„Czy to nie wyszło od WIEKUISTEGO Zastępów, aby ludy trudziły się dla ognia, a narody męczyły się dla marności?”

Nowa Biblia Gdańska: Księga Habakuka 2,13


King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Królewska 11:3

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Kings
But kingH4428 SolomonH8010 lovedH157 manyH7227 strangeH5237 women,H802 together with the daughterH1323 of Pharaoh,H6547 women of the Moabites,H4125 Ammonites,H5984 Edomites,H130 Zidonians,H6722 and Hittites;H2850
Of the nationsH1471 concerning which the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 Ye shall not go inH935 to them, neither shall they come inH935 unto you: for surelyH403 they will turn awayH5186 your heartH3824 afterH310 their gods:H430 SolomonH8010 claveH1692 unto these in love.H157
And he had sevenH7651 hundredH3967 wives,H802 princesses,H8282 and threeH7969 hundredH3967 concubines:H6370 and his wivesH802 turned awayH5186 his heart.H3820
For it came to pass, whenH6256 SolomonH8010 was old,H2209 that his wivesH802 turned awayH5186 his heartH3824 afterH310 otherH312 gods:H430 and his heartH3824 was not perfectH8003 with the LORDH3068 his God,H430 as was the heartH3824 of DavidH1732 his father.H1
For SolomonH8010 wentH3212 afterH310 AshtorethH6253 the goddessH430 of the Zidonians,H6722 and afterH310 MilcomH4445 the abominationH8251 of the Ammonites.H5984
And SolomonH8010 didH6213 evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORD,H3068 and went not fullyH4390 afterH310 the LORD,H3068 as did DavidH1732 his father.H1
Then did SolomonH8010 buildH1129 an high placeH1116 for Chemosh,H3645 the abominationH8251 of Moab,H4124 in the hillH2022 that is beforeH6440 Jerusalem,H3389 and for Molech,H4432 the abominationH8251 of the childrenH1121 of Ammon.H5983
And likewise didH6213 he for all his strangeH5237 wives,H802 which burnt incenseH6999 and sacrificedH2076 unto their gods.H430
And the LORDH3068 was angryH599 with Solomon,H8010 because his heartH3824 was turnedH5186 from the LORDH3068 GodH430 of Israel,H3478 which had appearedH7200 unto him twice,H6471
And had commandedH6680 him concerning this thing,H1697 that he should not goH3212 afterH310 otherH312 gods:H430 but he keptH8104 not that which the LORDH3068 commanded.H6680
Wherefore the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Solomon,H8010 Forasmuch as this is done of thee, and thou hast not keptH8104 my covenantH1285 and my statutes,H2708 which I have commandedH6680 thee, I will surelyH7167 rendH7167 the kingdomH4467 from thee, and will giveH5414 it to thy servant.H5650
Notwithstanding in thy daysH3117 I will not doH6213 it for DavidH1732 thy father'sH1 sake: but I will rendH7167 it out of the handH3027 of thy son.H1121
HowbeitH7535 I will not rend awayH7167 all the kingdom;H4467 but will giveH5414 oneH259 tribeH7626 to thy sonH1121 for DavidH1732 my servant'sH5650 sake, and for Jerusalem'sH3389 sake which I have chosen.H977
And the LORDH3068 stirred upH6965 an adversaryH7854 unto Solomon,H8010 HadadH1908 the Edomite:H130 he was of the king'sH4428 seedH2233 in Edom.H123
For it came to pass, when DavidH1732 was in Edom,H123 and JoabH3097 the captainH8269 of the hostH6635 was gone upH5927 to buryH6912 the slain,H2491 after he had smittenH5221 every maleH2145 in Edom;H123
(For sixH8337 monthsH2320 did JoabH3097 remainH3427 there with all Israel,H3478 until he had cut offH3772 every maleH2145 in Edom:H123)
That HadadH111 fled,H1272 he and certainH582 EdomitesH130 of his father'sH1 servantsH5650 with him, to goH935 into Egypt;H4714 HadadH1908 being yet a littleH6996 child.H5288
And they aroseH6965 out of Midian,H4080 and cameH935 to Paran:H6290 and they tookH3947 menH582 with them out of Paran,H6290 and they cameH935 to Egypt,H4714 unto PharaohH6547 kingH4428 of Egypt;H4714 which gaveH5414 him an house,H1004 and appointedH559 him victuals,H3899 and gaveH5414 him land.H776
And HadadH1908 foundH4672 greatH3966 favourH2580 in the sightH5869 of Pharaoh,H6547 so that he gaveH5414 him to wifeH802 the sisterH269 of his own wife,H802 the sisterH269 of TahpenesH8472 the queen.H1377
And the sisterH269 of TahpenesH8472 bareH3205 him GenubathH1592 his son,H1121 whom TahpenesH8472 weanedH1580 inH8432 Pharaoh'sH6547 house:H1004 and GenubathH1592 was in Pharaoh'sH6547 householdH1004 amongH8432 the sonsH1121 of Pharaoh.H6547
And when HadadH1908 heardH8085 in EgyptH4714 that DavidH1732 sleptH7901 with his fathers,H1 and that JoabH3097 the captainH8269 of the hostH6635 was dead,H4191 HadadH1908 saidH559 to Pharaoh,H6547 Let me depart,H7971 that I may goH3212 to mine own country.H776
Then PharaohH6547 saidH559 unto him, But what hast thou lackedH2638 with me, that, behold, thou seekestH1245 to goH3212 to thine own country?H776 And he answered,H559 Nothing: howbeit let me goH7971 in any wise.H7971
And GodH430 stirred him upH6965 another adversary,H7854 RezonH7331 the sonH1121 of Eliadah,H450 which fledH1272 from his lordH113 HadadezerH1909 kingH4428 of Zobah:H6678
And he gatheredH6908 menH582 unto him, and became captainH8269 over a band,H1416 when DavidH1732 slewH2026 them of Zobah: and they wentH3212 to Damascus,H1834 and dweltH3427 therein, and reignedH4427 in Damascus.H1834
And he was an adversaryH7854 to IsraelH3478 all the daysH3117 of Solomon,H8010 beside the mischiefH7451 that HadadH1908 did: and he abhorredH6973 Israel,H3478 and reignedH4427 over Syria.H758
And JeroboamH3379 the sonH1121 of Nebat,H5028 an EphrathiteH673 of Zereda,H6868 Solomon'sH8010 servant,H5650 whose mother'sH517 nameH8034 was Zeruah,H6871 a widowH490 woman,H802 even he lifted upH7311 his handH3027 against the king.H4428
And this was the causeH1697 that he lifted upH7311 his handH3027 against the king:H4428 SolomonH8010 builtH1129 Millo,H4407 and repairedH5462 the breachesH6556 of the cityH5892 of DavidH1732 his father.H1
And the manH376 JeroboamH3379 was a mighty manH1368 of valour:H2428 and SolomonH8010 seeingH7200 the young manH5288 that he was industriousH6213, H4399, he made him rulerH6485 over all the chargeH5447 of the houseH1004 of Joseph.H3130
And it came to pass at that timeH6256 when JeroboamH3379 went outH3318 of Jerusalem,H3389 that the prophetH5030 AhijahH281 the ShiloniteH7888 foundH4672 him in the way;H1870 and he had cladH3680 himself with a newH2319 garment;H8008 and they twoH8147 were alone in the field:H7704
And AhijahH281 caughtH8610 the newH2319 garmentH8008 that was on him, and rentH7167 it in twelveH6240, H8147 pieces:H7168
And he saidH559 to Jeroboam,H3379 TakeH3947 thee tenH6235 pieces:H7168 for thus saithH559 the LORD,H3068 the GodH430 of Israel,H3478 Behold, I will rendH7167 the kingdomH4467 out of the handH3027 of Solomon,H8010 and will giveH5414 tenH6235 tribesH7626 to thee:
(But he shall have oneH259 tribeH7626 for my servantH5650 David'sH1732 sake, and for Jerusalem'sH3389 sake, the cityH5892 which I have chosenH977 out of all the tribesH7626 of Israel:H3478)
Because that they have forsakenH5800 me, and have worshippedH7812 AshtorethH6253 the goddessH430 of the Zidonians,H6722 ChemoshH3645 the godH430 of the Moabites,H4124 and MilcomH4445 the godH430 of the childrenH1121 of Ammon,H5983 and have not walkedH1980 in my ways,H1870 to doH6213 that which is rightH3477 in mine eyes,H5869 and to keep my statutesH2708 and my judgments,H4941 as did DavidH1732 his father.H1
Howbeit I will not takeH3947 the whole kingdomH4467 out of his hand:H3027 but I will makeH7896 him princeH5387 all the daysH3117 of his lifeH2416 for DavidH1732 my servant'sH5650 sake, whom I chose,H977 because he keptH8104 my commandmentsH4687 and my statutes:H2708
But I will takeH3947 the kingdomH4410 out of his son'sH1121 hand,H3027 and will giveH5414 it unto thee, even tenH6235 tribes.H7626
And unto his sonH1121 will I giveH5414 oneH259 tribe,H7626 that DavidH1732 my servantH5650 may have a lightH5216 alwayH3117 beforeH6440 me in Jerusalem,H3389 the cityH5892 which I have chosenH977 me to putH7760 my nameH8034 there.
And I will takeH3947 thee, and thou shalt reignH4427 according to all that thy soulH5315 desireth,H183 and shalt be kingH4428 over Israel.H3478
And it shall be, if thou wilt hearkenH8085 unto all that I commandH6680 thee, and wilt walkH1980 in my ways,H1870 and doH6213 that is rightH3477 in my sight,H5869 to keepH8104 my statutesH2708 and my commandments,H4687 as DavidH1732 my servantH5650 did;H6213 that I will be with thee, and buildH1129 thee a sureH539 house,H1004 as I builtH1129 for David,H1732 and will giveH5414 IsraelH3478 unto thee.
And I will for this afflictH6031 the seedH2233 of David,H1732 but not for ever.H3117
SolomonH8010 soughtH1245 therefore to killH4191 Jeroboam.H3379 And JeroboamH3379 arose,H6965 and fledH1272 into Egypt,H4714 unto ShishakH7895 kingH4428 of Egypt,H4714 and was in EgyptH4714 until the deathH4194 of Solomon.H8010
And the restH3499 of the actsH1697 of Solomon,H8010 and all that he did,H6213 and his wisdom,H2451 are they not writtenH3789 in the bookH5612 of the actsH1697 of Solomon?H8010
And the timeH3117 that SolomonH8010 reignedH4427 in JerusalemH3389 over all IsraelH3478 was fortyH705 years.H8141
And SolomonH8010 sleptH7901 with his fathers,H1 and was buriedH6912 in the cityH5892 of DavidH1732 his father:H1 and RehoboamH7346 his sonH1121 reignedH4427 in his stead.


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