„I ujźrzał Efraim mdłość swoję, a Juda związkę swoję i poszedł Efraim do Assur, i posłał do króla Mściciela. A on nie będzie mógł uleczyć was, ani będzie mógł rozwiązać z was związek.”

Biblia Jakuba Wujka: Księga Ozeasza 5,13


King James Version
Księga: 1 List do Koryntian 15:1

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Corinthians
Moreover,G1161 brethren,G80 I declareG1107 unto youG5213 the gospelG2098 whichG3739 I preachedG2097 unto you,G5213 whichG3739 alsoG2532 ye have received,G3880 andG2532 whereinG3739 yeG1722 stand;G2476
ByG1223 whichG3739 alsoG2532 ye are saved,G4982 ifG1487 ye keepG2722 in memory whatG3056 IG5101 preachedG2097 unto you,G5213 unlessG1508 yeG1622 have believedG4100 in vain.G1500
ForG1063 I deliveredG3860 unto youG5213 first of allG4413 thatG1722 whichG3739 IG3880 alsoG2532 received,G3880 howG3754 that ChristG5547 diedG599 forG5228 ourG2257 sinsG266 accordingG2596 to the scriptures;G1124
AndG2532 thatG3754 he was buried,G2290 andG2532 thatG3754 he rose againG1453 the thirdG5154 dayG2250 accordingG2596 to the scriptures:G1124
AndG2532 thatG3754 he was seenG3700 of Cephas,G2786 thenG1534 of the twelve:G1427
After that,G1899 he was seenG3700 of aboveG1883 five hundredG4001 brethrenG80 at once;G2178 ofG1537 whomG3739 the greater partG4119 remainG3306 untoG2193 this present,G737 butG1161 someG2532 areG5100 fallen asleep.G2837
After that,G1899 he was seenG3700 of James;G2385 thenG1534 of allG3956 the apostles.G652
AndG1161 lastG2078 of allG3956 he was seenG3700 of me also,G2504 asG5619 of one born out of due time.G1626
ForG1063 IG1473 amG1510 the leastG1646 of the apostles,G652 thatG3739 amG1510 notG3756 meetG2425 to be calledG2564 an apostle,G652 becauseG1360 I persecutedG1377 the churchG1577 of God.G2316
ButG1161 by the graceG5485 of GodG2316 I amG1510 whatG3739 I am:G1510 andG2532 hisG846 graceG5485 which was bestowed uponG1519 meG1691 wasG1096 notG3756 in vain;G2756 butG235 I labouredG2872 more abundantlyG4054 than theyG846 all:G3956 yetG1161 notG3756 I,G1473 butG235 the graceG5485 of GodG2316 whichG3588 was withG4862 me.G1698
ThereforeG3767 whetherG1535 it were IG1473 orG1535 they,G1565 soG3779 we preach,G2784 andG2532 soG3779 ye believed.G4100
NowG1161 ifG1487 ChristG5547 be preachedG2784 thatG3754 he roseG1453 fromG1537 the dead,G3498 howG4459 sayG3004 someG5100 amongG1722 youG5213 thatG3754 there isG2076 noG3756 resurrectionG386 of the dead?G3498
ButG1161 ifG1487 there beG2076 noG3756 resurrectionG386 of the dead,G3498 thenG3761 isG1453 ChristG5547 notG3761 risen:G1453
AndG1161 ifG1487 ChristG5547 beG1453 notG3756 risen,G1453 thenG686 is ourG2257 preachingG2782 vain,G2756 andG2532 yourG5216 faithG4102 isG1161 alsoG2532 vain.G2756
Yea,G1161 andG2532 we are foundG2147 false witnessesG5575 of God;G2316 becauseG3754 we have testifiedG3140 ofG2596 GodG2316 thatG3754 he raised upG1453 Christ:G5547 whomG3739 he raisedG1453 notG3756 up,G1453 ifG1512 so beG686 that the deadG3498 riseG1453 not.G3756
ForG1063 ifG1487 the deadG3498 riseG1453 not,G3756 then isG1453 notG3761 ChristG5547 raised:G1453
AndG1161 ifG1487 ChristG5547 beG1453 notG3756 raised,G1453 yourG5216 faithG4102 is vain;G3152 ye areG2075 yetG2089 inG1722 yourG5216 sins.G266
ThenG686 they alsoG2532 which are fallen asleepG2837 inG1722 ChristG5547 are perished.G622
IfG1487 inG1722 thisG5026 lifeG2222 onlyG3440 we have hopeG1679, G2070 inG1722 Christ,G5547 we areG2070 of allG3956 menG444 most miserable.G1652
ButG1161 nowG3570 isG1453 ChristG5547 risenG1453 fromG1537 the dead,G3498 and becomeG1096 the firstfruitsG536 of them that slept.G2837
ForG1063 sinceG1894 byG1223 manG444 came death,G2288 byG1223 manG444 came alsoG2532 the resurrectionG386 of the dead.G3498
ForG1063 asG5618 inG1722 AdamG76 allG3956 die,G599 evenG2532 soG3779 inG1722 ChristG5547 shallG2227 allG3956 be made alive.G2227
ButG1161 every manG1538 inG1722 his ownG2398 order:G5001 ChristG5547 the firstfruits;G536 afterwardG1899 they that areG3588 Christ'sG5547 atG1722 hisG846 coming.G3952
ThenG1534 cometh the end,G5056 whenG3752 he shall have delivered upG3860 the kingdomG932 to God,G2316 evenG2532 the Father;G3962 whenG3752 he shall have put downG2673 allG3956 ruleG746 andG2532 allG3956 authorityG1849 andG2532 power.G1411
ForG1063 heG846 mustG1163 reign,G936 tillG3757 heG891 hath putG5087, G302 allG3956 enemiesG2190 underG5259 hisG846 feet.G4228
The lastG2078 enemyG2190 that shall be destroyedG2673 is death.G2288
ForG1063 he hath putG5293 all thingsG3956 underG5259 hisG846 feet.G4228 ButG1161 whenG3752 he saithG2036, G3754 all thingsG3956 are put underG5293 him, it is manifestG1212 thatG3754 he is excepted,G1622 which did putG5293 all thingsG3956 underG5293 him.G846
AndG1161 whenG3752 all thingsG3956 shall be subduedG5293 unto him,G846 thenG5119 shallG5293 the SonG5207 alsoG2532 himselfG846 be subjectG5293 unto him that putG5293 all thingsG3956 underG5293 him,G846 thatG2443 GodG2316 may beG5600 allG3956 inG1722 all.G3956
ElseG1893 whatG5101 shall they doG4160 which are baptizedG907 forG5228 the dead,G3498 ifG1487 the deadG3498 riseG1453 notG3756 at all?G3654 whyG2532 areG5101 they then baptizedG907 forG5228 the dead?G3498
AndG2532 whyG5101 standG2793 weG2249 in jeopardyG2793 everyG3956 hour?G5610
I protest byG3513 yourG5212 rejoicingG2746, G2251 whichG3739 I haveG2192 inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 ourG2257 Lord,G2962 I dieG599 dailyG2250, G2596.
IfG1487 after the mannerG2596 of menG444 I have fought with beastsG2341 atG1722 Ephesus,G2181 whatG5101 advantageth itG3786 me,G3427 ifG1487 the deadG3498 riseG1453 not?G3756 let us eatG5315 andG2532 drink;G4095 forG1063 to morrowG839 we die.G599
BeG4105 notG3361 deceived:G4105 evilG2556 communicationsG3657 corruptG5351 goodG5543 manners.G2239
AwakeG1594 to righteousness,G1346 andG2532 sinG264 not;G3361 forG1063 someG5100 haveG2192 not the knowledgeG56 of God:G2316 I speakG3004 this toG4314 yourG5213 shame.G1791
ButG235 someG5100 man will say,G2046 HowG4459 areG1453 the deadG3498 raised up?G1453 andG1161 with whatG4169 bodyG4983 do they come?G2064
Thou fool,G878 that whichG3739 thouG4771 sowestG4687 isG2227 notG3756 quickened,G2227 exceptG3362 it die:G599
AndG2532 that whichG3739 thou sowest,G4687 thou sowestG4687 notG3756 that bodyG4983 that shall be,G1096 butG235 bareG1131 grain,G2848 it may chanceG5177, G1487 of wheat,G4621 orG2228 of someG5100 otherG3062 grain:
ButG1161 GodG2316 givethG1325 itG846 a bodyG4983 asG2531 it hath pleased him,G2309 andG2532 to everyG1538 seedG4690 his ownG2398 body.G4983
AllG3956 fleshG4561 is notG3756 the sameG846 flesh:G4561 butG3303 thereG235 is oneG243 kind of fleshG4561 of menG444, G1161, anotherG243 fleshG4561 of beastsG2934, G1161, anotherG243 of fishes,G2486 andG1161 anotherG243 of birds.G4421
There are alsoG2532 celestialG2032 bodies,G4983 andG2532 bodiesG4983 terrestrial:G1919 butG3303 theG235 gloryG1391 of the celestialG2032 is one,G2087 andG1161 the glory of the terrestrialG1919 is another.G2087
There is oneG243 gloryG1391 of the sun,G2246 andG2532 anotherG243 gloryG1391 of the moon,G4582 andG2532 anotherG243 gloryG1391 of the stars:G792 forG1063 one starG792 differeth fromG1308 another starG792 inG1722 glory.G1391
SoG3779 alsoG2532 is the resurrectionG386 of the dead.G3498 It is sownG4687 inG1722 corruption;G5356 it is raisedG1453 inG1722 incorruption:G861
It is sownG4687 inG1722 dishonour;G819 it is raisedG1453 inG1722 glory:G1391 it is sownG4687 inG1722 weakness;G769 it is raisedG1453 inG1722 power:G1411
It is sownG4687 a naturalG5591 body;G4983 it is raisedG1453 a spiritualG4152 body.G4983 There isG2076 a naturalG5591 body,G4983 andG2532 there isG2076 a spiritualG4152 body.G4983
AndG2532 soG3779 it is written,G1125 The firstG4413 manG444 AdamG76 was madeG1096, G1519 a livingG2198 soul;G5590 the lastG2078 AdamG76 was madeG1519 a quickeningG2227 spirit.G4151
HowbeitG235 that was notG3756 firstG4412 which is spiritual,G4152 butG235 that which is natural;G5591 and afterwardG1899 that which is spiritual.G4152
The firstG4413 manG444 is ofG1537 the earth,G1093 earthy:G5517 the secondG1208 manG444 is the LordG2962 fromG1537 heaven.G3772
AsG3634 is the earthy,G5517 suchG5108 are they alsoG2532 that are earthy:G5517 andG2532 as isG3634 the heavenly,G2032 suchG5108 are theyG2032 alsoG2532 that are heavenly.G2032
AndG2532 asG2531 we have borneG5409 the imageG1504 of the earthy,G5517 we shallG5409 alsoG2532 bearG5409 the imageG1504 of the heavenly.G2032
NowG1161 thisG5124 I say,G5346 brethren,G80 thatG3754 fleshG4561 andG2532 bloodG129 cannotG1410, G3756 inheritG2816 the kingdomG932 of God;G2316 neitherG3761 dothG2816 corruptionG5356 inheritG2816 incorruption.G861
Behold,G2400 I shewG3004 youG5213 a mystery;G3466 We shallG2837 notG3756 allG3303, G3956 sleep,G2837 butG1161 we shallG236 allG3956 be changed,G236
InG1722 a moment,G823 inG1722 the twinklingG4493 of an eye,G3788 atG1722 the lastG2078 trump:G4536 forG1063 the trumpet shall sound,G4537 andG2532 the deadG3498 shall be raisedG1453 incorruptible,G862 andG2532 weG2249 shall be changed.G236
ForG1063 thisG5124 corruptibleG5349 mustG1163 put onG1746 incorruption,G861 andG2532 thisG5124 mortalG2349 must put onG1746 immortality.G110
SoG1161 whenG3752 thisG5124 corruptibleG5349 shall have put onG1746 incorruption,G861 andG2532 thisG5124 mortalG2349 shall have put onG1746 immortality,G110 thenG5119 shall be brought to passG1096 the sayingG3056 that is written,G1125 DeathG2288 is swallowed upG2666 inG1519 victory.G3534
O death,G2288 whereG4226 is thyG4675 sting?G2759 O grave,G86 whereG4226 is thyG4675 victory?G3534
TheG1161 stingG2759 of deathG2288 is sin;G266 andG1161 the strengthG1411 of sinG266 is the law.G3551
ButG1161 thanksG5485 be to God,G2316 whichG3588 givethG1325 usG2254 the victoryG3534 throughG1223 ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ.G5547
Therefore,G5620 myG3450 belovedG27 brethren,G80 be yeG1096 stedfast,G1476 unmoveable,G277 alwaysG3842 aboundingG4052 inG1722 the workG2041 of the Lord,G2962 forasmuch as ye knowG1492 thatG3754 yourG5216 labourG2873 isG2076 notG3756 in vainG2756 inG1722 the Lord.G2962


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