„Pępek twój jako czasza okrągła, która nie jest bez napoju; brzuch twój jest jako bróg pszenicy osadzony lilijami.”

Biblia Gdańska: Pieśń Salomona 7,2


King James Version
Księga: 1 Księga Królewska 10:2

Tytuł oryginalny
1 Kings
And when the queenH4436 of ShebaH7614 heardH8085 of the fameH8088 of SolomonH8010 concerning the nameH8034 of the LORD,H3068 she cameH935 to proveH5254 him with hard questions.H2420
And she cameH935 to JerusalemH3389 with a veryH3966 greatH3515 train,H2428 with camelsH1581 that bareH5375 spices,H1314 and veryH3966 muchH7227 gold,H2091 and preciousH3368 stones:H68 and when she was comeH935 to Solomon,H8010 she communedH1696 with him of all that was in her heart.H3824
And SolomonH8010 toldH5046 her all her questions:H1697 there was not any thingH1697 hidH5956 from the king,H4428 which he toldH5046 her not.
And when the queenH4436 of ShebaH7614 had seenH7200 all Solomon'sH8010 wisdom,H2451 and the houseH1004 that he had built,H1129
And the meatH3978 of his table,H7979 and the sittingH4186 of his servants,H5650 and the attendanceH4612 of his ministers,H8334 and their apparel,H4403 and his cupbearers,H8248 and his ascentH5930 by which he went upH5927 unto the houseH1004 of the LORD;H3068 there was no more spiritH7307 in her.
And she saidH559 to the king,H4428 It was a trueH571 reportH1697 that I heardH8085 in mine own landH776 of thy actsH1697 and of thy wisdom.H2451
Howbeit I believedH539 not the words,H1697 until I came,H935 and mine eyesH5869 had seenH7200 it: and, behold, the halfH2677 was not toldH5046 me: thy wisdomH2451 and prosperityH2896 exceedethH3254 the fameH8052 which I heard.H8085
HappyH835 are thy men,H582 happyH835 are these thy servants,H5650 which standH5975 continuallyH8548 beforeH6440 thee, and that hearH8085 thy wisdom.H2451
BlessedH1288 be the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 which delightedH2654 in thee, to setH5414 thee on the throneH3678 of Israel:H3478 because the LORDH3068 lovedH160 IsraelH3478 for ever,H5769 therefore madeH7760 he thee king,H4428 to doH6213 judgmentH4941 and justice.H6666
And she gaveH5414 the kingH4428 an hundredH3967 and twentyH6242 talentsH3603 of gold,H2091 and of spicesH1314 veryH3966 great store,H7235 and preciousH3368 stones:H68 there cameH935 no more suchH1931 abundanceH7230 of spicesH1314 as these which the queenH4436 of ShebaH7614 gaveH5414 to kingH4428 Solomon.H8010
And the navyH590 also of Hiram,H2438 that broughtH5375 goldH2091 from Ophir,H211 brought inH935 from OphirH211 greatH3966 plentyH7235 of almugH484 trees,H6086 and preciousH3368 stones.H68
And the kingH4428 madeH6213 of the almugH484 treesH6086 pillarsH4552 for the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 and for the king'sH4428 house,H1004 harpsH3658 also and psalteriesH5035 for singers:H7891 there cameH935 no such almugH484 trees,H6086 nor were seenH7200 unto this day.H3117
And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 gaveH5414 unto the queenH4436 of ShebaH7614 all her desire,H2656 whatsoever she asked,H7592 beside that which SolomonH8010 gaveH5414 her of his royalH4428 bounty.H3027 So she turnedH6437 and wentH3212 to her own country,H776 she and her servants.H5650
Now the weightH4948 of goldH2091 that cameH935 to SolomonH8010 in oneH259 yearH8141 was sixH8337 hundredH3967 threescoreH8346 and sixH8337 talentsH3603 of gold,H2091
Beside that he had of the merchantmenH8446, H582, and of the traffickH4536 of the spice merchants,H7402 and of all the kingsH4428 of Arabia,H6153 and of the governorsH6346 of the country.H776
And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 madeH6213 two hundredH3967 targetsH6793 of beatenH7820 gold:H2091 sixH8337 hundredH3967 shekels of goldH2091 wentH5927 to oneH259 target.H6793
And he made threeH7969 hundredH3967 shieldsH4043 of beatenH7820 gold;H2091 threeH7969 poundH4488 of goldH2091 wentH5927 to oneH259 shield:H4043 and the kingH4428 putH5414 them in the houseH1004 of the forestH3293 of Lebanon.H3844
Moreover the kingH4428 madeH6213 a greatH1419 throneH3678 of ivory,H8127 and overlaidH6823 it with the bestH6338 gold.H2091
The throneH3678 had sixH8337 steps,H4609 and the topH7218 of the throneH3678 was roundH5696 behind:H310 and there were staysH3027 on either side on the placeH4725 of the seat,H7675 and twoH8147 lionsH738 stoodH5975 besideH681 the stays.H3027
And twelveH6240, H8147 lionsH738 stoodH5975 there on the one side and on the other upon the sixH8337 steps:H4609 there was not the likeH3651 madeH6213 in any kingdom.H4467
And all kingH4428 Solomon'sH8010 drinkingH4945 vesselsH3627 were of gold,H2091 and all the vesselsH3627 of the houseH1004 of the forestH3293 of LebanonH3844 were of pureH5462 gold;H2091 none were of silver:H3701 it was nothingH3972 accountedH2803 of in the daysH3117 of Solomon.H8010
For the kingH4428 had at seaH3220 a navyH590 of TharshishH8659 with the navyH590 of Hiram:H2438 onceH259 in threeH7969 yearsH8141 cameH935 the navyH590 of Tharshish,H8659 bringingH5375 gold,H2091 and silver,H3701 ivory,H8143 and apes,H6971 and peacocks.H8500
So kingH4428 SolomonH8010 exceededH1431 all the kingsH4428 of the earthH776 for richesH6239 and for wisdom.H2451
And all the earthH776 soughtH1245 toH6440 Solomon,H8010 to hearH8085 his wisdom,H2451 which GodH430 had putH5414 in his heart.H3820
And they broughtH935 every manH376 his present,H4503 vesselsH3627 of silver,H3701 and vesselsH3627 of gold,H2091 and garments,H8008 and armour,H5402 and spices,H1314 horses,H5483 and mules,H6505 a rateH1697 yearH8141 by year.H8141
And SolomonH8010 gathered togetherH622 chariotsH7393 and horsemen:H6571 and he had a thousandH505 and fourH702 hundredH3967 chariots,H7393 and twelveH6240, H8147 thousandH505 horsemen,H6571 whom he bestowedH5148 in the citiesH5892 for chariots,H7393 and with the kingH4428 at Jerusalem.H3389
And the kingH4428 madeH5414 silverH3701 to be in JerusalemH3389 as stones,H68 and cedarsH730 madeH5414 he to be as the sycomore treesH8256 that are in the vale,H8219 for abundance.H7230
And SolomonH8010 had horsesH5483 broughtH4161 out of Egypt,H4714 and linen yarn:H4723 the king'sH4428 merchantsH5503 receivedH3947 the linen yarnH4723 at a price.H4242
And a chariotH4818 came upH5927 and went outH3318 of EgyptH4714 for sixH8337 hundredH3967 shekels of silver,H3701 and an horseH5483 for an hundredH3967 and fifty:H2572 and so for all the kingsH4428 of the Hittites,H2850 and for the kingsH4428 of Syria,H758 did they bring them outH3318 by their means.H3027


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