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Biblia Warszawska: Księga Abdiasza 1,14

King James Version
Księga: 2 Księga Kronik 20:37

Tytuł oryginalny
2 Chronicles
It came to pass after thisH310 also, that the childrenH1121 of Moab,H4124 and the childrenH1121 of Ammon,H5983 and with them other beside the Ammonites,H5984 cameH935 against JehoshaphatH3092 to battle.H4421
Then there cameH935 some that toldH5046 Jehoshaphat,H3092 saying,H559 There comethH935 a greatH7227 multitudeH1995 against thee from beyondH5676 the seaH3220 on this side Syria;H758 and, behold, they be in Hazazontamar,H2688 which is Engedi.H5872
And JehoshaphatH3092 feared,H3372 and setH5414 himselfH6440 to seekH1875 the LORD,H3068 and proclaimedH7121 a fastH6685 throughoutH5921 all Judah.H3063
And JudahH3063 gathered themselves together,H6908 to askH1245 help of the LORD:H3068 even out of all the citiesH5892 of JudahH3063 they cameH935 to seekH1245 the LORD.H3068
And JehoshaphatH3092 stoodH5975 in the congregationH6951 of JudahH3063 and Jerusalem,H3389 in the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 beforeH6440 the newH2319 court,H2691
And said,H559 O LORDH3068 GodH430 of our fathers,H1 art not thou GodH430 in heaven?H8064 and rulestH4910 not thou over all the kingdomsH4467 of the heathen?H1471 and in thine handH3027 is there not powerH3581 and might,H1369 so that none is able to withstandH3320 thee?
Art not thou our God,H430 who didst drive outH3423 the inhabitantsH3427 of this landH776 beforeH6440 thy peopleH5971 Israel,H3478 and gavestH5414 it to the seedH2233 of AbrahamH85 thy friendH157 for ever?H5769
And they dweltH3427 therein, and have builtH1129 thee a sanctuaryH4720 therein for thy name,H8034 saying,H559
If, when evilH7451 comethH935 upon us, as the sword,H2719 judgment,H8196 or pestilence,H1698 or famine,H7458 we standH5975 beforeH6440 this house,H1004 and in thy presence,H6440 (for thy nameH8034 is in this house,H1004) and cryH2199 unto thee in our affliction,H6869 then thou wilt hearH8085 and help.H3467
And now, behold, the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983 and MoabH4124 and mountH2022 Seir,H8165 whom thou wouldest not letH5414 IsraelH3478 invade,H935 when they came outH935 of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 but they turnedH5493 from them, and destroyedH8045 them not;
Behold, I say, how they rewardH1580 us, to comeH935 to cast us outH1644 of thy possession,H3425 which thou hast given us to inherit.H3423
O our God,H430 wilt thou not judgeH8199 them? for we have no mightH3581 againstH6440 this greatH7227 companyH1995 that comethH935 against us; neither knowH3045 weH587 what to do:H6213 but our eyesH5869 are upon thee.
And all JudahH3063 stoodH5975 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 withH1571 their little ones,H2945 their wives,H802 and their children.H1121
Then upon JahazielH3166 the sonH1121 of Zechariah,H2148 the sonH1121 of Benaiah,H1141 the sonH1121 of Jeiel,H3273 the sonH1121 of Mattaniah,H4983 a LeviteH3881 of the sonsH1121 of Asaph,H623 came the SpiritH7307 of the LORDH3068 in the midstH8432 of the congregation;H6951
And he said,H559 HearkenH7181 ye, all Judah,H3063 and ye inhabitantsH3427 of Jerusalem,H3389 and thou kingH4428 Jehoshaphat,H3092 Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 unto you, Be not afraidH3372 nor dismayedH2865 by reasonH6440 of this greatH7227 multitude;H1995 for the battleH4421 is not yours, but God's.H430
To morrowH4279 go ye downH3381 against them: behold, they come upH5927 by the cliffH4608 of Ziz;H6732 and ye shall findH4672 them at the endH5490 of the brook,H5158 beforeH6440 the wildernessH4057 of Jeruel.H3385
Ye shall not need to fightH3898 in thisH2063 battle: setH3320 yourselves, standH5975 ye still, and seeH7200 the salvationH3444 of the LORDH3068 with you, O JudahH3063 and Jerusalem:H3389 fearH3372 not, nor be dismayed;H2865 to morrowH4279 go outH3318 againstH6440 them: for the LORDH3068 will be with you.
And JehoshaphatH3092 bowedH6915 his head with his faceH639 to the ground:H776 and all JudahH3063 and the inhabitantsH3427 of JerusalemH3389 fellH5307 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 worshippingH7812 the LORD.H3068
And the Levites,H3881 of the childrenH1121 of the Kohathites,H6956 and of the childrenH1121 of the Korhites,H7145 stood upH6965 to praiseH1984 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 with a loudH1419 voiceH6963 on high.H4605
And they rose earlyH7925 in the morning,H1242 and went forthH3318 into the wildernessH4057 of Tekoa:H8620 and as they went forth,H3318 JehoshaphatH3092 stoodH5975 and said,H559 HearH8085 me, O Judah,H3063 and ye inhabitantsH3427 of Jerusalem;H3389 BelieveH539 in the LORDH3068 your God,H430 so shall ye be established;H539 believeH539 his prophets,H5030 so shall ye prosper.H6743
And when he had consultedH3289 with the people,H5971 he appointedH5975 singersH7891 unto the LORD,H3068 and that should praiseH1984 the beautyH1927 of holiness,H6944 as they went outH3318 beforeH6440 the army,H2502 and to say,H559 PraiseH3034 the LORD;H3068 for his mercyH2617 endureth for ever.H5769
And whenH6256 they beganH2490 to singH7440 and to praise,H8416 the LORDH3068 setH5414 ambushmentsH693 against the childrenH1121 of Ammon,H5983 Moab,H4124 and mountH2022 Seir,H8165 which were comeH935 against Judah;H3063 and they were smitten.H5062
For the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983 and MoabH4124 stood upH5975 against the inhabitantsH3427 of mountH2022 Seir,H8165 utterly to slayH2763 and destroyH8045 them: and when they had made an endH3615 of the inhabitantsH3427 of Seir,H8165 every oneH376 helpedH5826 to destroyH4889 another.H7453
And when JudahH3063 cameH935 toward the watch towerH4707, H4708 in the wilderness,H4057 they lookedH6437 unto the multitude,H1995 and, behold, they were dead bodiesH6297 fallenH5307 to the earth,H776 and none escaped.H6413
And when JehoshaphatH3092 and his peopleH5971 cameH935 to take awayH962 the spoilH7998 of them, they foundH4672 among them in abundanceH7230 both richesH7399 with the dead bodies,H6297 and preciousH2532 jewels,H3627 which they stripped offH5337 for themselves, more thanH369 they could carry away:H4853 and they were threeH7969 daysH3117 in gatheringH962 of the spoil,H7998 it was so much.H7227
And on the fourthH7243 dayH3117 they assembledH6950 themselves in the valleyH6010 of Berachah;H1294 for there they blessedH1288 the LORD:H3068 therefore the nameH8034 of the same placeH4725 was called,H7121 The valleyH6010 of Berachah,H1294 unto this day.H3117
Then they returned,H7725 every manH376 of JudahH3063 and Jerusalem,H3389 and JehoshaphatH3092 in the forefrontH7218 of them, to go againH7725 to JerusalemH3389 with joy;H8057 for the LORDH3068 had made them to rejoiceH8055 over their enemies.H341
And they cameH935 to JerusalemH3389 with psalteriesH5035 and harpsH3658 and trumpetsH2689 unto the houseH1004 of the LORD.H3068
And the fearH6343 of GodH430 was on all the kingdomsH4467 of those countries,H776 when they had heardH8085 that the LORDH3068 foughtH3898 against the enemiesH341 of Israel.H3478
So the realmH4438 of JehoshaphatH3092 was quiet:H8252 for his GodH430 gave him restH5117 round about.H5439
And JehoshaphatH3092 reignedH4427 over Judah:H3063 he was thirtyH7970 and fiveH2568 yearsH8141 oldH1121 when he began to reign,H4427 and he reignedH4427 twentyH6242 and fiveH2568 yearsH8141 in Jerusalem.H3389 And his mother'sH517 nameH8034 was AzubahH5806 the daughterH1323 of Shilhi.H7977
And he walkedH3212 in the wayH1870 of AsaH609 his father,H1 and departedH5493 not from it, doingH6213 that which was rightH3477 in the sightH5869 of the LORD.H3068
Howbeit the high placesH1116 were not taken away:H5493 for as yet the peopleH5971 had not preparedH3559 their heartsH3824 unto the GodH430 of their fathers.H1
Now the restH3499 of the actsH1697 of Jehoshaphat,H3092 firstH7223 and last,H314 behold, they are writtenH3789 in the bookH1697 of JehuH3058 the sonH1121 of Hanani,H2607 who is mentionedH5927 in the bookH5612 of the kingsH4428 of Israel.H3478
And afterH310 this did JehoshaphatH3092 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 joinH2266 himself with AhaziahH274 kingH4428 of Israel,H3478 who didH6213 very wickedly:H7561
And he joinedH2266 himself with him to makeH6213 shipsH591 to goH3212 to Tarshish:H8659 and they madeH6213 the shipsH591 in Eziongeber.H6100
Then EliezerH461 the sonH1121 of DodavahH1735 of MareshahH4762 prophesiedH5012 against Jehoshaphat,H3092 saying,H559 Because thou hast joinedH2266 thyself with Ahaziah,H274 the LORDH3068 hath brokenH6555 thy works.H4639 And the shipsH591 were broken,H7665 that they were not ableH6113 to goH3212 to Tarshish.H8659


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