„Wtedy też błagałem WIEKUISTEGO, mówiąc:”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: V Księga Mojżesza 3,23

King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Samuela 1:1

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Samuel
Now there was a certainH259 manH376 of Ramathaimzophim,H7436 of mountH2022 Ephraim,H669 and his nameH8034 was Elkanah,H511 the sonH1121 of Jeroham,H3395 the sonH1121 of Elihu,H453 the sonH1121 of Tohu,H8459 the sonH1121 of Zuph,H6689 an Ephrathite:H673
And he had twoH8147 wives;H802 the nameH8034 of the oneH259 was Hannah,H2584 and the nameH8034 of the otherH8145 Peninnah:H6444 and PeninnahH6444 had children,H3206 but HannahH2584 had no children.H3206
And thisH1931 manH376 went upH5927 out of his cityH5892 yearlyH3117 toH3117 worshipH7812 and to sacrificeH2076 unto the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 in Shiloh.H7887 And the twoH8147 sonsH1121 of Eli,H5941 HophniH2652 and Phinehas,H6372 the priestsH3548 of the LORD,H3068 were there.
And when the timeH3117 was that ElkanahH511 offered,H2076 he gaveH5414 to PeninnahH6444 his wife,H802 and to all her sonsH1121 and her daughters,H1323 portions:H4490
But unto HannahH2584 he gaveH5414 aH259 worthyH639 portion;H4490 for he lovedH157 Hannah:H2584 but the LORDH3068 had shut upH5462 her womb.H7358
And her adversaryH6869 also provokedH3707 her sore,H3708 for to make her fret,H7481 because the LORDH3068 had shutH5462 upH1157 her womb.H7358
And as he didH6213 so yearH8141 by year,H8141 whenH1767 she went upH5927 to the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 so she provokedH3707 her; therefore she wept,H1058 and did not eat.H398
Then saidH559 ElkanahH511 her husbandH376 to her, Hannah,H2584 why weepestH1058 thou? and why eatestH398 thou not? and why is thy heartH3824 grieved?H3415 am not I betterH2896 to thee than tenH6235 sons?H1121
So HannahH2584 rose upH6965 afterH310 they had eatenH398 in Shiloh,H7887 and afterH310 they had drunk.H8354 Now EliH5941 the priestH3548 satH3427 upon a seatH3678 by a postH4201 of the templeH1964 of the LORD.H3068
And she was in bitternessH4751 of soul,H5315 and prayedH6419 unto the LORD,H3068 and weptH1058 sore.H1058
And she vowedH5087 a vow,H5088 and said,H559 O LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 if thou wilt indeedH7200 lookH7200 on the afflictionH6040 of thine handmaid,H519 and rememberH2142 me, and not forgetH7911 thine handmaid,H519 but wilt giveH5414 unto thine handmaidH519 a manH582 child,H2233 then I will giveH5414 him unto the LORDH3068 all the daysH3117 of his life,H2416 and there shall no razorH4177 comeH5927 upon his head.H7218
And it came to pass, as she continuedH7235 prayingH6419 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 that EliH5941 markedH8104 her mouth.H6310
Now Hannah,H2584 she spakeH1696 in her heart;H3820 only her lipsH8193 moved,H5128 but her voiceH6963 was not heard:H8085 therefore EliH5941 thoughtH2803 she had been drunken.H7910
And EliH5941 saidH559 unto her, How long wilt thou be drunken?H7937 put awayH5493 thy wineH3196 from thee.
And HannahH2584 answeredH6030 and said,H559 No, my lord,H113 I am a womanH802 of a sorrowfulH7186 spirit:H7307 I have drunkH8354 neither wineH3196 nor strong drink,H7941 but have poured outH8210 my soulH5315 beforeH6440 the LORD.H3068
CountH5414 not thine handmaidH519 forH6440 a daughterH1323 of Belial:H1100 for out of the abundanceH7230 of my complaintH7879 and griefH3708 have I spokenH1696 hitherto.
Then EliH5941 answeredH6030 and said,H559 GoH3212 in peace:H7965 and the GodH430 of IsraelH3478 grantH5414 thee thy petitionH7596 that thou hast askedH7592 of him.
And she said,H559 Let thine handmaidH8198 findH4672 graceH2580 in thy sight.H5869 So the womanH802 wentH3212 her way,H1870 and did eat,H398 and her countenanceH6440 was no more sad.
And they rose upH7925 in the morningH1242 early,H7925 and worshippedH7812 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 and returned,H7725 and cameH935 to their houseH1004 to Ramah:H7414 and ElkanahH511 knewH3045 HannahH2584 his wife;H802 and the LORDH3068 rememberedH2142 her.
Wherefore it came to pass, when the timeH3117 was comeH8622 about after HannahH2584 had conceived,H2029 that she bareH3205 a son,H1121 and calledH7121 his nameH8034 Samuel,H8050 saying, Because I have askedH7592 him of the LORD.H3068
And the manH376 Elkanah,H511 and all his house,H1004 went upH5927 to offerH2076 unto the LORDH3068 the yearlyH3117 sacrifice,H2077 and his vow.H5088
But HannahH2584 went not up;H5927 for she saidH559 unto her husband,H376 I will not go up until the childH5288 be weaned,H1580 and then I will bringH935 him, that he may appearH7200 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 and there abideH3427 forH5704 ever.H5769
And ElkanahH511 her husbandH376 saidH559 unto her, DoH6213 what seemethH5869 thee good;H2896 tarryH3427 until thou have weanedH1580 him; only the LORDH3068 establishH6965 his word.H1697 So the womanH802 abode,H3427 and gave her sonH1121 suckH3243 until she weanedH1580 him.
And when she had weanedH1580 him, she took him upH5927 with her, with threeH7969 bullocks,H6499 and oneH259 ephahH374 of flour,H7058 and a bottleH5035 of wine,H3196 and broughtH935 him unto the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068 in Shiloh:H7887 and the childH5288 was young.H5288
And they slewH7819 a bullock,H6499 and broughtH935 the childH5288 to Eli.H5941
And she said,H559 OhH994 my lord,H113 as thy soulH5315 liveth,H2416 my lord,H113 I am the womanH802 that stoodH5324 by thee here, prayingH6419 unto the LORD.H3068
For this childH5288 I prayed;H6419 and the LORDH3068 hath givenH5414 me my petitionH7596 which I askedH7592 of him:
Therefore also I have lentH7592 him to the LORD;H3068 as long as he livethH3117 he shall be lentH7592 to the LORD.H3068 And he worshippedH7812 the LORDH3068 there.


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