God,G2316 andG2532 havingG2192 favourG5485 withG4314 allG3650 the people.G2992 AndG1161 the LordG2962 addedG4369 to the churchG1577 dailyG2250 suchG2596 as should be saved.G4982


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