„Ale dla was, którzy się boicie mojego imienia, wzejdzie Słońce sprawiedliwości z uzdrowieniem na swoich skrzydłach; wtedy wyjdziecie i wyrośniecie jak cielęta z zagrody.”

Uwspółcześniona Biblia Gdańska: Księga Malachiasza 4,2


King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Królewska 9:2

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Kings
And it came to pass, when SolomonH8010 had finishedH3615 the buildingH1129 of the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 and the king'sH4428 house,H1004 and all Solomon'sH8010 desireH2837 which he was pleasedH2654 to do,H6213
That the LORDH3068 appearedH7200 to SolomonH8010 the second time,H8145 as he had appearedH7200 unto him at Gibeon.H1391
And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, I have heardH8085 thy prayerH8605 and thy supplication,H8467 that thou hast madeH2603 beforeH6440 me: I have hallowedH6942 this house,H1004 which thou hast built,H1129 to putH7760 my nameH8034 there forH5704 ever;H5769 and mine eyesH5869 and mine heartH3820 shall be there perpetually.H3117
And if thou wilt walkH3212 beforeH6440 me, as DavidH1732 thy fatherH1 walked,H1980 in integrityH8537 of heart,H3824 and in uprightness,H3476 to doH6213 according to all that I have commandedH6680 thee, and wilt keepH8104 my statutesH2706 and my judgments:H4941
Then I will establishH6965 the throneH3678 of thy kingdomH4467 upon IsraelH3478 for ever,H5769 as I promisedH1696 to DavidH1732 thy father,H1 saying,H559 There shall not failH3772 thee a manH376 upon the throneH3678 of Israel.H3478
But if ye shall at allH7725 turnH7725 from followingH310 me, ye or your children,H1121 and will not keepH8104 my commandmentsH4687 and my statutesH2708 which I have setH5414 beforeH6440 you, but goH1980 and serveH5647 otherH312 gods,H430 and worshipH7812 them:
Then will I cut offH3772 IsraelH3478 outH6440 of the landH127 which I have givenH5414 them; and this house,H1004 which I have hallowedH6942 for my name,H8034 will I cast outH7971 of my sight;H6440 and IsraelH3478 shall be a proverbH4912 and a bywordH8148 among all people:H5971
And at this house,H1004 which is high,H5945 every one that passethH5674 by it shall be astonished,H8074 and shall hiss;H8319 and they shall say,H559 Why hath the LORDH3068 doneH6213 thus unto this land,H776 and to this house?H1004
And they shall answer,H559 Because they forsookH5800 the LORDH3068 their God,H430 who brought forthH3318 their fathersH1 out of the landH776 of Egypt,H4714 and have taken holdH2388 upon otherH312 gods,H430 and have worshippedH7812 them, and servedH5647 them: therefore hath the LORDH3068 broughtH935 upon them all this evil.H7451
And it came to pass at the endH7097 of twentyH6242 years,H8141 when SolomonH8010 had builtH1129 the twoH8147 houses,H1004 the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 and the king'sH4428 house,H1004
(Now HiramH2438 the kingH4428 of TyreH6865 had furnishedH5375 SolomonH8010 with cedarH730 treesH6086 and firH1265 trees,H6086 and with gold,H2091 according to all his desire,H2656) that thenH227 kingH4428 SolomonH8010 gaveH5414 HiramH2438 twentyH6242 citiesH5892 in the landH776 of Galilee.H1551
And HiramH2438 came outH3318 from TyreH6865 to seeH7200 the citiesH5892 which SolomonH8010 had givenH5414 him; and they pleasedH3474, H5869 him not.
And he said,H559 What citiesH5892 are these which thou hast givenH5414 me, my brother?H251 And he calledH7121 them the landH776 of CabulH3521 unto this day.H3117
And HiramH2438 sentH7971 to the kingH4428 sixscoreH6242, H3967 talentsH3603 of gold.H2091
And this is the reasonH1697 of the levyH4522 which kingH4428 SolomonH8010 raised;H5927 for to buildH1129 the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 and his own house,H1004 and Millo,H4407 and the wallH2346 of Jerusalem,H3389 and Hazor,H2674 and Megiddo,H4023 and Gezer.H1507
For PharaohH6547 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 had gone up,H5927 and takenH3920 Gezer,H1507 and burntH8313 it with fire,H784 and slainH2026 the CanaanitesH3669 that dweltH3427 in the city,H5892 and givenH5414 it for a presentH7964 unto his daughter,H1323 Solomon'sH8010 wife.H802
And SolomonH8010 builtH1129 Gezer,H1507 and BethhoronH1032 the nether,H8481
And Baalath,H1191 and TadmorH8412 in the wilderness,H4057 in the land,H776
And all the citiesH5892 of storeH4543 that SolomonH8010 had, and citiesH5892 for his chariots,H7393 and citiesH5892 for his horsemen,H6571 and thatH2837 which SolomonH8010 desiredH2836 to buildH1129 in Jerusalem,H3389 and in Lebanon,H3844 and in all the landH776 of his dominion.H4475
And all the peopleH5971 that were leftH3498 of the Amorites,H567 Hittites,H2850 Perizzites,H6522 Hivites,H2340 and Jebusites,H2983 which were not of the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478
Their childrenH1121 that were leftH3498 afterH310 them in the land,H776 whom the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 also were not ableH3201 utterly to destroy,H2763 upon those did SolomonH8010 levyH5927 a tributeH4522 of bondserviceH5647 unto this day.H3117
But of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 did SolomonH8010 makeH5414 no bondmen:H5650 but they were menH582 of war,H4421 and his servants,H5650 and his princes,H8269 and his captains,H7991 and rulersH8269 of his chariots,H7393 and his horsemen.H6571
These were the chiefH8269 of the officersH5324 that were over Solomon'sH8010 work,H4399 fiveH2568 hundredH3967 and fifty,H2572 which bare ruleH7287 over the peopleH5971 that wroughtH6213 in the work.H4399
But Pharaoh'sH6547 daughterH1323 came upH5927 out of the cityH5892 of DavidH1732 unto her houseH1004 which Solomon had builtH1129 for her: then did he buildH1129 Millo.H4407
And threeH7969 timesH6471 in a yearH8141 did SolomonH8010 offerH5927 burnt offeringsH5930 and peace offeringsH8002 upon the altarH4196 which he builtH1129 unto the LORD,H3068 and he burnt incenseH6999 upon the altarH4196 that was beforeH6440 the LORD.H3068 So he finishedH7999 the house.H1004
And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 madeH6213 a navy of shipsH590 in Eziongeber,H6100 which is beside Eloth,H359 on the shoreH8193 of the RedH5488 sea,H3220 in the landH776 of Edom.H123
And HiramH2438 sentH7971 in the navyH590 his servants,H5650 shipmenH591 thatH582 had knowledgeH3045 of the sea,H3220 with the servantsH5650 of Solomon.H8010
And they cameH935 to Ophir,H211 and fetchedH3947 from thence gold,H2091 fourH702 hundredH3967 and twentyH6242 talents,H3603 and broughtH935 it to kingH4428 Solomon.H8010


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