„Ty więc, moje dziecko, nabieraj mocy w łasce, która jest w Chrystusie Jezusie, a to,”

Biblia Tysiąclecia: 2 List do Tymoteusza 2,1

King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Kronik 12:37

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Chronicles
Now these are they that cameH935 to DavidH1732 to Ziklag,H6860 while he yet kept himself closeH6113 becauseH6440 of SaulH7586 the sonH1121 of Kish:H7027 and they were among the mighty men,H1368 helpersH5826 of the war.H4421
They were armedH5401 with bows,H7198 and could use both the right handH3231 and the leftH8041 in hurling stonesH68 and shooting arrowsH2671 out of a bow,H7198 even of Saul'sH7586 brethrenH251 of Benjamin.H1144
The chiefH7218 was Ahiezer,H295 then Joash,H3101 the sonsH1121 of ShemaahH8094 the Gibeathite;H1395 and Jeziel,H3149 and Pelet,H6404 the sonsH1121 of Azmaveth;H5820 and Berachah,H1294 and JehuH3058 the Antothite,H6069
And IsmaiahH3460 the Gibeonite,H1393 a mighty manH1368 among the thirty,H7970 and over the thirty;H7970 and Jeremiah,H3414 and Jahaziel,H3166 and Johanan,H3110 and JosabadH3107 the Gederathite,H1452
Eluzai,H498 and Jerimoth,H3406 and Bealiah,H1183 and Shemariah,H8114 and ShephatiahH8203 the Haruphite,H2741
Elkanah,H511 and Jesiah,H3449 and Azareel,H5832 and Joezer,H3134 and Jashobeam,H3434 the Korhites,H7145
And Joelah,H3132 and Zebadiah,H2069 the sonsH1121 of JerohamH3395 of Gedor.H1446
And of the GaditesH1425 there separatedH914 themselves unto DavidH1732 into the holdH4679 to the wildernessH4057 menH1368 of might,H2428 and menH582 of warH6635 fit for the battle,H4421 that could handleH6186 shieldH6793 and buckler,H7420 whose facesH6440 were like the facesH6440 of lions,H738 and were as swiftH4116 as the roesH6643 upon the mountains;H2022
EzerH5829 the first,H7218 ObadiahH5662 the second,H8145 EliabH446 the third,H7992
MishmannahH4925 the fourth,H7243 JeremiahH3414 the fifth,H2549
AttaiH6262 the sixth,H8345 ElielH447 the seventh,H7637
JohananH3110 the eighth,H8066 ElzabadH443 the ninth,H8671
JeremiahH3414 the tenth,H6224 MachbanaiH4344 the eleventhH6240, H6249.
These were of the sonsH1121 of Gad,H1410 captainsH7218 of the host:H6635 oneH259 of the leastH6996 was over an hundred,H3967 and the greatestH1419 over a thousand.H505
These are they that went overH5674 JordanH3383 in the firstH7223 month,H2320 when it had overflownH4390 all his banksH1415, H1428; and they put to flightH1272 all them of the valleys,H6010 both toward the east,H4217 and toward the west.H4628
And there cameH935 of the childrenH1121 of BenjaminH1144 and JudahH3063 to the holdH4679 unto David.H1732
And DavidH1732 went outH3318 to meetH6440 them, and answeredH6030 and saidH559 unto them, If ye be comeH935 peaceablyH7965 unto me to helpH5826 me, mine heartH3824 shall be knitH3162 unto you: but if ye be come to betrayH7411 me to mine enemies,H6862 seeing there is noH3808 wrongH2555 in mine hands,H3709 the GodH430 of our fathersH1 lookH7200 thereon, and rebukeH3198 it.
Then the spiritH7307 cameH3847 upon Amasai,H6022 who was chiefH7218 of the captainsH7970, H7991, and he said, Thine are we, David,H1732 and on thy side, thou sonH1121 of Jesse:H3448 peace,H7965 peaceH7965 be unto thee, and peaceH7965 be to thine helpers;H5826 for thy GodH430 helpethH5826 thee. Then DavidH1732 receivedH6901 them, and madeH5414 them captainsH7218 of the band.H1416
And there fellH5307 some of ManassehH4519 to David,H1732 when he cameH935 with the PhilistinesH6430 against SaulH7586 to battle:H4421 but they helpedH5826 them not: for the lordsH5633 of the PhilistinesH6430 upon advisementH6098 sentH7971 him away, saying,H559 He will fallH5307 to his masterH113 SaulH7586 to the jeopardy of our heads.H7218
As he wentH3212 to Ziklag,H6860 there fellH5307 to him of Manasseh,H4519 Adnah,H5734 and Jozabad,H3107 and Jediael,H3043 and Michael,H4317 and Jozabad,H3107 and Elihu,H453 and Zilthai,H6769 captainsH7218 of the thousandsH505 that were of Manasseh.H4519
And they helpedH5826 DavidH1732 against the bandH1416 of the rovers: for they were all mighty menH1368 of valour,H2428 and were captainsH8269 in the host.H6635
For at that timeH6256 dayH3117 by dayH3117 there cameH935 to DavidH1732 to helpH5826 him, until it was a greatH1419 host,H4264 like the hostH4264 of God.H430
And these are the numbersH4557 of the bandsH7218 that were ready armedH2502 to the war,H6635 and cameH935 to DavidH1732 to Hebron,H2275 to turnH5437 the kingdomH4438 of SaulH7586 to him, according to the wordH6310 of the LORD.H3068
The childrenH1121 of JudahH3063 that bareH5375 shieldH6793 and spearH7420 were sixH8337 thousandH505 and eightH8083 hundred,H3967 ready armedH2502 to the war.H6635
Of the childrenH1121 of Simeon,H8095 mighty menH1368 of valourH2428 for the war,H6635 sevenH7651 thousandH505 and one hundred.H3967
Of the childrenH1121 of LeviH3878 fourH702 thousandH505 and sixH8337 hundred.H3967
And JehoiadaH3077 was the leaderH5057 of the Aaronites,H175 and with him were threeH7969 thousandH505 and sevenH7651 hundred;H3967
And Zadok,H6659 a young manH5288 mightyH1368 of valour,H2428 and of his father'sH1 houseH1004 twentyH6242 and twoH8147 captains.H8269
And of the childrenH1121 of Benjamin,H1144 the kindredH251 of Saul,H7586 threeH7969 thousand:H505 for hitherto the greatestH4768 part of them had keptH8104 the wardH4931 of the houseH1004 of Saul.H7586
And of the childrenH1121 of EphraimH669 twentyH6242 thousandH505 and eightH8083 hundred,H3967 mightyH1368 menH582 of valour,H2428 famousH8034 throughout the houseH1004 of their fathers.H1
And of the halfH2677 tribeH4294 of ManassehH4519 eighteenH6240, H8083 thousand,H505 which were expressedH5344 by name,H8034 to comeH935 and make DavidH1732 king.H4427
And of the childrenH1121 of Issachar,H3485 which were men that had understandingH3045, H998 of the times,H6256 to knowH3045 what IsraelH3478 ought to do;H6213 the headsH7218 of them were two hundred;H3967 and all their brethrenH251 were at their commandment.H6310
Of Zebulun,H2074 such as went forthH3318 to battle,H6635 expertH6186 in war,H4421 with all instrumentsH3627 of war,H4421 fiftyH2572 thousand,H505 which could keep rank:H5737 they were not of doubleH3820 heart.H3820
And of NaphtaliH5321 a thousandH505 captains,H8269 and with them with shieldH6793 and spearH2595 thirtyH7970 and sevenH7651 thousand.H505
And of the DanitesH1839 expertH6186 in warH4421 twentyH6242 and eightH8083 thousandH505 and sixH8337 hundred.H3967
And of Asher,H836 such as went forthH3318 to battle,H6635 expertH6186 in war,H4421 fortyH705 thousand.H505
And on the other sideH5676 of Jordan,H3383 of the Reubenites,H7206 and the Gadites,H1425 and of the halfH2677 tribeH7626 of Manasseh,H4519 with all manner of instrumentsH3627 of warH6635 for the battle,H4421 an hundredH3967 and twentyH6242 thousand.H505
All these menH582 of war,H4421 that could keepH5737 rank,H4634 cameH935 with a perfectH8003 heartH3820 to Hebron,H2275 to make DavidH1732 kingH4427 over all Israel:H3478 and all the restH7611 also of IsraelH3478 were of oneH259 heartH3824 to make DavidH1732 king.H4427
And there they were with DavidH1732 threeH7969 days,H3117 eatingH398 and drinking:H8354 for their brethrenH251 had preparedH3559 for them.
Moreover they that were nighH7138 them, even unto IssacharH3485 and ZebulunH2074 and Naphtali,H5321 broughtH935 breadH3899 on asses,H2543 and on camels,H1581 and on mules,H6505 and on oxen,H1241 and meat,H3978 meal,H7058 cakesH1690 of figs, and bunches of raisins,H6778 and wine,H3196 and oil,H8081 and oxen,H1241 and sheepH6629 abundantly:H7230 for there was joyH8057 in Israel.H3478


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