„I mówił Bóg do Abrahama: Żony twej nie będziesz nazywał imieniem Saraj, lecz imię jej będzie Sara.”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: Księga Rodzaju 17,15

King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Kronik 29:18

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Chronicles
Furthermore DavidH1732 the kingH4428 saidH559 unto all the congregation,H6951 SolomonH8010 my son,H1121 whom aloneH259 GodH430 hath chosen,H977 is yet youngH5288 and tender,H7390 and the workH4399 is great:H1419 for the palaceH1002 is not for man,H120 but for the LORDH3068 God.H430
Now I have preparedH3559 with all my mightH3581 for the houseH1004 of my GodH430 the goldH2091 for things to be made of gold,H2091 and the silverH3701 for things of silver,H3701 and the brassH5178 for things of brass,H5178 the ironH1270 for things of iron,H1270 and woodH6086 for things of wood;H6086 onyxH7718 stones,H68 and stones to be set,H4394 glisteringH6320 stones,H68 and of divers colours,H7553 and all manner of preciousH3368 stones,H68 and marbleH7893 stonesH68 in abundance.H7230
Moreover, because I have set my affectionH7521 to the houseH1004 of my God,H430 I haveH3426 of mine own proper good,H5459 of goldH2091 and silver,H3701 which I have givenH5414 to the houseH1004 of my God,H430 over and aboveH4605 all that I have preparedH3559 for the holyH6944 house,H1004
Even threeH7969 thousandH505 talentsH3603 of gold,H2091 of the goldH2091 of Ophir,H211 and sevenH7651 thousandH505 talentsH3603 of refinedH2212 silver,H3701 to overlayH2902 the wallsH7023 of the housesH1004 withal:
The goldH2091 for things of gold,H2091 and the silverH3701 for things of silver,H3701 and for all manner of workH4399 to be made by the handsH3027 of artificers.H2796 And who then is willingH5068 to consecrateH4390 his serviceH3027 this dayH3117 unto the LORD?H3068
Then the chiefH8269 of the fathersH1 and princesH8269 of the tribesH7626 of Israel,H3478 and the captainsH8269 of thousandsH505 and of hundreds,H3967 with the rulersH8269 of the king'sH4428 work,H4399 offered willingly,H5068
And gaveH5414 for the serviceH5656 of the houseH1004 of GodH430 of goldH2091 fiveH2568 thousandH505 talentsH3603 and ten thousandH7239 drams,H150 and of silverH3701 tenH6235 thousandH505 talents,H3603 and of brassH5178 eighteenH7239, H8083 thousandH505 talents,H3603 and one hundredH3967 thousandH505 talentsH3603 of iron.H1270
And they with whom precious stonesH68 were foundH4672 gaveH5414 them to the treasureH214 of the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 by the handH3027 of JehielH3171 the Gershonite.H1649
Then the peopleH5971 rejoiced,H8055 for that they offered willingly,H5068 because with perfectH8003 heartH3820 they offered willinglyH5068 to the LORD:H3068 and DavidH1732 the kingH4428 also rejoicedH8055 with greatH1419 joy.H8057
Wherefore DavidH1732 blessedH1288 the LORDH3068 beforeH5869 all the congregation:H6951 and DavidH1732 said,H559 BlessedH1288 be thou, LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 our father,H1 forH5704 everH5769 and ever.H5769
Thine, O LORD,H3068 is the greatness,H1420 and the power,H1369 and the glory,H8597 and the victory,H5331 and the majesty:H1935 for all that is in the heavenH8064 and in the earthH776 is thine; thine is the kingdom,H4467 O LORD,H3068 and thou art exaltedH4984 as headH7218 above all.
Both richesH6239 and honourH3519 come of thee,H6440 and thou reignestH4910 over all; and in thine handH3027 is powerH3581 and might;H1369 and in thine handH3027 it is to make great,H1431 and to give strengthH2388 unto all.
Now therefore, our God,H430 we thankH3034 thee, and praiseH1984 thy gloriousH8597 name.H8034
But who am I, and what is my people,H5971 that we should beH6113 ableH3581 to offer so willinglyH5068 after this sort? for all things come of thee, and of thine ownH3027 have we givenH5414 thee.
For we are strangersH1616 beforeH6440 thee, and sojourners,H8453 as were all our fathers:H1 our daysH3117 on the earthH776 are as a shadow,H6738 and there is none abiding.H4723
O LORDH3068 our God,H430 all this storeH1995 that we have preparedH3559 to buildH1129 thee an houseH1004 for thine holyH6944 nameH8034 cometh of thine hand,H3027 and is all thine own.
I knowH3045 also, my God,H430 that thou triestH974 the heart,H3824 and hast pleasureH7521 in uprightness.H3476 As for me, in the uprightnessH4339 of mine heartH3824 I have willingly offeredH5068 all these things: and now have I seenH7200 with joyH8057 thy people,H5971 which are presentH4672 here, to offer willinglyH5068 unto thee.
O LORDH3068 GodH430 of Abraham,H85 Isaac,H3327 and of Israel,H3478 our fathers,H1 keepH8104 this for everH5769 in the imaginationH3336 of the thoughtsH4284 of the heartH3824 of thy people,H5971 and prepareH3559 their heartH3824 unto thee:
And giveH5414 unto SolomonH8010 my sonH1121 a perfectH8003 heart,H3824 to keepH8104 thy commandments,H4687 thy testimonies,H5715 and thy statutes,H2706 and to doH6213 all these things, and to buildH1129 the palace,H1002 for the which I have made provision.H3559
And DavidH1732 saidH559 to all the congregation,H6951 Now blessH1288 the LORDH3068 your God.H430 And all the congregationH6951 blessedH1288 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of their fathers,H1 and bowed down their heads,H6915 and worshippedH7812 the LORD,H3068 and the king.H4428
And they sacrificedH2076 sacrificesH2077 unto the LORD,H3068 and offeredH5927 burnt offeringsH5930 unto the LORD,H3068 on the morrowH4283 after that day,H3117 even a thousandH505 bullocks,H6499 a thousandH505 rams,H352 and a thousandH505 lambs,H3532 with their drink offerings,H5262 and sacrificesH2077 in abundanceH7230 for all Israel:H3478
And did eatH398 and drinkH8354 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 on that dayH3117 with greatH1419 gladness.H8057 And they made SolomonH8010 the sonH1121 of DavidH1732 kingH4427 the second time,H8145 and anointedH4886 him unto the LORDH3068 to be the chief governor,H5057 and ZadokH6659 to be priest.H3548
Then SolomonH8010 sat onH3427 the throneH3678 of the LORDH3068 as kingH4428 instead of DavidH1732 his father,H1 and prospered;H6743 and all IsraelH3478 obeyedH8085 him.
And all the princes,H8269 and the mighty men,H1368 and all the sonsH1121 likewise of kingH4428 David,H1732 submitted themselvesH5414, H8478 untoH3027 SolomonH8010 the king.H4428
And the LORDH3068 magnifiedH1431 SolomonH8010 exceedinglyH4605 in the sightH5869 of all Israel,H3478 and bestowedH5414 upon him such royalH4438 majestyH1935 as had not been on any kingH4428 beforeH6440 him in Israel.H3478
Thus DavidH1732 the sonH1121 of JesseH3448 reignedH4427 over all Israel.H3478
And the timeH3117 that he reignedH4427 over IsraelH3478 was fortyH705 years;H8141 sevenH7651 yearsH8141 reignedH4427 he in Hebron,H2275 and thirtyH7970 and threeH7969 years reignedH4427 he in Jerusalem.H3389
And he diedH4191 in a goodH2896 old age,H7872 fullH7649 of days,H3117 riches,H6239 and honour:H3519 and SolomonH8010 his sonH1121 reignedH4427 in his stead.
Now the actsH1697 of DavidH1732 the king,H4428 firstH7223 and last,H314 behold, they are writtenH3789 in the bookH1697 of SamuelH8050 the seer,H7200 and in the bookH1697 of NathanH5416 the prophet,H5030 and in the bookH1697 of GadH1410 the seer,H2374
With all his reignH4438 and his might,H1369 and the timesH6256 that went overH5674 him, and over Israel,H3478 and over all the kingdomsH4467 of the countries.H776


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